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Frontline Plus For Cats Reviews

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Which Is Better Bravecto Or Frontline For Dogs

PET ARMOR PLUS FOR CATS REVIEW – Frontline Plus alternative – Tick & Flea Medicine

Bravectos method has the edge over Frontline. Preliminary studies have shown it to be more effective for keeping fleas at bay and marginally more effective for ticks. The technique requires little work and protects your dog for up to three months at a time.

Unless your dog has specific stomach issues that make it hard to give medication or treatments for things internally, or you arent able to get a prescription at this time, Bravecto is going to offer better coverage for longer at a comparable price.

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Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment For Cats: Features

Once you have applied the treatment to your cat, any fleas that dare to jump onto their skin will be killed within 24 hours, and ticks will be killed within 48 hours, helping to prevent any tick-borne diseases, such as Lyme disease.

The formula also kills lice, which can live and feed on a cats skin. This is all thanks to fipronil, the active ingredient in Frontlines formula.

Frontline Kills The Fleas Repels The Ticks

My cat is an indoor/outdoor cat so I want to be sure that he does not have any fleas or ticks that might come into the house. As you know, fleas are difficult to get rid of so keeping them far away from my cat is a great deterrent from bringing them inside. I buy him Frontline Plus for cats. It is fast acting and kills ticks, fleas and flea eggs. it is liquid in a plastic tube that you cut the end off with a scissors then apply the liquid to the back of your cats neck. It immediately starts to kill the fleas and keeps them away. You are supposed to apply it each month. It has several tubes in the package. it costs about 23.00 for a box of three which is a three month supply. You cannot use it on cats that are less than 8 weeks old. Frontline remains effective even if you bathe your pet. I recommend this flea and tick treatment to any cat owner as it does the job of keeping your cat flea and tick free which is important for the health of your cat.


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How Does Frontline Plus For Cats Work

Frontline Plus is a spot-on product. You squirt it onto the back of your cats neck. From there, the active ingredients seep through his skin. The insecticides soak into your cats oil glands and become part of his natural oil distribution system. As oil spreads across the skin and coat, it brings with it a slow stream of lethal insecticides, poisoning fleas on contact.

One treatment of Frontline Plus is effective for about 30 days.

Frontline Spot On Flea & Tick Treatment For Cats: Performance

FRONTLINE Plus For Cats and Kittens

Like all spot on treatments, the formula is applied with a pipette, which makes it a bit easier for jumpy and restless cats who dont like to make these sorts of things easy. Simply empty the contents of the pipette onto your cats skin at the back of their neck, so they dont lick it off, and it will spread itself around.

The formula will naturally spread over your cat’s skin, but Frontline recommends you don’t let them swim, or give them a bath, for two days after application.

The treatment comes in one, three and six-dose packs. One three-dose pack will provide your cat with three months of protection. It can be safely used on kittens weighing more than one kg, from eight weeks old.

Unlike many similar products on the market, its also safe to use for pregnant and nursing cats. As long as you follow the instructions carefully, and dont bathe your cat more than once a week, nothing should affect its efficacy.

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Did Absolutely Nothing For The Fleas

I have 3 indoor cats, and noticed that they were scratching and licking excessively. I checked their skin, and found that they were loaded with fleas, which within just 3 days, started affecting the house, so I went out and bought some bombs, and Frontline, since you should always treat your cat/s before bombing your house. I bought the pack of six, and promptly administered the product. Well. While the bombs took care of the fleas in our house, our cats still have their fleas, and it’s been 3 days. They’re still scratching and licking like not…

How Much Does Frontline Plus For Cats Cost

The cost of Frontline Plus For Cats really depends on the specific option that is purchased, as well as where the product is purchased from. Some companies tend to be a little more expensive than others, which is why pet owners might want to shop around a bit to find the best deal on this tick and flea treatment.

On average, cat owners should expect to pay approximately $11.66 per dose of Frontline Plus For Cats. This is usually the calculated price when the treatment is purchased in bulk packs, which usually comes with three tubes that can be used only a single tube is used at a time in order to effectively treat the ticks and fleas that are found on a cat.

A three-pack Frontline Plus For Cats package tends to cost around $35.49. As noted before, the price may vary from one company to another. This particular package offers protection from ticks and fleas for three months. There are other options available as well, including six-pack options and single pack treatments.

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Does Frontline Plus For Cats Work

Product Review – Frontline Plus

In general, Frontline Plus does appear to work. Its been shown to kill fleas four hours after application. According to the company, another study showed that it could kill 100% of fleas within 12 hours of application.

Though it appears that, in general, Frontline Plus is effective, customer reviews are mixed. On Chewy, for example, 60% of reviewers give it a 5-star rating, while 20% give it just one star. Unhappy customers on Chewy and across the web say that Frontline doesnt work or used to work and doesnt anymore.

Its unclear whats going wrong. The customers may have applied it incorrectly, not stuck to a consistent application regimen, or washed the treatment off unintentionally. Or maybe Frontline Plus doesnt work as consistently as its supposed to.

For now, we dont have any proof one way or the other. Most veterinarians insist that declining efficacy is not due to any change in formulation but cat guardians failure to use it correctly.

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Are Fleas Becoming Resistant To Frontline Plus

Because Frontline Plus has been so popular for almost 20 years and, for some users, seems to work less with each passing flea season, some speculate that fleas are becoming resistant to it. Its not an unreasonable speculation. It makes sense that over multiple generations, a growing portion of the flea population might lack sensitivity to the toxins.

Michael K. Rust, PhD, a professor of entomology at the University of California, wrote a review of research on resistance to insecticides. He concluded that while it does appear that insects are developing resistance to some flea control products, including organophosphates, carbamates, and pyrethroids, theres no indication that theyre getting any better at surviving exposure to phenylpyrazoles. That classification includes fipronil, one of the active ingredients in Frontline Plus for cats.

Since it doesnt appear that the general population has mutated into Frontline-resistant super-fleas, it seems that if theres a problem, its not because the fleas changed.

Drawbacks Of Frontline Plus

For the sake of full disclosure, Ill give you the list of the products cons.

One thing I noticed wasnt a great pleasure is medicines smell. However, its very mild, so not really off-putting, neither for your cat nor yourself.

Another thing that could count as a drawback is that the substance on the cats skin can form a bit of grease. Frankly, I dont mind it, as it only lasts a couple of hours until the skin and hair absorb it.

Some sensitive cats endure a bit of irritation and redness in the treated area. Its an uncommon side effect, but it could happen. Its not dangerous and goes away on its own. However, you can always consult your doctor.

Lastly, Frontline Plus for cats might be a bit costly, but definitely worth the money.

Some people complain about fleas appearing on the cats hair or falling off their pets. That is, for sure, not a fun part. But I dont count it as a drawback as it actually indicates that the medicine is working! The fleas become very active from the chemicals effect, but then they fall off. So, its all a part of the process.

Check out our comprehensive Catego vs Frontline Plus comparison to get to know the top competitors on the market.

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Does Frontline Plus Kill Dogs

There are scattered reports online primarily shared via social media channels explaining that Frontline Plus has sickened or even killed dogs.

However, it is important to keep these anecdotal reports in perspective. They rarely include all of the information one would need to properly assess the situation, and veterinary documentation positively linking Frontline Plus to serious illness is similarly rare.

However, the EPA did investigate the safety of several topical, one-spot flea treatments in 2009. During their study, they did find a small number of major incidents and pet deaths occurred.

Nevertheless, the EPA specifically states that:

the products could be used safely but that some additional restrictions are needed.

They go on to state that proper administration is imperative, and that it is very important to dose your dog correctly.

The reported incidents demonstrated that many but not all pet incidents took place because the products were misused, bolstering the need for clearer labeling.

So, what is the takeaway for owners? Wed suggest the following:

Wed also recommend that once you find a good dog flea and tick medication that your pooch tolerates well, you dont change it unnecessarily.

Before moving on, well leave you with the comments of ASPCA veterinary toxicologist and senior vice president for animal health services, Dr. Steven Hansen following a 2009 study:

Frontline Plus For Cats Reviews: Is It Good To Use

Frontline Plus for Cats, 3 Month

Once a cat happens to live with you, many issues are associated with cats that have to be taken care of. One of the issues is the fleas and ticks residing on the cats. It does not matter how much you clean and shows your cat, and you feel miserable about it. So our Frontline Plus for cats reviews is there to assist you.

You have already noticed erratic behavior of your cat, like scratching their skin for a long time, wincing, or hair falling out due to rubbing their skin against rough surfaces. This is due to residing fleas and must not be ignored.

Your cat is suffering from pain due to the constant biting of fleas on skins. Also, your cat remains uncomfortable all the time. Biting fleas and ticks result in skin infections that can be fatal for a cats life. Also, fleas and ticks multiply fast, and it becomes difficult to keep your cat indoors. There is a chance of spreading in the household as well.

Frontline Plus for cats is there for you to eliminate and prevent such situations. We have covered a comprehensive review on Frontline Plus for cats. What makes it so useful against fleas and ticks, and if there are any side effects. To know more, keep reading it to the end.

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Frontline Plus Vs Vet’s Best Flea And Tick Yard And Kennel Spray

The primary difference here between the two products is that while Frontline Plus is used on your pet, Vets Best Spray is meant to coat your lawn.

The reason for this is that your pets play outside and are likely to pick up fleas from bushes, trees, and other outdoor shrubbery.

Think of this product as more of a barrier or home defense you might use in addition to Frontline Plus.

What Are The Extra Measures You Could Take To Get Rid Of Fleas

Comb your cats hair regularly with a fine-tooth comb. Any flea should come up in the combs teeth. Then, place your comb in a bowl full of water and some soap so that the flea wont jump and go on with its life.

This step can be done in the first few days of putting the Frontline Plus onto your cats skin. Thats because the fleas are in an active state before their death, so theyll be seen easily on your cats hair.

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How Does Frontline Plus Compare To Other Flea Treatments For Cats

Compared to other spot-on treatments for cats, Frontline Plus appears to be one of the best.

Despite all the reports about Frontline Plus not working as well as it used to, its one of the most consistently-effective products of its kind. With two powerful insecticides, rapid action, and the ability to interrupt the flea life cycle, Frontline Plus seems to outperform virtually every other over-the-counter treatment on the market.

Only Revolutionavailable by prescription only and about twice the price of Frontlinehas a more consistent record of success. Revolutions excellent performance record is balanced out by the fact that it may pose a health risk to you, the person who pets the treated animal.

In contrast to Revolution and so many other flea treatments, Frontline Plus appears to be safe for cats and humans.

Frontline Plus performance comes at a cost. Its one of the most expensive over-the-counter flea treatments. A pack of six Frontline Plus treatments costs over $60, while comparable fipronil-based treatment Sentry FiproGuard costs just $18.37 for the same number of applications.

My Go To Flea Treatment For My Rescue Cats

Petaction plus for Cats – Pet Action Plus for Cats – Frontline alternative review

As someone who fosters rescue cats regularly flea treatment is a necessity. I have tried several brands in attempts to find the one that is most effective for my cats. I have found that Frontline Plus for cats is the best brand for killing fleas and ticks and has been very effective for the many cats I have used it on. First off, it is very convenient to use and only takes minutes. It also doesn’t seem to negatively affect any cat I have ever used it on. With other brands my cats skin has become irritated or they began scratching. One brand I had picked up even caused a severe allergic reaction! This was not the case with Frontline Plus and the cats didn’t even seem to know it was there. My cats comfort is foremost so this was a huge plus.In addition, Frontline Plus has been the most effective for me. It kills both ticks and fleas adults and all tick life stages. Other brands only kill the adult ticks and fleas. This results in the reappearance of ticks as they mature. The most I have ever had to apply Frontline Plus is twice and that was for a very bad case of fleas. Otherwise the fleas/ticks have been eliminated after one application and never return . Although Frontline Plus may be more expensive, it is worth it for the health, comfort, and safety of my cats.


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Frontline Plus Basic Overview

Frontline Plus is a preventative flea medicine for dogs of all sizes that are older than 8 weeks.

You can select the product from one of 5 weight categories, starting at 5 pounds and accommodating up to 132 pounds. Once applied, its effective at killing fleas, lice, and ticks it also breaks the life cycle of fleas, interrupting the development of the eggs and larva before they reach maturity.

The medicine comes in a plastic applicator tube, which is easily snapped open for application to your pups shoulders. For continued protection, its advised that you reapply it once each month.

Youll want to avoid giving your dog a bath for at least a day afterwards, and avoid petting the area where its applied for a day or two as well.

Be sure and discourage any rolling or scratching after the application, and if your dog has canine friends, avoid roughhousing for a bit to allow the medicine time to seep into the skin.

As with any other medication, be sure to administer Frontline Plus in the exact manner described by the label or product literature.

Tips For Putting On Frontline Plus On Your Cat

Its only typical of cats to be unable to sit still when you need them to. And they also hold grudges. Luckily, Frontline Plus is no spray, as that most times turns out to be an impossible task. However, you might still face a bit of trouble getting her to sit so that you can part her hair.

If you need help with that, heres how you can go about it. Try to distract your cat with a treat or start patting her head when shes lying down. Then, gently part her hair. You might need help from a partner in this task.

Just make sure your cat is holding still so that it doesnt get the substance in her eyes.

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