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How Much Does A Savannah Cat Weigh

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Does This Breed Get Along With Other Pets

How Much Does a Cat Weigh

Unlike most cats, Savannah cats typically do great in homes with other pets. Their high level of sociability and playfulness will have them seeking out playmates for some high-energy fun. As expected, Savannahs can have a prey drive so its best to keep any small, caged animals safe like you would with any other larger pet.

Savannah cats are well known for making fast friends with dogs and will typically tire them out with play. You can expect the Savannah to be the last one standing.

Do You Want To Send In Your Savannah Info

If you have a Savannah cat and you would like to be part of our project to determine Savannah cat size, please send height, weight, gender, and generation of your cats. Your name and cattery name should also be included. We reserved the right to not list a cat that either cannot be identified as a Savannah or is completely outside the normal Savannah cat size. . Also, our FAQ pages answer a lot of other questions.

*These cats are young adults.

Why Are Savannah Cats So Expensive Factors That Affect The Savannah Cat Price

There are plenty of factors that affect the price of a cat. In most cases, these include the breed, the breeders reputation, the coat color of the cat, and the cats age.

While this is true for the majority of felines, the story is a bit different for Savannahs.

Heres an in-depth look at the different factors affecting the price of Savannah cats:

The popularity of Savannah cats is also one of the reasons why they are so expensive. This domestic cat is often seen as a luxurious pet for rich people and exotic pet owners.

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What Is The Size Of An F1 Savannah Cat

Savannah cats can vary greatly in size as well. However, the F1 Savannah cat category is the largest when it comes to size. The category is determined by how much serval cat is in the breed. The higher level of serval cat genetics will lead to a larger Savannah cat.

On average, an F1 Savannah cat that is male will grow to somewhere between 17 and 25 pounds. These male cats will stand anywhere from 22 to 24 inches tall with a shoulder measurement of 16 to 18 inches. They get quite tall but will not be as heavy as they look most of the time.

Female F1 Savannah cats are slightly smaller in stature. They typically weight between 13 and 19 pounds. Females can fall into the same height and shoulder measurements will be between 14 and 18 inches tall.

Keep in mind that F1 Savannah cats are not your everyday lap cats. They can be fairly large in size and also quite tall.

Serval Cats Vs Savannah Cats: Threats


A significant threat to serval cat survival is the degradation of grasslands and wetland areas. The skins trade, although in decline, is still found in countries such as Senegal and Benin.

In West Africa, it is essential in traditional medicine. Livestock breeders often kill servals to protect their livestock, although servals do not usually prey on livestock.

While savannah cat has no such threat because they are domestic cats and their breeding is being done excessively

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Places To Find Savannah Kittens For Sale Or Adoption

Savannahs are illegal to own in some places according to the International Cat Association.

Moreover, these cats are still considered fairly new hybrid cats. That said, finding a Savannah cat might prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, this guide has a handy round-up of the best places to find Savannah kittens for sale or adoption.

Here are a few reputable breeders where you can find Savannah cats for sale:

  • A1 Savannahs A1 Savannahs pride themselves as the original founder of the Savannah cat breed. This cat breeder listed its very first Savannah kitten way back in 1994. The pricing for a Savannah kitten from A1 ranges from $1,500 to $12,000. You may shoot them a mail through their feedback page.
  • F1Hybrids Savannahs This Tennessee-based cattery is a world-renowned breeder of high-energy F1 Savannah cats. They have over a decade of experience breeding different generations of Savannah cats, especially the F2 Savannahs. Make sure to check out their available kittens on their Kittens for Sale page.

Below are some sources where you can find Savannah cats for adoption:

When searching for a Savannah cat, you may stumble upon backyard breeders.

One thing to keep in mind is that buying a Savannah from these sources is highly discouraged. This is because most backyard breeders do not have a permit to breed Savannah cats.

If you really want to save some cash, adopting from a reputable rescue or shelter is your best bet.

F1 Savannah Cat Pricing Information

F1 savannah cats have the largest percentage of wild African Serval in them, and are usually the most expensive type of savannah cat.

  • Male F1 kittens generally range from about $12,000 all the way up to around $16,000.
  • Female F1 kittens typically range from about $15,000 to $20,000.

An f2 savannah cat

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What Is The Largest Savannah Cat

The biggest cats we produce are the Male and Female F1 Savannahs and the F2 Savannah Males. They get about two and a half times larger than domestic house cats, with their weight from 15 to 20 pounds, and occasionally, over 25 pounds. F3 males are often still considerably bigger than a domestic house cat.

Are These Cats Good For Families

How Much Does One Cat Weigh?

Since Savannah cats are so active and social, they can make a great pet for families with older children. They may be a bit rambunctious and ornery with younger children, which is why theyd fare better with older ones. Thats not saying they wont do great in a home with young children, but more precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of both the cat and the children.

The Savannah makes for a fun addition to a household that is prepared for them. They can easily learn tricks, enjoy lots of play, and love being showered in affection from members of the family.

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How Much Do Savannah Boats Cost

Savannah boats for sale on Boat Trader are offered at a variety of prices, valued from $36,999 on the lower-end all the way up to $815,000 for the more sophisticated yachts. Higher performance models now listed have motors up to 1,800 horsepower, while lighter-weight more functional models may have as low as 90 horsepower engines .

Largest Cats In The Wild

Curious about how our domestic felines compare to big cats? Well, they cant hold a flame to big cats.

  • The largest big cat out there is the liger, which is the result of breeding a male lion and a female tiger. The largest of these weights over 900 pounds!
  • But this isnt far off from the Siberian Tiger, which weighs 700 pounds.
  • But even small cats in the wild are larger than most domesticated cat breeds. The Serval, for example, is a svelte 40 pounds.

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  • Do The Savannah Cats Get Along Well With Other Pets And Children

    Largest Cat Breeds In The World â Top 10 List

    Most Savannah Cats are extremely friendly and social and are a pleasure to be around. If they are socialized properly while young, they will become fast friends with other animals. Due to their high energy levels, Savannahs seem to instinctively get along well with children. However, as with any animal, caution should be taken with children and other small animals in the house.

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    How Much Space Do Savannah Cats Need

    Despite how exotic they look, Savannah cats have basically the same needs as a regular domestic house cat. This includes room for them to run and play.

    That being said, how much space they will need is largely dependent on the generation and how big they get. Generally, F1 Savannahs need more space than an F2, who will need more space than an F3, and so on and so forth.

    These are very athletic cats with impressive jumping ability and speed.

    This means that your home should have both vertical and horizontal space to enable them to climb and stretch their legs.

    It is for this reason that F1 and F2 generations are not recommended if you live in a small, one-bedroom, apartment.

    It ultimately does depend on your home the dimensions, and whether or not your cat is able or is going to be allowed outside or not.

    One thing that you must know if you are getting a Savannah and regardless of the generation, is that they have very high intelligence.

    They can easily figure out how to open doors and cupboards, and they know that a blaring alarm clock gets them the attention they are looking for!

    Although Savannahs should live indoors, they do love to take advantage of the fresh air, especially on a beautiful day. This is even more important for those kept in a smaller home.

    They can be trained to walk on a leash, and this is one option if it appeals to you. It can be a good way to exercise them while equally being an effective way to give them more space and freedom throughout the day.

    How Much Are Savannah Kittens Of The F4 Variety

    F4 savannah cats typically have around 15% Serval in them. Their aesthetic features look much closer to domestic cats and their behavior is also more similar to domestic cats.

    • Male F4 kittens generally range from about $1,000 all the way up to around $2,500.
    • Female F4 kittens typically range from about $1,000 to $2,500.

    A cute F5 Savannah Kitten

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    How Much Does Savannah Cats Cost

    What makes a Savannah is a wild Serval that is bred with domesticated cats. Servals are wild cats that need to be cared for in very specific ways this costs money and is very labor-intensive.

    Savannahs with higher percentages of wild Serval are incredibly difficult to breed. Years of time accompanied with some good luck go into breeding these fine animals. There are only a couple of success stories where breeders were actually able to accomplish this on a regular basis. Check out our Savannah Cat Price section for more info on this!

    The Worlds Tallest Domestic Cat

    Why you shouldn’t use a CAT Scale to weigh your RV // #CatScale #SuperCRV

    The worlds tallest cat, according to Guinness, was the spectacularly-named Arcturus Alderbaran Powers, who measured a whopping 19.05 inches . Arcturus lived in Ferndale, Michigan, and was certified in 2017.

    Adding on to the record-holding cat shenanigans, Arcturus also lived with a cat named Cygnus Powers, who still holds the world record for longest tail at 17.58 inches. Unfortunately, both Arcturus and Cygnus passed away in a tragic house fire toward the end of 2017.

    Before Arcturus, the previous holder of the title of worlds tallest cat was Trouble, a kitty claiming 19 inches from shoulder to tail. Trouble was a Savannah cat who sadly passed away in 2012 at only four years old.

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    They Are Social And Playful

    Savannah cats loves playing with their human friends and are known for even greeting their family members at the door. The Savannah fluffs the base of their tail when greeting and can also wag their tails just like a dog greeting its human would. It is usual for Savannah cats to sleep close to their humans at night, sometime even under the covers for warmth.

    They also enjoy playing fetch, since they are easily taught how to retrieve objects. They are not afraid or cautious of strangers, and they will happily engage in playtime with anyone who is willing to play.

    What Is The Biggest Savannah Cat

    What Is The Biggest Savannah Cat? Size is very dependent on generation and sex, with F1 hybrid male cats usually being the largest. F1 and F2 generations are usually the largest, due to the stronger genetic influence of the African serval ancestor.

    Although considerably removed from the wild ancestry, sharing your home with an F5 Savannah cat is still a fun and rewarding experience. Once again, there is considerable overlap between the F3, F4 and F5 Savannah cats in terms of size, body type and personality. The percentage of wild blood in the F5 Savannah cat can vary from 3.125% on the low end to upwards of 12% on the high end. There will always be the outlier in any generation that is more or less social than is expected for that generation, but in most cases buyers can stab in the dark in terms of personality when choosing an F3, F4 or F5 Savannah cat.

    How big is a F5 Savannah cat? Size of an F5 Savannah Cat Like the F3s and F4s, the F5 females will fall in a 10-12 pound range and measure slightly larger than a typical domestic cat. They will be taller and lankier in their body type. Most F5 males will fall in a 14-18 pound range.

    How much is a F6 Savannah cat? Do you know the answer to this question? Help our community by submitting an answer.

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    How Much Are Savannah Cats

    Of course, many people new to Savannah cats inquire about a breeders kittens by saying simply How much? Certainly, Savannah breeders and, we assume, other cat breeders, like to know about our potential homes for kittens. As such, many breeders do not advertise the cost of Savannah kittens on their websites. It is because we want to get to know our new prospective owners. So, Savannah Cat Association suggests that if you contact any breeder you make a brief introduction and say something nice about the kitten you may be interested in having in your home. Most times, breeders want to talk and get to know the prospective new owner.

    Sometimes its even nice if you let your Savannah breeder of choice know what your budget is. Then, he or she might work with you or refer to someone who has a great kitten the will work for you.

    Please see our article on Why Savannah Cats are expensive and information in F1 F2 F3 etc for further information.

    Our breeders have all signed the Savannah Cat Association Breeder Member Pledge. Specifically, to treat their clients with honesty and fair practice dealings. In Addition, we strive to make sure all our visitors get only pure and true fact about Savannah cats. So, we hope the Savannah Price chart will help your family find the perfect Savannah kitten at the best Savannah [rice.

    *Based on how well kitten meets the International Cat Associations Savannah Cat Standard**Average Data for Savannah pricing, not meant to be a guarantee.

    Should I Get A Serval Cat

    The Truth About Savannah Cats And If They Make Good Pets

    There are many reasons you should reconsider buying a serval cat.

    While some of them can be affectionate, they dont do well with changing families and need space to fulfill their natural instincts.

    Dont confuse space with efficiency just because you have multiple acres doesnt mean you can just drop a serval onto the property and they will fend for themselves.

    There are so many cats and other animals waiting for homes in shelters and rescues across the country and the world. So please consider giving one of them a home before taking the risks of serval cats explained above.

    If you just adore serval cats and need an exotic cat fix, visit your local zoo or a large cat rescue.

    There are also plenty of videos of serval cats. Heres one of them:

    Take some time and read through the comments below this article from people who have experience keeping serval cats as pets.

    Sure, serval cats can be great pets for the right families but please dont take this decision lightly.

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    I Want The Biggest Savannah Kitten

    I get calls all the from people who want information on my Savannah kittens. The first question I ask is, what generation would you like? They say, I want the biggest. I explain to them the difference in the savannah kittens and the pricing. Then they say, well I guess I will have to wait or simply hang the phone up. Its common for them not to look at the overall breeding.

    Getting Your Own Large Cat

    Has all the talk about long and tall cats got you hankering for your own large domestic kitty? To source a big cat, look for breeds that include Maine Coons, Savannah cats, Chausie cats, and Norwegian Forest cats.

    Remember, you can find just about any kind of cat through local shelters and rescues. Check out our adoption page that lets you search for adoptable cats by breed and zip code!

    Once youre kitted out with an oversized feline, remember that getting into the Guinness Book of World Records requires your cat to be measured by a veterinarian, and youll also have to document the size in photos and videos, plus send in affidavits.

    The process can be long, but if your cat beats out the competition, youll have your own personal celebrity at home!

    Do you have a super-sized kitty? Do you think they can break one of these records? Let us know in the comments below!

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