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How To Bond With Your Kitten

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Pet Your Cat The Right Way

How to Bond With Your Cat

Whats the right way to pet a cat? However your cat enjoys it, and never for too long. Always watch for signs that your cat seems uncomfortable or is trying to get away.

Sackman says that many cats enjoy being petted around the forehead, face, and ears. The long strokes that humans often do arent something cats would do in the wild, she says.

Final Thoughts On Getting A Cat To Be More Affectionate

You might feel rejected if your cat doesnt want to cuddle with you.

But understand that some cats maybe even most of them dont show their affection in that way.

What you may interpret as a cat being aloof is actually your exquisitely designed companion being ready for anything, says Johnson-Bennet. Just because your cat may not jump to immediate attention when you call her name, doesnt mean shes aloof shes focused.

So do not force it when it comes to getting your cat to be more affectionate, adds well-known veterinarian Michael W. Fox.

Instead, he says, accept your cat for who she is and relate to her on her terms, petting and grooming her when she wants.

How To Train Your Older Cat To Accept A Kitten

Adrienne Kruzer, BS, RVT, LVT, has worked with a variety of animals for over 15 years, including birds of prey, reptiles, and small mammals.

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Many cat owners do not realize their friendly, single adult cats may have trouble getting along with a new kitten. A new kitten is typically eager to make friends, but the older cats in the household may want nothing to do with the younger one. Often times the older cats will appear sad, reclusive, hiss a lot, and sometimes even stop eating if it isn’t adjusting well to the new member of the family. These behaviors are because cats do not like change, especially when it involves their established territory. Introducing a kitten to an adult cat can cause a lot of stress in your household, but there are some things you can do to help make the introduction go more smoothly.

Preparation is the key to a successful introduction of a new kitten to your older cat. If you prepare your cat for the new arrival and make the changes seem less drastic, then it is more likely to adapt to its new roommate. Give yourself plenty of time to prepare for this adjustment with these steps.

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Nurture Your Kitty Bond

The recipe for kitty friendship is actually easier than you might think: give them space when they need it, pamper them and ensure they have everything they need, and throw in some nice treats and playtime and youll soon have the purrfect bond with your kitty! In other words, theyll have you wrapped around their little paw in no time at all!

To create a relaxing, calm environment for your kitty – which can help them feel more social – consider plugging a FELIWAY CLASSIC Diffuser in the room where they spend most of their time to provide constant comfort to your cat.

How To Raise A Kitten To Be Cuddly

How to Get Your Cat to Show You Affection

When a cuddly cat curls up in your lap, kneading and purring, or rests his head on your chest, it’s a moment of pure peace and love. If you have a kitten, you’re likely wondering how to raise your kitten to be cuddly. It all starts with handling the kitten frequently, bonding, and spending a lot of time together.

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Know When To Back Off

Being able to read your cats body language is key to avoiding bonding setbacks. Englar says to look for a number of body language clues that indicate a cat might not be comfortable and you need to take a step back. These signs include flattened ears, an aggressively twitching tail, and super dilated pupils. If you see any of these, its probably not a good time to reach out and pet them, she explains.

Englar adds that purring can also sometimes indicate that a cat is agitated. Its confusing, because purring usually means a cat is happy, but sometimes theyll use it as a self-soothing mechanism. If a cat is purring but still seems agitated, its best to give him some space.

Ways To Bond With Your Cat

Did you recently welcome a new cat into your family that seems standoffish, even afraid? Have you been asking your fellow cat owners, “Do you know how to make my cat more cuddly or how to make my cat love me?” If so, please understand that your cat probably does love you. He or she just might not exhibit their feelings for you with loud purrs and long cuddles because that’s not their love language. Instead, he or she may be showing affection by sitting close to you or in the same room.

Another reason your cat may not seem cuddly or affectionate? If you adopted a cat , there’s a possibility that he or she wasnt socialized properly as a kitten. Kittens need to be handled by humans on a regular basis before they are ten weeks old. So, if your cat didn’t have human interaction until after ten weeks of age, he or she may not respond immediately to your overtures of love. Don’t give up. With patience, you may be able to form a loving bond with your feline by following these suggestions on how to make your cat more social:

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Cats Are More Likely To Cuddle When It’s Cooler

It may sound a little silly, but your cat is far more likely to want to be cuddly and lie on you if your house is a little cooler. Cats are more likely to seek out your lap in the winter when they’re feeling cold. This is also why your cat is more likely to sleep on you at night. If you’d like to offer your kitty a warm place to sleep when she’s not snuggling with you, check out the Thermo-Water Bolster Bed. This bed uses a warm, water-filled mattress and super plush bolster for the utmost in comfort and warmth for your cat.

Some people have reported success with luring their cats near them with a treat. But this can have varying results. Some cats get excited and energetic when a treat is near, so they won’t be interested in cuddling at all.

Remember, every cat’s personality is different. Some kittens will be naturally cuddly and always want to snuggle in your lap and follow you from room to room. Others may be more independent but still desire pets when they’re not adventuring. Celebrate your cat’s unique quirks and make sure to give that little furball lots of cuddles and scritches.

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Offer Your Cat A Favorite Treat

How to bond with your cat

Sometimes bonding with a cat can be as simple as offering food and treats.

If you havent found a treat that your cat likes, it can be really fun to try and discover what tickles your kittys taste buds, Koski says. When you find something your cat enjoys, you can use that treat as a reward, or just any time you want to help build that bond with your cat.

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Ways To Bond With Your Kitten

Seven Ways to Bond with Your Kitten

Every kitten in a new home is initially anxious and afraid. It misses its mommy. Cat owners cannot really substitute for mama cats, but they can offer their kittens happy bonding experiences that help them adjust to their new homes and form lifetime habits as friendly cats. Here are seven ways cat parents can bond with kittens to help cats achieve healthy, happy bonds with people.

It only takes a few minutes a day to help a kitten mature into a loving, friendly, relaxed cat. The rewards of socialization are a lifetime of companionship with a happy pet.

Your Secret Weapon For A More Affectionate Cat: Treats And Catnip

When your cat comes out of hiding and near you, reward them with a treat.

The idea, again, is to get your cat to associate you with positive feelings, and they may even begin to seek you out so they can get more treats.

Another idea: catnip. Simply put, most cats are crazy for catnip, and it can make them more affectionate and friendly as well.

Catnip acts as a natural mood enhancer, explains Hills Pet in a blog post. It might make your cat act quite unusually she may become more kittenish or particularly affectionate. She may also roll, paw or rub her face in the source of the catnip. Or she may jump about and become frisky, running from room to room appearing to chase invisible prey.

So go ahead and give it a try: Sprinkle a pinch of dried catnip near your cat. Then, while your cat is rolling around and enjoying this aromatic herb, sneak in some soft petting. You and your cat will both enjoy the experience.

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How Do I Deal With Inappropriate Behavior

Cats can be demanding creatures so its important to instill good manners early on. Inappropriate behavior such as swatting, excessive vocalization, and biting should not be tolerated. If your kitten begins to exhibit these behaviors, quickly and quietly leave the area and cease all interactions. Once the kitten is calm and quiet, resume interactions. The goal is for the kitten to learn that calm, quiet behavior warrants attention while aggressive actions do not. Make time daily for appropriate interactions with your cat that include play and petting.

Disciplining a young kitten may be necessary if its behavior towards people or property is inappropriate, but punishment should be avoided. A sharp, No! may be all that is needed to stop your kitty in his tracks. However, remote disruption that associates the consequences with the action may be considered. For most kittens, hand clapping or rattling a can of beans can divert attention and be intimidating enough to inhibit undesirable behavior when you are present.

What Do Cautious Kittens Need

How To Bond With Your Cat
  • Patient owners with time to work with them daily. This work will involve lots of gentle handling and play with interactive toys. You dont have to be home all day, but the kitten does need focused attention when you are home. Routine and consistency does wonders.
  • A small safe place at first. This can be a small quiet room or a bathroom. This will help your kitty adjust to you and her new home gradually. A larger space will be overwhelming for her, and she will find spaces to hide that may not be easy to access. So help her out and give her a little safe place to hide. When shes used to you, you can gradually increase her living space .
  • A relatively quiet home will be easier to adjust to for a scared kitten. A household with multiple people, especially if includes transitory people as do many roommate situations, is going to be more difficult for this type of kitten.
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    Ways To Bond With Your Kitten Or Cat:

    1 Play with your cat every day. So many days pass me by and I am too busy or I forget, but luckily she reminds me. When I go away, even for one night, shes more affectionate than ever when I get back. I think she misses the play! My vet recommends 10-15 minutes of play a day to keep the cat healthy, at a good weight, and bonded to us. She loves feathered toys, balls, catnip, and stuffed mice. She gets tired after playing, and I know thats when its time to stop for awhile.

    2 Let your cat come to you. And they do! They really do! Cats are funny this way, though. They generally need to issue you an invitation first, or they may feel that their personal space is being invaded. Allow your cat to take the lead!

    3 Make sure your cat is comfy at home, and feels at home this will enable more bonding for sure. Provide your cat with warmth, food, clean water, toys, a bed, and a litter box. Give your cat a room or designated space in the home. Choose your cat litter wisely because the products you choose for your cat are a direct reflection of how much you care.

    I pick up Tidy Cats® litter at Stop & Shop. It now features TidyLock Protection that locks away odors that can lead to Stank Face! Their range of litters are pretty awesome whats the right one for you and your cat. Find out HERE.

    *Not to be taken as professional veterinary advice. Please consult your veterinarian for recommendations and practices appropriate for your pet.

    How To Bond With Your Cat: Tips And Advice

    Bonding with your cat doesnt have to be a difficult process, though it will likely take some time up front to discover what your cat really enjoys.

    The best way to bond with your cat is to figure out what your cat likes and enjoys, then do that thing, Koski says. From food and treats to the large variety of toys available, your cat likely has a preference. If these preferences are something youve never noticed, thats a good place to start.

    Just as important as things they do like, you should know what your cat doesnt enjoy. Koski says that your interactions with your cat should be predictable and you should know things like where they like to be petted, and for how long.

    One important thing to keep in mind is that trust is a big deal to cats, Koski says. They need to know that when it comes to their humans, they have a choice of whether or not to interact with you, and when those interactions occur, they must be positive.

    You may love to pet and cuddle your cat while watching TV, but if your cat darts away after a short time, let them. Never force affection and interaction on your cat.

    If your cat doesnt want to be touched, respect that choice, Koski says. When your cat is done being handled, let them go. That will give them a sense of choice, control, and trust with you.

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    Provide A Comfortable And Happy Environment

    If you want to know how to bond with your cat, you first have to make sure that she is in a comfortable and happy environment. You will notice that cats are curious animals and they like to climb on things and scratch. They are very territorial and would want to have a space of their own. Set up some perches and scratching posts for your cat to play around with. Aside from this, provide a cozy cushion where she can rest and feel comfortable. Doing so can help your cat to feel happy and safe with you.

    How To Convert Your Reclusive Cat To A Cuddly Lap Kitty

    How to bond with your kitten Quickly | signs your cat has bonded with you | Short Video Quick Guide

    The majority of cats are trainable with regards to affection. While this scenario may sound too good to be true for some cat owners, itâs indeed possible to transform some seemingly anti-social felines into genuine lap-lovers.

    Ever wished your cat would jump into your lap whenever you sit on the couch? When attempting to rehabilitate a reclusive feline, the general philosophy is to create circumstances favorable for the cat to approach the owner:

    • Arrange for rehabilitation to occur in quiet circumstances, such as you sitting in a large room armed with treats.
    • Without moving from your chair, toss a treat in your catâs direction, and continue doing so while gradually luring your cat closer.
    • Entice your cat to take the treat from your hand, gradually moving your hand toward your lap, and only releasing the treat if your cat puts his paws on your lap.

    Although this process may take patience and repetition, obtaining a cuddly lap kitty is certainly not outside the realm of possibility.

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    Do You Know How To Pet Your Cat

    We should also point out that you shouldnt pet a cat like you would a dog. You probably already know this.

    Cats are purr-ticular about where and how they like to be touched, says Dr. Marty Becker, DVM. Scratch them between the ears or beneath the chin, rub that sweet spot between the eyes or stroke them along the spine.

    If your cat starts bumping their head against you, thats a great sign.

    But, Dr. Becker adds, avoid the belly and the base of the tail. Many cats feel vulnerable when their tummy is at risk, even if youre not a threat to them.

    Johnson-Bennett agrees: No belly rubs for the cat, please, or else youll trigger a defensive response.

    The video below offers some interest cat hacks from Lifehacker on getting a cat to like you more:

    Its More Than Love At First Sight Start Off Your Relationship Purr

    Bringing home a kitten as a new member of your family is an exciting and joyful experience. Even though kittens can definitely be a challenge because theyre so energetic, no matter what your kittens personality is like, its important to spend time with her so that she can learn your rules and so she can realize that youre going to be her new best friend.

    We want to make sure that this relationship starts off on the right paw. Thats why weve put together a few tips that can help you bond with your new kitten so that shell learn to trust you and love you forever.

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    Give Your Kitten Her Own Room

    To help your kitten feel safer and at ease, choose a small room that she can stay in so she can get to know her surroundings in a calm and quiet environment. The room should have everything that your kitten needs to feel right at home, including a warm and cozy cat bed, food and water bowls, a litter box, a scratching post, and some kitten-safe toys . Its also a good idea to keep your other pets out of the kitten room until she becomes acclimated to the space.

    In the event that you dont have a spare room for your kitten, you can instead set up a similar area anywhere else in your home where your cat can be warm and safe. You only need to isolate your kitten like this for the first day or two, but make sure that you regularly check on her and spend plenty of time with her so that she can get to know you along the way.

    Take Things Slow

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