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How To Get A Cat Esa Certified

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What Types Of Pets Can Be An Emotional Support Animal

How to Get Your Pet Protected as an Emotional SUPPORT Animal (ESA)

Emotional support dogs are the most common type of comfort animal. This is because emotional support dogs tend to be easy to train and because dogs in general are typically allowed in a greater variety of places such as dog-friendly public parks and other dog-friendly locations. However, cats and rabbits can also be ESAs, as can miniature horses.

Exotic animals such as sugar gliders, snakes, and certain types of amphibians, birds, and insects can also be designated as an ESA. However, an exotic animal may not be entitled to the same reasonable accommodation as domestic animals. For instance, airlines that allow ESAs typically only permit dogs or cats onboard, as some animals can pose a risk to public health. For these reasons, mental health professionals will typically recommend that an individual select a domestic animal as their ESA.

What Animals Count As An Esa

Unlike service animals, any pet can qualify, such as cats, snakes, and rabbits. Still, airlines and property owners have cracked down on ESAs that are of an exotic species. While the law can be open ended with regard to ESA animal type, please dont assume that your pet llama actually qualifies as an ESA even with a valid letter from a licensed therapist. Service animals can only be dogs or miniature ponies, so if you’re planning to switch from ESA to a service pet, then you need to plan accordingly since service animals go through extensive training to assist their owners.

How Can I Convince A Landlord To Rent To Me And My Pet

Negotiate with the landlord

Contact the person who has the authority to grant you permission. This may be the resident manager, property manager, or owner of the building.

  • Use some of our negotiation suggestions.
  • Ask why the landlord has a no-pets policy. By asking up front about your landlord’s concerns, you can learn more about how to best present your own request. Considering your landlord’s position will encourage them to be more open to yours.
  • When negotiating with the landlord, be careful about waiving a lot of rights in order to get permission for a pet. If the landlord seems unreasonable, you may want to keep looking for another apartment.

Prepare a “pet resume” and include proof of your claims. Include the following in the resume:

In addition to presenting a pet resume, offer to sign a pet addendum to your rental agreement that makes you responsible for possible damage to property or injury to others.

Be a good pet owner

  • If you have a dog, make sure to clean up its waste.
  • Consider crate-training if you feel your dog may be destructive while you are not at home.
  • Make sure your cat has access to a scratching post and that one or more litter boxes are readily available. If your cat is scratching something it shouldn’t be, try putting aluminum foil or double-stick tape in that area to deter the behavior.
  • Talk to a veterinarian or other pet owners for advice on behavior issues.

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Can Cats Be Emotional Support Animals

Yes, cats can be emotional support animals. In fact, they make great emotional support animals. Cats are very affectionate and playful. They create strong bonds with their owners, regardless of the general belief that they are pesky little creatures that hate socializing.

In addition, emotional support cats are easier to house and maintain than emotional support dogs. They are generally smaller than canines and are very agile. They will find enough space and activities for themselves most of the time. You will still need to take care of their food and water supplies and clean the litter box. Other than that, all you need to do is ensure some quality playtime.

Emotional support cats are fun to play with and fun to watch, which can help boost your mood. Purring can also have therapeutic effects on people. Theres no doubt that your cats calm personality can also calm you down. Felines are also very good at reading peoples emotions and will respond to them appropriately.

Esa Cat Certification For Housing

Get Emotional Support Cat Registration Letter Now! ESA Cat ...

As per the Fair Housing Act, FHA, no landlord can discriminate against you based on the presence of an emotional support animal. Due to the rise in the ESAs, many landlords are aware of the rules governing them. In case your landlord does not know about them, communicate with him, and tell him the consequences if he does not comply.

This act will ensure that an individual in need of an emotional support animal will receive suitable and desirable accommodation and is allowed to live with their animal.

Other than that, it will also prevent landlords and rental companies from charging additional costs.

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Emotional Support Animals And The Americans With Disabilities Act

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, emotional support animals are not considered service animals. This is a really important distinction because support animals do not enjoy the same type of access as service animals. Services animals are specifically trained to perform a specific task for their owner and they are not viewed as pets, but workers. Service animals help blind people get around, help those with epilepsy know when a seizure will strike and so much more. Today, the ADA will only consider dogs as service animals and they must undergo the appropriate certification. Cats were previously allowed to be service animals, provided they were trained. Those who have a service cat that was previously certified are usually grandfathered into the program but cats are no longer allowed to be considered service animals.

Can A Landlord Refuse An Emotional Support Cat

No. As long as you submit your ESA letter, your landlord must make reasonable accommodations for your emotional support cat to live with you. They also cannot impose any pet fees or age or breed restrictions.

The only way that a landlord can legally refuse an ESA is if that animal poses a threat to others or if the request for accommodation is unreasonable in some way. Whether youâve got an emotional support animal or a service animal, your landlord must accept your letter as a statement from a medical professional of your medical need for your pet.

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Finding A Mental Health Professional For An Esa

If youre not seeing a therapist or licensed mental health practitioner, its wise to book an appointment. You can meet them physically or virtually, and have your letter issued online. An online letter is just as valid as a physical copy as long as the health practitioner is licensed.

Fortunately, there are plenty of public and private resources at your reach. Government websites and organizations provide free access to therapy as long as you register yourself online. Try your community mental health center and training clinics for low-cost or free counseling services. You can also check if your insurance covers mental health therapy. Lastly, you can also pay a private therapist or counselor for assistance.

Emotional Support Cats Can Be Your Best Room

PDS Center Service Animal ESA Certification For Dogs Cats And More

Lets look at how these furballs deserve an emotional support cat letter

  • Emotional support cats help treat mental conditions like depression and anxiety.
  • They are medically proven to help a person get better sleep.
  • Emotional support cats even help lower the risk of heart diseases.
  • Their purring actually helps in healing tendons and muscles.
  • A study showed that cats help children below the age of one remain oblivious to all types of allergies.

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Emotional Support Cat Provides Comfort

An emotional support animal can be of any species, including cats. An emotional support animal or ESA does not require any special training. An ESA is there to provide a person with an emotional or mental disability the support they need to live a normal or better life.

Cats can be beneficial as an emotional support animal as some breeds of felines are very human orientated. This means they love to spend time with their human companion. Some of these cat breeds include the Persian, the Ragdoll, the Abyssinian, the Burmese, the Maine Coon and the Exotic Shorthair. However, that doesnt mean a mixed breed feline cannot be just as loyal and dedicated to their human.

What Clients Say About Certapet

I got my dog as a Valentines Day gift from my abusive ex. When she was a puppy, I protected her from him, and she would lick away my tears when I cried. When I finally left him, I left with nothing: no clothes, no home, and more importantly no her. He refused to let me have her and the cops, despite text messages of him threatening her safety, wouldnt let me take her. I fell apart. During that time I suffered from depression, PTSD and anxiety. I was scared of my own shadow. Months went by and finally after a long battle, I got her back! She put me back together piece by piece. My ESA is special because she literally saved me.

Kailee Biesenbach

I love my cat -Hope. She was named before I got her and she is my Hope! The previous owner said She may not come to you at first. She had been trained by her previous owners needs and she had only been with her. I went into the room when I first met her. She came right up to me purring like crazy. It was love at first sight! She is the best PSTD animal ever!!! She calms me right down every time I get near her. She even knows when I need her and she will come to me when I am upset or facing a panic attack. It is an amazing connection!! We clicked right away. It almost feels like she is human and yes she is my best friend. God always knows what we need!! Thank You for letting me share!

Tracy Huntington

Lyssa Helton

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What Is The Legal Standing Of An Esa

Since emotional support pets are not specifically trained, they do not have the same legal protection as service animals. ESAs are supported by federal laws like the Air Carrier Access Act and the Fair Housing Act.

This means that they can legally accompany their owner during air travel and live in their home. However, unlike service animals, ESAs are not allowed access to public spaces where pets arent normally permitted, such as restaurants and grocery stores.


Americans With Disabilities Act

How to Get a Real Emotional Support Cat Letter Online

The American with Disabilities Act prevents discrimination against disabled individuals in all aspects of public life, such as employment, education, transportation, and both public and private places that are accessible by the general public. While the ADA does include provisions for service animals, its important to understand that emotional support animals do not currently fall under this category. Because ESAs are not specifically trained to perform a specific job for a disabled owner, they do not have the same rights as service animals. For example, unlike a service animal, and ESA can be denied admission to a public place.

However, ESAs are included in some portions of the ADA, specifically those that address reasonable accommodation and housing. Under Title II of the ADA, EDA owners must be provided with reasonable housing accommodations , and are protected from pet policy deposits and fees.

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Free Emotional Support Cat Registration

The only way of free emotional support cat registration is you should contact your therapist to write an ESA Letter for you. He/she shouldnt charge any fees from you because its a part of therapy.

If you found some websites that offered you emotional support cat registration free, it means a scam. Landlords and airlines dont accept such of these registrations. Be careful!

License And Contact Information For Your Clinician

The laws allow a landlord or airline to contact the clinician to verify that you have consulted with a professional, so the letter must also include their medical license and contact information.

That allows a landlord to verify that the clinician’s license is in good standing and lets them contact the clinician directly to verify the information in the ESA letter.

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Get Your Cat Registered As An Emotional Support Cat And Enjoy The Perks That The Esa Letter Comes With

Learn how you can get a legitimate emotional support animal registration

  • Start with your free prequalification form.
  • Fill in the details and choose the emotional support cat letter you want to have.
  • Our doctor will contact you via video call and will evaluate your condition.
  • If approved, you will receive a legitimate emotional support animal registration via email within minutes.
  • Now with this registration, live or travel with your cat hassle-free.

My ESA doctor is a service of Steady Care Medical. Our physicians and mental health professionals issue ESA letter for those in need, based on our professional medical opinion. We cannot guarantee acceptance of letters by your specific landlord or airline, as it may depend on local laws and specific policies. We are not liable for legal fees or expenses regarding use of the letter or your ESA. It is your responsibility to check with and comply with local laws and policies for each business.

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Do You Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal Letter

Get a Legitimate ESA Letter | Get Started Today with CertaPet

The fact that support animals provide therapeutic benefits is well documented, and using one to improve your emotional and mental wellbeing can be a very real alternative.

If you feel that your pet plays an important role in how you manage your day-today life, you might qualify for an emotional support animal letter. This is because ESAs are known to alleviate symptoms of various mental health disorders.

  • Some of the disorders that might make you eligible for an ESA include depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, ADD, learning disabilities, and motor skills disorders.
  • Support animals are not touted as cures. However, they can definitely help make the lives of several people easier and happier.
  • ESAs can help give their owners a feeling of leveling out not just by providing companionship and comfort, but also by increasing their sense of self-worth.
Esa Certificate.org believes in the right to live and travel with your animal.

We believe that people can feel better in the presence of their animals, and should not be forced to pay extra fees, or told they can not live somewhere based on their animal. Nobody should have to choose between a housing situation or living with their pet. Esa Certificate.org wants you to be happier, and we believe the presence of your animal can help.

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Medical Benefits Of Emotional Support Cats

As you are already aware, the ideal candidates for emotional support cats are mainly people who have suffered a traumatic event or deal with high levels of stress or depression daily. This also includes people who suffer other mental health complications.

The medical benefits of emotional support cats are quite extensive. ESAs can be incredibly helpful to your overall health and well-being. But it is also worth noting that the results and advantages of ESAs vary, depending on each persons condition.

Many people who have emotional support cats enjoy the following benefits:

Many studies show that the two most common benefits of having emotional support cats are depression and anxiety relief. Admittedly, we have all gotten to that moment when we experienced low moments in life. However, these are the times when having an emotional support cat around can be incredibly beneficial.

What Is An Esa Letter & Do You Need To Register Your Dog

You need a prescription letter from a licensed doctor or therapist to be able to legally categorize your pet as an emotional support animal. The letter should provide documentary evidence that you are indeed suffering from a mental or emotional health issue and that having a pet as a companion will provide therapeutic benefits. However, with this letter you will be able to take your dog on airplanes without any extra fees and live in any apartment or home you want without having to pay any pet fees.

You also dont need to register your emotional support dog or animal into any kind of government database. That is not legally required and unnecessary.

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Can You Have More Than One Esa

You can have more than one emotional support animal as long as the animals do not break any state or municipal regulations and your therapist agrees that your ESAs are for your well-being. Its important to note that you will need individual ESA letters for each of your emotional support animals. They should be renewed every year to be sure you are in compliance with federal and state laws as well. Since there are no hard and fast restrictions about how many ESAs you can have, you can have multiple emotional support animals as long as you meet these requirements.

Can Landlords Automatically Withhold Money From Pet Owners’ Security Deposits

How To Get An Esa Letter For My Cat

No, landlords may only charge for actual damages. If your pet did damage the apartment, the landlord may charge you for the repairs. If you are paying additional rent for your pet and being charged from your security deposit, make sure you’re not being double-charged. If your landlord charges for pet damages, you can ask them to credit you for the amount you’ve paid in pet fees. Ask to see receipts for charges a landlord claims. If you feel you are being charged unfairly, contact the Tenant Resource Center for more information, or see Security Deposits .

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