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How To Help With Cat Dandruff

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Patches Of Irritated Red Skin

Caring for Cats : How to Cure Your Cat of Dandruff

With typical dandruff, there may not be a lot of redness. However, sometimes you can see signs of dandruff that are more severe, like patches that are red and irritated. If you notice this kind of issue then it’s going to be more important to find the cause, as scratching can lead to bleeding and infections.

Cat Dander Vs Cat Dandruff

When applying any treatment, you should first make sure you know the difference between cat has dandruff and dander. Dander is too small for you to see so if you see white flakes on your cat’s fur, this is most likely dandruff. A cat can, however, have both as dander occurs naturally as part of a cat’s regular grooming routine.

Omega 3 For Cat Dandruff

You may find adding some omega 3 to your cats diet very helpful in getting rid of cat dandruff. Omega 3 helps to keep pets skin and coat shiny and smooth. Some dry pet food brands however dont provide enough amounts of omega 3 , in which case supplementation with omega 3 would help fill the gap. Omega 3 supplements are widely available in the form of fish oil, salmon oil is one of the most popular sources of omega 3 for cats and dogs.

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Causes And Treatment Of Dandruff In Cats

If your cat has parasites, chances are he may have dandruff, too. Bites from fleas, lice and mites can all cause allergic dermatitis. One particularly nasty type, Cheyletiella mites, have been called “walking dandruff” since they’re large enough to see with the naked eye but too small to distinguish detail. All skin parasites can be treated fairly easily, but in order to stamp them out completely, you’ll have to treat all other animals in the home, the house itself and, sometimes, even the people. It’s best to get help from your vet so you can get the most potent and fastest-working product available.

A cat’s coat protects the sensitive skin underneath from the burning rays of the sun. But cats that spend a lot of time outdoors can still get sunburn, especially on the tips of their ears, eyelids, nose or lips. Any place where the hair is sparse is particularly sensitive. This is especially true of cats with white or very light-colored coats. Sunburn kills the top layer of skin, which dries up and flakes off . If you can’t keep your cat indoors all the time, at least keep him indoors during the most intense period of ultraviolet sun rays — generally from about 10:00 a.m. to 3 or 4 p.m. If your cat has a sunburn already, use a hypoallergenic lotion designed just for cats to help cut back on the peeling skin and dandruff.

Originally Published: May 20, 2011

Is Dandruff The Same As Dander

What Causes Cat Dandruff

No, dandruff and dander are not the same. Dander is the normal shedding of tiny skin particles that are so small you are unlikely to be able to see them with the naked eye.

Dander is what often triggers reactions in people with pet allergies.;

Dandruff, on the other hand, is larger white flakes that you can see in your cats fur. Dandruff is caused by dry, itchy skin and is often due to an allergic reaction triggered by something such as environmental factors or food.

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What Should You Do About Cat Dandruff

To be sure, you did the right thing by taking your cat to the vet. I hope that she did the appropriate tests to rule out those more serious problems. If she did, it is safe to say that your cat has a good, old-fashioned case of feline dandruff. That means two things. First, the problem will be hard to solve. Second, the problem isnt a problem and it doesnt need to be solved.

Cat dandruff is, in my experience, hard to treat. Some vets have touted success with dietary supplements such as omega-3 fatty acids. Others recommend special shampoos or spot-on therapies . A few owners have reported success after changing their cats diets.

However, most people who have cats with dandruff end up frustrated. In my experience, the cat dandruff problem does not improve no matter what is done.

What Is The Difference Between Cat Dander & Dandruff

Although they sound similar, its important to note that cat dandruff is different from dander. Cat dander is a normaland healthyshedding of skin cells.

Dander is often blamed for causing allergic reactions in humans, but thats another misconception. The primary allergen is found in cats saliva, which is then transferred to the fur and skin during grooming.

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Treatment And Home Remedies

The best treatment for your cat depends on what is causing their dandruff. Its always best to have them checked by your vet before trying home remedies. If your cats dandruff is caused by a specific condition which is leading to their dandruff, your vet can usually prescribe a treatment to help.

If your vet is happy your cat is otherwise healthy, they may recommend some of the following home remedies for their dry skin:

  • Food – the right diet can make a big difference to your cats skin and coat. Read more about what to feed your cat
  • Skin supplements – pet skin supplements often contain ingredients such as fish oil that can help improve dry, flaky skin.
  • Creams and lotions – if your cat has a small area of dry skin, for example on their nose or an elbow, you could try using a small amount of a pet safe moisturiser to keep the area moist and prevent it cracking. Speak to your vet if you arent sure which product to use.

Consider;insuring your cat;as soon as you get them, before any signs of illness start. This will ensure you have all the support you need to care for them.

How To Treat Cat Dandruff

How to Cure Your Cat of Dandruff

Yes, you could get rid of dandruff in cats without the help of a veterinarian. Still, its a good idea to let your vet know about your cats condition, especially if your cats dandruff happens frequently.

After all, dry skin can be caused by serious health problems or parasites.;Treatment for both requires the medical expertise of your local veterinarian.

Ringworm-related dandruff, in particular, will require you to disinfect your pets surroundings since this is considered infectious. Your vet will also treat the hair of your pet dog or cat using topical therapy and oral treatment.

If your veterinarian rules out health issues as the cause of your pet cats dandruff or if your pets skin condition is just a one-time thing, then you could try out these simple treatments.

Of course, we still encourage you to talk to your vet and seek their expert advice.

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Step 4: Change Your Air Filter

Where there are cats, there should be regularly replaced air filters. This is the final and most simple step to keep your home as dander-free as possible! Since dander is commonly airborne, it will often have a presence within your air ducts, resulting in your HVAC system redistributing the particles back into the air in your house. The only way to break this cycle is by using a high-quality air filter that will trap these small particles before they can even think about making you sneeze.

An air filter that is at least rated MERV 11 should be a staple in every pet owner and allergy-sufferer’s home. However, our Catch All filter would be better suited for pet owners that have more severe allergies. We recommend replacing your filter every three months at the minimum to ensure that its operating at maximum efficiency. If you have more than one pet in your home, changing your filter every 1 to 2 months will likely be better for your homes air quality.

If you find that you need to adjust the frequency of your filter changes, we know of a great subscription service with a convenient custom scheduling option. Try it out right over here.

Taking preventative measures in your home will go a long way in managing your allergy symptoms. Regularly grooming your cat, cleaning furniture and flooring, and replacing your air filter are all simple steps that you can take to reduce the amount of cat dander in your home.

Cats regularly rate our boxes 5/5 stars.

Natural Home Remedies For Cats With Dandruff

If you spot that your cats coat is covered with dandruff, its usually a sign that something isnt quite right. As well as being a sign of an allergy, dandruff can also be an indicator of environmental stressors. Its not only unsightly, but dandruff can also make your cats skin feel sore and uncomfortable.

Figuring out whats causing your cats dandruff is essential. Sometimes, you can solve the problem at home; other times, you may need to bring in your veterinarian as well. Either way, treating your cats dandruff will make them feel more comfortable and happier.

Weve rounded up eight natural home remedies that you can try to see if they help relieve your cat of this scratchy issue.

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Consider Changing Your Cats Food

Some skin conditions like dandruff can be linked to a food allergy. You might want to try changing your cats food to a limited-ingredient diet to try and rule out food allergies. This is one remedy that youll probably need to bring your veterinarian on board for. They can help advise you which foods could be triggering an allergic reaction in your cat, as well as which foods to switch to remedy the situation.

Symptoms Of Dandruff In Cats

Cat Dandruff Remedies To Soothe Your Cat

Aside from the white specks easily visible on the cats fur, other symptoms go along with dandruff in cats. Most cats with dandruff often have pruritus of varying degrees. Excessive scratching can cause further dandruff formation, skin inflammation, and wound on the surface of the skin.

The skin will look dry, and excessive scaling is evident in cats with dandruff. Alopecia, or abnormal hair loss, may be seen in severe dandruff cases. A foul smell may be observed in cases where a secondary infection has started. This usually happens if dandruff is left untreated.

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Treat Your Cat For Parasites

Flaky skin in cats is sometimes caused by a reaction to flea bites. This is usually accompanied by sore, itchy skin. If your cat isn’t up to date with their flea treatment, use a simple topical option, such as Frontline Plus Flea and Tick Treatment for Cats. Even if your cat’s dandruff isn’t caused by flea bites, it’s best that they’re protected anyway.

Bath Them Using Dandruff Or Dry Skin Shampoo

One of the most effective ways of helping to remove dandruff and treat skin problems is to use a cat shampoo that has been designed for use on dry skin and dandruff.

Generally, cats dont need baths however occasional bathing will help keep their coat clean and will moisturize their skin as well as loosen and remove any skin flakes.

Oatmeal and aloe shampoo is a great option for dandruff as its a natural solution that heals, soothes and moisturizes without using harsh soaps or ingredients that will further irritate your cats skin.;

Bathing doesnt have to be frequent to be effective, a bath every now and then when you notice their coat could do with it is enough. Your vet may also recommend a medicated shampoo to help treat skin issues.

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What Causes Dry Skin And Dandruff In Cats

Now that we have learned that skin serves a variety of protective functions its natural to think that this organ is susceptible to problems. Some of them may appear in the deep layers like the hypodermis, while others, like dry skin, can pop-up on the surface visible to the naked eye.

Dryness happens when the skin is starved of essential nutrients. This causes the skin to lose moisture, elasticity and some of its protective abilities. Thus, its important to address any issues that appear on or under the skin. While dandruff is considered mostly a cosmetic problem, it can signify trouble in another part of the body.

Variety of causes nutritional, environmental and health, can cause dandruff in cats. A diet that lacks healthy fats and an absence of proper hydration can deplete the moisture in your furry friends skin.

When it comes to environmental factors, its harsh weather conditions that are the main culprit. Prolonged exposure under the sun, dry air or strong winds can strip away moisture from the skin.

Health issues also can result in dandruff from parasites and allergies to diabetes and thyroid problems, plenty of cat diseases can cause dry skin and dandruff.

It is possible for dandruff not to cause serious concern provided that its not a symptom of another disease. Only a vet can determine what is causing your cats skin to dry out.

Overall Lifestyle Of The Cat

How To Help Feline Dandruff | Two Crazy Cat Ladies #Shorts

Cats are very efficient in grooming and keeping themselves clean and fresh. The roughness of the surface of their tongues can act as a brush to help spread saliva across their coat and detangle matted hair strands. By grooming, cats can keep their skin and coat protected, well-moisturized, free from visible dirt, and generally healthy.

However, some conditions can cause the cat to not be able to groom themselves properly. If a cat becomes overweight, they lose their innate flexibility and will not be able to reach certain areas of their body to groom. This leads to localized skin dryness, hair loss, and can lead to localized dandruff formation.

Overweight or obese cats are also prone to developing osteoarthritis, an inflammatory condition of the joints. Severe osteoarthritis in cats causes chronic pain which hinders their movement and their ability to groom themselves. This can also lead to dandruff.

Health conditions like these are more lifestyle-related and can easily be prevented or managed by giving your cat a proper diet and enough room to move around and exercise.

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Allergies To The Environment

There are a variety of things that can cause skin allergies and dandruff in cats. Things like laundry detergents can cause dandruff, as well as fertilizers if your cat goes outside.

If dandruff has come on suddenly, then consider whether you might have changed detergents or any other products that your cat’s skin might come into contact with. In many of these cases, a simple change to a gentler product can clear up the issue relatively quickly, which is a relief for many cat owners.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff On Your Cat

  • A cats diet is very important to an overall healthy body. They need food with an appropriate amount of fat, and the fat in their diets helps their skin from becoming too dry and flaky. If your cat is on a restricted diet and you start seeing flakes, talk with your vet.
  • If you live in an area with cold winters and notice your skin getting dry with the heat being on, chances are good your cat is dealing with the same thing. On the flip side, if your cat spends time outdoors and is out on a bright sunny day, he could get sunburnt. The resulting peeling skin will produce a couple of days worth of flakiness in his fur.
  • Cats skin is quite sensitive, and its possible that coming in contact to shampoos, chemicals, or even plants can cause an allergic reaction. Food allergies may also manifest in irritated skin. If dandruff shows up out of nowhere, analyze any changes in your cats food or products youre using in your home. Try cutting out the suspected item and see if it makes a difference.
  • Cats are very clean animals and spend a good amount of their time grooming themselves. As a cat gets older or if shes overweight, she may be less capable of otherwise normal grooming behavior. If this is the case for your kitty, start giving her regular baths with a quality shampoo to help her skin and fur stay clean .
  • Once youve worked to identify the root cause of your cats dandruff, chances are good you can turn the tides and be flake-free before long.

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    What Causes Dandruff In Cats

    If your cat has dandruff, it can be caused by a number of different things. Dandruff is one of the symptoms of ringworm, a fungal infection where spores enters your cats skin through a bite or scratch and attack the outermost layer. Alongside dandruff, you may notice irregular or circular patches of hair loss, weak or brittle hair, and reddish patches of skin. This highly infectious disease can be treated, but its essential to visit your vet as soon as you spot any symptoms.

    Your cats diet can also cause dandruff if what theyre eating is lacking in particular nutrients essential to the healthy functioning of their skin. The process of renewing their skin cells uses up to 30% of your cats daily protein intake, so any food they eat should include high quality, highly-digestible proteins than are easily absorbed into their system.

    Omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids contribute to the overall health of the skin, and as they cant be synthesised by your cats body they should be a regular part of their diet. Certain vitamins, such as vitamin A, also contribute to skin health, regulating cell growth and the production of oils.

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