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How To Tell If Cat Is Too Skinny

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How To Let Your Pet Gain Weight

Me-Yow Tube – 5: How to tell if your kitty is a healthy weight

Underweight pets should be eating foods that are around 30% protein and 20% fat if they’re eating dry kibble, or 7% protein and 5% fat, or higher, if you’re feeding a wet food. Intersperse your pet’s diet with small amounts of high-calorie supplemental canned food or canned products made of 100% meat sources.

How Thin Is Too Thin

Not every cat is created equal. If youve ever thought my cat is so skinny I can feel her bones, this isnt always a cause for concern.

There are many lean cat breeds that may appear to be underweight such as the Lykoi cat. For this reason, there is no universally correct weight that a cat should have. 

If you have a kitten or teenage cat you shouldnt worry too much either, cats that are not yet fully grown often take a while to grow into their frame.

A cat with a healthy weight has a small amount of fat at the base of her tail, a visible waistline right behind the ribs, and a slightly smaller area behind the ribs compared to the chest. 

You should be able to feel your cats ribs but also a small layer of fat on their surface. You can feel the spine of a cat that has a healthy weight, but you should also feel that its covered in a layer of muscle and fat. 

If your cat is too thin, the spine and ribs are visible even from a distance, without you needing to have to touch your pet. 

The bones in the base of your cats tail can look like they are sticking out, and when touching that area, you will not be able to feel any muscle or fat covering them. 

Thin cats have a highly visible waistline with clearly visible bones. Emaciated cats also have a significant tuck under their ribs. 

You cant tell if your cat is thin only by her weight. While the vast majority of domestic cats should weigh around 10 pounds, this number varies a lot from one cat to the next. 

Body Condition Score System

Although there are a few systems out there, most veterinarians use a 1-9 system, and its something you can quickly learn so you can evaluate your cat.

The Body Condition Score system is independent of the actual size of your cat, how muscular they are, or even how much fur they have. It helps to go beyond the number of pounds and see if theyre at a healthy weight for their body.

While your veterinarian will do a full body analysis of your cat to determine their BCS, there are ways that you can physically and visually evaluate your cat to get a general idea of was their BSC might be.

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Lacking Nutrients From Food

Take a look at your cat foods nutritional label, and pay close attention to the protein and nutrient levels. If your cat isnt getting enough of these nutrients, they could start to lose weight as a result and continue losing weight as their body tries to extract nutrients from your cats body fat. 

Do A Home Health Check


Cat weight loss can happen gradually, which makes it more difficult to notice. A regular home health check can help you keep an eye on your cats weight and overall health. Take a few minutes once a week to look your cat over for any physical changes or concerning symptoms, like weight loss, discharge from the eyes or ears, or gum inflammation. 

During this home health check, you should rub your cat gently down the back and sides to get a better handle on their weight. Dont rely only on a sight check, particularly if your cat has longer hair. All of that extra fluff can mask your cats true weight.

Remember too that cats have a tendency to mask or hide their symptoms. If theyre not feeling well, they may hide by napping in the back of your bedroom closet or leave the room when you come in. This makes a regular home health check even more important.

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Chicken Post Mortem Examination

Necropsy of chickens is an extremely valuable way to make sure that the rest of your flock is healthy and not at risk. Vets can usually give an accurate cause of death and estimate the worm burden in the flock. Once again, we offer a chicken post mortem exam for the price of a consultation .

Have something to add? Comments are welcome below and will appear within 24 hours.Were now looking for an experienced nurse to join our team! If thats you, contact the clinic and talk to Amanda.By Andrew Spanner BVSc MVetStud, a vet in Adelaide, Australia. These articles are from a series regularly posted on email and .

How To Help Skinny Cats Put On Some Pounds

Is your kitty too skinny? Cats may be underweight for a number of reasons, including anxiety, medical problems, age, and picky eating habits. Whatever the issue is, its important to help your cat become healthier and increase their weight. If youre wondering how to get a cat to gain weight, keep reading below!

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How To Tell If A Chicken Is Thin

Feel for the keel. This is the part of the breastbone that forms a hard ridge running straight down the middle.

  • Healthy, non-laying birds have a keel almost below the level of the breast muscle.
  • Chickens during lay have a keel that stands out and sunken breast muscle. However there is still a rounded surface to the remaining muscle.
  • Thin chickens have a concave or sunken feel to the breast muscle.
  • Very thin chickens have a sharp feel to the keel and almost no breast muscle, and can die anytime.
  • Ask us to show you this next time youre in or talk to your breeder.

    Another way to tell if a chicken loses weight is to weigh everyone once a week and record the results. You can easily make a perch that sits on a set of scales.

    Two Different Cat Body Types

    Is my dog or cat overweight? Too thin? How to see if your pet is chubby! whiskerDocs

    Although cats arguably come in many different shapes and sizes, you can put them in two broad categories based on how they look. Mixed-breed domestic shorthairs usually fall between the two body types, and the two different body types include: 

    • Cobby Build  The cobby build is for cats that have short bodies, a shorter and stouter tail, and heavy bones. This body type typically ranges between 7 to 12 pounds, and the Persian would be a good example of this build. 
    • Oriental Build  The oriental build is for cats that have long and slender limbs, svelte bodies with fine bones, and long slender tails. Their weight usually falls between 5 to 10 pounds, and the Siamese or Domestic Shorthair are good examples of this build. 

    Its important that you know which build your cat falls under because the weight range varies. Its easier to tell if a cat with an Oriental build is underweight than it is to tell if a cat with a Cobby build is underweight because theyre more solid overall. 

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    Skinny Pussy Because She Is Breastfeeding

    Nutritional requirements will increase in a pregnant pussy but also during her two months of breastfeeding. Suddenly, if you have not increased her daily rations or if you have not adapted her diet , your cat will inevitably lose weight …

    Here are the recommended kibbles for pregnant cats or nursing their kittens:

    What Is The Average Weight Of A Cat

    I give you below an estimate, according to the main breeds of cats, of the average weight of a healthy adult cat:

    • European type cats : Weight between 3 and 5 kg
    • Abyssinian breed cats: Average weight between 2 and 4 kg
    • Burmese cats: Average weight between 3 and 4,5 kg
    • Devon Rex cats: Average weight between 3 and 5 kg
    • Maine Coon breed cats: Average weight between 5 and 7 kg
    • Persian breed cats: Average weight between 4 and 6 kg
    • Cats of the Sacred of Burma breed: Average weight between 4 and 5 kg
    • Siamese breed cats: Average weight between 3 and 5 kg

    Note that, whatever the breed, a male cat will be heavier than a female and a sterilized cat heavier than a normal cat.

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    Small & Frequent Meals

    Cats tend to lose their interest in food if its left out for a long time. Dry cat food, in particular, loses its palatability after its been in the bowl for several hours. 

    If you are lucky enough to work from home, feed your cat small meals throughout the day and leave some kibble in her bowl only for the night. 

    How To Identify Worms In A Cat

    Pictures Of Skinny Cats

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    Take Your Cat To The Vet

    If nothing seems to work, even if your vet doesnt seem to have found a diagnosis for your cats weight loss, its time to go to the vet clinic again. 

    Blood tests, such as a complete blood count or biochemistry, can reveal certain conditions that clinical examinations can never discover. 

    Additional tests such as ultrasounds, X-rays, an MRI or a CT scan might be necessary in some cases. 

    Treatment Of Rapid Breathing In Cats

    Rapid breathing is a symptom of an underlying medical issue and treatment varies depending on severity of illness and diagnosis. If your cat is struggling to breath, the veterinarian or veterinary technician may take your cat to the treatment area immediately upon arrival to stabilize your cat.  This will include providing oxygen, placing an IV catheter to administer emergency drugs and fluids intravenously.  

    In cases of pleural effusion, a thoracentesis will be performed to remove fluid from the chest which will improve breathing and provide the veterinarian with a fluid sample for analysis. If heart disease is a concern, once your cat is stabilized, x-rays and an echocardiogram of the heart will be performed to evaluate the size and function of the heart. Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories will be prescribed in cases of infectious or inflammatory illnesses.

    If your cat is in respiratory distress, it is best to be as calm as possible. If traveling is stressful for your cat, your veterinarian will be able to best advise you how to transport your cat. 

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    How To Tell If Your Chicken Is Healthy

    Most people can tell if a dog or cat is sick. Its not too hard with ferrets either. All of these are predator species and have no reason to hide their illnesses.

    Then there are the prey species, like rabbits, guinea pigs and birds. They deliberately hide signs of illness. They even pretend to eat! Most of the time what looks like sudden death or a heart attack is really the end of a long, slow illness we couldnt see.

    The good news is that you can tell. Heres what to look for:

    Causes Of Weight Loss In Cats

    Is my dog too skinny? How to tell- Companion Animal Vets

    There are a number of reasons why your cat might be losing weight.

    If you notice that your cat is underweight, it is important to take them to the vet as soon as possible to determine the underlying cause.

    This is crucial for preventing long-term health damage and getting your cat back to their optimal weight as soon as possible.

    Here are some of the most common causes of weight loss in cats.

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    Talk To Your Vet About Appetite

    Depending on the cause of your cats weight-loss, it may be worth it to talk to your veterinarian about an appetite stimulant for your pet. Appetite stimulants come in the form of pills or liquids, and after thirty minutes to an hour after taking medicine, your cat may get the munchies ready to eat. Appetite stimulants can also come in the form of a transdermal patch for those owners who do not want to give pills or liquids.

    Is My Cat Too Skinny How To Tell If Your Cat Is Underweight

    Feeding your cat the correct amount of food and making sure they stay at an appropriate weight are crucial parts of keeping them healthy. Vets often cite feline obesity as a key issue to watch out for, but a cat whos underweight can also be a cause for concern.

    If you suspect your cat may be losing weight too fast or that theyre underweight, then you must consult your veterinarian. Remember, if your vet confirms that youre caring for an underweight cat, its important to take their treatment advice seriously.

    Heres what you need to know about finding out if your cat is underweight.

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    Is My Cats Poop Normal Heres How To Tell

    Most cat owners deal with the everyday litter box issues:

    But are you paying attention to what happens inside the litter box?

    Your cats poo says a lot about his internal health. And while it sounds gross, its actually really important to take note of how it looks and smells.

    Abnormal stools could be caused by something simple like stress or an incompatible diet. Or they could be signs of something more serious that requires vet attention.

    Although its not very glamorous to talk about cat poo, noticing an abnormality could literally save your cats life! So its totally worth a few minutes of poo talk to help your cat live all nine of his lives healthily.

    Heres the scoop on your cats #2:

    How often should you check your cats poo?

    The easiest way to monitor your cats bowel movements is to simply pay attention every time you clean out the litter box.

    It doesnt need to involve a huge examination just take a quick look inside the scoop before you dump the poo into your Dooli Litter Genie® Compatible Refill Bag.

    Take a quick mental note of these five things, so you can spot abnormalities:

    • Shape

    Whats normal and whats not?

    Quick disclaimer: Were not animal experts here at Dooli just your garden-variety pet lovers!

    We want to make it easier to and empower you to take an active role in monitoring your cats health.

    Shape and consistency

    Part 3 Of 3: Handling The End

    How to Tell if Your Cat is Too Skinny? in 2020
  • 1Take care of your cat’s remains. If your cat dies at home, it’s important to store the body in a cool place until you’re able to proceed with cremation or burial plans. This ensures that the body won’t deteriorate or become a hazard to your family’s health. Wrap the cat carefully in plastic and store the body in a cool place, such as a freezer or on a cold concrete floor. If your cat is euthanized, the vet will properly store the body for you.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • 2 If you would like to have your cat cremated, talk with your vet about options in your area. If you would prefer to bury your cat, research local pet cemeteries where you can have your cat interred.
  • In some states it is legal to bury your pet on your property, while in other places it is not legal. Before deciding where to bury your pet, research your local laws.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • It is illegal to bury your cat in a public park or other public land.
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    Looking For Physical Signs That A Cat Has Worms

  • 1Take note if your cat develops a potbelly. A cat with a heavy worm burden , tends to have a potbelly but little fat cover over the spine or pelvis. A typical potbelly looks like a swollen tummy, round and full, and often the swelling is carried down low on the cat’s body .XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source The difference between a potbelly and a fat cat is the rest of the cats body is also in poor condition.
  • Roundworms are the most common cause of a potbelly, though other worms can also cause this symptom.
  • 2Check your cats body for fat pads. When you run your fingers over a healthy cats backbone, you will most likely be able to feel bumps along the spine, but should not be able to feel sharp, angular bones. This is because there is a fat padding over the cats bones. Cats that have a lot of worms will not have these fat pads. When you stroke the cats back and pelvis, you may find that you can feel each sharp, angular bone.
  • Body “condition” is a matter of assessing the fat cover over the cats bones. Landmarks such as the spine, hips, and pelvis are especially useful for this.
  • 3Look at the condition of your cats coat. Intestinal parasites steal much of the nutrition out of the cat’s diet. This means that your cat does not get the vitamins, minerals, and proteins that they need to maintain a healthy coat. Check your cat for:
  • A dull coat.
  • Cats With Skinny Back

    Thinning at the back end of the cat is a common situation. They may have skinny back but still act as normal as they are supposed to. But, a deeper check may show outward signs of problems.

    There are felines who are just normally skinny at the back but still drop mass at that location, so it is pretty confusing to tell. In short, there can be skinny back cats but are normal and there are those that arent.

    For anyone who has raised moggies and lived through their development stages, losing weight at the back end can be assumed as signs of digestive malfunctions. There could be severe ailments lying behind.

    While it is best to consult with your veterinary as soon as you see signs you feel you can not ignore, there are some ways wherein you can observe them first.

    Most likely they are experiencing any of the situations mentioned below.

    Hunger or Lack of Food

    The first sign of weight loss in a cat is when their behind shows thinning. You will notice that as you feed them, their belly turns up when they are done. Thus, an empty stomach will make the back end appear thinner.

    However, not giving them anything to eat for an entire day doesnt account for the skinny back. Hunger has to be a lengthy situation to cause weight loss and thinning. If the kitten eats regularly but is still losing weight, it could be due to appetite loss or digestion issues.

    Some reasons they get hungry are;


    Signs of Diseases

    Some of the diseases may manifest signs and symptoms in cats.

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    Why Is My Cat So Skinny

    Just like humans, cats can be naturally thin. Cats come in all different body types, and some breeds are skinnier than others.

    However, it is possible for your cat to be too skinny sometimes weight loss happens as a result of health problems.

    If you think your cat is too skinny, its important to seek professional care to help get them back on track. In this article, well talk about effectively assessing your cats weight, as well as how to tell if your cat is too skinny.

    Causes Of Weight Loss In A Skinny Cat

    How to Check Your Cat’s Body Condition Score

    There are two main causes for a skinny cat: Either they aren’t eating enough, or they’re expending more calories than they are taking in. They may not be eating enough due to stress, dental disease and/or nausea or a host of other reasons. Cats with certain diseases need to take in more calories in order to maintain their weight, and weight loss can be the first, and sometimes the only, outward sign that an underlying disorder has developed. Nausea can compound the problem. Weight loss can also be due to age-related decline in digestive function some geriatric kitties have a hard time keeping on weight.

    The other reason that a cat might be too skinny is a lack of access to food. If you find a stray cat that is malnourished, you can contact your local shelter or veterinarian to get their opinion on what to do to bring the cat back to a state of health. They may direct you to bring them in if possible. Adopted stray cats should always be taken to the veterinarian and screen for health problems.

    While a skinny cat doesn’t necessarily mean a medical emergency, if you think your cat might be too thin, it’s important to schedule a checkup with your veterinarian to determine the cause of weight loss.

    It is considered a medical emergency if your cat stops eating altogether. If that’s the case, you should take your cat to the vet right away. Cats that don’t eat for days on end can develop a life-threatening condition called hepatic lipidosis, also known as fatty liver syndrome.

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    Causes Of Cat Weight Loss

    Anxiety, stress, or depression. Cats under psychological stress may go off their food, which can result in weight loss. Situations that may upset your cat include excessive noise, other animals in the feeding area, dirty food dishes, or proximity of the food dish to the litter box. Cats can also be upset by the disappearance of another pet or by a change in a routine.

    Cancer. Although not all cat weight loss is caused by cancer, it is a relatively common culprit. Other symptoms that commonly appear include loss of appetite, lethargy, and hiding.

    Diabetes. This disease, which may be caused by a failure to produce the hormone insulin or an impaired ability to respond to it, commonly causes weight loss in cats, often with a change in appetite. Cats with diabetes may also drink excessive amounts of water, urinate more than usual, act sluggish, develop urinary tract infections, and have sweetly scented breath.

    Feline infectious peritonitis. This virus, which most commonly occurs in cats raised in catteries, is known to cause wasting. Cats with FIP will seem sick, often with a fever that doesnt respond to antibiotics.


    Gastrointestinal problems. There are a variety of different conditions in the gastrointestinal tract that may cause cat weight loss. When this is the case, other symptoms may include diarrhea, lack of appetite, and vomiting. Common GI problems that produce weight loss in cats include inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies, or certain infections.

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