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Is Pepto Bismol Safe For Cats

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What Causes Diarrhea In Cats

Pepto Bismol…for Dogs?

All cats get the runs from time to time. It usually runs its course quickly, and your cat is back to his usual self in a day or two. But if it persists for more than a couple of days, you need to figure out whats causing it.

Coccidiosis is a protozoan that is passed from one cat to another. Adult infected cats develop a resistance to it, but they do become carriers who can spread it to other cats, including their offspring. Coccidiosis can be serious in kittens because their immune systems arent fully developed yet.

Any kitten between four and twelve weeks who has diarrhea should be checked by the vet, especially if blood or mucus is present. If hes infected with coccidiosis, hell need to be treated with specific sulfa-type antibiotics. Dont wait around because severe cases can cause vomiting, dehydration, and death.

Adult cats usually develop diarrhea as a result of a dietary issue. If youve recently changed foods, or your cat has been eating something he shouldnt have, going back to his original diet may help.

Food allergies can also cause feline diarrhea. Corn is commonly used in dry commercial cat foods. But corn causes intestinal irritation in sensitive cats. If your cat having a problem with diarrhea, be sure to read the ingredient list on the cat food bag. Feeding your cat a healthy diet will prevent many health problems.

Safe Human Medicines Products For Pets


Use: For an upset stomach, you can use Pepto-Bismol for dogs, but never cats. Pepto-Bismol contains an aspirinlike substance that cats can’t tolerate.

Dosage: A child’s dose, as indicated on the package, for every 40 pounds of pet. So if your dog is 10 pounds, you’d use a quarter dose an 80-pound dog would get two doses.

Safe Household Products for Pets

Corn Starch or All-Purpose Flour: Most of us have these items in our cupboards, and they are great to stop minor bleeding, such as bleeding around your pet’s nails. Just pack it on, and it will stop the bleeding and soak up the blood.

Contact Lens Saline Solution: You can use contact lens solution to flush out wounds. The solution is basically saline, which is what is used in emergency rooms to clean out wounds.

Baking Soda: This is great for treating bee stings in pets and people. Bees leave a stinger attached to a venom sac, and you want to remove the stinger without breaking the sac. Mix some baking soda and water into a paste, let it dry, and then use a credit card to gently scrape out the stinger.

Betadine Solution : This is a safe iodine solution often kept around the house as an antiseptic to use on cuts to clean and prevent infection.

For more information on your pet’s health, Dr. Becker recommends

And if you’re looking for a new pet, the Humane Society is a great place to find one. To find out more or a location near you, visit .

Is It Safe To Give Pepto Bismol To Cats

According to Drs. Foster and Smith of, Pepto Bismol is generally safe for dogs but not for cats. Cats tend to be particularly sensitive to the aspirin in Pepto Bismol in fact, it can be fatal. It is however important that the medication is used properly to avoid adverse effects side.

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How Will Hydrocortisone Cream Affect My Pet

Hydrocortisone cream usually works within an hour or two to stop itching and scratching. Try to prevent your pet from licking where you applied the medication for at least half an hour. Its important not to use this medication for too long, as it does have some risks.

Corticosteroid creams can delay wound healing or lead to skin thinning over time. If your pets itching or skin patches do not improve after a few applications, contact your veterinarian.

Otc Medications Safe For Treating Gi And Stomach Problems In Dogs

Pepto Bismol For Dogs: Is It Safe? Dosage?

Pepto-Bismol is safe to offer most dogs, but AKCs Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Jerry Klein says he rarely recommends it because the salicylates in the medication could cause gastric bleeding, and the bismuth in the medication can turn the stool black, which may mask any resulting gastric bleeding. If it must be given, offer no more than one or two doses after consulting with your veterinarian, he says. Your veterinarian may instead recommend the bismuth subsalicylate product formulated for dogs, called Corrective Suspension. Dogs with bleeding disorders and dogs who are pregnant or nursing should not take any form of bismuth subsalicylate, nor should dogs taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents such as Rimadyl and Deramaxx. Cats should never be given bismuth subsalicylate, as it is toxic to them.

  • Pepto-Bismol Dosage For Dogs: The recommended dosage is 1 teaspoon for every 10 pounds, according to Dr. Klein. It can be offered to the dog every 6-to-8 hours, but if your dog still has diarrhea after a few doses, stop the medication and call your veterinarian. Also, if youve never given Pepto-Bismol to your dog before, check with your veterinarian to confirm the dosage.
  • How to administer Pepto-Bismol to Dogs: Use an empty plastic syringe to give your dog the medication. Open his mouth, place the empty syringe toward the back of the tongue and push the plunger, then hold his muzzle for a second to ensure he swallows it.

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Your Dog Has Diarrhea: What To Do And Not Do

Author: Dr. Beth Turner

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Nothing gets a pet owner moving faster than the preemptive sounds of their pet preparing to vomit or have diarrhea. If you own a pet, you will likely have to deal with diarrhea at one time or another. And in some unfortunate cases, it may be a regular situation.

How Bismuth Subsalicylate Is Supplied

  • Oral suspensions of bismuth subsalicylate are available over-the-counter containing 262 milligrams per 15 ml , or 525 mg per tablespoon in the extra strength form.
  • Pediatric suspensions of bismuth subsalicylate is available containing 87 mg per 5 ml .
  • Tablets contain 262 mg bismuth subsalicylate per tablet.

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How To Know When Diarrhea Is A Medical Emergency

  • You suspect your dog has ingested a toxin or poison
  • You suspect your dog has ingested a foreign body, such as a toy or clothes
  • Your dog is low energy and may seem weak
  • Loss of appetite
  • Vomiting . Always contact a veterinarian if any blood is noted, even if they vomit only once.
  • Frequent bouts of diarrhea repeated over a couple-hour window of time
  • The diarrhea has lasted more than 24 to 36 hours despite home remedies
  • There is a lot of blood in the poop small spots of blood are not necessarily an emergency
  • The stool is black and /or tarry
  • Your dog is continually straining to poop and not much is coming out
  • Your dogs gums are pale, bluish, whitish, or gray in color
  • Your dogs stomach is painful and bloated
  • Your dog is passing worms in their stool or you see worms in their vomit
  • When in doubt, call your vet or an emergency hospital for advice.

    Motion Sickness In Pets

    Can I Give Dog Pepto Bismol For Diarrhea | How To Treat Dog Diarrhea At Home Naturally

    Most dogs love to go for a ride in the car. But some dogs experience motion sickness . Longer trips may be more difficult than shorter ones on your canine friend. Cars, planes, and boats can all lead to symptoms. Trips on a boat can trigger sea sickness especially in puppies. Cats can suffer from motion sickness, too.

    Pets with motion sickness may begin drooling, act nauseated or develop vomiting or diarrhea. You may need to reconsider bringing your pet on trips if they are prone to motion sickness.

    Some vets might recommend these human over-the-counter products, but at specific doses used only in dogs. Pet versions of these products are not available. Do not use these products in dogs with glaucoma, prostate gland enlargement, and certain stomach, thyroid, seizure, or heart disorders.

    • diphenhydramine
    • meclizine
    • dimenhydrinate

    Dog doses are based on their weight, so ask your vet if these products are appropriate for your 4-legged friend. These drugs may cause drowsiness, too, so beware about dog safety in the car, especially if your friend is fond of hanging out the window.

    Prescription products like Cerenia are also available for motion sickness in dogs, and your vet may prefer this product specifically for dogs.

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    What Can I Give My Cat For Diarrhea

    Pedialyte is an over-the-counter electrolyte beverage designed for infants and children and can be added to your cats water in a ratio of anywhere from 10 to 50 percent Pedialyte to water. It comes in several different flavors, but I find the original, clear, unflavored variety to be the most accepted by cats.

    How Long Should I Wait To Feed My Cat After Vomiting

    If your cat is sick once or twice but appears otherwise well, remove their food for a few hours, then feed small amounts of a highly digestible food such as chicken, or a prescription diet from your vet. Allow them constant access to a small amount of water. After 24 hours go back to your usual routine.

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    Side Effects And Implications Of Using Pepto Bismol For Dogs Diarrhea And Upset Stomach

    The side effects associated with using Pepto Bismol for dogs stomach problems are comparatively rare. This is especially true if the proper dosage is used. Some side-effects can still be observed in some cases, including:

    • Temporary darkening of the tongue
    • Gray-black or greenish stool during the treatment phase

    Other implications associated with using Pepto Bismol to treat tummy problems in canines are:

    • Inaccurate X-ray reading. Pepto Bismol appears radio-opaque when if abdominal x-ray is performed. They can thus be mistaken for a metallic object in the body. Consequently, unnecessary surgery may be recommended.
    • Inaccurate urine tests

    Is Aspirin Safe For Pets

    Can I Give My Cat Pepto

    Aspirin, used for over a century by humans, inhibits an enzyme that is involved in inflammation and pain.

    DO NOT give aspirin to cats it can be deadly to your cat. Cats lack the enzyme needed for metabolizing salicylic acid properly, and aspirin can build up and be extremely toxic.

    Many vets do not recommend aspirin use in dogs anymore due to stomach ulcers and the possibility of bleeding. Plus, safer NSAIDs specifically for dogs with arthritis are now available and may be preferred.

    However, if your vet does recommend aspirin, they can determine the safe dose of aspirin based on your dog’s weight. Special formulations have been developed for animals, some in an oral gel form.

    If your vet does recommend aspirin, DO NOT use with other NSAIDs, such as Rimadyl, Metacam and Derramax.

    Follow any instructions for aspirin use only as directed by your veterinarian.

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    How Will Heartburn Medications Affect My Pet

    All of these medications can affect how other medications are absorbed by your pets body, so definitely ask your veterinarian if theres any drug interactions you should be concerned about.

    Diarrhea and a lower appetite than usual are possible side effects for cats and dogs with Pepcid or Prilosec, but these medications are generally well tolerated. If you notice excessive sleepiness or vomiting after starting your pet on any antacid medication, contact your vet right away.

    Can You Give A Cat Anything For An Upset Stomach

    Can You Give A Cat Anything For An Upset Stomach? In mild cases, you may be able to improve your cats symptoms with a change in food alone, like switching to Hills® Science Diet® Adult Sensitive Stomach & Skin formula. It can be wise to feed a cat a combination of canned and dry food to provide additional moisture to meals.

    Do you know the answer to this question? Help our community by submitting an answer.

    Can cats have Pepto Bismol for upset stomach? Pepto Bismol is used for the treatment and control of diarrhea. Pepto Bismol can be used in cats, but only for short periods of time. Pepto Bismol contains aspirin and cats are sensitive to aspirin. If you have any concerns about giving your pet pepto bismol your veterinarian first.

    How can I settle my cats stomach? Warm her food in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds the heat will make it smell more appetizing. Try feeding her canned food if youve been giving her dry food, and vice versa. Make the experience more pleasant: Gently speak to her and pet her as you offer food.

    Can I give my cat Pepto Bismol for upset stomach? Pepto Bismol can be used in cats, but only for short periods of time. Pepto Bismol contains aspirin and cats are sensitive to aspirin. If you have any concerns about giving your pet pepto bismol your veterinarian first.

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    Diarrhea Natural Remedies For Cats With The Runs

    Is your kitty doing the Pepto Bismol Dance? I have to laugh every time I see those commercials on TV. But diarrhea in cats isnt really funny . By the way, NEVER give Pepto Bismol to your feline companion. Pepto Bismol has aspirin in it, and aspirin can kill your cat. The good news is that there are many safe, effective natural remedies for cats with diarrhea.

    Be aware that severe diarrhea can cause your cat or kitten to get dehydrated very quickly. If diarrhea doesnt improve rapidly with natural remedies, please take him to the vet right away. Dehydration is a medical emergency, and your kitty may need an IV, especially if hes lethargic and weak and hes not drinking any water.

    It Hurts Us Both: Pain In Our Pets

    Kitten & Cat Diarrhea Home Remedy – Safe & Easy!

    Sometimes a little pain is okay for our pets – it helps to protect them from hurting themselves even further. But sometimes pain relief is needed after surgery or an injury. Check with your vet if you think your dog or cat needs a pain medication. FDA also offers information.

    Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for pets are available and are often used for arthritis. Human nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen or naproxen are felt to be too toxic for safe use in pets at ANY dose.

    Common dog-specific NSAIDs you can ask your vet about include:

    • deracoxib

    Dosing is based on your pets weight, so be sure to talk to your vet before adjusting any doses.

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    Uses Of Bismuth Subsalicylate For Dogs And Cats

    • Subsalicylate, an aspirin-like compound, can decrease diarrhea caused by intestinal infections.
    • The bismuth component of Pepto-Bismol has been shown to suppress the bacteria that cause ulcers and stomach inflammation in people. This bacterium is called Helicobacter. While this is beneficial for treatment of humans, the significance of Helicobacter and Helicobacter-like organisms in pets is not completely resolved.

    What Are The Dangers Of Pepto Bismol

    A severe overdose of Pepto-Bismol can lead to liver and kidney damage, ulcers, and even death. Severe side effects also include vomiting, severe constipation, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, and severe allergic reactions, like chest tightness, difficulty breathing, itching, hives, rash, and swelling or the face,

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    Kaopectate Reformulation Poses Danger To Cats

    An over-the-counter diarrhea treatment for humans now contains an aspirin derivative that in high doses is toxic to cats, reports the American Veterinary Medical Association .

    An over-the-counter diarrhea treatment for humans now contains an aspirin derivative that in high doses is toxic to cats, reports the American Veterinary Medical Association .

    Kaopectate’s new formula contains bismuth subsalicylate, which may cause salicylate toxicosis in cats that are overdosed, AVMA says. The product, manufactured by Pfizer, formerly contained attapulgite, an inert clay aluminum.

    Veterinarians have recommended Kaopectate off-label to treat diarrhea in cats and dogs, particularly for clients who are unable or unwilling to seek immediate veterinary care, AVMA officials say.

    The range of recommended aspirin-derivative dosages that have been published for cats is 10 mg/kg every other day to 25 mg/kg every day, officials add. A tablespoon of reformulated Kaopectate contains 130 mg aspirin equivalent, and extra-strength Kaopectate contains approximately 230 mg aspirin equivalent. A tablespoon of extra-strength Kaopectate given to a 5-pound cat would yield approximately 100 mg/kg aspirin equivalent and would likely result in toxicosis, says Dr. Steve Hansen, a diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Toxicology and director of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Animal Poison Control Center.

    What Is The Safe Dose For Dogs

    What dosage of Pepto

    Pepto-Bismol can be used in dogs, but it does not suit every dog, and chronic use is not recommended. If your dog has gastrointestinal signs and youre considering using Pepto-Bismol, you should consult with your veterinarian first and administer the medication to your dog only under their direction.

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    How Pepto Bismol Works For Dogs Diarrhea And Stomach Upset

    The use of Pepto Bismol for dogs diarrhea and upset stomach hinges upon its ability to soothe the stomach and the intestines and thus relieve the symptoms. This household medicine draws its efficacy in the bismuth and salicylate components of the active ingredient, bismuth subsalicylate.

    Bismuth works by coating your dogs intestines, thus shielding it from the effects of toxins. It also displays a weak antibacterial activity which protects against Heliobacter bacteria. Salicylate, on the other hand, exhibits a slight antiprostaglandin effect which helps in the relief of certain types of diarrhea. The hormone-like substances referred to as prostaglandins promote fluid secretion in the intestines, which then causes diarrhea.

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