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What Cat Breed Is Right For Me

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Special Mention: The Sphynx

Is The RUSSIAN BLUE Cat The RIGHT Breed For You? Find Out Now!

The Sphynx is neither long-haired nor short-haired. Its almost hairless. But it also belongs to one of the most popular cat breeds because of this very distinctive characteristic combined with very wrinkled skin.

Sphynx cats do need more care than most cats because they can easily get sunburned or cold. Since their skin tends to oily, they also need regular washing. But having a Sphynx cat is a joy for owners who love energetic felines who will love any opportunity to be close to you.

More Choice And Flexibility

We understand that the bond between people and pets is unique, that’s why our cat breed selector tool will show you the breeds most suited to your answers, as well as those who might not be. Hopefully this tool can help you answer the important question of what cat breed should I get and direct you towards your purrrfect match.

Choosing The Best Food For American Shorthair Cats

Because American Shorthairs are generally healthy, a complete and balanced cat food should be sufficient for their needs. If your American puts on weight due to inactivity, however, you may want to consider a healthy weight formula like Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Weight Management Formula or Purina ONE Healthy Metabolism, and if she regularly develops hairballs, consider a specially formulated cat food to help control them, such as Purina Pro Plan Focus Hairball Management Chicken & Rice Formula.

To explore other products for your American Shorthair, see our Product Selector.

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Choosing The Best Food For American Shorthair Kittens

Like several other breeds, American Shorthairs are slow to mature, with many not reaching their full size until 3 or 4 years of age. To support your American kittens growth and development, select a complete and balanced kitten food such as Purina Pro Plan Focus Kitten Chicken & Rice Formula or Purina ONE Healthy Kitten Formula during her first year or so of life. Switch her to a complete and balanced adult cat food after her first birthday.

Finding The Perfect Feline: Best Cat Breeds To Fit Your Lifestyle

Which Cat Breed is Right for Me?

Are you thinking about bringing a cat into your home but are unsure which cat breed is best for your lifestyle? Whether youre looking for cat breeds for beginners, cat breeds for kids, or cat breeds for dog owners, there are some more likely than others to fit smoothly into your home. If you or your family struggles with allergies, you can also check out our guide to the best cat breeds for people with allergies.

Weve put together a list of the best breeds for:

  • First Time Cat Owners
  • Busy Professionals

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What Is The Most Common Kind Of Cat

Domestic short-haired cats should not be confused with the British Shorthair, American Shorthair, or other standardized breeds with Shorthair names, which are breeds recognized by various registries. Domestic short-haireds are the most common cat in the United States, accounting for around 9095% of their number.

Take This Quiz Right Meow To Find Out

Do you prefer to hang out with a large group, or by yourself?

Maybe with one or two other people.

What’s the cutest thing about cats?


Do you spend more time thinking or talking?

A little of both, tbh.

Talking, absolutely.

How important is it to you to look good and dress up?


Are you naturally friendly or shy?

I’m not sure?

BONUS: In general, how amazing are cats!?!

Piddle biddle cutie-wooties!

They’re the mic drop of the animal kingdom.

I can has one plz?


Your purrfect cat is: a Maine Coon!

Your purrfect cat is: a Maine Coon!

You’re a fierce yet fluffy soul! You’re intelligent, yet friendly, and a lot of people call you a gentle giant. Yet you maintain a playful and curious demeanor that most people can’t help but be drawn to. Keep being you, ya big lug!

Your purrfect cat is: a Sphynx!

Your purrfect cat is: a Sphynx!

Despite your very apparent lack of fluff, you’re a smarty-pants who likes to have fun as often as you can! You’re also very talkative, expressing your excitement and happiness every time you see your friends and loved ones. You’re a total cutie!

Your purrfect cat is: a Scottish Fold!

Your purrfect cat is: a Scottish Fold!

Your purrfect cat is: a Tabby!

Your purrfect cat is: a Tabby!

Your purrfect cat is: a Siamese!

Your purrfect cat is: a Siamese!

Your purrfect cat is: a Persian!

Your purrfect cat is: a Persian!

Take this quiz right meow to find out!

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The Best Cat Breed For You Based On Your Personality Type

Find out which type of cat is best suited to your lifestyle.

Cats first started living with humans in Cyprus about 5,000 years ago, but it wasn’t until the 1800s that man started to purposefully breed different kinds of cats. Since then, they have mostly lived in a gray area between feral and domesticated. Teresa Keiger is an all-breed judge for the Cat Fancier’s Association and she believes that the public perception of cats as aloof or unfriendly is based on a time before they were socialized and trained for life indoors. While some might need less attention than others, the disposition of a cat differs dramatically from breed to breed: While some are happy to spend the day on their own , others want to spend so much time with their humans that they will literally follow you into the shower.

Keiger insists that it is very important for potential cat owners to be honest with themselves about who they are and how they like to spend their days. “People are often drawn to a specific breed but that particular breed may not be the right one for their lifestyle,” says Keiger. What does your typical day look like? Do you have a big family? How do you like to spend your free time? Do you like cuddling on the couch or running around the house? Here are a few examples of how to choose the right cat for your personality.

What To Consider When Looking For The Right Cat Breed For You

Best Cat Breeds For First Time Owners

All cats are beautiful, but some might be better suited for you and your lifestyle. Different breeds have different characteristics and tendencies, which you should be aware of before making a decision. Some of these include:

  • Size: Large or small? Some bigger breeds may need more space.
  • Fur type: Short or long hair? Long-haired cats need more grooming than short-haired ones. Also, some cat breeds shed more than others.
  • Allergy issues: Many people have some degree of cat allergies, so a cat that sheds a lot may cause more unwanted sneezing among your friends.
  • Health issues: Does the breed have common health issues? For example, Persian cats have more respiratory issues because of their flat noses.
  • Indoor or outdoor: Do you want your cat to be indoors, outdoors, or both? Some breeds have sensitive skin and cannot be left out in the sun.
  • Social inclination: Some cats like to be left alone, and others want to be around people.
  • Playfulness: Certain cat breeds tend to be more playful than others, which is desirable for families with children.

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Cfa Names Nation’s Most Popular Felines

The Cat Fanciers’ Association, the world’s largest registry of pedigree cats, has announced which cat breeds were most popular in 2016.

Of the 42 cat breeds recognized by the CFA, the top 10 feline companions listed below are those which Americans preferred to take home in the past year.

Check out our Top 10 Cat Breeds 2016 infographic with fun facts and at-a-glance top health conditions.

What Is The Healthiest Cat Breed

The American Shorthair is one of the healthiest cat breeds. Theyre a fantastic choice if youre looking for a fairly large cat that can live upwards of 15 years.

They also have a great story theyre decedents of the cats that originally came over to North America from Europe ! They were brought on the ships to kill the mice on board, and when they landed in the New World, they developed distinct characteristics to survive in the new country.

These are some notable features of the American Shorthairs:

  • Round faces
  • Healthy
  • Sociable

What about the American Shorthairs size? Males can weigh up to 15 pounds, while females average around 10 pounds.

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Are You Ready For A Dog

First, its crucial that you know youre ready for this big milestone and that you have the resources to care for a living, breathing animal for their entire lives. Become familiar with the average costs of owning a dog, comparing dog food brands, how often you need to be available, whether youll get pet insurance, and many other basic elements of dog ownership.

How Many Types Of Cat Breeds Are There

Which Cat Breed is Right for Me?

Depends who you ask! There are a few major cat breed associations that keep track of this, but they are not always in agreement. Generally, there are approximately 50-60 different recognized cat breeds.

The Cat Fanciers Association recognizes 42 pedigree cat breeds and The International Cat Association recognizes 71 pedigree cat breeds.

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Cat Breeds That Are Best With Children

Children are an important consideration when choosing a cat breed because some cats cannot handle those adorable balls of energy . If youre planning to introduce a furbaby to a home that already has human babies, you need a social and playful cat that can handle noise, curious prodding, and pestering.

These are some suitable options for households with children:

  • Ragdoll: An easygoing cat that enjoys people and loves being picked up and carried around .
  • Manx: The Manx is a sweet and active cat with a dog-like personality, even to the point of playing fetch.
  • Burmese: A social butterfly of a cat they love being around people and curling up on an unsuspecting lap.
  • Birman: A loyal and patient cat that accommodates humans they are active when you want to play but leave you alone if youre busy.
  • Abyssinian: Theyre high energy, curious, and always up to something theyll keep your family entertained for hours.

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Cats are fantastic pets, but each breed has a slightly different temperament. Which one is the purrfect pet for you?Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results from this quiz. Submit your answers by selecting an option below each question. All answer options will load for you once yShow More

Cats are fantastic pets, but each breed has a slightly different temperament. Which one is the purrfect pet for you?Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results from this quiz. Submit your answers by selecting an option below each question. All answer options will load for you once you reach them. For best results, answer the questions in a row. Once you know your results, dont forget to check the rest of the fun quizzes weve prepared for you. Good luck!

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How To Choose A Cat For Your Family

When youre looking for a feline friend to join your family, its important to remember that there are many factors in addition to friendliness that can go into deciding which cat breed is right for you.

Though these breeds are known for their friendly personalities, all cats are different, so it can be helpful to talk to a breeder or shelter for more information about specific cats that you may be interested in bringing home.

At the end of the day, any cat lover will tell you that you play a large role in shaping your cats personality. Give them the love and affection they need s and theyll give it right back.

Long Hair Or Short Hair

Is a Himalayan the Right Cat Breed for You?
  • I love a cat that is always in my business. I need a helper.
  • I like a cat that always wants attention and playtime.
  • I like a mix. I dont want to have to chase my cat around to get attention, but I cant stand being constantly interrupted by a fuzzy butt.
  • Id like a cat thats happy to watch and sit back rather than demanding attention.
  • I want to choose when I interact with my cat and have them accept that.

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Looking For A Cat But Don’t Know Where To Start Find Out Which Breed Is A Purr

With so many cats to choose from, picking a breed is almost an impossible task! The upside is that all cat breeds are great, so you can’t really go wrong. Answer these questions to give yourself an idea of what cat is best for you!Remember, if you’re actually going to get a new pet, make sure you get one that you are able to look after really well. Do lots of research , and consider adopting a rescue cat, too!

For more catty content, check out this Ultimate Cat Quiz, these tiger facts, or these hilarious cat jokes!

Do you have a lot of space in your home?

Which of these things would you most want to do with your cat?

How often do you want to play with your cat?

You like cats that are…

What kind of noises would your ideal cat make?

Pick an animal that ISN’T a cat:

Does your ideal cat need to be good with children?

Hair all over the house?

What size is your ideal cat?

Do you have time to groom your cat every day?

You want a cat that was bred:

Where would you like to go on holiday with your cat?

What kind of music are you listening to right now?

Can you teach your ideal cat things?

Which Cat Breed Is Right For You

When people think about getting a dog, many consider a purebred pup. But when people consider getting a cat, relatively few think of purebred cats, even though there are 40 cat breeds recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association . Cat breeds range from the commonly known Persians and Siamese to the less familiar breeds like the Ocicat and the Turkish van.

Joan Miller, vice president of the CFA, which sanctions cat shows in the U.S. and abroad, says there are advantages to getting a purebred cat. For one thing, they have a predictable personality and look. So if you want a high-energy cat, or a laid-back cat, or a longhaired or shorthaired cat, you can get that, Miller says.

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Health Issues With Purebred Cats

Elyse Kent, DVM, ABVP, owner of Westside Hospital for Cats in Los Angeles, says that while purebred cats have more predictable personalities and looks, they also have more health problems than mixed breed cats. Theres a lot of inbreeding in purebreds to get the look they want, Kent says. Just like in any gene pool, the more diversity you have, the healthier the stock is going to be.

Letrisa Miller, DVM, owner of the Cat Clinic of Norman in Oklahoma, says people looking at purebred cats should ask the breeder about common health issues with the breed and if any of those problems run in the breeders line. There also are genetic tests available for some health problems, she says.

Top 10 Friendliest Cat Breeds

Most Common Domestic Cat Breeds You Can Adopt Right Now

Randa is a writer & former assoc. digital content editor at the American Kennel Club. She’s also mom to 1 Corgi & 2 orange cats.

If dogs are mans best friend, what are cats? While dogs are usually described as loyal, friendly, and devoted, cats are more often described as independent or ambivalent even by those that love them the most.

But while cats may play up their nonchalant reputation, theyre hiding unconditional love and affection beneath that facade. After all, a 2019 research study published in the journal of Current Biology found that cats are just as strongly bonded to us as dogs or infants. That means theyre not fooling anyone!

If youre looking for a cat thats naturally sociable, however, you should know that certain breeds have more affectionate and amiable personalities. Read our list of the friendliest cat breeds to learn more.

Whereas the American Kennel Club recognizes nearly 200 dog breeds, cat breeds arent as well established. The Cat Fanciers Association currently recognizes 45 cat breeds, including the ever-popular American Shorthair and the exotic Bengal.

These breeds span a wide range of personality types, from curious and athletic to fun-loving and intelligent to vocal and insistent. And of course, some breeds are known for their loving, sweet, and people-friendly personalities.

Here are 10 of the friendliest cat breeds:

1. Maine Coon

2. Siamese

3. Abyssinian

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Best Dog Food For Afghan Hounds & Puppies

Active breeds like the Afghan Hound can benefit from high-protein dog food to support their high energy levels.

If you have an Afghan puppy, look for puppy food specifically formulated with essential nutrients to support his growth and development throughout his first year of life.

Explore all our dry dog food products here. For more information on how much or when to feed your Afghan dog or puppy, explore our feeding articles.

Finding The Right Breed For You

At Purina, we believe in that magical bond between people and their pets, and that together we can live richer lives. Pets are more than just pets, they’re our best friends, closest confidants and most importantly, our family members. Owning a cat is hugely rewarding, but it’s also a big responsiblility. Find out which breed suits your unique lifestyle today with our cat breed selector tool.

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