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What Happens If A Cat Eats Chocolate

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What To Do If Your Cat Ate Chocolate

Can cats eat chocolate? Cat Behavior 101

If your cat ate chocolate, take him to the vet right away dont wait until you see symptoms, since they can sometimes take a few hours to show up.

Diagnosis of chocolate toxicity depends on an oral history from you , physical examination and laboratory findings, Dr. Wooten said. Your vet will likely take blood and urine samples and may even order an X-ray or an abdominal ultrasound in some cases.

Bring as much information with you to the vet as you can, as this will help them treat your cat. Treatment will depend on a few things: the amount of chocolate your cat ate, how long its been since he ate the chocolate and the severity of his symptoms, Dr. Wooten said.

Its helpful to tell your vet:

  • When your cat ate the chocolate
  • What type of chocolate your cat ate
  • How much chocolate your cat ate
  • Any symptoms youve noticed

If the cat just ate the chocolate, then your veterinarian may administer medication to make the cat bring up any chocolate left in the stomach, administer activated charcoal to absorb any toxins left in the GI tract and then monitor for any clinical signs, Dr. Wooten said. In some cases, the cat may be sedated and a tube placed down the stomach to remove chocolate from the stomach.

If your cat ate the chocolate a few hours ago or is already showing symptoms, your vet will likely need to provide some additional treatment.

Can I Give My Cat Nutella

No. Although Nutella is delicious, tasty and is an excellent spread for any kind of bread or pastry, it will cause terrible effects on your cat.

Both the chocolate and dairy content in Nutella will cause severe diarrhea in cats. Also, your cats health will deteriorate in the long run with repeated servings of it. So, avoid feeding it to your tabby.

What Is The Treatment Forchocolatepoisoning

Treatment depends on the amount and type of chocolate eaten. If treated early, decontamination including inducing vomiting and administering activated charcoal to prevent absorption of theobromine into the body may be all that is necessary. Treatments of activated charcoal may be repeated to reduce the continued resorption and recirculation of theobromine.

It is very common to provide supportive treatments such as intravenous fluid therapy to help stabilize a dog and promote theobromine excretion. All dogs ingesting a toxic amount of chocolate should be closely monitored for any signs of agitation,vomiting,diarrhea,nervousness,irregularheartrhythm,andhighbloodpressure.Medication to treat restlessness and other signs may also be necessary

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How Much Chocolate Is Too Much

Any amount of chocolate is too much for your cat. All forms of chocolate are hazardous to your furry friend, such as dry cocoa powder and baking chocolate , dark, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate, and even white chocolate, with its low percentage of cocoa.

However, the level of toxicity depends on how much she ingests and what kind. For a ten-pound cat, notes Petful, one small square of baking chocolate can do as much harm to your kitty as twenty-three wrapped chocolate drops. You should avoid letting your cat eat small amounts of chocolate, as any amount may cause illness.

Chocolate Poisoning Symptoms In Cats

Can Cats Eat Chocolate?

You may be wondering, what happens if my cat eats chocolate? Chocolate is loaded with theobromine and caffeine, both of which can be deadly for your cat. The symptoms of chocolate poisoning in cats depends on a few variables. Each cat may react differently towards chocolate, but its never good.

  • What kind of chocolate your cat ate.
  • How much chocolate your cat consumed.
  • Age, size and weight of your cat.

Initial symptoms after your cat consumed chocolate are as follows:

  • vomiting
  • seizure
  • coma

If you didnt actually witness your cat eating chocolate but still suspect it, watch him/her very carefully for the next 24 hours, and if they exhibit any of these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian immediately.

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My Cat Ate A Chicken Bone

You have a lot to consider when choosing a stylish diet for your pet if youre a pet parent. Thats why some cat owners are instructed that raw bones are essential for cats since they are bloodsuckers in the wild. However, there are considerations to make if your cat consumes a funk bone.

Cats usually dont mind eating raw bones, but theyd probably need medical attention if they ate cooked, smelly bones. A funk bone is a difficult temptation to resist for most cats! However, whether raw or cooked, there are significant risks associated with a cat consuming bones. This article aims to cover all about what you should do if my cat ate a chicken bone.

Symptoms Of Chocolate Toxicity In A Cat

  • Hyperactivity
  • Rapid breathing
  • Seizures

Since cats are more sensitive to the components of chocolate than we are are, obvious symptoms will be seen if a cat eats even a small amount of it. Initially, vomiting and diarrhea may result along with hyperactivity but if not treated, increased thirst, restlessness, tremors, and other signs of sensitivity will be noted. With consumption of large amounts of chocolate and if treatment is not received, a cat may have seizures, stiffness, rapid breathing, and even die.

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Medical Treatment For Your Pet

The vets treatment for chocolate poisoning usually involves inducing vomiting within 2 hours after your tabby has eaten chocolate. He may also prescribe medications to control its heart rate.

Sometime, he will advise for the administration of intravenous fluids in cats to prevent them from the toxic ingredients causing further damage. These fluids will also keep the cat hydrated during the administration of fluids.

The vet may also provide activated charcoal to your cat to limit the absorption of toxic ingredients. Sometimes, the vet will also insert a urinary catheter in cats to manage the condition of chocolate consumption.

But, your cats health and weight along with the amount and type of chocolate it ingests will determine further tests and treatment.

How Much Chocolate Is Poisonoustoadog

Dog eats chocolate, projectile vomits in gross image Toblerone changed its chocolate – Compilation

The amount of toxic theobromine varies with the type of chocolate. The darker and more bitter the chocolate, the more dangerous it is to dogs. Baking chocolate and gourmet dark chocolate are highly concentrated and contain 130-450 mg of theobromine per ounce. Common milk chocolate only contains about 44-58 mg/ounce. White chocolate rarely poses any threat of chocolate poisoning with only 0.25 mg of theobromine per ounce of chocolate. Even if the amount ingested is not a toxicity concern, dogs can still become ill from the fat and sugar in chocolate. These can cause pancreatitis in severe cases or in dogs that have more sensitive stomachs. To put this in perspective, a medium-sized dog weighing 50 pounds would only need to eat 1 ounce of baker’s chocolate, or 9 ounces of milk chocolate, to potentially show signs of poisoning. For many dogs, ingesting small amounts of milk chocolate is not harmful.

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Ask Your Vet For Help

If you catch your cat in the act of eating chocolate, take them to a vet as soon as possible. If caught early enough, a vet can induce vomiting to try to rid the toxic element from your pets system before it builds up. It may be that your cat naturally vomits after eating chocolate, but dont try to induce vomiting by yourself at home without the express advice of a qualified vet.

When visiting a vet, they will probably perform a number of tests, including a full physical exam and probably taking a urine sample. They may also conduct an ECG to determine whether there are any abnormalities in your pets heart rate. Once symptoms are being exhibited, there is no cure other than treating the symptoms. It is likely that IV fluids will be administered, and if the liver has been affected, your cat will be treated for liver disease.

How To Prevent Your Cat From Eating Chocolate

Dont let your chocolate-flavored snacks lay around. Cats can be quite smart. They can get into all kinds of packaged products. Its not uncommon to see cats chewing on random objects.

Store your chocolates in cabinets and if you want to apply extra precaution, make sure you put a child-safety lock on there.

After finishing your chocolate, throw the wrappers away or if you havent finished yet, put it safely in a cabinet.

Its pretty easy to prevent your cat from ingesting chocolate. Just be careful

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Is Chocolate Toxic To Dogs

Yes, chocolate is toxic to dogs. While rarely fatal, chocolate ingestion can result in significant illness. Chocolate is toxic because it contains a chemical called theobromine, as well as caffeine. Theobromine is the main toxin in chocolate and is very similar to caffeine. Both chemicals are used medicinally as a diuretic, heart stimulant, blood vessel dilator, and a smooth muscle relaxant. Dogs cannot metabolize theobromine and caffeine as well as people can. That is why dogs are more sensitive to the chemicals effects.

Where Does Chocolate Come From

What Happens If A Cat Eats Chocolate

Chocolate has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Ancient civilizations in Latin America were the first to discover the Theobroma cacao tree and turn its seeds into a delicious, drinkable liquid.

Today, we ferment, roast, and dry cacao, then grind it into a thick liquid called cocoa mass. This mass is mixed with other ingredients like cocoa butter and sugar to create the modern chocolate bar.

From bitter dark chocolate to smooth milk chocolate, this sweet indulgence is delicious and perfectly safe for humans to eat. But this isnt the case for our cats.

Cats cant eat chocolate because it contains toxic ingredients that can lead to chocolate poisoning. For this reason, its important to be cautious when your cat is around anything containing chocolate and to take immediate action if you suspect your cat has ingested any.

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What Makes Chocolate Bad For Cats

There are some components found in chocolate that are just plain dangerous for cats to ingest.

Chocolate is commonly made out of cocoa solids combined with other ingredients.

Cocoa solids contain:

  • Caffeine

Both of these can be bad for cats!

First of all, theobromine is a bitter alkaloid found in the plant that chocolate comes from cacao.

Also known as xantheose, this chemical compound is a diuretic with two main effects:

  • First, it is a muscle relaxant that affects smooth muscle tissue.
  • Secondly, it is a cardiac stimulant, which means that it stimulates the heart to beat faster.

While humans can roll with the punches of theobromine quite easily, cats cannot.

It only takes a small amount of theobromine for a cats digestive system to become completely overwhelmed.

The results, as mentioned before, can be severe, leading to seizures and even death.

Thats why theobromine is generally considered toxic to cats.

Like theobromine, caffeine is also a natural component of cocoa, and thus chocolate.

Caffeine is a kind of substance classified as a methylxanthine.

The effects of caffeine are similar to that of theobromine because it is also a stimulant.

However, caffeine targets the central nervous system.

I drink caffeine all the time!

Coffee, soda, tea the list goes on.

But I guess I never considered how a little bit of caffeine can trigger such a scary sequence of events for an animal as small as my cat.

If Your Cat Eats What It Shouldn’t

No matter how cautious you are, it’s possible your cat can find and swallow what it shouldn’t. It’s a smart idea to always keep the numbers of your local vet, the closest emergency clinic, and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center — 426-4435 — where you know you can find them in an emergency. And if you think your cat has consumed something that’s toxic, call for emergency help at once.

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Why Cant Cats Eat Chocolate Like Humans Can

Chocolate is toxic for cats because it contains two harmful ingredients: caffeine and theobromine. A cats small body cannot absorb and process these chemicals in the same way that human bodies can.

Caffeine is a strong stimulant thats also found in coffee and energy drinks. It stimulates our brains activity and our central nervous system. Human bodies can handle the jolt of caffeine from one too many cups of coffee, but cats will struggle with even a small amount. Caffeine can negatively impact your cats nervous system and their heart rate. It can also damage major organs, like their liver and kidneys.

Theobromine is potentially lethal for our cats. Cats cant absorb theobromine and pass it through their system as quickly as humans do. It affects their nervous system as well as their cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It also has a diuretic effect meaning it increases the loss of water and salt in the body and can quickly bring on theobromine poisoning. This can result in vomiting, restlessness, and diarrhea.

So Why Is Chocolate Bad For Cats

cats eat chocolate

It’s not down to the sugar, fat, or milk in chocolate that makes it poisonous. While these ingredients are by no means suitable for your kitty, there is one particular ingredient in chocolate that is significantly harmful to many animals.

This is Theobromine – a plant alkaloid that naturally occurs in cacao. Along with Theobromine, caffeine also becomes toxic when ingested by a feline as their delicate digestive system can’t adequately process it.

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How Much Chocolate Is Lethal To Cats

Any amount of chocolate can be lethal if your cat is older, has pre-existing medical conditions, or is generally unlucky. Equally, some heavier cats can get away with consuming tiny levels of chocolate.

The darker the chocolate, the more dangerous it is. Darker chocolate contains more cacao, which in turn holds more theobromine. White chocolate is the least hazardous but still unsafe. Dark chocolate is often lethal. Milk chocolate is somewhere in between the two.

Chocolate Type
> 20g Emergency

As youll see, any kind of chocolate is dangerous to cats. Even a moderate risk can be enough to prove fatal to senior cats.

What Should I Do If I Know Or Suspect My Cat Has Eaten Chocolate

If you know or suspect your cat has eaten chocolate, call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center immediately. You don’t need to wait until you see clinical signs to seek help. Chocolate toxicosis is a progressive illness, so the sooner you treat it, the better of your cat will be.

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Can Cats Eat Chocolate What To Know About Cats And Chocolate Toxicity

Are you hosting a party and want to sneak your cat with a sweet chocolate treat? Do you want your cat to enjoy relishing your favorite dark chocolate with you? Are you confused about feeding your kitty with a piece of chocolate?

Well, as a matter of fact, chocolates are not good for your cats health! Yes, cats do not have the sweet receptors in their tongue to taste the sweetness in anything. So also, their metabolism and natural digestion cannot take chocolates in.

Why is Chocolate toxic to cats?

More than being unhealthy, feeding a chocolate spoiler can be toxic because they cause alarming health effects on your cats. Chocolates are generally rich in caffeine and a chemical compound called theobromine. A high concentration of these ingredients may lead to toxic effects.

The content of these ingredients may vary depending on the type of chocolate like dark, white, milk, and so on. From two to 24 hours of the consumption of chocolate, based on the quantity consumed by your kitty, she may exhibit the following clinical signs

In some severe cases, it may also lead to cardiac arrest or coma.

Is there a safe amount or type of chocolate for cats?

You may want to spoil your cute kitty with a sweet treat, but chocolates are not a recommendable or safe choice. Still, white chocolate is the least toxic but should be fed only in little amounts.

What to do if my cat ate chocolate?

How to stop my kitty from reaching a candy then?

Why Do Cats Like The Smell Of Chocolate

What Happens If A Cat Eats Chocolate

Next time you are faced with a chocolate-centric dessert or a candy bar, close your eyes and take a deep breath. The unmistakable scent of cacao will fill your nostrils, no doubt firing your pleasure receptors.

Now, imagine this experience through the nose of a cat. Your cats sense of smell is some 14 times better than that of a human. The cat will detect fat, dairy, and other ingredients in milk chocolate, which are more appealing than sugar.

Consider the novelty of chocolate, too. As per Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology, feline food choices often revolve around the excitement of a unique sensation. Cats will never have eaten anything that smells like chocolate. As a result, the scent is irresistible.

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Why Is Chocolate Toxic To Cats

Chocolate contains ingredients called theobromine and caffeine which are toxic to cats if consumed in large enough quantities. Theobromine absorbs much more slowly in cats than it does in humans so even a small amount of chocolate can be toxic to a small cat. Caffeine is similar to theobromine chemically and stimulates a cat much more than a human since cats are much more sensitive to it.

Chocolate toxicity in cats can cause a variety of symptoms including death if a cat is not treated promptly. Since each cat may have different sensitivity levels to theobromine and caffiene, if your cat has eaten chocolate you should contact your veterinarian immediately even if you don’t think it was very much.

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