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What Happens If You Smoke Cat Nip

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How To Smoke Catnip

We get it accidents can happen and you wont always know if your cat has consumed a marijuana product.

If your cat has consumed a marijuana product, they may showcase the following symptoms:

Intoxication: if you notice your cat sauntering about awkwardly, this is a possible sign of intoxication.

Depression/apathy: if your cat is even more distant than normal, it may be feeling depression or apathy which is a common symptom after marijuana consumption.

If they showcase regular signs of depression and apathy, this may alternate with agitation and anxiety.

Agitation can also lead to seizures which are very serious! If you notice your cat shaking uncontrollably and violently, it is likely to have a seizure.

Other serious symptoms can include vomiting, a slower heart rate, lower body temperature, and even a coma.

As cats are more independent creatures, you may not always notice these symptoms. But if you know your cat has been around or directly consumed marijuana, keep an eye out for possible symptoms.

Can You Overdose On Catnip

You might have more of a chance of experiencing an overdose when using catnip than you would with other types of Marijuana. There isnt enough evidence to either support or refute claims that it is potentially harmful to your health.

The biggest danger with an overdose is that it could impair your judgment and cause you to do something unsafe. It could also lead to an overdose of other drugs or even alcohol if you consume too much before or while you are smoking the substance.

Its important to realize that just because a drug is natural doesnt mean that it is safe. Many common foods and drinks we consume on a daily basis can be dangerous in large doses.

Sure You Can Smoke It

Heres what youve been waiting for.

Yes, you can smoke catnip. There are older reports that catnip was once used in place of cannabis or as filler in weed since it produced similar effects, like making you feel happy and slightly buzzed.

For a while, people would even buy catnip-infused cat toys to get their hands on the herb.

People eventually stopped smoking catnip for several reasons.

First, cannabis is way more potent and effective than catnip for those looking to enjoy psychoactive effects.

Catnip also burns too fast on its own, and needs to be mixed with tobacco for a more complete burn. That means smoking it carries the same risks as smoking tobacco does.

Even without throwing tobacco into the mix, inhaling any type of smoke even from herbal products is harmful.

According to the American Cancer Society , all smoke contains particulates, chemicals, and toxins that can cause cancer and be dangerous to your health.

A handful of Reddit users whove smoked catnip also concur that its not worth it. Most said it didnt get them high. Some reported getting a wicked headache and vomiting from it.

If youre looking to enjoy some of the wellness benefits of catnip, there are a few ways to do it, none of which involve smoking it or rolling on it the way your cat does.

Ingesting it is the way most humans get their fix.

You can do this by:

You can also use catnip essential oil to help you relax and relieve a tension headache.

There are a couple ways to do this:

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Can Catnip Get You High

Weve just mentioned that catnip can trigger mild euphoria in cats. But can the same be said about humans?

If youre into herbal cigarettes,you may find yourself intuitively drawn to catnip. But unlike most herbs, catnip is not precisely the correct answer if youre looking for tips on quitting smoking.

While catmint can induce euphoria in cats, the plant seems to present no psychoactive effects on humans when smoked. And while catnip has several medicinal properties, youll hardly benefit from those properties by smoking the herb.

So, right off the bat, its vital to reiterate that smoking catnip will not get you high.

But why doesnt catnip induce euphoria in humans?

For smokable herbs to get you high, the plants must bind directly to receptors in the brain. Most importantly, the herbs must interact with specific brain receptors that control the bodys reward system.

Unfortunately, no scientific studies indicate that nepetalactone, the primary psychoactive chemical in catmint, can induce euphoria in humans. The mind-altering properties of nepetalactone are so feeble that even most cats recover from their trance within ten minutes.

So, there are numerous herbs that you can turn to if youre looking for tips on how to quit smoking. But catnip is, unfortunately, not one of them.

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Grow the Catnip Plant Especially for your Cat

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But Really Can You Smoke Catnip

Yes, you can smoke catnip. According to older anecdotal reports, catnip was one of the filler ingredients used in cannabis products. Thats because the plant creates similar effects as cannabis, such as sedation.

However, you should probably not smoke catmint, and there are reasons why.

For starters, catnip tends to burn too fast on its own. When added to other herbal cigarettes, catnip can increase combustion rate, making it difficult to savor your puffs.

Also, theres no point in smoking catnip since the plant doesnt induce any significant euphoria on its own. The best way to enjoy catnips therapeutic properties is by drinking catnip-infused tea.

Heres a brief procedure on how to prepare catnip tea

  • Crush dried catnip flowers or leaves
  • Place 1-2 teaspoons of the powdered catnip extracts in a teacup
  • Pour hot water into the cup
  • Add flavor-enhancers, such as natural honey or lemon juice, and stir
  • Allow for 10 15 minutes to steep
  • Strain the mixture into another cup and enjoy your cup of catnip tea

Other healthier ways to consume catnip include adding few catnip extract drops to your favorite beverage drink or using catnip as an essential oil.

There you have it. Conclusion is, smoking catnip wont get you high but if you wish to benefit from catmints health benefits, the best way to consume the plant is by drinking catnip-infused tea.

Can Catnip Get Dogs High

About Dogs and Catnip Cats get a buzz from catnip , while dogs do not. But that doesnt mean that dogs and catnip should be kept apart. If you have a catnip plant and dogs , its likely youll see your dogs in catnip plants sooner or later.

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Smoking Catnip For Dummies: Everything You Need To Know About Meowijuana

Posted by Eddy on November 24, 2014 in Blog

So you want to smoke catnip, huh? You crazy, crazy bastard

Smoking catnip certainly isnt something your everyday, average Joe Schmoe ever really thinks about ever doing, youre at least to be commended on your efforts to research this topic first before sparking up that sweet, sweet meowijuana. So, consider this a formal commendation. Well done!

So, what exactly happens when one smokes catnip? Is it dangerous? Is the smoke dangerous if inhaled by your smoking buddy Tinkles the cat? Most importantly of all, does it give you any kind of high whatsoever?

Worry not, my groovy, creative, young sir or madam, because were here to help you learn all this and then some because, well thats just what we do around here. We try to help people and stuff.

Regardless, youve come to the right place. So lets jump into the lesson, shall we?

  • The Basics

Catnip surprisingly enough belongs in the mint family. While originally native to Europe, it spread to other continents after sea voyage and trade became more common back around the 1500s.

Now known pretty much universally as catnip , it was also known as catswort and fieldbalm back in the day.

  • Health/Medicinal Benefits

Believe it or not, catnip also has a slew of various medical benefits and has long been used in China for treating a variety of different health problems.

Lastly, as all of this werent enough already, smoking catnip can and has been used to treat both asthma and bronchitis.

Can You Smoke Catnip

SMOKING CATNIP! What does it do? (Herb Review) ðº

Yes, it can be smoked. Catnip used to be smoked in the 60s, as reported by this article of the Canadian Veterinary Journal.

In the 1960s, catnip was used in place of marijuana or as a filler in marijuana . Even toys for pets were bought to get the catnip for use . Because catnip burned too fast by itself, it was usually mixed with tobacco . A more intense effect could be obtained by spraying the alcohol extract on tobacco and then smoking it .

Jeff Grognet Canadian Veterinary Journal 1990 Catnip: Its uses and effects, past and present

Users reports a positive effect like sedation and relaxation.

Well, Im impressed. I thought there was NO WAY anyone who has tried marijuana could say this got them high, but I judged it all wrong. I tried this a week ago, no paranoia, no munchies, just chill and sleepy. I was able to sleep through the whole night annnd Im still alive

Stevie from Smokable Herbs comments

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Why Do Cats Like It

The key chemical in Nepeta cataria is a compound called nepetalactone. It produces its effect through smell alone: the molecule doesnt have to be ingested or get into the brain to send cats wild. Although some have suggested that cats experience a drug-like euphoria or hallucinations, there is no evidence for this. They do not become addicted or suffer any ill effects from the herb.

Cats affected by catnip display behaviour thats similar to that of female cats in heat, but the plant affect males and females equally. Neil Todd, who wrote a PhD thesis on the response to catnip in 1963, suggested that it activates smell receptors for sex pheromones. However, no compound in cat urine has been identified that produces the same response as nepetalactone.

The best explanation for the occurrence of an array of different behaviours to a catnip source, at this point, is that catnip activates different brain areas controlling female-like courtship, kitten-like play and predatory behaviour, at random, write Benjamin Hart and Lynette Hart in their book Your Ideal Cat.

The fit between nepetalactones and cat smell receptors that evoke the behaviour seems to be an evolutionary accident. Cats that respond are native to the Americas, and would not have encountered the plant in their evolutionary history.

Where Do Mangoes Grow Naturally

Today most mangoes found in grocery stores were grown in Florida, Mexico, Haiti, and South America. However, Asia grows 75 percent of all mangoes in the world. Mangoes have been used in art and fabrics for centuries. The paisley pattern originated in India and is said to be a stylized depiction of a mango.

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How Catnip Affects Cats

Cats get high off catnip by inhaling the nepetalactone whether from a live plant, dried plant material, or an oil extract. The chemical binds to receptors inside a cat’s nose, which stimulate sensory neurons leading into the brain. This appears to alter activity in several areas of the brain, including the olfactory bulb, the amygdala, and the hypothalamus. This last area, among other things, is involved in regulating the animal’s emotions.

Scientists previously hypothesized that the chemical also triggered a reaction in something called the vomeronasal organ an extra olfactory organ found deep in the nose in many mammals that’s involved in detecting pheromones but experiments have ruled that out. However, it is hypothesizedthat nepetalactone might mimic the shape of pheromones when binding to the nasal receptors.

Regardless of the underlying reason, nepetalactone triggers an intense, intoxicated reaction in most cats.

“If you put catnip on a scratching board, a cat will come along and sniff it, and then they’ll start rubbing their face, then drooling, then rolling in it,” says Jeff Grognet, a veterinarian who’s previously written articles about the effects of catnip.

Nepetalactone isn’t the only chemical that triggers this sort of response in cats. Others includeactinidine and iridomyrmecin, which are both naturally found in various plants.

Lithium Interacts With Catnip

If you have to label your catnip so that your roommate ...

Catnip might have an effect like a water pill or “diuretic.” Taking catnip might decrease how well the body gets rid of lithium. This could increase how much lithium is in the body and result in serious side effects. Talk with your healthcare provider before using this product if you are taking lithium. Your lithium dose might need to be changed.

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Can You Get Addicted To Catnip

Catnip probably wont cause you to develop a physical dependence. This means that you shouldnt experience any adverse symptoms if you stop using it after a period of heavy use. It can be psychologically addicting, though, which means that you might experience cravings and have a strong desire to continue using it even though it might be having a negative effect on your life.

Its not clear how likely you are to develop a psychological addiction to catnip since there isnt enough research in this area. Its possible that some people might find themselves psychologically dependent on it, especially if they have a tendency towards other addictive behaviors. If you think you have a problem, there are support groups and treatment options available to help you overcome your cravings.

Fyi: Can Humans Get High On Catnip

Related: Can cats get high on marijuana?

ByFrancie Diep | Published Apr 18, 2013 12:15 AM

While cats may feel effects from marijuanano word on whether Sir Harry Paus actually likes the experiencekitty pot does not have a reciprocal effect on humans.

In the late 1960s, some researchers reported catnip gave people a marijuana-like high, but it turned out they had simply mixed up the two plants. As veterinarian Arnold Plotnick of Manhattan Cat Specialists in New York wrote to me in an email, Think about it catnip is cheap and legal. If it had a significant effect on people, everyone would be smoking it.

Meanwhile, cats do feel effects from marijuana, but it may be scary for them. Animals cant understand theyre being intoxicated, therefore it can cause considerable anxiety, says Bruce Kornreich, associate director of the Cornell Feline Health Center in upstate New York.

Its not clear why the active chemical in catnip, nepetalactone, doesnt affect humans, Kornreich says. Pot affects cats because like many mammals, including humans and dogs, cats have receptors in their brains for pots active chemicals, cannabinoids. Cannabinoid receptors make pets susceptible to feeling symptoms when they inhale secondhand smoke or, more commonly, accidentally eat their owners stashes.

He also strongly discourages purposefully exposing a pet to marijuana. Fido and Kitty cant consent to getting high. I dont think its right or fair to make that decision for an animal, he says.

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Does Meowijuana Get Cats High

29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ Meowijuana LLC, a catnip company, has launched a new product line that is creatively branded and plays on the euphoric high some cats have from catnip. Catnip, which is from the mint family, contains the chemical nepetalactone, which triggers a sense of euphoria in susceptible cats.

Why Does My Cats Breath Sound Like Its Snoring

#1412 Does catnip smoking get you high [Davidsfarm]

Stertor is caused by partial obstruction of the upper airway somewhere between the nasal passages and back of the throat. It may sound like nasal congestion or snoring. Stridor is a harsh, higher-pitched wheezing noise that may be caused by blockage in the larynx or windpipe and is usually heard on inspiration.

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Effects Of Marijuana On The Nervous System

THC acts on cannabinoid receptors which are found on neurons in many places in the brain. These brain areas are involved in memory , concentration, perception and movement . When THCactivates cannabinoid receptors, it interfers with the normal functioningof these brain areas. In low to medium doses, marijuana causes:

  • relaxation
  • sleepiness
  • disruption in attention
  • an altered sense of time and space…a goodreason not to drive or operate machinery while under theinfluence.

In high doses, marijuana can cause:

  • hallucinations
  • impaired memory
  • disorientation.

Scientists have known for a long time that THC interacted withcannabinoid receptors in the brain, but did not know why the brain wouldhave such receptors. They thought that the brain must make some kind ofsubstance that naturally acted on these receptors. In 1992, they foundthe answer…anandamide. Anandamide is the brain’s own THC . Still, scientists are not surewhat the function of anandamide is in the normal brain.

The effects of marijuana start as soon as 1-10 minutes after it istaken and can last 3 to 4 hours or even longer. Experiments have shownthat THC can affect two neurotransmitters: norepinephrine and dopamine. Serotonin and GABA levels may also be altered.

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