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What Is The Most Expensive Cat Breed

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Bengals Are Very Beautiful Very Expensive Cats

This Is The Most Expensive Cat Breed In The World

According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, the Bengal is a large domestic cat that has a rosette pattern on its coat circular markings resembling those of a leopard or ocelot. So if you want a domesticated cat that looks like a wild one, only without the part where it kills you in your sleep and eats you, you should look into purchasing a Bengal. This breed can trace its ancestry back to 1963, when a breeder weirdly decided to cross a domestic cat with the Asian Leopard Cat, a small type of wild cat native to the Asian continent. All modern Bengals are descended from that original breeding program, although no cross-breeding with wild cats still occurs all Bengals are bred from other Bengals. One of these cats will cost between $1,500 and $5,000.

You’re probably wondering, though can a domestic cat that’s descended from a wild one really be considered completely domesticated? The Cat Fancier’s Association says yes, although this breed does have a few quirks you won’t find in most other domesticated cats. They’ll happily learn tricks, for example, while most common housecats are clearly pretty far above such things. Many of them actually enjoy getting wet, too, and you know how most common housecats feel about that. So Bengals are mostly like the cats we’re used to sharing our homes with, with a few fun and unexpected differences. And they’re not likely to kill you in your sleep and eat you, either.

The 20 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

When people think of expensive pets, it is often exotic creatures that come to mind. In terms of more common household pets, there are many who would expect that dogs are the more expensive choice with some of the more unusual breeds selling for thousands. People are often surprised to learn that it is also potentially expensive to buy a cat, especially considering that many people give away kittens for free. However, there are many breeds of cat that are surprisingly costly, and this is often due to the rarity of the breed. Here are 20 of the worlds most expensive cat breeds and a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay for such a cat.

20. Ocicat $800

19. Norwegian Forest Cat $800

This cat breed originates from Europe and has a long coat consisting of a wool undercoat and a glossy overcoat that means it is adapted to living in a cold environment. The origins of this cat date back to the era of the Vikings in Norway in around 1000 AD. The Norwegian Forest cat faced extinction following World War II, but an official breeding program was established by the Norwegian Forest Cat Club to prevent this from happening. This cat is popular in Norway, France, Sweden, and Iceland. This breed is good at climbing and has a sturdy body, weighing between 7.7 and 10 pounds. They also have a long lifespan of up to 16 years.

18. Egyptian Mau $800

17. Siamese $800

16. Korat $800

15. Selkirk Rex $800

14. Siberian $800

13. American Shorthair $900

How We Worked Out The Uks Most Expensive Cat Breeds

We collated anonymous data from adverts placed by sellers for cats of all breeds over the course of 2018, to produce a broad list of average asking prices per cat of each breed as it stands now in 2019.

Before compiling the list, we first discounted cat breeds for which such a small number of total adverts were placed over the course of the year that it would be impossible to use this number to determine a meaningful average per cat.

Also, weve based the order of the list on the average advertised asking prices for pedigree cats of each breed but weve also included pricing data for the average advertised asking prices for non-pedigree cats of these breeds too.

Finally, when we refer to pedigree cats within this guide, where the breed in question is one that is eligible for registration with the GCCF this is the registry were referring to. For breeds that are not eligible for registration with the GCCF in the UK, reference to pedigree status usually refers to the TICA registry .

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Peterbald Up To $5000

As its name suggests, the Peterbald is usually a hairless cat. However, some have a fine layer of hair that resembles the skin of a peach. There are also some that have a bristly breed. A Russian breed, the Peterbald was bred by mating an Oriental Shorthair and a Russian Donskoy in 1988. The breed was later exported to Europe. This breed is loyal, affectionate, and smart. They need careful handling and should not spend prolonged periods outdoors.

The British Shorthair: $2000

Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

The British Shorthair is an older breed, developed in Rome, where they were used for their superior hunting skills. While the British Shorthair looks pretty average as far as cats go, its not the looks that necessarily makes them prized instead, its their rarity. These cats with their arresting eyes and faces that look like that of an old British man are few and far between, resulting in prices that climb up to $2,000.

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The American Wirehair: $1200

If youre not a cat person, youll likely look at the American Wirehair and think that it looks exactly like every other nondescript cat youve ever seen in your life. But the American Wirehair stands out for a few reasons that add up to $1,200.

While its bone structure, coloring and other features are similar to the domestic American Shorthair cat, the wirehair coat is the breeds defining breed feature. Additionally, breeders note that the American Wirehair is extremely easy to care for and very healthy over its lifespan.

The Ocicat is beloved for its wild look, though its not as undomesticated in nature as the Savannah. On the contrary, its behavior is very similar to that of any domestic cat, making it a good fit for those who want the cat behavior theyre accustomed to as a pet parent, but a more exotic look than what you might find among the cats at your local shelter. Ocicats usually get along well with most children and other household pets.

First bred in the 1960s, Ocicat kittens are a mix of Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair breeds. You can find Ocicats in 12 distinct colors.

What Is The Least Popular Cat Breed

According to the Cat Fanciers Association, the American Wirehair is ranked last on the list of US cat breeds.

Other extremely rare breeds include the Chantilly-Tiffany, which was all but extinct, the Chausie, the Bambino, and the Aegean.

Their lack of popularity isnt due to any of their personal traits. Some are rare because of the price, like the Wirehair. In other cases, like that of the Bambino, the breed has not been fully developed yet.

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Top 20 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

Dean Eby

Cats arent generally thought of as being expensive pets. When most people think of expensive pets, they tend to picture horses, exotic pets, or even purebred dogs of particular breeds. If you head down to the local humane society and adopt a cat, youll probably spend $150 or less adding it to your family.

Not all cats are quite so cheap though. In fact, some cats are downright exorbitant in their pricing. Could you imagine spending six figures on a feline? Well, some of these cats are truly more expensive than a modest house. From moderately expensive to outrageously so, the following 20 breeds are the most expensive cats in the world.

Least Expensive Cat Breeds


A cat doesnt need to have a luxury price tag to deserve a loving home. The cheapest cat breeds still have plenty to offer and, in some cases, share the exotic or aristocratic-looking traits of pricier breeds. The following four-legged creatures are ideal for people looking to purchase a cat companion without breaking the bank.

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Top Five Most Expensive Cats In The World

Tala Michel Issa, Al Arabiya English

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Some pet owners and cat enthusiasts prefer to have specific breeds in their homes. Rare cat breeds can be surprisingly expensive due to a range of factors such as low fertility rates, their rarity or their popularity.

Cats are among the worlds most popular pets and have been found in a range of different households across the world. They are generally not high-maintenance pets like dogs, and are relatively easy to take care of. They can clean themselves and dont need to be walked so they make great pets for people who lead busy lives.

Here are the worlds five most expensive felines.

The Egyptian Mau $1800

Speaking of mystical cats and folklore, the Egyptian Mau is probably one of the most enchanting felines thats ever lived. With their wildcat-like spot pattern and jade eyes, these cats make an exciting pet. Not to mention they are descendants from the cats cared for by ancient Egyptians, including Pharaohs. Back in those days, cats were sacred to Egyptians and murdering them, even by accident, faced an immediate death sentence. The Egyptian Mau, like the Maine Coon, has existed for years, thanks to the old Egyptian laws. Not only are they ancient and possess an enchanting beauty, but Maus have other unique features that set them apart from other breeds. Their best feature is probably the cheetah gait, as they have built a rep for being the fastest and most agile domestic cat. The Egyptian Mau cost a maximum of $1,800!

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What Cat Breed Is Most Popular

For years, it was the Exotic Shorthair. But this year, at least according to the CFA, the Ragdoll takes the lead with the former champion ranking second.

The Persian and the British Shorthair are third and fourth respectively, with Americas cat, the Maine Coon rounding off the top five.

Other lists may rank common cats differently. Indeed, the popularity of these five kitties has been undisputed for a long period of time.

What Are The Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The Uk

12 most expensive cats in the world: How much is the ...

Pedigree cats, particularly those that are of a very good quality, have show-winning ancestry, or that are sold as future breeding stock rather than as pets can be very expensive to buy.

When you factor in the fact that domestic moggies are often very beautiful themselves and can be bought or adopted for well under £100 in most cases, the idea of spending several hundreds of pounds or even more, in some cases is enough to sway many cat lovers away from choosing a pedigree at all.

Even within individual pedigree cat breeds, there can of course be a lot of variance in the prices of individual kittens, but across breed norms as a whole, some breeds are simply reliably much more costly to purchase than others. The reasons for this can be complex and numerous, and can range from market factors like a much higher level of demand than supply, through to the higher costs of breeding and caring for a specific breed.

However, if youre thinking of choosing a cat of a particular pedigree breed or are researching different breeds to try to pick the one that will be best for you, pricing information isnt always easy to come by. This means that for some people who unwittingly set their hearts on a breed that is prohibitively costly to buy, they might find that they simply cant afford their initial purchase after theyve done all of their research, which is of course hugely disappointing.

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How To Care For The Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

Caring for expensive cat breeds does not differ much from caring for regular cats. Regardless of where your little bundle of fur comes from, or how much you pay for her when bringing a cat into your home and your heart, be sure that you are prepared to love and care for her throughout her entire lifetime, no matter how much your life changes.

You need a budget for high-quality cat food and state-of-the-art cat feeders, preventive medical care, kitty cat supplies , cat accessories and of course, for those unexpected emergencies. Keep in mind that most any un-pedigreed breed can be adopted or purchased for considerably less than you see on this list of the 20 most expensive cat breeds to spend your money on. However, these prices are the ones that breeders demand and receive for purebred cats.

The Uks Most Expensive Cat Breed Overall: The Savannah Cat

What is the most expensive cat breed in the UK? Its the Savannah cat. This is yet another relatively young breed that is once more, not yet recognised by the GCCF so far and means that only one of the five most expensive cat breeds in the UK are accepted by the GCCF!

The Savannah cat is a wild cat hybrid like the Bengal, but a more recent development. Like the Bengal, the GCCF may ultimately afford this breed UK pedigree status.

The Savannah cat is the 8th most popular cat breed in the UK.

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Maine Coon $400 $1500

These are massive cats. They are one of the largest breeds of domestic cats, in fact. They are known for their chirp, which is a mix between a meow and a purr. These are also some of the most intelligent breed, which makes them quite a bit trainable much like a dog.

Maine Coons are very affectionate and love to follow their people around. They are quite gentle and friendly towards everyone.

The cost of these cats varies a lot. Cats bred for pets cost about $400. However, show varieties cost thousands of dollars.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World 2021

Top 5 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Cats remain the most popular pet among different households and cultures. They are smart, affectionate and are easy to take care of. Unlike dogs, cats are smaller and are clean. They also dont need to be walked, which is a good thing for busy individuals. There are pet owners who prefer specific cat breeds in their house. You may be surprised just how expensive cat breeds can be. Are you willing to pay thousands of dollars for a house pet? What is most expensive cat breeds of 2021. Here are list of the most expensive breeds of felines out there.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds In The World

Are you in the market for a new cat or kitten? Well, we hope you saved up enough money as the following cats on our list are not for the underprivileged. In fact, for some of these cat breeds, you’ll have to take out a second mortgage.

The 10 most expensive cat breeds in the world range from $5,000 all the way up to a whopping $125,000! If you want to become the owner of an exotic, luxurious cat, check out these cat breeds that cost a fortune.

Here is a list of the top ten.

  • #1. Ashera

Which Of The Most Expensive Cat Breeds Is Also The Most Aggressive Or Dangerous

With the proper education, you can turn a tiger into a friendly furry friend, but it is true that some cats are a bit harder to tame than others. Felines do carry with them a spark of aggressiveness and you might consider some of them a bit dangerous to keep untamed. This list includes the Savannah cat, the Bengal, the Servals, the Sphynx, and even the Scottish Fold. They are not jaguars or panthers, dont get us wrong, but they do need proper attention, care, affection, and a bit of discipline.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cat Breeds

While dogs have been given the honorific of Mans Best Friend, cats are perhaps the most luxurious and mysterious of the common domesticated house pets. They can be aloof at times and very affectionate with others. Cat-lovers know the many facets of the feline persona and we adore them all. We even dress and put on accessories like collars to them. And, even though we feed all the neighborhood strays, the ones we see outside at work, and even some of our friends cats. We just cant get enough!

In recent years, weve seen a rise in popularity of pet-related industries and, with this, a rise in the willingness of pet owners to shell out the dough for more and more exotic breeds. Wealthier cat owners put their money where their hearts are in their search for the best furry companion. In honor of these prestigious feline fans, weve compiled a list of the top 10 most expensive cat breeds.


The Uks 2nd Most Expensive Cat Breed: The Pixie Bob

SURPRISE! 24 Most Expensive Cat Breeds That Will Shock You ...

The Pixie Bob is another polydactyl breed that is quite costly to buy, perhaps factoring in a premium for those extra toes! Once more unrecognised by the GCCF, the Pixie Bob is bred to look like a miniature bobcat, and has a tufted face, high hips, and short tail.

The Pixie Bob is the 35th most popular cat breed in the UK.

How much do Pixie Bob cats cost in the UK?

  • Registered pedigree Pixie Bob cat average asking price: £1,205
  • Unregistered Pixie Bob average asking price: £439

pedigree price and the unregistered price. However, given the small number of Pixie Bobs offered for sale in the UK last year in total, the unregistered average given is likely to be much lower than the true norm.)

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