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Where Is The Best Place To Adopt A Cat

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Cues Cues And Pressure Too

Houston SPCA: Best place to adopt pets in Houston

It’s important to remember that most people working at pet stores are not animal experts and are soley trained in the art of selling. They likely do not know much about the animals and will not be able to educate you.

Some humane societies use these stores and will come in for a day or a weekend with different cats and will provide you with information and background details about each cat. You can ask your local pet store if they partake in these types of events and you can end up finding a wider range of cats up for adoption during these special events.

Adopting From A Local Shelter

Local humane societies or shelters are usually the first place people go to look for their new cat. Humane societies provide you with a cat that is up to date on all shots, is either spayed or neutered, and usually housebroken. It’s important to note that most shelters and veterinarians no longer declaw cats, as it’s now seen as unnecessary and painful for them. Most cats in the shelter are at least a year old if not 2 to 4 years old, or older. If you are looking for a kitten the shelter may not be the best place for you to look. You can find pure breeds at the shelter for much less than you would pay a breeder, however it’s more likely that you will find mostly mixed breeds.

The down side to a cat from the humane society is that some may come with behavioral or emotional issues. Many cats are put into shelters because their previous owners could not take care of them for one reason or another. However, it’s important to note that not all cats will have problems, sometimes people move or can no longer afford their cat and are forced to give them up.

Consider adopting an adult or senior cat from the shelter. The older ones often get over looked, however their behaviors and temperments are the most predictable and known.

Cats at the shelter

What Is Cats Protection’s Adoption Fee

The adoption fee varies for different branches and centres. Some may have to pay more for veterinary treatment than others, and some have higher costs in looking after cats.

The adoption fee goes towards paying some of the cost of your cat’s health check, neutering and vaccinations.

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Acquiring A Cat From Family/friends

If you are looking for a free cat, family and friends are the only place you are going to find a free cat, outside of the occassional newspaper ad. Even with a shelter cat there will be adoption fees. When you know family or friends are trying to get rid of a cat or kitten whether their cat had a litter or they cannot afford to keep their beloved pet any longer, consider adopting one of these first.

If you don’t adopt their cat and no one else does, the people have no choice but to put them in a shelter or let the pet run free. Neither option is ideal so if you know somebody who is trying to get rid of a cat, think about adopting theirs first.

The cat we “adopted” from my sister’s friend. They were going to take her to a shelter and we offered to keep her:)


I grew up with cats my whole life. All of our cats have come from people we knew, so they didn’t cost us anything. However, we were doing the cats a favor, because they were runts of the litter and no one wanted them. If they hadn’t found a home soon they were going to be put in a shelter, where they could hopefully get adopted.

It is important to remember that even when adopting a cat it’s not free. There are fees that you will pay , because your cat is fixed and will be up to date on all shots. Knowing where to look and what types of cats you can find where, will greatly increase your likelihood of adopting the perfect cat for you.

Best Cat & Cute Kitten Names

Best Place To Adopt A Cat In Oakland

Are you looking for just the right name for your new cat? Weve got all the inspiration you need to pick a pawsitively pawesome cat name. So you have a new cat, but you want to find a name that suits her to the nines. Youve come to the right place! Cat names can convey a cats personality, behavior,

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Bringing Home Your New Cat

Bringing home a new pet certainly is exciting, but it also can be a stressful time for both you and the pet. Below are resources to help make the transition easier for all involved. If you have questions that aren’t answered in the resources below, please don’t hesitate to call us at . The Naperville Area Humane Society staff are happy to help!

  • Appointments are always required for dog meet and greets.

    Hours subject to change

    If you would like to schedule an appointment to meet an animal, please call us at 630-420-8989.

We are closed to the public on the following holidays: New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve

The Naperville Area Humane Society is a 5013 nonprofit limited admission animal shelter for dog and cat adoption, foster care, and owner surrenders serving the western suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and beyond.

All images are copyright kayce kennelly Photography and may not be used or reproduced in any way without permission from the artist.

The Kitten Care Handbook

Have you found abandoned, feral or orphaned kittens and are not sure what to do? Should you take them in? And if you rescue them, what do you do next? Never fear we have all the answers in our Kitten Care Handbook!

Our Kitten Care Handbook is your expert online source for everything you need to know if you wish to rescue and raise orphaned kittens. Its also great information for people who have recently adopted a new kitten or cat and want to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Because if theres one thing that Kitten Rescue knows its how to rescue and care for kittens!

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Were Open To The Public

You can now return to Cat Town for recreational visits and spend time with our cats, even if you’re not adopting! Cat Town has always been exceptionally clean and sanitary, but weve stepped up our protocols to ensure your visit is safe, so you can feel confident returning to our Adoption Center. Were reopening with caution for you and for our cats, and for now, we’re operating with reduced hours. Read all about whats different here!

It’s Cat Towns Ten Year Anniversary

“THE” best place for a cat

Were so proud of all weve accomplished together over the last decade, and were grateful that you have been with us for the journey. Over the past ten years weve focused on helping the cats who are most at risk of euthanasia, and have supported more than 3,100 cats. From Cat Towns start as an entirely foster-based organization to launching the nations first cat cafe, to weathering a global pandemic thank you for supporting Cat Towns mission over the years, and helping so many cats find a second chance! We could not do it without your support.

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The Top 4 Places To Adopt A New Cat

Cholee has adopted several animals throughout her lifetime and has experience adopting from all sorts of venues.

Adopting a pet can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it can also be frustrating to find the perfect cat for you and your family. Before you start looking, it’s always a good idea to list the places where you can get a cat along with what type of cats you can purchase from each of these places. Are you looking for a purebred or a mix? Are you looking for a mellow adult cat, or a frisky kitten? These types of questions will impact where you can find your perfect cat.

Why Do Some Cats Like Water

Cats are notorious for hating water, but did you know that some cat breeds love to get wet? Find out which breeds, and why. Does your cat love getting wet? Statistically speaking, probably not! Most cats are fascinated by running water even if they dont want to play in it but some cats not only tolerate water, they

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Why Adopt From Pet Haven

Pet Haven is a foster-based rescue. Our animals live with foster families until they are placed in permanent homes and their foster families get to know the dogs and cats learning important information about the animals. For example, the foster family will know if the dog or cat is good with other animals or children, and will have a good idea of what kind of training, attention, and special needs the pet may require. This makes our foster families great resources for potential adopters!

I Need Assistance With My Newly Adopted Pet What Can I Do

Best Places to Celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month in ...

Give us a call, were here to help! All of our adoptions come with free pet care counseling. Our team works with adopters to help give guidance and resources for any behavioral issues or training needs. Please give us a call during normal business hours from 11:00 am 6:00 pm at 253-383-2733 to speak with an adoption support representative.

Barn and Business Cats

Barn and business cats are un-socialized cats that prefer their own space. They are not suitable as house pets and thrive in larger or outdoor spaces, such as barns, workshops, warehouses, etc. They are great for getting rid of rodents, providing companionship for horses and other farm animals, and can live out their lives in relative security and comfort.

If you can provide shelter, and a regular supply of food and water, a barn and business cat may be ideal for you. Barn and business cats are $20 and are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped, and treated for parasites.

If you are interested in adopting a barn and business cat or have questions, contact .

Other Adoption Locations

Our adoptable cats are also available at PetSmart locations across Pierce County. Please call your local store for more information.

Thanks to our Cornerstone Sponsors!

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Get The Goods You Need

Before you bring home a cat, get your place ready for its arrival. In addition to food and litter , you’ll need to create a happy, safe environment for your new furry friend. Put away precarious tchotchkes cats love to knock things off ledges. Look for exposed wires, poisonous plants, or unsecured furniture that could injure a curious kitty if they topple it. Equip your space with at least one scratching post and a cat tree for climbing, especially if you don’t want to find a kitten on top of your kitchen cabinets. You’ll also want to get them cat toys to keep them occupied, or DIY it for a fun weekend project.

Also make sure you get a veterinarian lined up. The shelter or rescue organization may already have a relationship with one, or be able to make a recommendation.

Meet Your Purrfect Match

If you want to welcome a new cat or kitten into your family, these lovable four-legged friends are currently available for adoption at The Humane Society of Pinellas. Our available cats and kittens will steal your heart.Have you seen the cats in our Home to Home program that are also looking for their furever homes?

To view all the cats available, inside the window below swipe up to scroll through all our adoptable cats.

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Set Them Up For Success

When you first bring your cat home, give them time and space to get used to their new digs. “Especially true for kittens and timider adult cats, it is important to help them transition into a new environment by giving them a dedicated area to relax and adjust to their new surroundings,” Wang says. That goes double if you have other cats or dogs in the home. Set up a spare room or a corner of the bathroom with their litter box, food and water, and some of those toys, and then let them come to you. Most cats will get curious after a few days, but it can take some time for them to warm up.

And even though cats have the reputation of being aloof, don’t forget daily playtime, Wang says. An afternoon game of chase that squeaker will help them maintain a healthy weight, stay mentally sharp, and best of all, help form the bond that children’s movies are made of.

Take The Competibility Quiz

Adopting A Cat From A Shelter – Animal Rescue in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Get started by taking the ComPETibility Quiz and completing the Adoption Application. You will receive your personalized ComPETibility scorecard by email to help pair you with pets. Look for animals on our website and in our Adoption Centers whose scores generally match yours.

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Happy Thanksgiving To All From Ntcr

HAPPY THANKSGIVING Weekend to you and yours from ALL of us at North Toronto Cat Rescue and what an appropriate time to share our thankful and exciting news After 33 years of non-stop rescue, North Toronto Cat Rescue has finally now found our own permanent home a place for the abandoned, abused, discarded souls a place where love lives. However we really, really need your support to afford to continue our no-kill facility without any government funding ever .Every dollar matters, is appreciated and is used for food, never-ending Vet bills, litter and being able to provide warmth, food, safety, a temporary home and this adoption center especially before Winter brings bone-chilling temperatures to so many still outside. Survival in Winter is certainly a struggle for so many.If you are able to help us help them, we would be truly grateful. Please donate either by cheque to North Toronto Cat Rescue 28 John Stiver Cres. Markham, ON L3R 9A8 or online via CanadaHelps: .Further information will be shared as the days unfold.And Yes, one extra happy reason to celebrate Thanksgiving this year!!!!

The Paws Lifetime Guarantee

We hope that you and your pet will be lifelong companions, but we understand that life can get in the way of the best of plans. Thats why we are always here. Whether you need advice or have a personal circumstance or emergency and can no longer keep your cat, we are here for you. We commit to our animals and will always be a safety net.

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Ntcr Petition Now Closed

Our Petition is now closed and we were overwhelmed with over 76,100 signatures, comments, and support. We are so very grateful to each and everyone who signed, commented, reached out, and shared our Plea. We personally found it extremely sad that we received not one response from any elected official the Premier, the Mayor of Vaughan or any of the Councillors despite having left many messages asking for their support and as they are aware, our House of Love now remains empty.

We and our Realtors have been diligent in searching for a new shelter. Once again we are asking for your help should you be aware of any available space either temporary or permanent. And we continue to need your financial support to make it happen.

Although our cats and kittens remain safe in foster care, there are so many calls for help on a daily basis and we desperately would like to be there as we have been for the last 33 years. Thank you ALL once again for also caring.

Donate to NTCR channels:

CanadaHelp: PayPal Giving Fund:

Rescuing one cat wont change the world but it will change the world for that one cat!

Kittens For Adoption With Cats Protection

Looking to adopt a kitten? Kittens arrive at Cats Protection from various places and with varying needs – from those that have been abandoned to those that are born in our care if their mother is a stray.

While kittens can be cute to look at, they need additional care and patience from their owners. They are likely to be more energetic than older cats too – something worth thinking about before you consider kittens for adoption.

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Bring Home Your New Best Friend In No Time

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Bringing a new pet into your home is a big decision. If you are looking for an animal, there are many pet adoption agencies across the country ready to help complete your family. Adopting a pet is a great way to save a life and bring joy into your home.

If youve decided you are ready for the commitment, weve rounded up some of the best pet adoption agencies in the country. Here are our recommendations based on where you live and what you need to know before you apply to adopt.

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