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Why Do Cats Push Their Paws Into You

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Also When Youre Holding Him/her: To Keep Your Face A Little Distance Away & Maintain A Personal Bubble

The Real Reason Why Cats Knead

This may be a secondary reason why the boys like to put a paw on Thomas. Ive seen it mentioned around the net a couple times, since we all know how much cats like their personal bubble sometimes.

I definitely think its possible, and one of my two cats, Bjorn, may even mean something further when he puts a paw on Thomas face

Because He Or She Was Stretching & Your Face Was A Comfortable Resting Place Once Done

Cats love to stretch, and who can blame them stretching is good for us as well and if we did it as much as a cat, Im sure wed have a heck of a lot less tension in our shoulders!

After a cats done stretching, he or she sometimes rests a paw in an odd place, so why not your face?

Its a warm, soft, pretty padded place if a cheek or a nose is picked. Makes sense to me.

To Tell You He/she Wants Something Like Food Or To Be Let Out

This seems to be a really common, really obvious way to get a message across based on what a lot of pet parents report.

If your cat wants something in particular, like for you to open the front door to let him or her out, for you to refill kibble or hand over some snacks, its really likely youll already know this is why your cat touches your face, as youll almost certainly go to do the thing he or she wants from you after being ordered to do the deed.

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Is My Cat Being Spiteful

Not at all. Humans will often feel like their cat is being spiteful by ignoring them, but this is anthropomorphizing. Cats dont have the capacity to be spiteful in this way. Its not spiteful behavior so much as the cat simply saying, I dont feel like it right now, so I just wont do it, Nappier says. I put it on the same level as someone asking if I want pizza for dinner, but Im just not in the mood for pizza.

Why Does My Cat Knead Me But Not My Husband

Why Do Cats Knead?

Cats are very particular with scents and one reason she kneads you is that shes drawn to your scent and it makes her calm and relaxed. It could be your natural scent or maybe youre wearing a particular cologne or perfume that your pet cat particularly likes thats why she kneads you and not your husband.

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Why Do Cats Knead

Reviewed and updated for accuracy on January 23, 2020, by Dr. Wailani Sung, MS, PhD, DVM, DACVB

At some point, youve probably caught your cat kneadingrhythmically pushing their paws in and out against a soft object, which could be a blanket or even your lap. Its also referred to as making biscuits because the action is like kneading dough.

While not all cats knead, its a common behavior for young and adult felines alike. Some cats knead and purr contentedly when theyre being petted, but they may also seem to do it for no clear reason. Cats even have their own techniquessome never use their claws when they knead, and some use all four paws.

There are a few different ideas out there as to why cats make biscuits.

Here are some of the more popular theories for why cats knead their owners and certain objects.

When Youre Asleep: To Wake You Up

This needs no real explanation. We all know how well something on our face works toward waking us up in the morning even for those of us who are particularly difficult to wake.

A lot of pet parents seem to have cats who do this. Mine choose to wake me up in the morning with meows and cries for kibble, but Im 100% certain a paw on my face would be just as effective.

Its my own fault, however. I choose to use them as a cat alarm clock that prevents me from sleeping in.

I could always feed them by hand once in the evenings only, and let the PetSafe Automatic Pet Feeder I bought to give the boys food throughout the day handle the mornings for me.

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What To Do If Your Cat Kneading Hurts You

Some cats might knead with their claws out which can sometimes feel as though theyre using your lap as a pin cushion!

Its important that you never punish them for doing it as its an instinctive behaviour and theyre only returning the affection they feel from you, but there are a few things you can try to decrease the risk of scratches to your body.

If your cat is sinking their claws in a little too much, try putting a soft barrier between you both like a cushion or a blanket. You can also encourage your cat to lie down and relax by stroking them and gently pushing them down onto your lap. Alternatively, distract your cat with a fun toy and theyll soon stop sinking their claws into your lap.

Hopefully thats answered that burning question, why do cats knead, and now you understand that you should take it as the ultimate compliment your cat could give you.

Getting Ready For A Nap

Why do cats eat grass

Another reason why cats knead is to adjust the surface before they take a nap. Just like how you would fluff your pillows and blankets before you sleep, or how dogs circle their beds to readjust their blankets so does your fluffy pal with their beds.

Its a behavior thats been handed down from their wild cat ancestors. Feral cats paw at piles of leaves or tall grass to create a nest for a nap or a safe place to give birth.

By doing this, they dont only create a more comfortable sleeping spot, but theyre also checking for any dangerous things in the foliage.

Your little ball of love sleeps a lot, and when they feel the surface is unsuitable for napping on, they will prepare to make it as comfortable before a snooze. They also knead with their paws to help them wind down and prepare for the nap.

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Your Thoughts On Cats Pawing Human Faces

Why do you think cats paw at, touch, and sometimes even rest their paws on human faces for quite some time?

Have your cats ever done this? What type of touching do your cats do? Is it a paw that stays motionless on your face for a long time, a short time? Is it a pawing motion, something like human petting?

Why do you think your cats do this? Are there multiple reasons? One overwhelming one?

Which explanations do you think are more likely to explain why cats in general touch human faces with their paws? Which do you think are the least likely reasons?

Love to hear your thoughts, experiences, and stories in the comments down below!

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Elises Favourite Tip

One of the most frustrating problems Ive had to deal with as a pet parent is staying on top of my cats desire to play. While this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier.

The hits in my household are ridiculously affordable: cat springs, ball track toys, & kick sticks. I have a slew scattered around the house, so when my cats get bored, even if Im busy or not even home, my furries are able to actively play.

Can You Stop Your Cat Kneading

The short answer is that you cant. Cats knead when theyre happy it is part of their feline personality and its meant as a compliment!

So it might be worth considering putting a thick blanket on your lap the next time your furry pal decides to come for a cuddle!

Its important to remember that cats are unique and each cat will knead for very different reasons but, rest assured, this is a completely natural behaviour.

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Why Do Cats Need To Knead

It never fails. You sit down on the couch for an evening of nonstop streaming of your favorite series or even better with a book and a cup of tea. And here comes your furry feline friend with an intent look on her face and a purr at the ready.

She happily places her paws just so on your leg and starts kneading, rhythmically pressing her little front feet into your soft flesh. It’s cute, even if it does kind of hurt sometimes. Mostly because she’s so dang happy. But why does she do it?

Other Possible Explanations For Kneading

Why Do Cats Knead?

While it might be comforting to think of your feline friend as kneading you as a sign of affection, there are a few other hypotheses circulating around the animal behavior science field to explain the phenomenon of adult feline kneading.

Since felines were domesticated over 2,000 years ago, some scientists believe that there are still several instinctual behaviors in house cats that harken back to their wild roots when wild cats are settling in for a rest or preparing to give birth in the wild, for instance, they oftentimes would pat down foliage to make a soft surface on which to lay.

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As A Form Of Affection Like He/she Is Petting You

There are a lot of theories around how exactly cats touching human faces translates to being a form of affection, but no matter whether or not you believe those particular reasons behind the behaviour ring true, there does seem to be a massive case to be made for the basic idea that it is an affectionate act.

Are There Different Kinds Of Kneading

Sometimes it seems like there are subtle changes in the way Mazel kneads. Most of the time he’s using his front paws to do all the work, but sometimes he really leans into it and seems like he’s sniffing around the area.

And then there are times when he goes all out while he’s sniffing and making bagels out of my tummy or knee . His back legs kind of go up into a “V,” as I’ve only seen happen while watching Olympic gymnastics.

Does this mean there are different types of kneading, or perhaps, different kneading intensities? When he kneads a blanket or a pillow, is it for a different purpose than when he is kneading me?

“While most cats make the same rhythmic motion with their paws while kneading, pushing forward with their front paws and alternating between left and right, they dont all do it the same way. Some accompany this action with a loud purr, some with a soft purr, and others with silence. Some may use just their front paws while others use all four. Some may extend their claws while others do not. Some cats may suckle and even bite while kneading. Kneading may induce such a state of relaxation that the cat appears to be hypnotized. How a cat kneads is a reflection of their unique character,” says Dr. Susan.

I can definitely vouch for Mazel going into a state of zen hypnosis as he jiggles my middle.

Should I Stop My Cat from Kneading?

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Sleeping In Enclosed Spaces

Its quite normal for cats to seek out perceived places of safety where they can snooze in peace. Whether its a basket full of dirty clothes, a quiet corner of the house, under the bed, or even in a cardboard box a cat has no problem with slumbering in dark and tight places.

Allowing your cat to sleep under the covers isnt a good idea though its unhygienic and your kitty will get hair all over the place.

Cats are hunters by nature, and a good hunter knows how to get into a strategic position. Having their backs to solid walls or other objects allows a cat to observe their surroundings from a distance. It provides a sense of security and also allows the cat to retain more body heat.

Getting A Stretch Out Of It

Happy Kneading Purring Cat | 4K

Cats love to stretch, before or after snoozes especially. Our kitties have a unique musculoskeletal system that needs to stay in condition by exercising and getting a good stretch out.

They may use kneading to exercise the muscles in their paws, forelegs, and back and relieve any soreness they might feel there. Your cat may also be doing this just because it feels good. Like humans, it is ideal to have a surface of some type to stretch again. This might be you, or your sofa or other furniture in the house.

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Can My Cat Understand Me

He most certainly can. Cats are a highly intelligent species that can be trained to respond to not only their name but also basic commands, describes Dr. Michelle Matusicky, assistant professor of practice at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University.

Additionally, many cats will respond vocally to their owners when being spoken to. Cats have at least one particular vocalization that is only reserved for communicating with humans, Nappier notes. So not only do they understand you, but they will talk back. Case in point the meow. While it is used extensively by kittens, adult cats typically only meow when interacting with people.

However, unlike dogs, cats do not feel a need to respond if they arent interested in what you have to say. A simple way to get along with your cats is to recognize that its all about them, Nappier adds.

Again When Holding Him/her: To Prevent You From Giving Kisses If You Do And Your Cat Dislikes Them

I also found this reason listed online somewhere, and likely never wouldve thought of it until it was mentioned.

Our first cat, Avery, loves kisses. He understands theyre a form of affection, will never wince or run away when we kiss him, and will even rub his face on the edges of our glasses if were holding him and kissing him, and thus hes within reach of our specs.

That being said, our second cat, Bjorn, absolutely doesnt like being kissed most likely because he still hasnt grown used to them, as over the past few months, hes not recoiling like he used to to being kissed on the head.

He was also terrified of being eaten and would run and cry if you made om nom noises near his face.

Again hes getting used to this type of play, so sooner or later, were guessing hell be completely un-phased and not even budge at any of this, just like Avery. He nearly is already.

But in the meantime, if hes already being picked up, and he is not the biggest fan of kisses, I can see him wanting to keep Thomas face at a little distance in part to prevent the potential for kisses, which do happen quite often when cuddles are being delved out.

Hopefully, this wont be the case for long, and hell grow to see kisses as a form of human affection as Avery firmly does.

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To Scent You And Mark You As His Or Her Own

Cats have scent glands on the pads of their paws, and so when they touch your face, just like when they rub up against it with their upper lip and whiskers, they leave their smell on you and sort of mark you as their own territory.

I personally think this may be a part of the whole story, but definitely isnt enough of an explanation all on its own.

Because He Or She Is Reaching Toward You Affectionately And Your Face Happens To Be The Closest Part Of Your Body

Why Do Cats Knead?

One of my cats, Bjorn, sticks his arm out straight while stretching to demand cuddles.

How do I know hes demanding cuddles? Because if I cuddle him straight after hes super pleased, and ceases the behaviour.

Sometimes, however, hell stretch out toward me affectionately when were sitting on the couch and hes already snuggled up next to me happily.

I can imagine if my face happened to be lying in the spot he was reaching toward me affectionately in, hed simply let his paw rest on my face instead of on my leg or hand or wherever he happened to be reaching.

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Why Do Cats Knead With Their Paws

Curious Kids is a series for children of all ages. If you have a question youd like an expert to answer, send it to .

Why do cats like to pat their paws on a soft blanket? Anonymous

Do you ever see your cat shifting his front paws back and forth just before settling down for a nap? Have you heard some cat lovers talk about their feline friends making biscuits or kneading dough?

Scientists who study cat behavior call this distinctive paw action kneading and believe it to be a sign of a relaxed cat. My own cats knead before taking a nap near me. While they are kneading, they purr one of them gets so relaxed, he sometimes drools. Kneading usually occurs near a favorite person.

As a veterinarian, I think its important to recognize the little moments your cat is telling you shes happy to be near you.

Why Do Cats Knead You With Their Paws

Many cat owners will have a cat that loves to knead with its paws whilst sitting on someones lap. The reason behind this behaviour in adult cats is not fully understood, but it can be very funny or even cute .

Sometimes when your cat kneads your leg you will feel rhythmic pricks of sharp little claws, and this can be very painful. Even though you know they love you, you do always wonder why they are so intent on kneading you with what feels like tiny knives.

A close up of a British Shorthair cat’s great big paws

Below are the four main theories as why adult cats like to knead us with their paws.

1. They associate it with the comfort of being a kitten.

Kittens will knead their mothers teats when they are suckling in order to help squeeze more milk out. As a kitten matures they may still associate the kneading with a sense of comfort even if there is no food reward.

2. They like to stretch their claws.

Most of us can appreciate a good stretch and perhaps cats are the same. They have lots of small bones, ligaments and tendons in their paws that will be stretched through kneading. Therefore maybe they are just enjoying a nice stretch.

3. They are returning your affection.

Perhaps your cat is enjoying your affection so much that they wish to return the favour.

4. They are still wild at heart.

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