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Why Do Cats Scratch The Carpet

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Stop That Rug Wrecking

Why does my cat scratch the furniture? – Aint Misbehaving episode 3

If your cat has taken a liking to your carpets, dont worry, you dont have to put up with a threadbare, scratched family room. With a little encouragement, its possible to redirect those claws by considering your kittys needs and giving them a better place to scratch.

If your cat has been scratching for a while, or is particularly destructive, after youve cleaned away existing scratch marks, consider using FELIWAY CLASSIC Spray on areas youd like your cat to avoid . If your cat or kitten has recently been adopted, use FELISCRATCH by FELIWAY , to encourage your cat to feel more at ease and encourage them to scratch at the right place from the beginning.

Why Does My Dog Scratch At The Carpet Before Lying Down

Your dog scratches at the carpet before lying down as an instinctual reaction before getting ready for bed. Dogs in the wild would scratch to create a nest for themselves in the ground. By scratching theyd ward off unwanted guests. Plus mark their territory and protect themselves from the elements.

Provide A Scratching Post

It is important to provide an outlet for claw sharpening in the form of a scratch post, especially if your cat is an indoor cat, or has got into the habit of sharpening their claws inside the house.

Place the post in front of the damaged area, gently wipe the cats paws down the post to leave some scent on it and show the cat what to do. Do this several times when the post is new. If you catch your cat in the act of scratching elsewhere, carry the cat to the post and encourage the animal to scratch there instead. You can also encourage your cat to use the post by sprinkling cat nip on it, or attaching a toy or feathers to the top of the post.

Increasing Their Feeling Of Security

When cats feel vulnerable, they will try to rub their own scent on prominent places in a room to feel more secure. While they may not resort to spraying , they may use the scents produced by scratching to do this instead. If the cat is trying to increase feelings of security, many surfaces may be scratched, particularly those in strategic places such as edges of chairs which are nearest to doorways.

Are Scratching Posts Good For Cats

Why Does My Cat Scratch The Floor Before Drinking Water?

The cat scratching posts are good for cats because they provide a safe outlet for scratching. They also offer the height, material and sturdiness to entice our feline friends. Thats why with a few scratching posts and some patience, a cat can be trained to leave your furniture alone.

However, when it comes to training your cat to use scratching posts, two factors are essential material and location. The material has to be appealing to the cat and the location should be prominent. 

Reduce Your Cats Anxiety

Often, cats will scratch more when they are anxious about something. You can reduce this by eliminating your cats anxiety and nervousness. If youve recently adopted a new cat, be sure you introduce them properly. Your new cat should not be allowed to roam your house right away, as this can produce territorial feelings on both sides. Instead, youll need to introduce them slowly.

Your best bet is to keep your new cat in one area of your home. Allow both cats to smell each other by switching out blankets and bedding between them. Then, you can allow your cat to roam a larger area of your home. We do recommend having a safe space for your older cat to escape to. If you make one for them, you wont have to worry about them trying to make one for themselves, which will usually result in a lot of scratching.

You can also take other steps to reduce your cats anxiety. For instance, you can use a pheromone spray to reduce your felines anxiety. They make collars that always release the pheromones, which is a good option if one of your cats is explicitly doing the scratching. If a particular area seems to blame, they make plug-ins that act almost like air fresheners, but they only release pheromones. Humans can not smell these pheromones, so you dont have to worry about disliking the smell. To us, you cant smell them at all!

Protect With Vinyl Guards

Yet another option is to install on your furniture where your cat wants to scratch. These panels are available in many sizes and they come with screw pins that make the panels very easy to install. 

So, while you might not be able to keep cat from scratching furniture altogether, these tips can reduce the likelihood of damage to your home.

Why Do Cats Scratch Carpet Specifically

Carpet is not generally a preferred scratching substrate for cats. The loops catch their nails, resulting in unpleasant pulling on their toes. Cats also prefer scratching rougher surfaces that more closely resemble tree trunks. However, if cats don’t have access to proper scratching posts, they will use what is available to them, usually furniture like couches, dressers, and footstools. These cats will often scratch at carpet as well.

If you have appropriate cat scratching posts that your cat uses, but she is still scratching at certain bits of carpet, the reason is likely to be one of these:

  • If you keep your bedroom door closed at night, shut your cat out of the bathroom while you are using it or close the door to your office while you are working, it is likely to drive your cat crazy. Cats don’t like to be left out, and they will often scratch at the carpet outside of a closed door if you are on the other side.
  • If your cat scratching posts are all vertical and you don’t have any horizontally-oriented cat scratchers, your cat may scratch at the carpet.

Make The Area Unpleasant And The Target Unappealing

Why does my cat scratch the floor around her food bowl?

The only guaranteed way to stop your cat from scratching a given area is to restrict access. However, often this isnt possible, so your next best bet is to make the target unappealing. For example, try a device that keeps cats away by making irritating sounds . Or cover the object with a material thats annoying for your cat double-sided tape, aluminum foil or heavy plastic sheets.

At the same time, offer an appealing scratching surface nearby. In this way, when the cat comes over to scratch the forbidden object, it will see that its not appealing and notice the better option. 

Another way to make the desired object unattractive is to use scents. Because scratching has a scent-marking component, cats are more likely to repeatedly scratch areas that already have their scent. Consequently, you could use an odor neutralizer or a scent that cats hate to deter your pet.

Some people use pheromone products. Pheromones are the chemicals that cats release into the environment, and some pheromones will promote facial marking instead of scratching. Consult your vet or a cat behaviorist as different options exist.

Why Does My Cat Keep Clawing The Carpet


How to Stop a Cat From Scratching the Carpet

  • Add a horizontal scratching pad.
  • Add multiple scratching posts and pads, covered with different materials and different textures.
  • Cover up the spot where your cat scratches.
  • Infuse the area with scent.
  • Consider your cat’s anxiety level.
  • Edited by Jenna Stregowski, RVT.
  • Also, is there a carpet that Cats won’t claw? Wool carpet is generally a big no no for cats, as they can really get their claws into it and when they pull it apart the damage is obvious. Whether you have cats, dogs or children, sisal is also ideal for high-use areas of the home, such as hallways, stairs and living rooms, as it is durable and very hardwearing.

    Also asked, why does my cat scratch the carpet?

    Cats claim territories by leaving their scents on items, such as carpets. Scent glands in a cat’s paws release individual calling cards in the form of scents that we may not detect. As cats flex their feet and toes while they scratch, they mark their territories and warn other cats that the area is spoken for.

    How do I stop my cat from destroying the carpet?

    How to Stop Cats From Scratching the Carpet

  • Cover the spots with plastic carpet runners, plastic dropcloths or inexpensive area rugs and carpet remnants that will protect your carpet from your kitty’s sharp claws.
  • Lay down double-sided tape on the scratched areas.
  • Place sheets of aluminum foil over the carpet to discourage your cat from scratching it.
  • What Kind Of Materials Do Cats Like To Scratch

    Cats like to scratch materials that are rough and textured that do not give easily. It has to be something that they can really sink their claws into and get a good feel of.

    Painfully so, sometimes this can be our skin if we dont teach them not to scratch us. This is one reason that its important not to use your hands as playthings for your cat.

    Now if you think about it, you probably dont see your cat scratching the fridge or the TV because these appliances arent made of materials that cats like to scratch. Dont get me wrong, they may lay or even stretch their bodies across these but they usually dont scratch them.

    In nature, this would usually be a tree however indoors some materials cats love to scratch include:

    • natural woods like oak, pine, and maple
    • natural, untreated rope like sisal and coconut ropes
    • house grade carpets
    • mesh, like what covers speakers
    • rubber like tires or large erasers

    So you can see why your cat seems to be addicted to scratching your furniture and floors no matter how much times you tell it not to. But there is a way to keep their claws happy without shredding your house apart and well be discussing it later on in this article so keep reading!

    Add A Horizontal Scratching Pad

    Many cat owners will buy a vertical standing cat stand as they believe this to be the best scratching post for a kitty. However, there are many different scratching posts to choose from to stop a cat from clawing at carpets. All cats have their own preferences when it comes to scratching. Some cats like to scratch a horizontal post while others like to stand upright. To stop a cat from scratching your carpet try a horizontal post which will be level with your carpet for your cat.

    Add A Horizontal Scratching Pad Or Post

    Why Does My Cat Scratch The Floor?

    Cats that scratch carpet may be more inclined to scratch horizontally as opposed to a standing scratching post.

    Fortunately, there are scratching pads made for this exact purpose.

    Find one that is wedge-shaped, inclines or just lies flat down and your furry friend will be sure to ditch the carpet in no time.

    Cats have their own individual patterns and preferences, so experiment to find one that yours loves.

    Trimming Your Cats Nails Can Help To An Extent

    While it wont totally solve the problem or save your upholstery, keeping your cats nails trimmed on a regular basis can help with excessive claw damage. Cats nails tend to naturally grow out to a length that is simply too long for the cushy indoor life. When claws start getting accidentally stuck in everything its time for a trim.

    Some cats have no problem with nail trimming, while others pose a bit more of a challenge. Read all about the process in our article, How to Trim a Cats Nails at Home A Guide to Success.

    When Do Cats Scratch

    Cats are pretty habitual, instinct-driven animals. This means that their habits are pretty regimented and pretty much predictable once you know what to look for.

    If you spend time watching and documenting your cats behavior, youll notice the same and can better plan to intercept or teach your cat to scratch on more appropriate surfaces.

    Cats tend to scratch:

    • when they first wake up. Like we usually stretch, yawn and other actions when we wake up, so do cats but they tend to scratch as a part of it.
    • they scratch when marking their territory.
    • they scratch when they are excited about something like when they get in their excited, frenzy state or maybe your about to feed them when theyre really hungry.

    I can agree that my cats do all of the above especially when I start the Feeding Animals ritual part of the morning. There are active paws in the background until their bowls get placed which is always after the dogs to keep them from eating their food instead.

    Yes, my dogs do eat the cat food when given the chance but my cats also want to eat the dog food when given the chance. Im yet to figure out if this is a good or bad thing but from my research at least I know its a normal thing, hehe.

    Why Do Cats Scratch The Carpet

    The action of scratching, also known as stropping, loosens and removes the outer layers of your cats claws, revealing a sharp new surface right underneath.

    Claw sharpening is, primarily, an act of grooming for the cat, just as they like to lick their paws clean after a meal.

    Scratching is also used as a form of communication or marking behaviour as the scent and sweat glands not he feet mix together, producing a unique smell.

    When claws are scraped down on the carpet surface, it leaves behind marks, scents and claw husks that other cats can see and smell, much like a personalised message.

    Outdoor cats tend to leave scratches on trees, fence posts, sheds and wooden gates, and indoor cats try and find the equivalent by targeting softwoods, carpets and fabric-covered furniture. 

    Ideas For How To Stop A Cat Scratching Carpet Humane Deterrents

    Why is my cat scratching the furniture?

    If your cat still seems reluctant to stop scratching your carpet, the next step is to look into humane deterrents. Dr. Tu recommends the Feliway brand of products, which are based around feline pheromone science and mimic the natural cues a cat uses to choose a certain spot to scratch; blue dye is applied to a scratching post to replicate the grooves a kitty would leave on a tree trunk, and the product also contains catnip. The idea is to attract the cat away from your carpets or furniture and toward the scratching post by tapping into the pheromones cats instinctively react to.

    Make Appropriate Scratching Areas Appealing

    Do not hold your cat near the scratching post and force her to drag their claws on it. We dont enjoy being forced to do things and neither do cats. This can scare your cat and cause them to avoid the scratcher completely.

    Instead, make the scratching areas you want the cat to scratch more appealing. You can do this by placing catnip or silvervine near them or attaching toys to the scratching place. You can give your cats treats and play with them on or around it too to help create a positive association with the scratcher. 

    Lastly, because one of the reasons cats scratch is to communicate through scent, you can apply Feliscratch. Feliscratch is a product that has been created by Feliway to mimic the scent that cats spread to other cats when scratching. By mimicking your cats messages, Feliscratch encourages your cats to scratch there again. 

    Cat Scratching Is Territorial

    Kitties are territorial. Part of their scratching behavior designates their claim. Your cat may scratch trees outside your homes entrance, your door or doorway, carpeting inside, and furniture.

    Not only do they leave claw marks, but they also leave a scent behind. Their paw pads have scent glands called pheromones. Other animals can both see the scratch marks and smell the cat, so they know the area is claimed. Sometimes, cats who live with other animals feel extra compelled to claim their territory, so they may be especially possessive and scratch a lot. If you bring home a new cat, make sure you introduce them to a designated cat scratcher.

    Whatever you do, dont yell at them or spray them with a water bottle for their scratching behavior. Youll only confuse and upset your kitty. 

    Instead, you can understand their point of view and work with them to create a new favorite scratching pad.

    Most cats have a favorite place for scratching. For example, your cat might think your favorite chair makes a great scratching post. Whats your cats favorite clawing area? Thats a great spot to add an approvedscratching surface like a cat tree. 

    Whitney Bullock, the owner of The Charleston Cat Groomer in Charleston, S.C., says, Place a cat scratcher directly in front of the thing they scratch the most! Yes, you may not want the cat scratcher in your formal living room, but dont worry. You can slowly move it away day by day to a more preferred location.

    How Can I Stop My Cat From Scratching

    The short answer is: you cant. It is impractical and unfair to expect cats to stop scratching entirely. Cats that go outside may to do much of their scratching outdoors, but they will still need to scratch while indoors. Indoor cats require outlets for their scratching and marking behaviors.

    Your goal should not be stopping the scratching behavior, but to focus it to appropriate items and areas. Building, designing or buying a scratching post or cat condos, providing appropriate play toys, and keeping the cat away from potential problem areas will usually deal with most scratching problems.

    Think about why the cat is doing what shes doing. For example, owners may feel frustrated when their cats begin to climb furniture. Remember that kittens cant leap the way adult cats do, so they use their needle-sharp claws to climb. This is not intentionally destructive, and you can prevent it by providing an option. For example, if your kitten climbs the bedding to get up on your bed, place a low stool next to the bed so she can take two short leaps instead of climbing. The same is true as your cat gets older and her stiff joints keep her from jumping as she used to.

    Why Does My Dog Scratch Doors

    Why Do Cats Scratch The Furniture and How To Stop It ...

    Door-scratching usually occurs when your dog wants to go outside to play or pee. Also he/she could be in heat and ready to mate.

    It can also happen when theres someone at the door, and he/she wants to warn you.

    Other than that, your pet is probably doing it for the same reasons why he/she digs at the carpet or the furniture.

    Keep all of the above in mind before deciding whether or not your dog needs to see a vet.

    He/she is most likely to need professional help if the reasons behind that behavior are illness and previously described OCD.

    Best Splurge:archie & Oscar Venita Cat Scratching Post

    Your cats accoutrementsthe loungers and trees, not to mention the toysarent always very attractive, nor do they always blend with your overall decor choices. But this design-forward Venita cat scratching post offers a modern look, while still serving function first.

    This cat scratcher has a wire frame that’s been wrapped in poly rattan, which is strong enough to stand up to lots of clawing. Its quite sturdy, and in fact, some cats may use the top as a seating area. 

    This scratcher is freestanding and doubles as an accent piece. Minor assemblyattaching the base to the postis required, but won’t take long at all.

    Looking to limit the amount of floor space your scratching post takes up? Or, just eager to keep the cat away from the corner of the couch? You can do that with the Frisco wall cat scratcherthis piece is easy to disguise against a couch or next to a piece of furniture and is ideal for cats who love to scratch on couch arms or chairs. 

    The wall scratcher is made from sisal, a sturdy material thats great for keeping you cat’s claws trimmed, and can be hung on either walls or furniture easily with hook-and-loop or screw-in mounting, which are included. You could also set it on or near a windowsill your cat likes to sit by to encouraging scratching where they like to spend most of their time.

    How To Stop Cats Scratching Your Carpet

    July 14, 2021

    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products. is reader supported. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn affiliate commission.

    One of a cats natural instincts is to scratch. Unfortunately, this can mean they scratch your carpet, furniture and even the walls. When they do this, dont tell them off as they are only doing what comes naturally to them. Scratching gets rid of the outer coating of their claws and also helps stretch their muscles to keep them in good hunting condition.

    Infuse The Area With A Scent

    Use a feline pheromone plug-in or similar spray throughout the area your cat has been scratching.

    Although these types of products arent specifically designed for this purpose, its likely to work.

    Some cat behaviourists have found that the friendly pheromones in these products can fool cats into believing the area has been marked by another cat.

    This is something which, more often than not, will discourage your cat from scratching in this spot.

    How To Stop Your Cat From Scratching The Furniture

    Why Does My Cat Scratch Around Its Food Bowl?

    Now that you understand how much scratching means to your cat I hope this has brought you to figuring out better options to keep your cat in your household. I also hope that if you were considering declawing that you realize how detrimental it will be to their instincts not to mention other harmful effects of this procedure.

    If anything, you can try trimming your cats claws but that can be challenging because your cat likely wont keep still.

    The best plan of action that you can take to stop your cat from scratching is to get a scratching surface that is specially designed to speak to them better than your couch does. This can be as simple as a scratching post or a larger cat tree.

    My recommendation to you is to get a sturdy, good quality cat tree. This is because it is more likely to get and KEEP your cats attention because it satisfies your whole cat.

    The good news about cat trees is that there are so many different styles for just about every kind of cat you can imagine whether its a small, large, old, or young cat. There are even cat trees for your cat if it has mobility or joint issues like arthritis!

    To find out more information on cat trees and choosing the best one for you, your cat and your household situation, you have come to the right place because we have a guide that will walk you through everything you need to know.

    Scratching Is Good For A Cat’s Health

    Scratching is perfectly natural and actually good for your cat’s health. Scratching helps your kitty fully stretch her body and release the tension in her back muscles.1

    Scratching also lets cats shed the outer layers of their claws, revealing sharper layers beneath. This is why you sometimes find pieces of claws around the house.2

    Have Multiple Scratching Options For Multiple Cats

    If you have multiple cats, make sure they have at least one scratching post each. There are many scratching options to try. Its better to have too many posts than not enough!Cute as your furry bundle of joy may be, cats prefer not to share their scratching space so make sure there are enough spots to go around!

    Ready To Move The Scratching Post Out Of Your Way

    Now, if you got to a point where your cat uses scratching posts only, you can start moving them to locations more appealing to you.

    Move it by few centimeters a day, and best, if you move only one post at a time.

    Where to move the scratching post? Remember, the current locations are perfect for your cat. Its like laying a brick path where there are trails in the lawn, because it already shows people prefer walking there. Similarly, if your cat clawed right there, its good for them. But, obviously, you do not want for it to be in the middle of the room.

    So, you need to move, just make sure you move it as less as possible. For example, if its in the middle of the room, move it closer to a wall, or out of the doorway, but keep it close to the original location.

    If in the process your cat re-discovers the old spots, first, slow down the rapidity of the move, and second, reapply the steps mentioned above.

    Now, if you do move it slow enough, and keep an eye on your cats behavior, you will soon realize your carpet is safe now. Just keep in mind, scratching is natural for cats, they require it, and, over time, your cat may get back to his habits. But that should be no problem, since you already know how to stop your cat from clawing carpet, and you can apply same techniques again. They do work.

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