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Why Do Cats Stare At You

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How Cats Learn To Get Your Attention

Why Do CATS STARE at US? ð 5 Reasons

Cats can be very smart when it comes to learning ways to grab their owners attention. From the outright vocalizing to the more subtle cat stares, felines are no strangers when it comes to saying, Hey! Look at me.

I know that I always I talk to and pet my cats more when I see them looking at me. So, the cat staring in my case is my cats way of signaling their desire for me to engage with them.

Some cats have learned, just like some dogs have, to sit in front of their owners and stare to get their owners to feed them or play with them.

Staring may be rude in human society, but in the animal world, it conveys many different messages. Learn what your cat has to say to you to strengthen your bond with your cat.

Reading Your Cats Body Language

This doesnt necessarily mean that your cats staring at you is aggressive or confrontational. When it comes to our quirky kitties, context is key. Keep your eye on the following physical cues, which are often used in cat communication:

  • Position of the head and ears
  • Tail movements
  • The ridge of hair along their backs
  • General stance

Cats communicate with their entire bodies. Here are some signs that your cat is content.

Why Do Cats Stare At You: Staring In Cats

Have you ever been casually reading a book, or watching some TV when you suddenly notice your cat just staring blankly at you? You arent the only one

Cats are curious creatures, and they have many curious habits indeed, but one of those strange habits these animals have is to stare at you, or anyone else in the room.

What are they plotting?

Why do cats stare at you? Lets find out

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Why Do Cats Stare At Their Owners When You Sleep

Theres nothing more frightening than waking up in the middle of the night to see two beady yellow eyes glaring at you from across the room. Fortunately, your cat isnt plotting revenge, and its more likely that your cat stares at you while you sleep because:

  • They want to keep an eye on you: Youre the one who feeds your cat, provides her shelter, and makes her feel at home. Your kitty may be staring at you because it gives her a sense of calm and relaxation.
  • They want to check on you: Your cat depends on you and, even though she doesnt always show it, wants to make sure youre always safe. Felines often pick-up the night shift as a nocturnal species, and your cat may stare at you to act as your guardian.
  • Theyre bored: Cats are nocturnal creatures, and while your feline wants to play, youre fast asleep. Rather than sprinting around and chasing the laser, she uses this time to stare at her favorite human.
  • Youre annoying her: Most of a cats time asleep is in a stage of light sleep. If youre rolling around in bend or snoring, you may be keeping your cat from getting a good nights sleep. In other words, youre annoying her.

Of course, your cat may be staring at you at 3 a.m. because she wants a treat or thinks its time to play with the laser.

Do Cats Like It When You Stare Back At Them

We Asked 2 Vets to Explain Exactly Why Your Cat Stares at ...

I think anyone would feel somewhat uneasy if they found someone, human or animal, staring at them intensely. In this case, cats wouldnt like it at all themselves, since they associate intense staring as, potentially threatening in social interaction with other cats or species, as suggested by Karen McComb, a Professor of Psychology at the University of Sussex in England.

According to the study that Professor McComb conducted, slow blinking has the opposite effect. It also seems that cats, behave more friendly when their owners narrow their eyes at them because, over time, humans may have rewarded them for the action in a positive way.

So, while your kitty might find staring unnecessary and maybe creepy, slow blinking accompanied by a relaxed facial expression should make them feel safe and loved. Most cats are likely to reciprocate this expression of love, so a possible answer to why does my cat stare at me while I sleep, could be a slow blink directed at your kitty when you wake up instead of feeling uncomfortable.

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It All Depends On The Body Language

Context is key when trying to figure out why your cat is staring at you. The same expression will likely mean one thing if your cat is happy, but a different thing entirely if your cat is angry or upset.

As a result, you cant consider your cats stares in a vacuum. Theyre just one piece of their behavioral puzzle, and youll need to look at all the pieces together to try to figure out what your pet is thinking.

Its not surprising that your cat would stare at you regardless of how theyre feeling, though. Cats are visual creatures, and they rely on their eyes when hunting. You cant really turn that behavior off.

Does that mean your cat is hunting you? Not necessarily but theyve probably thought about it a time or two. There are probably other reasons that theyre staring, however, so lets take a look at those first.

Why Does My Cat Wink At Me 3 Reasons For This Behavior

If you are like most cat owners, you are regularly surprised by the things that your cat does. Cats are rarely predictable, at least until they get old and set in their ways. One quirky thing that some cats seem to do is wink at their human family members. But cats cannot be winking for the same reasons that humans wink, right? So, why would a cat wink at someone? We have decided to answer this question once and for all. Here is why your cat might occasionally wink at you.

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Why Do Cats Stare

Cats stare for a variety of reasons, and a lot of it depends on context. Who are they starting at? Whats going on around them?

In the cat world, staring is usually territorial. Cats stare at each other as an act of defiance or rivalry, or to protect their territory.

Two cats intently staring at one another, especially if they get really close to one anothers faces, is rarely a positive sign and is a good indication that trouble is brewing.

In fact, a lack of eye contact, the opposite of a stare, is equally telling. If one cat is staring at another and the second cat is adamantly avoiding making eye contact, they are communicating that they are submissive and not looking for trouble.

Cat fights often ensue when both cats stare and neither of them will back down. This is actually a good way to differentiate between play-fighting and actual fighting. Play-fighting rarely begins with a staring contest.

Cats also stare when they are hunting. Theyre visual hunters and rely primarily on their well-developed sense of sight to find, track, and catch prey. While cats dont have great color vision or see details very well, they have exceptional night vision.

If your cat is staring intently at something, take a look at their eyes. Are their pupils dilated? Are they making any unusual vocalizations? Do they look ready to pounce? If so, its likely your cat is on the hunt.

Its easy to mistake cats simply looking at something for staring because cats blink infrequently.

What Eye Changes May Be Present In A Sick Cat


Droopy eyelids, discharges that are green, yellow, or white, squinting, pupils that are dilated or constricted, or anisocoria (one pupil dilated and the other constricted are all signs that something is amiss. Cats that are sick often have elevated third eyelids the third eyelid is located beneath the lower eyelid and in a sick cat it will cover part of the eyeball. Any abnormality with the eyes can result in blindness if in doubt at all, DO NOT DELAY see your veterinarian.

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Why Do Cats Stare At You When You Sleep Are They Plotting

Some people are convinced that cats are out to get them or plotting against them. Therefore they think that cats would take advantage of them while they are sleeping, or worse, cats will eat them if they die.

Those are extreme points of view, sometimes funny. Sometimes they seem to be geared toward conspiracy. I am amused that people can give cats all those powers.

Some cats may be eviler than others, but it is unlike that they are out to get their owners.

Cats may be educated in the wrong way and growing up. They can have behavior problems it doesnt mean that they are trying to kill anyone.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me Without Blinking

This is another common situation. A cat on high alert usually stares in the direction of the danger, and he stares without blinking.

Therefore, if your cat stares at you without blinking, he is on alert, and he is watching you closely to see what is your next move.

If you move too quickly or make many noises, cats may think something unusual is going on. Therefore they stare.

Indeed if you see your cat staring without blinking, it is because he senses some danger. Try to make your cat relax, individuating what could have made him stare.

Sometimes he can stare in a more threatening way. You can see that he looks upset. Cats may prepare to jump or attacktime for you to be on high alert.

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Ever Seen Your Dog Squint Heres What It Means

Dogs will use eyes to express moods, and we love dogs squinting, this is usually a positive sign of contentment, joy and happiness.

A confident socialised dog, during dog to dog induction will squint whilst gazing elsewhere. This is a clear indication your dog is not at all interested in rough play or even a hint of aggression.

Sometimes if you tell your dog of, your dog may squint, but this is usually followed by your dog nudging your hand in an act of saying sorry.

When you next give your dog a belly rub, have a look at his eyes, hopefully you can detect a squint and maybe even a smile!

When youre next taking your dog out in Redhill or Reigate, just watch the dogs for 10 mins.

Heres a wonderful picture of Abby and Lexi, taken at our Doggy Day Care Centre. This picture demonstrates squinting Abby is in a very happy, content and joyful mood, you can even see her smile, with her friend Lexi.

Dogs Squinting

Why Does My Cat Or Kitten Always Sit And Stare At Me

Ask A Vet: Why Does My Cat Stare At Me?

Cats are curious and capricious creatures. Try as we may, we often dont quite understand the things they do.

One of the silliest things domestic cats of all breeds do is stalk their pet parents.

You know the type of stalking were talking about no meowing, no pawing or poking, just sitting there and staring as if their life depended on it. Its confusing and even a bit creepy.

In fact, this type of feline behavior is so incomprehensible for most cat owners that all they can think about is: why is my cat staring at me?

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They Are Bored And Want To Be Entertained

Staring can be your kittens way of saying they are bored, and hoping you will provide some form of entertainment.

Besides demanding playtime, your kitten could also find enjoyment in watching whatever you are doing.

Kittens will look up to their owners for social interaction. And dont forget that these are energetic and playful creatures, much more than adult cats.

Playing is a form of kitten exercise and can help them develop their hunting instincts. Besides, a healthy kitten is a happy kitten.

What to do

Play with your kitten every day for at least 20 minutes. This provides it with both physical and mental stimulation.

While playing with your kitten, here are important tips to help the both of you enjoy the moment:

  • Play with your kitten before going to bed, so they will be ready to sleep when you are. You dont want to engage in a staring contest when you want to sleep.
  • Interactive play is the best way to keep your kitten responsive and strengthen the bond between the two of you.
  • The best time to play with kittens is in the morning and evening.
  • Dont offer your body parts as toys.

Kittens are intelligent creatures. As they live with you, they have learned to stare, whether its for attention, demand for playtime, say they are hungry, or simply to show affection.

Why Does My Cat Stare At Me What Does Staring Mean

December 12, 2018 –

Even if youre not a cat owner, chances are high if youve spent a good chunk of time with any cat, youve noticed a tenancy our feline friends have to every once in a while stare directly at human being for a pretty extended period of time in a concentrated and unwavering gaze. It can be a little unsettling, especially for those of us who come from cultures where staring is considered both socially unacceptable and downright rude. Im sure there are many cultures that are much more accepting of staring than North American culture still, cats seem to take the staring even further than what would be considered comfortable for most.

Im not going to lie, as hard as I tried to dig for answers to this question why cats stare at humans, and what that staring means there didnt seem to be a lot out there, certainly no concrete answers. Everything we have on this topic is conjecture, and that includes what pet experts like vets have to say about the topic.

Obviously, this is a touch frustrating because it leaves our curiosity hanging, but since there are so many more pressing issues for scientists to research when it comes to our feline friends like their ideal diet and the composition of the perfect cat food Im really happy for scientists to continue to ignore this one until the more important queries are solved.

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Hunting Instincts & Pure Curiosity

These animals are natural hunters and predators, meaning they will constantly be attentive and very tuned into their surroundings.

If a little mouse appears in their field of vision, they will immediately jump at the distraction and eliminate the threat.

A cats strong hunting instinct, combined with their timid and skeptical nature means that they will constantly be on the lookout for potential threats, or prey.

They were both predators and prey in the past, meaning they will be on the defense, and also hunting simultaneously.

This causes them to have this defining stare, that they tend to get, as they meticulously pick apart their environment and examine it.

Their intelligence and vivid personalities also cause them to be very curious, and they love to explore the world and discover new things.

From a cats point of view, the world is one large playground, full of spectacular wonders and fun curiosities.

Cats are notorious people watchers, and almost everyone has noticed a cat casually sitting in a window sill, just watching the world down below go by.

Sitting in a high and secure place, is what cats love to do, and it is very important to them to feel safe like this. It is the same reason why they like high places so much.

From a high place they love to relax and stare at people and other pets for hours even, as it gives them a feeling of security and control.

Staring for cats ultimately gives them a feeling of control and safety.

Do I Look Tasty To You

Why does Cat Sit and Stare at you ????

Cats are masters of non-verbal communication, although many individual felines can be incredibly chatty with their people. To understand your cats thoughts, evaluate their body language.

  • What is the position of their tail ?
  • How are they holding their body ?
  • Are their ears perked upright or pinned back towards the head?

Once you put their staring into the context of their overall appearance you can learn more about how their surroundings impact their emotional state.

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Do Cats Like When You Talk To Them

But are we really understanding cats and their thought process when we talk to them? Cats are very sensitive and can feel safe or feel threatened by the tone of voice and the loudness. Cats are more apt to respond and socialize with their people when spoken to in a soft and calm voice.

Why Do Cats Sit And Stare At You

Why Do Cats Sit And Stare At You? Some cats have learned, just like some dogs have, to sit in front of their owners and stare to get their owners to feed them or play with them. Staring may be rude in human society, but in the animal world, it conveys many different messages. Learn what your cat has to say to you to strengthen your bond with your cat.

With their impassive faces and ability to hide pain, cats are famously hard to read, unlike dogs who are pretty transparent. It is theorized that cats have a small capacity for facial recognition, meaning they dont really read our expressions. Dilated pupils are another source of understanding the meaning of cats mysterious. One of the most important facts about cats eyes. If your cats eyes are big and round and their pupils are the size of pinpricks, it means they are preparing to attack a perceived threat. Fun fact: Cats also use their eyes to establish the pecking order. Can be communicated with a simple blink! While humans and cats cant communicate using our faces, we can communicate through our eyes.

What does it mean when a cats eyes dilate when they look at you? Dilated pupils are another source of understanding the meaning of cats mysterious eyes, and often indicate an excited cat. It can also be a display of surprise or fear, depending on the situation. It is not unusual for a cats pupils to fully dilate when they are really excited.

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