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Why Does My Cat Always Sleep Next To Me

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Your Cat Prefers To Sleep On Your Head

Why does my cat sleep next to me in bed??

There may actually be a few reasons that cats like to sleep on your head.

  • Your head is warm. Your head releases steady heat throughout the night, making your pillow an attractive place for your cat to hit the hay.
  • Your head is stationary. Restless sleeper? To avoid being jostled all night by your restless arms and legs, a cat will gravitate towards your head.
  • It smells good. Your cat may like the scent of your hair and shampoo. Cats have a stronger sense of smell than we do, and theyre drawn to the comfort of your scent.
  • Its Getting Tough To Jump Onto The Bed

    If you have an aging cat and its starting to become difficult for them to jump on and off your bed some other places might seem more appealing.

    It could even be due to a health issue thats causing them some pain or discomfort. So, its worth giving your cat a good check over to see if theres anything bothering them.

    If your feline is entering their senior years and you both still enjoy sleeping on the bed, there are some things you can do to help them out. I use a small set of pet stairs , I have a sausage dog and two elderly cats use them to get on to my bed.

    If you want a similar set of pet stairs to give you cats easy access to your bed you can .

    Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest

    Because kittens may have spent a large part of their formative years pillowing with other kittens and their mothers, veterinarians believe that the sound and rhythm of your heartbeat can be associated with the bonds they have made with their mothers and siblings. Because they now see you as their family, its highly likely that sleeping on your chest helps keep them calm and at ease.

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    Reasons Why Your Cat Is Sleeping A Lot More Than Usual

    Haveyou noticed your cat sleeping more or deeper than usual? An average cat sleeps12-16 hours in a day. The number goes up to 20 hours for kittens and oldercats. Its different for every cat, of course, but basically, your cat wouldspend about 2/3 of its life sleeping or napping. Cats sleep a lot, to say the least. However, changesin sleeping pattern along with other symptoms to watch out for could indicatethat your cat may need some medical attention. So, is your cat sleeping a lotmore than she should be? Here are the possible reasons why your pet kitty maybe sleeping a lot more than usual.

    What To Do If Your Cat Is Ruining Your Own Sleep

    Why Does My Cat Sleep Next To Me?

    There are, of course, negative bedtime habits your cat may be doing that keep you from getting some quality shuteye: toe-biting, howling for attention, kneading your chest, etc.

    Unfortunately, a cats internal clock doesnt quite match up with our own sleep patterns. They can be restless in the early evening and morning hours. But not to worrycats are generally adaptable to our schedules.

    One way to encourage a restful sleep is to engage in active playtime right before bed, according to WebMD. Mimic a hunt session with a cat toy to burn off extra energy. Then give him some food. Youll both be yawning in no time.

    Dr. Satchu recommends nighttime feeding for cats who are food motivated. Set up an automatic feeder to go off every 1-2 hours while you sleep. This will cause your cat to hang out around this magical contraption and leave you to rest blissfully.

    An early morning distraction may also help. If you have the ability to put up a bird feeder outside of a window your cat can sit next to, this will help between 4-6 a.m. That is typically prime bird-eating hours and your cat will likely watch their new cat-TV for the entire early morning, says Dr. Satchu.

    Another tip is to sleep with your bedroom door slightly ajar so your cat can slip out without waking you. Leave out a few toys in case he gets restless during the night.

    A heated pet bed could be a lifesaver if your cat is keeping you from getting some ZZZs.

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    Is This A Sign Of Affection

    Holland looks at cats sleeping with you as a bonding signal. If you let your cat sleep with you its a bond. Were part of their colony, she says.

    Since its not uncommon for cats to sleep on one another, theyre simply treating you as one of their own. If you have a loving relationship with your cat, theyre going to come to you for pets and to snuggle, says Koski. Its a rewarding behavior.

    But what about snuggling up on top of your head, against your face, or on your chest? Is your cat trying to tell you something when sleeping in these positions?

    Managing Nocturnal Behavior In Cats

    You may feel that getting up and calming or feeding your cat will help, but its best to ignore your cats behavior as much as possible. Attention in the night rewards the behavior and your cat may learn to stay awake for food and attention.

    Even though you may feel tired or frustrated, remember that night activity is natural for your cat. Avoid punishing your cat for this normal behavior as it may create more stress. If your cat wont let you sleep, its best to change your daytime schedule to give your cat more exercise and play.

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    Why Does My Cat Lay On Me

    Have you ever woken up to find your cat sleeping on your chest or curled up on top of your legs? Or maybe your kitty likes to nestle on your lap while you’re watching TV. Whatever the case, you’ve probably asked at some point, “Why does my cat lay on me?” Cats generally snuggle up with you because they love you and you help them feel warm, safe, and secure.

    It May Be Due To Hormones

    Why Does My Cat Sleep with Me? | Top 10 Reasons Youâll Love to Know

    In a test by neuroscientist Paul Zak, he studied 10 cats and examined their saliva samples while they were playing with their owners. The results show that there was an increase in the cats oxytocin levels by up to 12%.

    A study by Behavioral Processes even shows that cats may actually like interacting with their owners more than their love for food. In relation to this, the act of your cat sleeping on you may also be a sign that they produce happy hormones when they bond with you.

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    You Help Them Feel Secure

    Your cat may lay on you at night or sleep on your chest for security. A recent study found that cats are emotionally attached to their owners in ways that mirror how babies are attached to their parents.3 In the study, kittens felt distress when their owners were gone, and more security when their owners came back. With that kind of relationship, it’s very likely that your cat sleeps on you because he sees you as a source of security and you make him feel safe. It’s a huge compliment: your cat sees you as a parent he wants to snuggle up with.

    Could Your Cat Sleeping On You Ever Be A Sign That Something Is Wrong

    If your cat sleeps on you almost every night, there is typically no cause for concern. If you notice that theyre sleeping much more than usual and have low energy, you should take them to the vet to get checked.

    If your cat has never slept on you before and suddenly has started to, watch carefully for any other signs of illness. A change in behavior can sometimes be the first clue that something is wrong, says Delgado.

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    Why Does My Cat Rest His Head On Me

    Your cat may rest it head on you for several reasons. The main reasons is it loves you and wants to show it, wants to express its compleete trust for you, or a practical way to rub its scent and claim you. If its the latter, scent rubbing, it may also head butt you.

    So, now you know. But, this regarded as a good thing? Would it hurt if you rest your head on your cat? Why do cats rub their head into your hand? Keep reading for these answers, and much more

    Does Your Cat Tend To Make A Fuss

    Why Does My Cat Sleep Next To Me?

    Is your kitty a talker? Does he meow, scratch, or spray if he doesnt get his way? A lot of times we let our pets dictate our lives, but we need to stand firm and decide whats best for us, too. You might determine that you need to close your pet off from the bedroom if hes making too much noise. Or, you might argue that its easier to keep him happy and allow full bedroom privileges.

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    Helps You Fall Asleep

    As long as your kitty settles down at a reasonable hour, it can help you fall asleep. Many animals like to nap near your head or at your feet. If they lie on your legs or torso, then you get the added benefit of having them act like a weighted blanket, which is shown to decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and promote healthy sleep cycles.

    How Cats Can Affect Your Sleep

    Dr. Steve Weinberg, founder of 911 VETS, said it can feel nice and comfy to have your cat sleep on a bed with you some literally on your head potentially calming anxiety and night terrors.

    The downside is that cats are nocturnal animals, he said. The human sleeper may have their sleep interrupted in the wee hours of the night or be woken up at a very early hour.

    Because of this, Weinberg says, sleeping with a cat can be counterproductive to a persons typical wake-sleep patterns.

    Many cats like to play and will scratch at or even bite at the human feet moving around under the covers, he said. other problems, such as allergy to cat dander or, if fleas are not under control, the human may receive flea bites.

    Cats may also want to cozy up to babies and infants taking on their own caregiver roles in the house but experts say cats shouldnt spend the night with the littlest ones in your home.

    Dr. Jennifer Maniet, a staff veterinarian at Petplan Pet Insurance, says its not safe for cats to sleep with babies because theres a risk a cat could unintentionally suffocate a baby by sleeping on its chest or face.

    If the cat is startled or frightened, the baby can get bitten, scratched, or trampled on as the cat tries to run or jump away, she said. Cat scratches and bites are common ways that the cat can transmit diseases to a baby.

    You can consult your veterinarian for ways to keep the cats out of the nursery, Maniet says.

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    Love Nips And Making Biscuits

    I am not talking about full bites, but those gentle little nips a cat gives you while you are petting her are signs of total love and devotion. They are usually accompanied by half-closed eyes and deep purring.

    Some cats can get a little overly exuberant about them, but teach them to keep it gentle by saying ow and pulling away if the bite gets too intense. Gentle little nips are a high honor, and you are very special to your cat if you receive them. If you also get some kneading action along with the love bites, affectionately referred to as making biscuits, then you really are the cats meow!

    Naptime = laptime! Via Giphy

    When Should I Be Concerned

    Why Your Cat Sleeps on Your Head and Other Odd Behaviors Explained

    There isn’t a set amount of sleep to indicate a heath problem or health emergency, instead it’s about knowing your cat’s normal sleep patterns and recognizing when that pattern changes significantly.

    If your cat begins to sleep a lot more or a lot less than is usual for him/her there may be a health issue, it’s time to visit your vet.

    Cats who begin to sleep more than usual could be ill or experiencing pain. On the other hand, if your cat begins sleeping less than usual they may be suffering from hyperthyroidism or other conditions.

    If you are concerned about your cat’s health after your regular vet has closed, contact our Memphis emergency vets.

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    What Do Common Cat Sleeping Positions Mean

    Have you ever found your cat sleeping in a position that couldnt possibly be comfortable? Recently YouTube channel Jaw-Dropping Facts dropped some interesting revelations about common cat sleeping positions. Find out what specific cat sleeping positions reveal about your cats mood, health, and personalityand check out these cozy cat beds while youre at it.

    Why Does My Cat Sleep With Me And Not My Husband

    Its common for cat owners to be perplexed why their cat seems to prefer one person over another, particularly when it comes to choosing where they sleep.

    If youre wondering why does my cat sleep with me and not my husband or vice versa, there is an explanation.


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    Are You Stressing Out Your Cat How To Spot The Signs

    Cats are stressed. This month theres a BBC2 documentary called Cat Wars , and in October a BBC2 Horizon series, ahead of which the anthrozoologist John Bradshaw has claimed that cat owners expect too much of their cats. Conditions such as dermatitis and cystitis are increasingly common, and often stress-related. If cat owners understood their pets better, theyd recognise the demands were putting on them, he told the Radio Times.

    This is understandable. The UKs cat population is estimated at over 10 million. Cats are no longer simply pets. They are social media stars. If you live with a cat, you are living with a kind of celebrity. Or, your cat is living with your sense that you are living with a kind of celebrity. Apparently, living in close proximity to other cats is likely to cause your cat emotional strain too. Heres how to de-stress your cat.

    1. Know the signs

    2. Rework your floorplan

    Is the utility room really the best place for a litter tray? Would you like to go to the toilet while your flatmate fills the washing machine? Hutchison advises leaving facilities in multiple locations so your cat can use the one that suits its mood or temperament. If you live in a three-storey house, put facilities on all three levels, she says. If you live in a studio flat, put facilities in all the corners. Use cardboard boxes or a hideaway behind the sofa.

    3. Your cat doesnt want a friend

    4. This is a two-way relationship!

    5. Lay off the social media

    Your Cat Sleeps On Your Because Youre Warm

    Why Do Cats Sleep on Me?

    There are a few reasons at play when wondering Hmm, my cats sleeps on me. A cats normal body temperature is 102.5 degrees, and maintaining it can take work. Sunny spots during the day, hunkering down in cupboards and linen closets, and squeezing into boxes, are just a few of the places kitties like to rest.

    Community cats are also known for sleeping in car engines warmth trumps soft for many kitties. Their heat-seeking missile approach to nap time includes you! They often choose to share your pillow because thats one of the warmest areas .

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    Is It A Good Thing When Your Cat Rests Its Head On You

    It is considered to be a good thing when your cat rests its head on you. For cats, this is a sign that they love you and trust you with their whole life. If they curl up next to you and rest their head on you for a nap, they trust that you are going to protect them and make sure they are safe.

    Cats will also rest their heads on you as a sign of love. Cats are very independent animals, so they dont show affection the way a dog would. They show love in more subtle ways, like resting their head. This is a very good thing because you know how your cat feels about you.

    Sleeping In Enclosed Spaces

    Its quite normal for cats to seek out perceived places of safety where they can snooze in peace. Whether its a basket full of dirty clothes, a quiet corner of the house, under the bed, or even in a cardboard box a cat has no problem with slumbering in dark and tight places.

    Allowing your cat to sleep under the covers isnt a good idea though its unhygienic and your kitty will get hair all over the place.

    Cats are hunters by nature, and a good hunter knows how to get into a strategic position. Having their backs to solid walls or other objects allows a cat to observe their surroundings from a distance. It provides a sense of security and also allows the cat to retain more body heat.

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    Youre Fidgeting Too Much

    No one wants to be kicked, nudged, and pushed around while trying to sleep least of all cats. Most cats have little patience for being disturbed once theyre nice and comfy. I know mine dont stand for it.

    If youre a fidgeter, your cat will likely find somewhere else to sleep where they dont get woken during the night.

    Who can blame them?

    If youre telling yourself you dont fidget during the night, Id check with your partner if you have one. I was convinced I didnt move around much, but apparently, Im quite the shuffler while Im sleeping!

    But what would I know, Im asleep

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