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Will Animal Control Pick Up Cats

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What Can I Do To Help Outdoor Cats

How to Pick Up a Feral or Stray Cat – Please Read Description
  • If you want to know how you can help community cats, go to our list of things you can do.
  • If you’re interested in TNR or becoming a cat caretaker, find a community cat group or individuals who are practicing TNR or caretaking in your area to learn more.
  • If you have been letting your cats outside, make them safe, happy indoor cats who only go out when supervised on a harness and leash or in a safe enclosure.

When Animal Control Is At Your Door

Always be polite but firm when speaking to an animal control representative. You can use these scenarios to guide you in your interactions. And remember: less is often more. Anything you say in an interaction with the authorities could inadvertently reveal something unhelpful to your case or give them grounds for a more extensive search.

If The Officer Asks Questions About The Colony

Ask if the officer believes that you are violating any laws. This will help you determine if the officer is trying to pursue a charge against you or just looking for information or clarification.

Be aware that anything you say can be used in court. If you are not comfortable answering questions, exercise your constitutional rights by politely telling the officer that youd like to remain silent, and then do so. Or, politely request to speak to your attorney first.

In many instances, you may ask animal control to return at a future date or time so that you may first speak with your attorney. Only in emergency situations may an officer search your property without a warrant.

Heres an example:

Animal Control: Are those your cats?You: Do you think I am violating any laws?Animal Control: That depends on if the cats belong to you.You: Id like to speak with my attorney before I answer any questions. Or Id like to remain silent.

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Why Are There Feral Cats

If they don’t have early contact with people, the kittens of stray or feral cats will become feral themselves, too fearful to be handled or adopted. Since a female cat can become pregnant as early as five months of age, the number of feral cats in a neighborhood can rapidly increase if cats aren’t spayed or neutered.

Who Should You Call To Pick Up Stray Cats

Pets Lost, Found &  Picked Up by Animal Control

When an unfamiliar cat roams into your yard or takes shelter beneath your deck, its normal for concern to kick in. You have no idea if this cat is sick, injured, lost, feral, or merely roaming the neighborhood on her daily escapade. So who should you call to pick up stray cats?

You should call a local animal rescue league or shelter to pick up stray cats. Theyll scan for a microchip and attempt to find the cats owner, possibly providing the cat shelter for your states 5-7-day hold period. Since not all roaming cats are strays, animal control may not pick up a stray cat.

Unfortunately, the answer to this question isnt quite as simple as just calling animal control, as so many people believe. To learn about what you should do if you find a stray cat and who you should contact, read on!

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Why Don’t Feeding Bans Eliminate Community Cats

The logic behind bans on feeding feral cats is that if there is no food available, the cats will go away. This rarely happens.

First, cats are territorial animals who can survive for weeks without food and will not easily or quickly abandon their territory. As they grow hungrier and more desperate, they tend to venture closer to homes and businesses in search of food. Despite the effort to starve them out, the cats will also continue to reproduce, resulting in the deaths of many kittens.

Second, feeding bans are nearly impossible to enforce. A person who is determined to feed the cats will usually succeed without being detected. Repeated experience has shown that people who care about the cats will go to great lengths to feed starving animals. In addition, there may be more than one feeder and other sources of food, including dumpsters, garbage cans and other animals.

What Equipment Does Gbhs Spay/neuter & Critical Care Clinic Have At Their Site To Serve Animals At Animal Care And Control

We are excited about the fact that all animals under the care of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society have access to the following diagnostic equipment: We have a wide array of in-house diagnostic equipment that allows a problem-based, scientific approach to most medical and surgical issues faced in a shelter veterinary medical environment. In-house blood analyzers allow for complete blood counts with a 5 part differential, a comprehensive serum chemistry machine and the ability to check coagulation profiles. GBHS Spay/Neuter & Critical Care Clinic is blessed to offer digital radiography with the ability to email or hard copy to CD radiology studies for referral to specialists, referring veterinarians or rescue organizations requiring further information. Our diagnostic imaging capabilities also includes color flow Doppler ultrasonography with thoracic/cardiology and abdominal functionsAdditional diagnostic capabilities include digital tonometry, ophthalmoscopic and otoscopic examinations, antigen testing for heartworm disease, feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus and parvoviral enteritis. Complete urinalysis as well as microscopic examinations for fine needle aspirates/impression smears/urine sediment/skin scraping and other cytology are commonly performed in our fully functional laboratory.

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How Do I Surrender A Pet

  • Animal Rescue/EAMT will accept or rescue stray dogs of any age that are sick, injured or abused on any day of the week. Please call the EAMTDispatch Center at 602-997-7585 Ext. 2073 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • The Animal Rescue/EAMT accepts stray cats, healthy or otherwise of any age.

Does Animal Control Pick Up Cats

NM animal shelters urge owners to pick up lost pets from holiday weekend

In most locations, animal control will pick up stray cats. Whether or not they accept owner surrenders varies by location. If you’re considering giving up your pet to animal control, it should be with the understanding that they may be put down. If you’re calling about stray or feral cats, that fact should be a consideration as well.

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How Can Lost Or Impounded Animals Be Redeemed

Animals impounded by Animal Control Officers are cared for at the shelter located at 2100 S. Military Highway. The shelter is open for redemptions from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12 noon to 7 p.m. Tuesday and 12 noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday. The Shelter is closed on Wednesday and holidays.

Redemption fees:

  • $25 for the first day for any dog or cat that is over 6 months old that IS NOT bearing VALID ID and is not sterilized. Burden of proof that females are sterilized shall be on the owner redeeming.
  • $25 for the first day for any dog or cat under 6 months old that IS NOT bearing VALID ID.
  • $15 for the first day for any other companion animal, or for any unsterilized dog or cat under 6 months old that IS bearing VALID ID.
  • $15 for the first day for any sterilized dog or cat over 6 months old that IS bearing VALID ID.
  • $11 per day each additional day or part thereof.
NOTE! Owners of a dog or cat impounded for a second time within a 12 month period will be charged an additional fee of $50. Owners of a dog or cat impounded for a third or greater time in a 12 month period will be charged an additional fee of $100.

VALID ID is defined by the Code as:

Animals are held for a minimum of five days, not including the date of pick up, in order to give owners time to find them. Animals with collars or other identification are held an additional five days.


Can Animal Control Give You A Ticket Or Citation

Animal control can definitely give a citation or ticket to owners of animals who have been reported. For instance, if a animal is noticed to be on the loose several times, someone could report that animal to animal control.

Animal control then pays a visit to the owner to discuss the report. When there are repeated reports from different people, that is saying something and that could be reason enough for the officer to issue a ticket to the owner.

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Can Animal Control Officers Pick Up My Dog Or Cat If It Is Wearing A License Or Rabies Tag

Yes, they can.

All dogs and cats are required by law to be licensed. Dogs are required to wear their license. Dogs and cats that are outside, and whose owner is not present, are required to bear valid identification. No animal may roam off of the owner’s property. Officers trace tags to determine where the pet belongs.

Under the “Free Ride Home Program” Animal Control Officers pledge that if any dog or cat is picked up for simple straying, and that animal is wearing a tag the officer can trace, or has a registered microchip, the officer will take the pet home rather than impounding it at the shelter located at 2100 S. Military Hwy.

This pledge is made providing there is no serious violation of law involved, such as a bite or mauling, and there is an adult owner home to receive the animal.

If there is no owner at home, the officer will leave the owner a notice advising them that their pet has been taken to the shelter. In that way owners will know where to find their pet and know that it is safe.

Stray Cat Removal And Control

The stray, now named Kelsey, was waiting to be picked up ...

Need stray cat removal in your hometown? We service over 500 USA locations! – updated for year 2020.

Stray, or feral cats are usually classified as a pest species due to their habits of occupying public places in high numbers, fighting and spraying. The most common complaints include the following:

  • Stray cats occupying public areas
  • Stray cats around facility dumpsters
  • During mating season, foul musk scent
  • Stray cats fighting or mating loudly
  • People concerned about stray cat population
  • Strays posing a threat to pet cat

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If Animal Care And Control Is A Nonprofit Why Are You Charging The County For Your Services

Many nonprofits charge fees for service along with funds they receive from private foundations and government grants and contracts. Some examples include Childrens Hospital, Girl Scouts, Shelby County Humane Society, nonprofit counseling agencies, and many United Way agencies.When the county opened the bid for animal care and control services, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society bid and was awarded the contract. Our rates represent an approximate savings of 60% to taxpayers. This was made possible through the generosity of donors.The former vendor was a for-profit entity.

How Do I Report A Stray Or Animal I Have Found

Call the Chesapeake Police Department’sNon-Emergency line at 757-382-6161 day or night. If you have taken the animal in and would like to bring it directly to the shelter, you are encouraged to call the shelter at 757-382-8080 prior to. The shelter is located at 2100 S. Military Highway. It is open for lost and found from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12 noon to 7 p.m. Tuesday and 12 noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday. The Shelter is closed on Wednesday and holidays. Find more tips on how to help a lost animal.

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Will Animal Control Pick Up A Live Animal

If You Find a Pet


  • If the animal is sick or injured, please call us at 562-940-6898.
  • If the animal appears aggressive, please call us at 562-940-6898.
  • Check for a collar or tags: if there is a phone number on the collar itself or a tag, try calling and texting the number.
  • Check for a chip: if safe to do so, have the animal scanned at a local veterinary clinic or pet supply store for a microchip.
  • Go for a walk: Being mindful of safety and physical distancing, take found dogs for a walk in the neighborhood where it was found. Talk to the neighbors to see if anyone knows the dog, and be on the lookout for any gates left open the pet may have gotten out from.
  • Social Media: Post a clear picture and location where the animals were found on your social media page and local social media pages.
    • Facebook, NextDoor, and Craigslist, are great places to start. Post in the Lost and Found sections and make sure nobody has posted on the lost section an animal matching the one you found.
    • Download the Shadow App to post your found pet and help them reunite with their family!
    • lostmydoggie.com is also another lost pet site that can be used
    • Post on our Care Center Facebook page:
  • If you are unable to find the owner, reach out to your local animal care center for assistance! Please schedule an appointment prior to your visit call us at 940-6898.
  • If you have contained a stray dog but cannot safely handle it, call our 24-hour dispatch center for assistance at 940-6898.
  • There Is A Loose Dog In My Neighborhood What Do I Do

    Going To Pick Up Stray Cats

    Dogs are not allowed to run loose in the City of Pittsburgh. We like to help ensure the safety of people in the community as well as trying to reunite the dog with its owner. To report the loose dog, please call the Animal Care and Control office at 412-255-2036 Monday through Friday between the hours of 7am and 3pm. Outside of these hours, please call 412-255-2935. If you feel you are in imminent danger from the dog, it is appropriate to call 911 at any time.

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    If You Cant Find A Good Home For Your Pet

    The Humane Society of Greater Miami has limited space available to accept new pets for adoption. Therefore, it is extremely important that you do your best to find your pet a home yourself. If you have tried all of the above suggestions and you are still unable to find your pet a home, you may bring them to the Humane Society of Greater Miami to see if we are able to accept him for adoption. All animals must pass a health and temperament test before we accept them, and we must have space for them. Animal intake is by walk-in ONLY on everyday between 9:00am and 4:00pm. A $25 donation is requested, but not required, upon surrender to help with the costs of caring for the pet.

    You may also consider the below locations for surrendering your pet:

    Miami-Dade Animal Services

    Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League3100-3200 N Military TrailWest Palm Beach, FL 33409561-472-8814

    Palm Beach Animal Care and Control7100 Belvedere RoadPalm Beach, FL 333411561-233-1200

    Finding a quality home for your pet can be a difficult and time-consuming process. The more time and effort you devote to finding a good home for your pet, the better your chances for finding one. Good luck!

    I Cant Keep My Pet Any Longer What Can I Do

    Once in a while, due to circumstances beyond their control, a pet owner may become unable to care for their pet. Perhaps they became gravely ill or injured. Perhaps their child developed asthma. Perhaps the owner was having serious, long-term financial problems. It is for situations like these that animal shelters exist-to help care for pets and find them new loving homes if their owner becomes truly unable to care for them.

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    How Do I Report My Pet As Missing Or Lost

    If you lose your pet, visit the Shelter first. The Shelter is located at 2100 S. Military Highway. A photo of your pet is required to file a lost report. Please do not call. The shelter is open for lost and found from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 12 noon to 7 p.m. Tuesday and 12 noon to 4 p.m. on Sunday. The Shelter is closed on Wednesday and holidays. Get tips on how to find your pet.

    The Cats I See In My Neighborhood Have A Funny Looking Ear Are They Strays

    How Can I Tell If a Stray Cat is Pregnant?

    We’re glad you asked! Cats with an ear that is “tipped” or notched aren’t really strays. They are feral cats. This means the cats are not tame, but they are cared for by someone in your neighborhood. A cat with a tipped ear has been spayed or neutered and vaccinated against rabies. These cats help to keep rodent populations in check. They are no danger to residents, but should not be approached, as they are essentially wild. For more information on feral cats, please check out www.alleycat.org or call the Animal Care and Control office at 412-255-2036 Monday through Friday, 7am to 3pm.

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    Harris County Animal Control Services

    IF YOU HAVE A DOG OR CAT PROBLEM:Harris County Public Health: 999-3191City of Houston Animal Control: 837-0311Houston S.P.C.A.: 869-7722Harris County Animal Services does not handle wildlife issues. They handle problems with domestic animals, namely dogs and cats. If you have a complaint about a barking dog or a dangerous dog, or have any questions about lost pets, stray cats, pet adoptions, leash laws, etc, give the county a call. It is a free county service for domestic animal issues. The county will not take care of the raccoon in your yard, the squirrels in your attic, your rat infestation, or anything like that. For wildlife help, see our phone number below or go to our Houston wildlife removal home page.
    IF YOU HAVE A WILDLIFE PROBLEM: 281-509-9653 We operate a professional wildlife removal and pest company here in Houston Texas. We are wild critter specialists, and deal only with problem animals, such as raccoons, squirrels, rats, bats, snakes, and more. We are fully licensed and insured trained biologists, and provide a complete solution to any wildlife problem. We service homes and commercial properties throughout the greater Houston area. Give us a call any time to discuss your critter problem and we will schedule an immediate appointment. We can usually come to your property same day, or if not, then next day, and we also perform emergency work. We operate 24/7/365.

    Harris County Dog/Cat Email:Harris County Wildlife Control Email:

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