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Bauer Nme Cat Eye Cage

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Bauer Profile 950 Vs 960

Bauer NME 7 Certified Cat Eye Goalie Mask

If youre considering getting a Bauer 950, just pay the extra money and get the 960 series. Youll be glad you did. The 960 and the Bauer NME line is where theyre spending all of their time on development and improvement, so any major changes will be most notable at their top of the line product.

The 950 is still a great mask, however, its designed to target a lower price point.

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Bauer Nme 7/9 Cat Eye Goalie Cage Profile Nme 7 9 Hockey Goal Cateye Face Mask

$99.99eBay Money Back Guarantee

Seller:growingbananas99%, Location:Sun City, BC, CA, Ships to: WORLDWIDE, Item:264875389737Bauer NME 7/9 Cat Eye Goalie Cage! Profile NME 7 9 Hockey Goal Cateye Face Mask. Brand new, genuine Bauer Hockey productCSA/CE/HECC certified cate eye cageStainless steel flatwire cageFits Bauer NME masksBrand: BauerModel Number: 1036490 / RPCCE2BRAND NEW BAUER CAT EYE CAGESHIPS SAME BUSINESS DAY AND WEEKENDS!Smoke and pet free home. Shipping via Canada Post, ships same business day. Please allow 5-14 days for delivery. I have more in stock as well, so if you want more please message me. Any questions? Please ask! :)Taxes: Canadian Buyers: GST/HST tax is due and payable by the buyer on all items we sell calculated automatically at checkout. Taxes are as follows: Alberta – 5%, BC – 5%, Manitoba – 5%, New Brunswick 13%, Newfoundland & Labrador – 13%, Northwest Territories – 5%, Nova Scotia – 15%, Nunavut – 5%, Ontario – 13%, Prince Edward Island – 14%, Saskatchewan – 5%, Yukon – 5%United States Buyers: No tax :)Rest of the Word Buyers: No tax 🙂Condition:New with tags, Model:NME 7/9 Certified Cat Eye Cage, Type:cage, MPN:1036490, Brand:Bauer, Featured Refinements:Goalie Mask, UPC:0680680163785 See More

Bauer Nme Vtx Senior Non

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Brand new you 2018, Bauer has unleashed their newest and most revolutionary goalie mask to date. For decades, Bauer always led the goalie mask category with their ideal fits, protection levels and comfort and the NME VTX hits all of those specifications and beyond.

Starting with the overall look, the NME VTX yields the traditional shape that goaltenders have grown to love in the mask category. Yet, the shell construction itself comes with better materials, quality and designs to capitalize on the success of the NME10. The shell is made from a full TeXtreme design which makes the helmet incredibly strong and rigid, all while reducing 13% of the weight when compared to the NME10. TeXtreme continues to wrap around the entire edge of the shell to help reduce chipping and wear over time. This TeXtreme edge is visibly seen on the inside edge of the shell and is called out by a green perimeter line on the inside of the shell.

Also along the inside, there is a metal reinforced chin to reduce chipping from impacts to that region. Underneath of the foam 3M reinforced specific tape creates a special bond between the foam to the inside of the shell. This unique fit allows for the foam to be removed, when the cage is unscrewed at its 4 attachment points.

  • NME VTX mask comes with extra Replacement Hybrid Non-Certified Cat Eye Cage and an extra sweatband

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Bauer Hockey Goalie Cages Senior

The Bauer Certified Hockey Goalie Cage offers maximum protection and is built with stainless steel to improve rust resistance, durability, and protection. This cage is only compatible with the Bauer 960, 950, 940, and 930 Goalie Masks.

The Bauer Non-Certified Cat Eye Hockey Goalie Cage offers maximum vision for goalies to track and focus on the puck. Stainless steel construction also helps to improve rust resistance, durability, and protection. This cage is only compatible with the Bauer 960, 950, 940, and 930 Goalie Masks.

The Bauer NME Certified Cat Eye Goalie Cage offers maximum visibility to see anything that might be thrown at you, while providing incredible protection. The NME certified cat eye cage is certified by CSA, CE, and HECC and is compatible with Bauer NME, Concept, and Itech NV7/9 Goalie masks.

Bauer Nme Certified Cat Eye Goalie Cage Sr

Bauer NME/Concept Certified Style Cat Eye Replacement Cage

in stock24

Trusses, accessories for goalkeeper masks
product code:

The Bauer NME Certified Cat Eye 2 cage meets all goalie certifications including CSA, HECC and CE, and it fits the following Senior-sized masks: NME 9, NME 7, NME 5, NME 3. This cage will not fit the 2012 Bauer Profile 960, 950, and 940 style masks .

  • CSA/CE/HECC certified cate eye cage
  • Stainless steel flatwire cage
  • Fits Bauer NME masks


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Bauer Nme Ix Pro Cat Eye Cage Senior Goalie Mask Features:

  • VTX Technology
  • Fit 3 = Senior Large

Goalie Mask Construction

Goalies Plus is very particular about the kind of masks we sell, we feel there are good masks on the market today and unsafe masks on the market today. Our pro level masks and high mid-level masks are all glass lay-up shells with either carbon or kevlar reinforcement. These types of masks are very rigid, when a shot hits the goalies mask the mask is solid enough to deflect about 90 to 95 percent shots away from the head without any or minimal shell flex. What this means is the mask shell will not flex towards the goalies head under impact. Under extreme impact, the mask will actually start to crack and disperse the shock away from the goalies head. This dispersion keeps the mask from flexing in towards the goalies head. The glass lay-up masks are also very rigid so if you try to squeeze the mask at the ears, it will have very minimal flex. This is very important if a larger player falls on the goalie. The rigidness of the mask helps minimize the risk of a compression concussion. These types of masks start in the price range of $ 350.00 and go up from there based on features. We feel that this is a very sound investment for any goalie. Even at a recreational level, a beginner or low level player can still get a hold of a shot by dumb luck, better to be safe then sorry in our opinion.


Bauer Nme Ix Pro Cat Eye Cage Senior Goalie Mask

The new Bauer NME IX is the next generation of the popular Bauer NME series. The Bauer NME IX mask has the look of Bauer VTX Pro mask which is worn by goalies like Ben Bishop of the Dallas Stars. The NME IX has a very good protection rating because of a composite Powercore shell construction. Its Power Core shell is a blend of fiberglass and epoxy, which allows for better dampening throughout the forehead and chin. This mask uses a Poron and XRD liner construction which is not only extremely comfortable, it can help with deceleration of impacts to the shell of the mask. The Powercore Shell is rigid enough to deflect shot off the mask with little flex to the shell with the XRD & Poron foams helping absorb the remaining impact. There are no guarantees with any mask and even with the best protection available, an injury may result. It is our opinion that the Bauer NME IX is a well built mask and provides a substantial upgrade compared to polycarbonate goalie masks. There are four sizes to the NME8 masks, Fit .5 = Junior, Fit 1 = Small, Fit 2 = Medium, Fit 3 = Large. A padded mask bag and an extra sweatband are included on each NME IX mask purchase. For price, style and protection the NME IX is definitely a mask that is worth consideration for anyone serious about protecting their head. This mask has a one year warranty.

The Bauer NME IX Goalie Mask is a high mid-level mask. Recommended 3 to 5 uses per week.

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Bauer 960xpm Vs Bauer Nme Vtx

We wrote about this a bit more on our VTX article, but the two masks are actually very comparable. They are designed for two completely different faces, so its critical that you make sure youre buying the right mask for your face profile.

If you have a more profiled face, get the 960. If youve got a wider face, get the NME VTX. Youll thank us later.

Bauer Nme 9/7 Certified Cat Eye Hockey Goalie Cage

Bauer NME 7 N/C Goalie Mask

Bauer NME 9/7 Certified Cat Eye hockey goalie cage – Senior

The Bauer NME Certified Cat Eye 2 cage meets all goalie certifications including CSA, HECC and CE, and it fits the following Senior-sized masks

  • NME 9
  • Concept 1
  • Concept 2

This cage will not fit the 2012 Bauer Profile 960, 950, and 940 style masks .

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New Chrome Sr Cat Eye Cage

29 Available

New, Chrome – Double Bar Cat Eye cage. – This model is made for Bauer NME masks.- Not CSA approved,- Does not come with mounting hardware.*Pricing is fixed on this item, will not negotiate.

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Bauer 960 Xpm Goalie Mask Review

Bauer NME/Concept Certified Style Cat Eye Replacement Cage

Is the Bauer 960 worth it? We argue that yes, it is. When it comes to head protection, there simply isnt a more comfortable, better helmet. If youre going to invest heavily into one piece of equipment, make it your helmet. The Bauer Profile lineup, specifically the 960 series, has been one of the best goalie masks on the market for some time.

Will the Bauer 960 goalie helmet work for youth goalies?

This mask isnt necessarily the best youth goalie helmet, because of two reasons. First, its expensive and built for pros. The mask is sized accordingly, so it will not fit a youth netminder the best. Second, there are better fitting masks built specifically for young goalies.

Bauer 960 Features

The Bauer 960 is the highest end goalie helmet that Bauer offers. They also offer a Bauer NME . Bauer also offers a 950 and a 940, two masks at a lower price point that follow this line. For the 960, its going to cost you about $900.

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Bauer Nme8 Goalie Mask

The Bauer NME8 Goalie Mask is a very popular selling goalie mask. It has the looks of the pro Bauer mask which is worm by over half of the NHL. The NME8 also has a very good protection rating because of the aramid fiber and carbon construction. This mask also uses a three level foam protection which is mechanically attached. The three layers of VN foams absorbs impacts from head shots, while fitting comfortably on your head with gel comfort zones. There are three sizes to the NME8 masks, Fit 1 = Small, Fit 2 = Medium & Fit 3 + Large. A padded mask bag is also included on each NME8 mask sale. For price, style and protection the NME8 is definitely a mask that is worth consideration for anyone serious about protecting their head.

Bauer NME8 Goalie Mask

  • SHELL: Fiberglass base Aramid fiber reinforcement Vibration dampening tape Carbon edge wrap reduces chipping
  • LINER: Mechanically attached liner 3 layers of VN foam Soft comfort padding in pressure zones THERMO MAX + sweatband
  • WIRE: Stainless steel flat wire Wire wrap technology
  • ALSO INCLUDED: Padded mask bag & Extra sweatband

Goalie Mask Construction

Warranty Information

Bauer Nme 7 Mask Review

Hey everyone, today I thought I would do a review on the NME 7 Goalie Mask from Bauer. I am a goalie for those of you who dont know, but as you may have already found, I have a passion for both goalie, and player gear.


The NME 7 Mask is right up there in the looks category with the profile 960 and 961 helmets. The mask features a sleek yet elegant design that is sure to please any goalie in the market for a new mask. The NME 7 features either a chrome certified flat-bar cage, a chrome non-certified cat-eye cage for those of you in leagues where cat-eyes are allowed, or a certified chrome cat-eye cage. The mask first came out in Black and White, but with the growing success of the NME 7, the growth of the colour scheme choices have changed as well. The mask now has endless varieties of paint styles on more recent NME Series masks that will satisfy any goalie. The White mask was the one I liked best, and the flat-bar cage was the only option for me, since a cat-eye cage isnt allowed in the league I play in, and I wasnt a fan of the look of the certified cat-eye cage.


What I Liked:

I liked the fact that this mask was made in Canada, the vibration reduction was excellent, the protection on this mask is fantastic, and the mask looks great no matter what colour/cage option you opt for.

What I Didnt Like:

Final Word:

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