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Best Rated Cat Litter Box

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Open Litter Box Or Covered Litter Box

Best Litter Box in 2021 | 10 TOP RATED Cat Litter Boxes

Its an ongoing debate with cat owners. On the surface, it seems like a covered litter box is a way to go. The litter stays inside of it, and its aesthetically pleasing, given its function. However, theres more to it than these basic things.

First and perhaps foremost, its a matter of whether your cat will use it. Felines like covered places, which can stir their natural curiosity. Contrary to popular belief, cats care little about privacy. Second, there is odor control. The smell may not seem obvious unless youre inside of it. That makes a charcoal filter imperative. Many pets will avoid using a stinky box.

Self-cleaning, covered boxes are an evident solution. The mechanism will contain the mess for you and your pet. However, it you must also think about cleaning it. You still need easy access to it, and you must replace the litter regularly. Itll help if thats easier to do than having to disassemble and reassemble the box.

Who Should Buy This

If your cat uses their current litter box without a problem, and youre happy enough with how it looks and how easy it is to scoop and clean, then you dont need to buy a new one. But otherwise, consider finding a box that corrects any of your current litter boxs shortcomings. Most good litter boxes arent expensive or complicated, so theres no reason to live with one thats hard to clean, that your cat avoids using, or that allows your pet to kick up litter everywhere.

If your cat is having new problems with the existing litter box, the first thing you should do is head to the vet. Even common and simple ailments can make a cat skittish about using a litter box. Urinary tract infections that make peeing painful can cause cats to associate the litter box with pain. Problems with a cats paws or claws can make litter uncomfortable to stand on. Any sort of gastrointestinal issue can end up making a cat avoid the box in hopes of avoiding the problem.

Aging cats might not want to hop into a tall box like they once did.

Still, in some cases, the litter box itself can indeed be the culprit. Aging cats might not want to hop into a tall box like they once did. Or a young cat may have gotten startled while in a hooded box and now wants an open one so they can be aware of their surroundings. Our picks are all aimed at being the best boxes for the most cats and humans, so although theyre a good place to start, you should follow your cats preferences first.

Criteria You Should Consider Before Purchasing The Best Rated Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Not every rated cat litter box enclosure comes with the same specifications & price. So, you should choose the one that will serve your purpose and save your wallet.

Every one of us wants to get the best deal without struggling out of many items. This would be only possible when you get an expert buying guide followed by that product. Therefore some basic questions come up:

  • Is it worth buying?
  • What benefits will the product offer to me?
  • What are the decisive factors while considering the right one?

Lets find out some of the considerations from below:

1. Brand Value: Every brand of rated cat litter box enclosure has a value all its own. We know some of the brands are really offering unique selling propositions which are supposed to give you different features compared to the competitors. We recommend you to have a look at them first.

2. Features: Find the amazing features that will meet your demand. Dont go for unnecessary boasting features.

3. Specification: It is important to understand many measurements of your product which is also imperative to see.

4. Affordability: You need to know about your wallet, right? So find a product which you will be not only interested in buying but also, you can afford it.

5. Customer Ratings: The grade of ratings is another decisive factor.

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Using Litter Box Furniture

Where to Put Your Cats Litter Box

As mentioned above, its best to put your litter box somewhere with 24/7 access for your cat, but thats away from communal spaces and sleeping quarters. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and mudrooms are best, while lofts or offices also work.

Introducing Your Cat to Litter Box Furniture

Its always smart to introduce changes gradually to your cat. Heres a helpful guideline for introducing your cat to their new furniture:

1. Show and Tell: After setting up your enclosure, put the litter box inside, and introduce your cat by either calling them or carrying them over. Make sure they understand where the litter box is now located and how to access it.

2. Leave a Scent Trail: You might be tempted to clean your cats litter box before placing it in the new enclosure, but this can confuse your cat!

Instead, try to leave a few clumps of soiled litter or fecal matter in the box so your cat recognizes the scent and makes the connection that this is their new bathroom. If your new enclosure has its own litter system, add in a few soiled clumps from their old litter box.

3. Ease Them In: Some cats have no problem adjusting to a new litter box, while others need to be eased in. If your cat seems to be having a hard time finding their box, or making the connection that they need to enter the enclosure , try leaving the enclosure open until they get used to the new location.

Cleaning Your Cats Litter Box

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

2019 Best Cat Litter Boxes Reviews
25 x 19 x 11.75
Includes: Litter Tray

The Natures Miracle Oval Hooded Litter Box is a simple, hooded litter box. It does include built-in odor controllers, but its simple plastic design has snap latches to secure the top, as well as a flip-top front that your cat will find easy to get through, no matter how urgent the need.

The tray is easy to get into to clean and its non-stick surface prevents wet and solid litter from building up and causing an unshiftable rock-hard mess in the tray.

The tray is a good size and will fit most breeds and sizes of cat. However, the latches do not always fit snugly, which means that the lid can end up being loose on the box so it will be knocked off by a spinning cat.

It is very well priced, however, being cheaper than most of the trays on this list, and its activated charcoal filters help reduce the odors that would otherwise escape and fill the room, making it the best overall covered cat litter box on the list.

This is a good choice for those with one or multiple cats, of any size, but if you have a cat that likes to spin and knocks the sides, you may need to find a way to secure the lid better. Or, opt for a different litter box.

21.5 x 17.75 x 18
Includes: Litter Tray

The polished finish of the litter tray, which is made with 20% recycled content, is designed to be stain-resistant and to prevent odors from collecting on the surface. It is easy to clean and the box is suitable for homes with one or multiple cats.

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Where Should I Put My Cat’s Litter Box

The best place to put your cat’s litter box is in a quiet, secluded area away from household traffic, Richardson said. That way your cat will feel safe and comfortable when toileting. She advised against placing a litter box at the end of a hallway, somewhere your cat may feel trapped, or in the area where they are fed. “Cats typically don’t like to go where they eat,” she said.

Transition Tips: How To Help Your Cat Start Using A New Automatic Litter Box

Between operational noises and unexpected movements, a self-cleaning unit is a little bit more disturbing than the standard inanimate plastic pan.

For cats who grew up using a traditional litter box, it might not even be clear that the new litter mixing machine is a litter box at all. Its important to gently acclimate your cat to the new litter box.

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Our Pick: Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box

*At the time of publishing, the price was $11.

The Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box is the perfect example of a simple solution thats also the right one. It has all the features that experts recommend to keep your cat happyits large and open and has a low entry pointas well as the ones that keep humans sane. Its high sides prevent litter and urine from getting out of the box, the smooth surfaces are easy to scoop and clean, and its dirt cheap.

Measuring 20 by 18 inches at the top, with a 16-by-11½-inch pan at the base, the Natures Miracle box is one of the largest ones weve found that bigger cats can use comfortably. Many of the boxes we dismissed without testing were much smaller, often less than 16 inches wide on the outside, with even smaller pan sizes. That may be fine for a kitten or small cat, but ideally, medium and large cats will get their length or more in every direction to turn around. One open box we considered was larger in length and width, but the extra space didnt seem necessary for most cats.

Open boxes have a reputation for being stinky, but the best way to avoid that is to scoop more often and keep the box clean.

Finally, this litter box is the cheapest we found, and it performs better than the competition. If youre okay with the idea of an open box, the Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box is the best choice.

Omega Paw Rolln Clean Cat Litter Box Best Overall

Best Top Entry Cat Litter Box Reviews | Best Rated By Users

Convenient, affordable, and time-saving, the Omega Paw RollN Clean Cat Litter Box was our favorite litter box of 2020. It takes a lot of the work out of cleaning your cats litter box. Just roll this litter box onto the top and roll it back. Inside, the unique grill will scoop out your cats waste and leave it in the tray for you to easily remove. No more sifting through kitty litter!

This top rated cat litter box contains odors much better than an open-top litter box. It also speeds up your cleanup process. For houses with more than one cat, this litter box can be just the time-saver you need. But keep in mind that some litter can leak out when you roll this litter box. You have to hold the waste tray when you roll it to prevent this, but if you forget, youll have a mess to clean up after you finish separating the litter!

  • Some litter can leak out when rolled

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A Few Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy One

Ready to browse the internet for the best self cleaning litter box? Before you do, you may want to ask yourself a few questions:

  • When it comes to pet chores, how important is convenience? Understandably, a self scooping litter box tends to be a little pricier compared to traditional litter boxes. But many users agree that the amount of hassle and, well, yuckiness, that can be avoided with a self-cleaning cat litter box is far worth the investment.
  • Do you often forget to change your cat’s litter box or litter boxes, or dread the task so much that you put it off until the last minute? Take your own will power out of the equation. Using a box that does the hard lifting for you relieves you of your least favorite chore!
  • How many pets do you have? If you live in a multi-cat house, a box that cleans itself can save you a ton of time! This is because you won’t have to change out the litter as frequently. Even if you only have one feline friend roaming about, you can still expect to spend a fraction of the time on minding her litter boxes compared to what you would spend using a standard box.
  • Are you comfortable troubleshooting an electronic device? Auto litter boxes come with directions and the best ones are easy to set up and use. But if you’re a bit of a technophobe, you’ll want to make sure you’re ready to handle a new automatic device in your house.

Do I Really Need A Special Box For Multiple Cats

No, you dont need one, but it can certainly make your life more convenient.

If you dont get a litter box that can accommodate multiple cats, youll need to clean it every single day, without exception. Otherwise, a regular box will quickly overflow with waste. Not only is this gross to have in your house, but it can also make your cat more susceptible to disease.

Boxes for multiple cats are usually larger than regular boxes, which gives you a bit of leeway when it comes to cleaning them out. Some are even big enough for two or more cats to use the bathroom at the same time, but thats not necessarily something that you should be concerned about.

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Best Choice Cat Litter Box Cabinet

If youre looking for a stylish enclosure thats made from solid wood, take a look at Best Choices Litter Box Cabinet. This highly-rated furniture is extra durable, and includes side storage for magazines, books, or your cats toys. Pro tip: we suggest applying a waterproof seal to the inside of this cabinet for easy clean-ups if you decide to purchase.

Key Features:

  • Cabinet style litter box enclosure
  • Side entry for your cat
  • Top weight capacity of 110 lbs
  • Made of a solid wood frame, and sturdy metal fasteners
  • Available in white and gray color options
  • Dimensions: 34L x 21W x 20.75H


  • Thick wooden doors magnetically close
  • Includes a side rack for storage


  • Smaller than pictures make it seem be sure to measure your space before purchasing.
  • More difficult to assemble than other options. A drill, while not necessary, can save time.

Location Of The Litter Box

Top 10 Best Cat Litter Boxes Reviews 2018

Your cats litter box needs to be placed in the right location in your home or it can also lead to litter box avoidance. The ideal spot for a litter box will be:

  • Away from areas that receive high footfall so your cat has privacy
  • In a corner or against a wall so your cat feels safe and protected while doing its business
  • Within a quiet room in your home so your cat wont be disturbed
  • In a room that they have permanent access to
  • Away from their food and water, cat toys, and pet bed
  • Close to where they usually spend a lot of their time so they never have far to go

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What We Didnt Like:

  • One of the more expensive options on the market
  • Can be tricky to scoop solid waste
  • Some cats may dislike the texture of the pellets

Now that we reviewed the best cat litters you can buy, lets build a foundation of knowledge. Well start with the qualities of the best cat litter, then discuss the different types of litter and how they measure up to those requirements.

The Best Automatic Litter Boxes Control And Contain Odors Well Even In Multi

Except for the toilet-style CatGenie, automatic litter boxes dont make your cats waste disappear completely.

Instead, they store it within an odor-trapping waste bin. These compartments should contain odors effectively and should have a large capacity, allowing you to go for weeks before making a trip to the garbage can.

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Clay Vs Natural Litters

Another easy way to whittle down your product choices is to choose between clay litter and natural litter. A natural litter refers to any product made from a natural source, such as wood, corn, nutshells, recycled paper. The difference between the two is pretty self-explanatory: natural litters are sustainable and compostable but clay litters are not.

For anyone that cares for the planet, natural litters are preferable for these environmental benefits. Thats not all though natural cat litters also tend to be a healthier option for your cat. Unlike clay litters, they dont contain silica dust which can cause respiratory issues and is a known carcinogen. However, natural litters are usually more expensive.

In terms of your cats preference, they dont really mind either way. They are much more concerned about the smell and texture than they are about where their litter came from. However, some cats are sensitive to natural scents. But again, this is all down to personal preference.

Okocat Natural Wood Super Soft Clumping Litter

Best Cat litter box

Wood is becoming a popular substrate for cat litter thanks to its eco-friendly and sustainable qualities. However, many people find their cats dont like wood pellet cat litter. The pellets are often hard and feel uncomfortable to step on. But there is a solution wood fiber cat litter, such as the OKOCAT Natural Wood Super Soft Clumping Litter.

This cat litter is still made from wood, so has all the environmental perks of wood pellet cat litter. Yet rather than large pellets, this litter has a similar texture to clay litters. This is a huge perk as most cats love the feel of clay litter on their paws. Plus, this super-soft version is made specifically for cats with sensitive paws in mind.

When your cat pees on this litter, the wood fibers immediately stop the enzymes responsible for creating ammonia odors in their tracks. This effective odor control can make all the difference between your cat using its litter tray and not. The wood fibers form easy-to-scoop clumps in the process so that cleaning is quick and simple.

Moreover, this is a dust-free formula, made only from wood that has been screened and de-dusted. There are also no artificial fragrances. Yet some cats may not be a fan of the faint wood smell cats do have highly sensitive noses and some will like the scent more than others. This is something youll just have to discover for yourself.


  • Superfine pieces track more than other litters
  • Some cats wont like the natural wood scent

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