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Best Type Of Cat Litter

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Best Cat Litter Box For Your Feline

Top 13 Best Cat Litters (We Tested Them All)

As every good cat owner knows, every kitty is unique. So how do you choose a litter box to suit your own cats preferences? There are a few factors youll need to consider.

What kind of cat litter box would you prefer to have, and how much upkeep does it take? Youll need to get a box thats only as high maintenance as you can handle.

Youll also need to consider your cats personal preferences, the age of your cat, and the convenience of the cat litter box.

For instance, if your cat values privacy, then having a hooded litter box can give your kitty the privacy they need, right inside your house. However, if youre a cat owner with very little time on your hands, then providing your kitty with a disposable litter box might be the best option. This may take the hassle out of cleaning it.

Another excellent option for busy cat owners is a self-cleaning litter box for your cat. This litter box automatically removes waste, so theres no need for you to scoop, clean, or refill the litter box after use.

If your cat is particularly fussy, why not allow your pet the combination of privacy and cleanliness in a hooded self-cleaning litter box. This box allows your kitty to slip inside unseen to do their business in privacy, and it cleans it itself. Which means less scooping and cleaning for you as the owner.

Freda Cat home

Modern Design, 3 Colours

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Best Paper Cat Litter

Ökocat’s Non-Clumping Paper Pellet Litter is the most absorbent of all paper litters we tested and produces virtually no dust.

Pros: Made of sustainably sourced paper pellets, free of dyes and synthetic chemicals, very little dust, biodegradable, pellets are soft and less than 1 inch long, unscented

Cons: Expensive, some cats do not like using a pellet-style litter

Paper litters, most of which come in the form of small, firm pellets, can be good for cats with respiratory problems. Of the five paper varieties I evaluated, Ökocat’s Paper Pellet Litter performed best in my first round of testing. It absorbed liquid quickly and the paper pellets did not immediately fall apart.

The pellets were the softest and smallest of the paper litters, making them more compatible with a cat’s natural scratching, digging, and burying behaviors than brands with heavier, larger pellets. This litter does not clump. Instead, the paper pellets absorb as much liquid as they can before falling apart and turning into a sort of mulch. Scooping is only necessary for solids.

Neither of my cats were willing to use the paper litters, so I can’t speak to how well Ökocat controls odors or holds up over time. It is clear from the weight and shape of the litter that the pellets are very low tracking compared to smaller-grained clay and natural varieties. While the litter isn’t dust-free, it is close. The pellets are also biodegradable and unscented.

Use And Disposal Of Litter


Fill the tray with Cats Best cat litter up to a height of 5-7 cm.


Remove clumps and solid excretions regularly. The Cats Best cat litter shovel is designed especially for the easy removal of clumps.

Complete change

The weekly cleaning of the cat litter tray is a thing of the past. A complete change of Cats Best cat litter lasts for up to five weeks.


Dispose of the litter and solid waste with the household waste. Individual lumps can also be disposed of via the household toilet, as they dissolve immediately in water. Please observe the local disposal regulations.

Available Sizes

2.1 kg compact bag: approx. 5 litres4.3 kg comapct bag: approx. 10 litres8.6 kg advantage pack: approx. 20 litres17.2 kg storage pack: approx. 40 litres

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The Best Cat Litter Is Affordable

Depending on what type you choose, you could end up forking over $70 $200 per year in cat litter expenditures. When you consider that a humans annual toilet paper expenses are low as $15 and usually dont exceed $50, cat litter starts to look a bit pricey.

That being said, dont think you need to choose an expensive litter box filler. The most affordable litter is often the best. You might even be better off using soil from your backyard rather than spending big bucks on premium litter.

Many cat litter shoppers explain that they save money by buying cat litter in bulk or from store brands like Chewys Frisco and Petcos So Phresh.

Overall Is Worlds Best Cat Litter A Good Choice

Five Outrageous Ideas For Your What Is The Best Kind Of Cat Litter ...

We are happy to report that Worlds Best Cat Litter lives up to its name. There are many things to love about this brand, not least the affordable price. The fact that this brand uses only natural, compressed corn materials means that every formula is lightweight, highly absorbent, and flushable. This makes Worlds Best one of the easiest, most convenient cat litter brands for cat owners.

One thing to be mindful of with this brand is that some formulas are scented. We found the lavender scent to be very light and pleasant, but some customers found that the scent mixed unpleasantly with litter box odors. If youre sensitive to smells, you may want to stick to unscented formulas.

All of Worlds Best Cat Litters formulas are safe for kittens over 8 weeks of age and for adult and senior cats. One final concern is the fact that it is made from natural materials so it may attract insects. You can avoid this issue by tightly sealing the bag and by not placing your litter box outside in humid areas.

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The Best Type Of Litter For Your Cat

Youd think choosing the right litter for your cats litter box would be an easy decision, but thats not always the case. Cats can be particular, and if they dont like the litter you choose, theyll find another place to do their business. Fortunately, there are plenty of litter options out there to match your cats preferences.

The Best Cat Litter Overall

There are a lot of considerations to make when purchasing cat litter, but in our books, there is only one litter that holds up against all 9 important factors that we listed out for you above.

Our choice for best cat litter overall is tofu cat litter.

We choose tofu cat litter as the best cat litter because it can satisfy a variety of different needs. Whether youre concerned about the environment, want to keep a tidy home, or, most importantly, want to give your cat the healthiest and safest option, tofu cat litter delivers on all fronts.

Tofu cat litter is 100% natural, flushable, clumping, absorbent, non-tracking, lightweight, and dust-free. The only hesitancy some people have with tofu cat litter is the price, but when you purchase a higher quality litter like tofu, you wont have to clean the box as frequently, meaning youll use less product and one bag will last you much longer than conventional cat litter.

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Best Kitty Litter List 2022

Published: by Jenny

There are two products that you will buy more than any other when you own a cat: cat food and kitty litter. And finding the right option for each for your cat is really important if you want to keep them happy and healthy.

People often ask what the best cat litter is and the answer is always subjective, so I always say, “The one that works for you and your cat!”. There are no scientific rules around which is the best cat litter, and there are different types that some people prefer to use, or that some cats just seem happier with.

All products featured on the site are carefully selected by the editor of Floppycats, Jenny Dean. When you buy something through our affiliate links, we may earn a small commission. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

So instead of a single definitive answer for this is the best cat litter, what’s included below is all the kitty litter that Ive reviewed or used in the past, Ive looked at the top-reviewed kitty litter on some of the biggest pet retailer sites, and Ive asked our readers, the Floppycatters, what their own recommendations are.

With all that info, heres a definitive guide to the different types of kitty litter you can buy, and some good options for each of those. I do have a personal best overall that I use, but that might not be right for you and your cat.

The Best Silica Gel Cat Litter

Top 10 Best Cat Litter Boxes of 2021 (We Tested Them All)

Wirecutter contributing writer Gregory Han swears by the odor-absorbing properties of silica gel litter, and he has used So Phresh Scoopable Cat Litter for nearly a decade. Guests have remarked our apartment does not smell like the usual small space, multi-pet abode, and most importantly the cats seem to like the sodium silicate best, he writes in Apartment Therapy. Han notes that silica gel litter tends not to track as far outside the litter box as some clay litters hes tried. For one of his cats who spent a lot of time scraping at the litter box, the dust from clay was a problem too. Han admits that So Phresh is pricey , and he says it works best with a layer of baking soda added to the bottom of the litter pan . Unlike silica with bigger crystals or pearls, the So Phresh silica is small enough that it coats poop reasonably well, though it does get a little yellow from cat pee.

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Purina Yesterdays News Original Paper Cat Litter

Fluffballs, rejoice! Long-haired cats will appreciate the large pellets of this recycled paper litter, which wont catch their fur. Youll appreciate the noticeable lack of dust. Also, for cats who have recently undergone surgery, I recommend Yesterdays News, which wont stick into the surgical site, says Brian Evans, veterinarian and medical director at Dutch.

What Clumping Clay Litters We Also Recommend

  • Cat’s Pride Unscented Natural Care Multi-Cat Clumping Litter: This affordable cat litter absorbed liquids instantaneously and formed clumps that were only a little more likely to break apart during cleaning than our top picks. It’s more likely to be tracked than heavier litters. For every 15-pound jug purchased, the company donates a pound of litter to an animal shelter.
  • Tidy Cats Free and Clean Lightweight Litter: This litter was on par with the brand’s Naturally Strong variety, which we selected as the best cat litter overall. It absorbed liquids on contact, clumped tightly, controlled odors with activated charcoal, and produced very little dust. However, it tracked more than the Naturally Strong litter, with granules of litter sometimes riding on my cats’ feet all the way to the living room couch.
  • Frisco Scoopable Unscented Litter: Frisco’s Scoopable Litter is a steal. It controls odors as well as our best affordable litter pick, Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Multi-Cat Strength Litter, but is less instantaneously absorbent, forming thinner and more fragile clumps that spread more widely across the pan. That said, it’s unscented and among the least dusty formulas, making it a great option for anyone looking to save a few bucks.

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Crystal Cat Litter Is No Better Than Clay

Crystal cat litter is a popular newer type made from absorbent silica gel. It’s popular because it promises to be virtually dust-free and very effective at absorbing urine and controlling odor.

We did a deep analysis of a popular brand of silica gel litterPretty Litterand found some pretty shocking results. In our research, we found that there are two types of silica: crystalline and amorphous silica.

Confusingly, cat litter made from silica gel is generally made from amorphous silica. We were unable to find any cat litters claiming to be made from dangerous crystalline silica

However, crystal cat litter isn’t without its own potential risks.

In our analysis of Pretty Litter, we found several anecdotal reports online of negative health impacts of this crystal litter, including a user video showing incredible amounts of dust created by handling it in the litter box.

For this reason, we also do not recommend using crystal cat litter like Pretty Litter.

What Clay Clumping Litters We Don’t Recommend

Worlds Best Cat Litter  Advanced Picky Cat Litter  Clumping ...
  • Arm & Hammer Unscented Multi-Cat Litter: Although it is advertised as unscented, this litter has a light laundry detergent odor. It formed solid clumps but was the dustiest of all of the litters we tested.
  • Pioneer Pet Smart Cat Lightweight Clumping Litter: This lightweight, unscented litter absorbs liquid and clumps well, but the moisture that escaped to mix with clay at the bottom of the pan was surprisingly challenging to remove.
  • Cat’s Pride Scented Bacterial Odor Control Multi-Cat Litter: The litter produced very little dust and clumped reasonably well, but it didn’t capture all of the liquid, leaving wet clay stuck to the bottom of the pan. It also has a light soapy scent.
  • Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Litter: Arm & Hammer’s Cloud Control was the least absorbent litter out of the nine clay varieties, although what liquid it absorbed clumped solidly. A heavy litter perfumed with a light laundry scent, Cloud Control is, at the very least, dust-free.

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What Is The Difference Between Scoopable And Clumping Cat Litter

Many cat litter manufacturers use the terms scoopable and clumping interchangeably when discussing clay cat litters. Scoopable is the ability to remove cat waste, either urine or feces, with a cat litter scooper. Clumping refers to when cat urine is absorbed or dehydrated by clay or silica-based litter granules, and forms hard clumps that are easy to scoop. There are some types of cat litter that are only scoopable, not clumpable, like pine litters and recycled paper litters.

How Often Should You Clean Your Litter Box

So let’s get to the nitty-gritty here. “If you have one cat, you should clean it once a week. Most people stretch it. Scoop it twice a day and clean once a week, is a good general rule,” said Fox.

The best way to clean it is using “warm water and unscented soap, or an enzyme spray cleaner. Cats are super sensitive to smell,” said Fox. “Most people have an uncovered regular litter box. I like the ones cats can jump in and get in and have privacy. I love the way it looks and theres no litter everywhere. Any change needs to be gradual.”

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Most Innovative Litter Box For Multiple Cats

In households with multiple cats, you probably also deal with lots of different personalities and preferences. This covered design from Modkat helps handle that. Its extra large and allows for both top or front entry the front entry can be closed off as needed, while the top entry allows for tracked litter to drop back into the box instead of on your floor. It also reduces odor by using replaceable liners that keep the litter box itself clean and usable for years. This is a good thing given the price of this innovative design, which will cost you a pretty penny. That price comes with extra benefits, though, like a place to hang the scooper, a super large size, and an easy-to-remove lid that makes cleaning a breeze.


  • Can be configured as a top-entry or front-entry box.
  • The design prevents cats from accidentally peeing outside the litter box.
  • Replacement liners keep the pan from absorbing odor.
  • Large size gives cats lots of room.
  • Sleek design that you wont need to hide.

Things to Consider:

  • Higher priced than other litter boxes.
  • Liners need to be purchased separately and replaced every three months.
  • Doesnt give cats clear view of their surroundings.

Best Overall Litter Box For Multiple Cats

Top 10 Best Cat Litters of 2021 (We Tried Them All)

This litter box earns the top spot for the best overall option for multiple cats due to its ideal design and affordable price. High sides contain litter and keep cats from making a mess over the edge, but the low entry point allows easy step-in, even for senior cats. The open top may not contain odor well, but it does allow cats to keep an eye on their surroundingsand watch for any ambushes from their cat siblingswhile in a vulnerable position. At nearly two feet long, this super-sized box is also big enough to handle multiple catsand their messes.


  • Combination of high sides and low opening makes it easy for cats to enter while preventing litter scatter.
  • Open top allows cats in multi-pet homes to survey surroundings.
  • Large size is big enough for most cats.

Things to Consider:

  • Controlling odor will be more difficult with an open box.

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Dr Elseys Ultra Premium Clumping Clay Litter

This all-natural, clumping clay litter gets top ratings because it keeps things smelling fresh around your house. The granules are heavy and its 99.9% dust-free. See how this litter works in the product video. It works well with a variety of litter boxes, including sifting and mechanical boxes. Note that clay litter is not safe for kittens.

What we like about it:

  • No perfumes or deodorants

Whats new in litter? Walnut shells! If you arent a fan of clay-based litters, heres one thats extremely absorbent and easy to scoop. That absorbency helps it deliver great odor control for multi-cat boxes, too.

What we like about it:

  • Forms tight, strong clumps that are easy to scoop
  • Since its so absorbent, one bag lasts a long time
  • Dust-free formula keeps you and your kitties sneeze-free

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