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What Do Customers Think Of Pretty Litter Cat Litter

How to Build a Frisco End Table Litter Box Enclosure | Chewy

For the most part, Pretty Litter receives very positive ratings. The litter fulfills its promise of changing colors when a potential health problem is detected, but it is still on the cat owner to take the cat to the vet. There are many comments about the price being high, but that is fairly standard for crystal cat litter.

The most consistent negative comment is that the 6-pound bag doesnt last quite a month for larger cats or multi-cat households. Some customers also found that Pretty Litter didnt cover feces odor as well as urine odor. Check out some customer reviews for Pretty Litter below:

Best Budget: Pawland Decorative Cat House

Material: Wood | Outer Dimensions: 18.9 X 20.9 X 22 inches | CatEntrance Size: 6.7 x 8.3 inches

  • Rotary catch for a more secure closure

  • Ventilation holes

  • No place to store extra litter or scoop

  • Cant fit an oversized litter box

If youre looking to hide your kittys litter box on a budget, the PAWLAND Decorative Cat House is the choice for you. Similar in style to the UniPaws Gray Indoor Cat House with Mat, but with a more rustic farmhouse-style feel, it holds a standard-size litter box while also doubling as a side table or nightstand. Its complete with ventilated holes and, unlike magnets that can pop open when your kitty bumps into the door, the enclosure’s rotary catch has a stronger hold that keeps the door firmly shut until youre ready to go in and clean it.

This litter box enclosure is made of engineered wood and comes in two finisheswhite and espressowith a shiplap-style detailing.

How Can I Train My Cat To Use A Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Cats can dislike change, so dont expect your cat to start using a new litter box enclosure without a bit of time and effort on your part. When you bring a cat litter box enclosure home, assemble it and place it somewhere in your home where your cat is comfortable. Allow them to investigate it in their own time, and offer them plenty of treats and verbal praise when they do sniff around it and go inside. You may want to leave the doors open so your cat can acclimatize to this new piece of furniture without feeling trapped.

Once your cat seems more confident, move the enclosure next to their existing litter box, and place a new litter box inside. Dont take away the original litter box until your cat seems to be confident and comfortable using the new one.

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Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

For every feature we like about this box, theres almost guaranteed to be a reviewer on Amazon or Chewy with a cat who feels the opposite. We think the boxs entry is low enough to allow easy access for most cats but still prevent them from peeing out the front. Yet some reviewers thought it was too low, saying their cats tracked litter or managed to pee out the front some others, conversely, said their cats had a hard time getting in and out because the entry was too high. Most of the Natures Miracle boxs features are a great compromise between the needs of cats and people, though, so we still think its the best option overall.

But Will Your Cat Love A Fancy Litter Box Enclosure As Much As You Do

Designer Pet Products Catbox Enclosure Litter Box, White

Cats often prefer quiet, out-of-the-way places to use their litter boxes.

This is why the bathroom or laundry room , or even a quiet corner of your living room may be best for your litter box furniture. If the box is in a high traffic area, it may cause anxiety, which can lead to accidents.

Ivy told betterpet that Mink loves using his igloo cat litter box. Id like to think animals value their privacy when doing their business this one is nice because you cant see your cat when they go inside.

So even if you do have to put your cat litter box in a busier space, like a living room or bedroom, consider one thats covered or closed to give your cat privacy just make sure its always accessible to your cat. If the box has doors, make sure they always remain open.

Claires cat Rosie adapted fairly well to the new litter box cabinet enclosure, but I still catch her every once and a while looking in the closet in the former spare bedroom for her old box, Claire said.

If your cat refuses to use the new box, try moving it to a new spot in the house, especially one where your cat feels most comfortable.

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Side Door Or Front Door

Your cat probably wont mind either way this is more an aesthetic point of view. If you want to make the furniture blend in as much as possible, a side door is going to be less noticeable. If youre not too worried, a front door would be fine.

Incidentally, you can even get a fake clay pot with a plant in the top that looks like the real thing except with a litter tray inside it. Turn that around so the entrance faces the wall, and no one will ever know. You can see that blending in is something you can do in several ways when looking for this furniture.

Best For Litter Tracking: Trixie 2

  • Cant use the shelf for storage

  • Magnetic closure isnt the sturdiest

The Trixie 2-Story Wooden Cat Litter Box Enclosure is the solution for kitties who love to track litter everywhere they go. The two-story design and second floor opening forces your cat to come in contact with another surface before exiting the litter cabinet, reducing the amount of litter that makes it outside of the box and onto your floors . You can add a litter mat to the landing to reduce litter tracking even more.

Made of engineered wood, this litter enclosure is resistant to moisture and comes with additional ventilation holes that help dissipate moisture and any resulting smells. It comes in two colorswhite and espressoso you can coordinate with your decor.

  • Doesnt fit large litter boxes

  • Because theres no bottom panel, litter can collect on the floor

If you prefer plastic over wood or engineered wood, the Palram CATSHIRE Enclosed Cat Litter Box Washroom is the obvious choice. Made of Palboard, a multi-layered PVC sheet, with a laminated particle board, this litter box enclosure can stand up to anything. Labeled as pee-proof, its resistant to moisture and acidity, so if your cat accidentally misses the box, you can wipe it right down and there will be no harm done.

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Ikea Wardrobe Diy Transformation House Tweaking

If you want to pack a lot of storage into your cat litter box furniture, this DIY might be right for you.

Ikeas PAX wardrobe turns into a little kitty bathroom and storage space. This simple wardrobe modification involves a little shelf adjustment, the addition of a cat door, and a litter box.

You can install any cat door you like. The tutorial used a cat door with a locking flap, but an open door is airier and more cat-friendly. Remember that the door will be elevated a few inches off the ground, so a floor-brushing door like the Purrfect Portal might not work.

The author of this tutorial House Tweaking explained that it wasnt difficult to install the cat door into the side of the wardrobe, but did have to use teamwork to hold the wardrobe steady while the other person screwed the door into the side panel. Because the walls of this particular wardrobe are thin, they had to trim the screws to get a perfect fit.

The bottom of the wardrobe is lined with a rubber mat, which makes it easy to clean.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites In 2022

How to Assemble a Frisco Litter Bench Table | Chewy
White and beige, black and grey, grey and white
Automatic: No

The best overall dog-proof cat litter box is the IRIS Top Entry Litter Box. This box allows your kitty to freely come and go through the lid of the box through a hole that is big enough for your cat but too small for most large dogs. The grooved lid helps prevent litter tracking and the overall size makes it big enough for just about any kitty to use. It includes a free litter scoop that is color-coordinated to the litter box. The lid is removable for easy cleaning, but its not loose enough for a dog to remove.

Small kittens, senior cats, and cats with limited mobility may have difficulty using this box since it requires jumping in and out. Some people find the rounded interior corners difficult to cleanly scoop litter from.

Grey and white, black and white
Automatic: No

For tight budgets, the best dog-proof cat litter box for the money is the Frisco Top Entry Cat Litter Box Large. This top entry litter box allows your cat to come and go without your dog being able to squeeze its head in. The textured lid reduces litter tracking and can be removed or tilted open for easy cleaning. When you tilt the lid open, loose litter on top slides back in, making for mess-free cleaning. Its made from durable, recycled plastic, so it should last a long time.

Automatic: Yes
Automatic: No
Automatic: Yes
Automatic: Yes
Automatic: No
Automatic: No
Automatic: No

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Budget Pick: Trixie Pet Homes Litter Box Enclosure

A good litter box enclosure should be functional, and it shouldnt detract from your home décor, but you dont have to pay an arm and a leg for these features. The Trixie Pet Homes Litter Box Enclosure is a simple but stylish option that is affordably priced well under $100, depending which color you choose.

To make sure theres a match for every décor scheme, this litter box enclosure comes in three colors: espresso brown, gray, and white. You also have the option of choose from two different sizes, with or without an added storage space on top.

Constructed from solid MDF wood with a smooth veneer finish, this litter box enclosure may not be as durable as solid wood but the price is right. You may need to be careful about using it in high humidity areas, and the veneer finish may not stand up to heavy clawing. That being said, it is quick and easy to assemble with durable hardware and it comes with a 1-year warranty.

This unit is enclosed on all four sides with a door that opens in the front and secures with a magnetic closure. The standard model measures 19.25x20x20 inches while the storage option measures 20.25x19x22.75 inches.

Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench

I have actually installed a Merry Pet Cat Washroom Bench installed in my home as my cats litter box furniture. Its that good!

I have had many bad experiences with a lot of modern cat litter box furniture products until I tried this out.

Plus its actually a pretty decent-looking bench. Do you like the look of it? I do!

It has two separate compartments to place your cats litter box and accessories separately. It is easy to install and looks incredibly beautiful in your restroom or any other room inside your home.

My little buddy loves to stay in the restroom, so this proved to be a wise choice for me. The best part is that this washroom bench became a resting place for my cat as well.

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What Color Is It

Some items of furniture come with different color options. Others give you just the one shade, so you should check that it will fit with your décor. Youll usually see brown, white, black, and several neutral shades that should blend into any home with ease. Think about where you are going to place the unit and consider which colors might be best suited to that location.

Arf Pets Designer Enclosed Cat Litter Box Furniture

UNIPAWS Decorative Cat Litter Box Enclosure, White

This smart unit includes a handy shelf just above the main litter box area, with plenty of room on top of the unit to hold plants and other items as desired.

Perfect for use in a bathroom or any other room in the home, the wooden unit could also make the ideal bed tucked away from everyone else in the house. A good reason to buy two, perhaps? It measures 20.9in by 19.7in by 25.3in and offers a generous amount of space inside.

It is finished with ventilation holes in the rear of the unit, which are out of sight.

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What Is The Best Litter Box On The Market

The best litter box is the Natures Miracle High Sided Litter Box. Its big enough for cats to turn around, squat, and stand comfortably, plus it has an open top so they can keep an eye on their surroundings. The low entryway makes it easier for cats, including older or less-mobile ones, to get in and out. The high sides and back help contain cat messes from urine overspray and litter spills. And the boxs smooth interior is easy to clean because it doesnt trap waste clumps.

Best For Small Spaces: Penn

Having a litter box is a necessity for cat owners, but that doesnt mean you want to see it. And it definitely doesnt mean you want it taking up valuable floor space in your home. If space is at a premium in your home, you might appreciate a space-saving enclosure like the Penn-Plax Contemporary Home Cat Litter Enclosure.

This litter box enclosure measures 37.7 inches high, 20 inches wide, and 15 inches deep. Your cat enters the bottom of the cabinet through an opening on either side and theres an interior shelf above to store essentials like your litter scoop. This unit also has a storage drawer on the top of the unit.

To clean the litter box, you simply open the ventilated door on the front. The top of the enclosure can be used for potted plants or a lamp it makes a great end table for the bedroom as well.

Customer reviews mention that the enclosure is fairly easy to assemble, but the material could be of higher quality. Because the size is so limited, it may not accommodate large cats or big litter boxes, but it may be good for a kitten or a small cat.

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A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites Of 2022

Size: 37 x 21 x 22

The best overall cat litter enclosure is the Sweet Barks Wooden Washroom Bench. It comes in black or white and can not only hide your cats litter box but can double as a coffee table, end table, nightstand, and more. Its made of solid wood and is an attractive piece of furniture that could really help in homes and condos where space is at a premium. The enclosure has an entrance on either side of which will give your cat easy access, and its large enough to hold more than just the litter box.

The main disadvantages of this enclosure are that it is a little pricey.

Brown frame and semi-transparent white
Size: 48 x 36 x 0.6

The best cat litter enclosure for the money is the PetFusion Modest Cat Litter Box Privacy Screen. Its a great price and a unique alternative compared to other enclosures on this list. In fact, its not really an enclosure at all, but a privacy screen! Its made with a bamboo frame and semi-transparent plastic panels that are scratchproof and are easy to wash. It can also help with reducing litter scatter. Its 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and can hide your cats litter box without your cat feeling trapped if she has an issue with that. Additionally, the hinges can bend both ways for multiple setup options.

On the downside, its quite sturdy but can be knocked over and is less stable the wider you stretch it out.

Dark brown, brown, light gray, white
Size: Large or X-Large
Size: 26 x 37.4 x 22.64
Size: 26 x 19 x 26

Why Buy Cat Litter Box Furniture

New Age Pet ecoFlex Litter Loos and Dog Crates

In this Kitty Litter Box furniture buying guide, Ill show you why we hoomans buy litter box furniture and the ultimate litter box furniture options for your home.

After four weeks of intensive poop and testing, Ive narrowed it down to the top models meeting every cat owners needs. In particular, you will discover:

  • A litter box that looks like a household plant!
  • A kitty-toilet that is also a sit-down bench that can be used anywhere in your house.
  • A highly durable but super affordable version that is still really stylish.
  • Plus a list of the top 5 things to look for when buying your fancy moggy pooper.

How can you miss out on all that eh?

Cat furniture litter box products are becoming more and more popular. Every cat parent must buy litter box furniture for their little fur babies. And there are plenty of reasons to justify this statement.

Here are some:

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