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Fresh Step Lightweight Cat Litter

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Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme – Kitty Litter Review

This scented clumping cat litter is budget-friendly and designed with odor defense technology. The formula absorbs enzymes which cause odors, and the fresh scent helps create a cleaner smell and feel. This Advance High Performance litter weights 25% less than other choices and its virtually dust free. This light cat litter is great for any budget, and itll work well in multi-cat households.

What Kinds Of Litter Does The Brand Offer

The Fresh Step brand of cat litter offers a wide variety of different products. In addition to their typical clumping litters, they also offer one non-clumping formula as well as one crystal cat litter.

Most of Fresh Steps cat litter formulas utilize the scented power of Febreeze. Choose from original, multi-cat, and lightweight formulas fragranced with different Febreeze scents. Fresh Step does also offer a collection of unscented cat litters for cats with sensitive noses.

The three formulas were reviewing here are clumping formulas, one of which is lightweight.

Lightweight Simply Unscented Litter

Recommended by vets, this lightweight litter is free of added fragrances and dyes, but packs the same odor control power of regular Fresh Step® cat litter.

  • 30% LESS WEIGHT*: This lightweight litter is easier to lift, pour and store, and delivers the same number of uses as regular Fresh Step kitty litter.
  • UNSCENTED: Recommended by vets, this cat litter is free from added fragrances and dyes that might irritate sensitive cats.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL: Formulated to carry antimicrobial properties that prevent bacterial odor growth on the litter.
  • 99.9% DUST-FREE: ClumpLock® technology absorbs liquid and forms tight clumps for a low dust formula that reduces tracking and keeps floors cleaner.
  • 10-DAY ODOR CONTROL: Neutralizes odors with Activated Charcoal.

* relative to Fresh Step Simply Unscented

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How We Ranked Our Top Lightweight Litter Picks

When looking for the best lightweight litters, we considered several factors, including how effective the litter is at blocking odors, whether it is easy to scoop and how much lighter it is than other traditional clay litters.

We also looked at price, ease of finding the litter and what ingredients were in the litter. Finally, litters that produced less dust or mess than others were ranked higher.

Benefits Of Using A Lightweight Cat Litter

Fresh Step Lightweight Unscented Multi Cat Scoopable Clumping Cat ...

When you think of lightweight cat litter, you may only consider the benefit of the actual product weight. Turns out there are other great benefits to consider! Lets take a look at them:

  • Easier to carry and pour: It is amazing how much lighter a true lightweight litter feels. If you pick up a plastic jug of lightweight litter, it almost feels empty. Lightweight kitty litter is easier to transport and carry, and therefore easier to pour. No more straining yourself just to carry cat litter!
  • Disposal: Since lightweight litter doesnt weigh as much as traditional litters, its easier to dispose of. If you are discarding litter in the trash, your bags wont weigh nearly as much!
  • Less wasted litter: Lightweight clumping litter creates tight clumps with less litter, meaning you will waste less. This benefit is helpful for your budget and the environment. Landfills are overrun with clay litter every year, so using lightweight litter will help reduce your ecological footprint.
  • As good as standard weight litter: Theres no different in ingredients or element makeup between lightweight and standard litter. Lightweight kitty litter simply weighs less. Below we dig deeper into the differences.
  • Good for mechanical litter boxes: Lightweight kitty litter granules are small, making them great for sifting or mechanical litter boxes.
  • Next we weigh the differences between lightweight and normal litter.

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    Top 3 Cat Litters Reviewed

    Product Name

    Pros of this Fresh Step Cat Litter:

    • Designed for 10-day odor control in multi-cat households
    • Paw-activated freshness every time the cat uses the box
    • Activated charcoal traps odors and litter forms hard clumps

    Cons of this Fresh Step Cat Litter:

    • Very dusty, even compared to the other two formulas
    • Moderate to high tracking, granules are very fine
    • Scent is fairly strong, some may find it overpowering

    This litter comes in a 14-pound and 25-pound box as well as a 42-pound bag. You can also purchase a pack of 4 bags, each weighing 10.5 pounds. As a clay litter, this formula is fairly heavy.

    Whats The Difference Between Lightweight And Standard Weight Litter

    It would be understandable to assume that lightweight litter has different ingredients than standard weight litter, but it doesnt. Lightweight litter goes through a unique manufacturing process, which gives it the lighter weight. Theres been speculation on whether or not theres a harmful material used to create lightweight kitty litter, but that is not true.

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    Best Lightweight Cat Litter: 7 Picks For Easy Lifting

    Cat litter can be heavy. If you live in a city, a home with stairs or have a bad back, carrying big bags of litter can get oldfast. But buying smaller, more portable bags of litter isnt the most cost-effective or useful thing to do, either. Youll always run out of fresh litter when its time to scoop.

    So what do you do? Consider switching to lightweight cat litter thats much easier to carry and scoop.

    What Do Customers Think Of Fresh Step Cat Litter

    Fresh Step Cat Litter | Chewy

    There is a significant number of positive reviews for Fresh Step cat litter and many cat owners who are completely loyal to the brand. The hard-clumping action and odor control cannot be denied, though the amount of dust and tracking is a frequent issue. Many users also comment on the strong scent of the perfumed formulas, which is all that we reviewed.

    This being said, every customers experience is unique, and there are both good and bad reviews for the brand online. Keep reading to see a positive and negative customer review for each of the three cat litter formulas featured above:

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    Cats Pride Premium Fresh & Light Multi

    This Cats Pride lightweight cat litter is highly rated among cat parents. Its 99% dust free and weighs 25% less than other clay cat litter choices. The litter is made for fast and easy clumping, which makes it a great choice for home with multiple cats. It doesnt contain any perfumes or dyes, and the small granules are gentle on kittys paws. We like that this cat litter is endorsed by the American Humane Society.

    Overall Is Fresh Step Cat Litter A Good Choice

    As a whole, were pleased with the Fresh Step brand of cat litter. Not only is this brand highly affordable, but they offer a wide variety of products. This brand seems to have the art of clumping down, with all of their formulas offering excellent clumping ability which contributes to improved odor control.

    One thing to be mindful of with this brand is the dust and the scent. Though Fresh Step does offer unscented formulas, the three we reviewed all contains Febreeze fragrance. We also found that the three formulas consistently did not live up to their promise of being very low dust.

    All cat litters have their high and low points. The low point of Fresh Step cat litter is the ultra-fine granules which have a tendency to track and create dust. The high point is the excellent odor control and hard-clumping action. Scooping the box daily will help keep odors to a minimum and will ensure that you dont waste any litter as well.

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    Lightweight Cat Litter Buying Guide

    Cat litter doesnt have to undergo safety testing or have unique labels from regulatory agencies, Burch says, though some brands may advertise that they do extra testing.

    This means that, in many ways, its up to you to figure out whether a particular brand of litter is a good choice for your home and your cat. Here are a few recommendations when looking for a lightweight cat litter:

    Read the ingredients. Cat litter should clearly list out the ingredients in the litter. Look for silica, perlite, and clay, as they should be safe for most healthy cats. If your cat has asthma, avoid perlite-based cat litters.

    Consider low-dust options.For kittens and cats with underlying health issues, I recommend choosing a litter that produces no or low dust and is scent-free, says Burch.

    Take health conditions into account.I recommend cats with underlying diabetes or kidney disease use a non-clumping litter for owners to monitor urine output better, adds Burch.

    Manage the mess. Since lightweight cat litter is easier to kick and track around, be prepared for a bit more mess. Place the litter box in an easy-to-clean location like a bathroom or laundry room and consider buying a cat litter mat which can help reduce tracking.

    Components To Look For In A Lightweight Cat Litter

    Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Cat Litter, 15.4

    If youre interested in trying out a lightweight cat litter for your feline family, look into these components before making your purchase.

  • Weight reduction: Lightweight cat litters can range anywhere from 25-50% lighter than standard clay. There is a considerably noticeable difference between standard litter and one which weighs 50% less!
  • Scent: You can purchase a scented or unscented lightweight kitten litter. You can choose based on preference or your cats allergy sensitivities. Some lightweight kitty litters have a very faint scent, which is great if you dont want anything too overpowering.
  • Activated carbon: Some lightweight cat litters have granules which have been infused with properties to destroy bacteria which causes ammonia smell. Carbon granules are activated when they come in contact with moisture, and its actually a very helpful and underestimated benefit when it comes to odor control.
  • Clumping: You will need to choose a clumping or non-clumping formula, which comes down to every cat parents preference. Clumping litter will be easier to scoop and maintain, while non-clumping litter may potentially absorb more moisture and odor.
  • Material: The best lightweight kitty litters are clay-based. If you want to avoid using a clay cat litter, a lightweight option may not be available.
  • Its time for our lightweight cat litter recommendations!

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    Best Overall Lightweight Cat Litter

    If youre looking for a clay alternative, lightweight litter, this might be the one for you. This litter is made from biodegradable wood, which means its 70 percent lighter than clay and it is flushable. Its also free of any fragrances or synthetic chemicals and generally reduces less dust. However, wood-based litter can mold or feel wet on your cats paws, which means some cats dont like it or will track it around the house.


    • Less dust since it is clay-free
    • Wood-based litter is biodegradable and flushable
    • No artificial fragrance, synthetic chemicals, dyes or GMOs
    • 70 percent lighter than clay litter

    Things to Consider

    • Wood-based litter doesnt clump as well as clay
    • Can mold in humid environments
    • Doesnt absorb moisture as quickly as clay
    • Can stick to paws when wet

    Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Scented With Febreeze

    Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Cat Litter eliminates the strongest litter box odors in a 99.9% dust free formula and the power of Febreze.

    • Lightweight Clay
    • 99.9% Dust Free Clumping Litter
    • 10 Day Odor Control Guarantee
    • Destroys Extreme Odors

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    Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Scented Clumping Cat Litter With Febreze

    Clumping Cat Litter, Light Weight, Extreme

    30% lighter . Extra strength formula. With Febreze Freshness. 99.9% dust-free. 15.4 lbs. = 22 lbs . Fresh Step Light Weight Extreme Clumps Tight with Fresh Step ClumpLock Technology: Locks in liquid and odor on contact to form tight clumps and make scooping easy. Destroys Extreme Odors with the Power of Febreze: Helps eliminate the strongest litter box odors with our tough odor-fighting formula, and leaves behind a mountain spring scent. 99.9% Dust-Free: For cleaner surfaces, Fresh Step Extreme is 99.9% dust-free. Pet Friendly: Created by the makers of Fresh Step with your cat’s health and happiness in mind. Sold by weight, not by volume. Contents may settle during shipping. 10 days odor control guaranteed . www.freshstep.com. how2recycle.info. Questions or comments? Please visit our website at www.freshstep.com or call 1-800-325-9259. Paw Points Rewards: Upload your receipt now to earn points! Plus, get points for cat food, treats and other eligible purchases . Earn Pawsome Rewards! Now with more ways to earn points. Eligible purchases now include cat litter, cat food, treats and more . Easily sign up at PawPointsRewards.com. Upload your purchase receipt. No codes required. Start racking up Paw Points. Redeem for rewards. Made in USA of global ingredients.

    Frisco Lightweight Floral Fresh Scent Multi

    Litter Dust Comparison Fresh Step Tidy Cat Cat Attract

    This Frisco lightweight cat litter is 100% clay based, but 50% lighter. Liquid and moisture is quickly absorbed into tight clumps for convenient maintenance. The formula is low dust and contains a unique odor control system to combat unpleasant smells. You can purchase this lightweight kitty litter in Floral Fresh Scent or unscented for more sensitive kitties. This cat litter is good for your wallet and your strength, with its considerably lightweight properties.

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    Best Lightweight Cat Litters With Our 2022 Budget

    Lightweight cat litter was only introduced into the pet industry within recent years. This type of cat litter has quickly become a household wonder, as lugging heavy containers of cat litter is dreadful for pet parents.

    35% Off at Chewy.com

    How To Redeem This Offer

    If you know the struggle of becoming out of breath after carrying cat litter into your home, the idea of using a lightweight litter may be attractive.

    Believe it or not, there is more to lightweight litter than just the weight of it. There are some notable benefits of using a lightweight litter and we highlight them below. We also have a list of our favorite seven lightweight cat litters, and were confident that you and your kitties will love one of our choices!

    Pros And Cons Of Lightweight Cat Litter

    Lightweight litter can absorb moisture faster than regular clay, resulting in less tracking out of the litter box, Burch says. Cats may also prefer this litter due to the softer texture.

    However, there can be drawbacks to this type of litter. Burch says that lightweight litters can create more dust than regular clay litters, and sometimes that dust can get stuck in your cats fur, especially if they have long hair.

    Increased dust can irritate your cats respiratory system, especially in pets with underlying diseases, such as asthma, she says.

    Cats can also make more of a mess with lightweight litter when digging or covering their poop.

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    Positive Customer Reviews For Fresh Step Cat Litter

    I love this stuff! Im pretty shocked by the reviews about people not able to lift the boxes. the weight is listed on the product page. Anywho, Ive tried it all. I had a picky kitty, who has passed now, and we went through pine , crystals, Tidy Cats, even wheat kitty litter, and he went everywhere anyway. I found this, and he loved it, so I have been sticking with it. My kitties do not go anywhere else. I have 3 cats, 3 boxes, and I dont have any issues, scooping. Meag, reviewing Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Cat Litter

    I am a new cat owner, so I do not have much experience with buying cat litter. But, this by far has been the best cat litter we have tried. We keep our litter box in the bathroom and since we have been using this cat litter that bathroom has smelled completely clean with a fresh Febreeze scent. I usually try to clean the litter box every day, but we went 3-4 days, and there was no odor at all. I was pleasantly surprised. I would definitely reorder this litter again, and I would also recommend this to others. Amanda, reviewing Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Scented Cat Litter

    Negative Customer Reviews For Fresh Step Cat Litter

    Amazon.com: Fresh Step Unscented Lightweight Litter, Clumping Cat ...

    Ordered this by accident wanting Lightweight and thinking this was Unscented. After filling box, seeing the dust cloud, I was overwhelmed with the cloying perfume odor. Makes my house and my poor cats reek of Febreeze. Tracks much worse than the Unscented I can see it everywhere on my dark wood floors. After a few days, I emptied boxes, rinsed out, and refilled with locally purchased Unscented, which controls odors perfectly. Two cats, two boxes, scooped every day they never smell. CatPainter, reviewing Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Cat Litter

    After reading all the positive reviews on chewy here, I decided to try this litter out since my current litter wasnt doing the job anymore. As soon as I opened the fresh step box up, I noticed right away the strong scent. Its probably the febreeze, but it was unbearable. When I started pouring it into the litter box, an extremely large amount of dust accumulated in the air. Even when I tried to pour it very slowly, there was so much dust and smell, I had to leave the room for a bit. Overall, this litter does an amazing job of clumping!! But because of the strong smell, dust, and the fact that I dont want my 2 fur babies inhaling all this chemical in, I wont be repurchasing. Yher046, reviewing Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Scented Cat Litter

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