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Omega Paw Roll N Clean Cat Litter Box

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Omega Paw RollN Clean Cat Litter Box | Chewy

Although there are many litter box models in the market that enables the cat owner to enhance their lifestyle and throw the waste away after a regular interval, still these litter boxes require various accessories such as electrical power to function, as well as liners and filters.

However, with the Omega Paw elite roll n clean litter box for large cats, these accessories are not needed as it offers a very easy process the litter box cleanses itself on a regular interval. Ideal for multiple cats or big cat households, this box not only controls odor and dusting but also quickly self-cleans itself and the process is known as roll and clean. In this process, you need to roll the litter box to the right side until its top touches the floor.

After that, you just need to roll it back to the upright position it was before. During this process, the internal mechanism of this litter box deposits the clumped waste into the pull-out tray located inside the box for quick and easy disposal.

The patented grill that is present in the litter box separates the clumped litter from the clean litter during this process. However, you need to note that this system only works with clumping litter.

Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box For Regular Sized Cats Grey

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  • Eliminate the need for daily scooping when you gift your cat the Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box. This easy-to-use litter enclosure will separate waste in just a matter of seconds. The new and updated design requires no electricity, filtering, or liners, making cleaning kitty waste less of an unpleasant chore. For quick disposal, simply roll your litter box onto its top then roll it back again to the upright position. The litter will then filter through the heavy-duty sifting grate and effortlessly separate waste into the pullout waste tray. The internal cleaning mechanism of this box blocks out dust and odor right away. Grey in color, this modern design is perfect for complementing any decor. Reinforced locking clips offer an attachable roof allowing extra privacy for your fur friend while in use. Measuring 20 x 19 x 10 inches, this container is ideal for cats up to 12 pounds. Be sure to welcome stress-free and automatic cleaning into your home with the Omega Paw Roll ‘n Clean Self Cleaning Litter Box.


    Removable Tray Can Leak When Tipped:

    While dust and debris, for the most part, is contained within the box when tipped, because the removable tray is not seamlessly flush with the rest of the box, a bit of litter can escape during cleaning. This is not a huge problem or major inconvenience though, and a quick sweep-up of the litter that got away in the act of tipping is all that is really needed in the case of this happening.

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    Effectiveness Can Be Dependent On Brand Of Litter:

    A consistent issue that seems to come up with the Rolln Clean Litter Box is that its effectiveness can be dependent upon the quality or brand of litter used. Lower quality litter that has trouble clumping effectively will not respond well with the internal grate that catches the waste, making clean-up less effective, and it will allow the waste to stick to the grates, which in turn creates the necessity to clean up the internal mechanism, defeating the whole purpose of a self-cleaning litter box in the first place. We recommend using a quality brand of silica based clumping litter to eliminate this problem.

    Great Design But My Cat Misses The Mark

    Omega Paw Elite Roll

    Brought this item after seeing how easy it was to use on line, and to prevent my poor old knees from bending down to the floor each day to pick up a heavy tray. Bought the large one, my cat is certainly not a large cat, but felt the more the room the better for her. She has used other covered in littler trays before without any problem. However after three weeks, she will pee in it, but every day I have to clean up number two’s off the floor from outside the entry area to it. I am at my wits end with this problem, as she is a indoor cat, and do…

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    Omega Paw Elite Cat Litter Box Review 2020

    The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box offers various advantages not present in any other similar product. This is due to the fact that that the latest version of this series offers features such as stronger clips, chrome accents, a bonus litter step, and a more durable sifting grate.

    In addition to that, it is possible to keep this product anywhere in the house as it does not require electricity or any other accessory when compared to other products in the market. The other excellent features of this pro Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box are discussed in the following paragraphs. Furthermore, you can check our latest reviews on the best automatic cat litter box reviews to choose from according to your needs.

    Main Features


    • The Omega Paw elite litter box is very user-friendly and does not require power.
    • As it does not require electricity, you can keep this Omega Paw elite self-cleaning litter box anywhere in the house where it does not disturb the normal routine.
    • Not only it is inexpensive to purchase, but you do not have to pay for power, filter, or liners, so you can save a lot of money.
    • As it is a self-cleaning box, you do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning it and that, in turn, enables you to spend quality time with your pets.
    • The use of this product enhances the quality of your life.


    Installation Guide

    Final Verdict

    Minute To Clean Litter Without Vending Knee Need Extra Large Size

    I have two boys, 6kg and 7kg and bought large size. I really wish extra large is available. They use it, but not enough room to move around. I love this product as it takes 1 minutes to clean both without vending my knee.

    Need to use really good quality clumping litter. I used to use supermarket quality one and it breaks pee clump while rolling and dirty the box itself. Needed to clean the box more often. Now moved to good quality one and keep the box much cleaner and last longer .

    Need to have really good wash of box itself once in few weeks. Smell tends stays in box and my cat stops using it.

    Makes cleaning the litter box much, much easier. Must use good clumping litter otherwise the litter can break apart. Rolling gets most of the waste but once a week I scoop up the little bits too.

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    No Liners Or Filters Needed:

    Because the tray that catches the waste simply pulls out for easy emptying, liners and filters are not required. A specially designed grill separates clean litter from waste. Clean litter simply sifts back through the grill when it is tipped back right side up. Cats can often shred liners when digging in the litter, making clean-up a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor. Not the case here!

    How Do You Assemble Omega Paw Litter

    Omega Paw Roll’n Clean Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box How to Use

    When you are purchasing the Omega Paw elite a major consideration remains the difficulty related to the installation of the product at home. When thought from this point of view, the Omega Paw Litter is very easy to assemble and can be done by following the instruction of the user manual.

    All you have to do to unpack the package you receive and line up various components at the place where you are going to keep the box. The first step in this process is to get the base of the box upwards and take the patented grill in the hand. In the second step, you need to check the patented grill at both sides and located the writing, that says this side up and then you need to bend the cover 90 degrees.

    During the next step, you need to locate clips on the grill side and latch it up with the clips located inside the base of the box. After that, during the next step, you need to fit the cover on the top and then latch the clips tightly. The next step would be to insert the pull-out tray in the hole. Now, the Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box is ready to function.

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    Does Not Fully Contain Odors

    Although the manufacturer does mention that this unit helps control odors, it does not meet the expectations of cat parents looking for an odor-control mechanism.

    The unit lacks charcoal or other odor-filtering materials that help contain cat poop odors.

    Adding filters can help manage the strong odors coming from the litter box.

    Check out our review of top rated litter boxes for odor control

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    How Do I Clean My Omega Paw Litter Box

    The Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box when compared to other products in a similar category, remains ideal both for multiple-cat households and households with big cats. This is mainly because it is easy to maintain and does not require various accessories for cleaning such as liners, scoops, and filters when compared with similar products.

    Not only it is capable of cleaning itself, but while doing so, it also contains pungent odors as well as the dust normally present in the air. Further, this product does not require electricity in order to function normally. One of the most innovative features of the Omega Paw litter box is that it is self-cleaning.

    All you have to do is to roll the litter box to the right side until its top touches the floor at regular intervals. After that, you need to roll it back to the upright position again. During this time, the internal mechanism of this litter box deposits the clumped waste into the pull-out waste tray for easy disposal.

    You just need to dispose of the waste away. This is possible because the patented grill inside the box separates the clumped litter from the clean litter.

    Should You Buy This Litter Box

    Omega Paw Premium Roll

    The Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box is best suited for a cat parent looking for a budget low-tech, low maintenance litter box that makes daily waste removal easier.

    If you are a person who travels a lot and rarely gets time to clean the litter box, then this litter box may not sufficiently meet your demands.

    If youre looking for a fully automated litterbox that takes care of everything, I recommend the Petsafe Scoopfree Litter Box, or Littermaid which are designed to automate the cleaning process.

    There is less effort required from you, since they come with a disposable tray that you can pull out and dispose of after a week or two, depending on how many cats you have.

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    Plastic Material Not Durable

    This Omega Paw Roll N Clean litter box is constructed using a thin plastic that has caused problems with earlier models.

    There have been complaints that the plastic breaks easily when it makes contact with a hard surface such as concrete walls.

    UPDATEWe found that the manufacturer took these complaints into consideration, and made improvements on the design. The plastic material is now sturdy and more dense than before, and a sunken section at the top to reinforce it when rolling it over to sift the wastes. However, the current design still does not include odor-filtering materials.

    Effectively Controls Dust And Contains Odor:

    Cat litter can have a tendency to get everywhere during cleaning, as well as when your cats are digging. Because the Rolln Clean Litter Box is covered and is also self-contained, very little mess occurs outside of the box. Since it is a covered box, the unpleasant ammonia odor that comes with cat waste, is also contained. The cover or roof of the box also gives your cat some privacy as they use it.

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    Exclusive Items From Our Brands

    • Takes no electricity, liners or filters
    • Patented Grill separates clean litter from waste
    • Easy Assembly.Please refer user manual attached below for instructions and troubleshooting steps
    • Large litter box self cleans by rolling to the right and back again
    • Waste collects in the pullout tray for quick, easy disposal

    Large Enough To Work With Any Size Of Cat As Well As Multiple Cats:

    Omega Paw Roll’n Clean Self-Cleaning Litter Box – ELITE

    Not only is the Rolln Clean Litter Box spacious enough to accommodate just about any cat size, but it is also suitable for households with multiple cats. The rule of thumb for owners of multiple cats is to have one litter box per cat, plus one extra box.

    This can take up a lot of space, not to mention a lot of time to clean each individual box. With the Rolln Clean Litter Box, since the box can be cleaned so quickly and easily, just the one product should suffice.

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    Needs To Be Used Gently:

    As with any plastic product with several removable parts, especially one that gets moved and jostled around quite a bit, care needs to be taken in not being too rough when tipping the box over. Being rougher than necessary will allow the plastic of the box to bend, and putting it at risk to breaking, and causing the litter to spill out of the sides of the box.

    Easy Fill Roll’ N Clean Instructions

    Pull down the swivel hood. Pour clumping litter onto the hood. The clumping litter will slide into the center of the box. Return swivel hood to the upright position. You should hear a click when the hood is locked into position. The unique patented grill inside the Easy Fill Rolln Clean scoops out the clumped waste, depositing it into thepull-out tray. Just roll the litter box onto its top, and roll back to the up-right position. Remove the tray and dispose of waste!

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    How Does The Omega Paw Self

    Omega Paw Roll

    There is no doubt when it comes to functioning, the Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box can be defined as one of a kind litter pan that enables the cat owner to remain far from handling or touching the plastic scooper. Not only it is an elegant yet practical litter box, but it is also inexpensive for the owner, as it does not require electricity to function, as well as other accessories such as filters and liners.

    This unit also offers privacy to both large and small cats, it further enables easy access and privacy to your pet. Cleaning the unit is very easy after your cat completes her business, all you have to do is to roll the litter box to the right side until its top cover reaches the floor, and then you just need to roll it back to the upright position.

    The roll and clean process for this litter box have an internal mechanism that deposits the clumped waste into the pullout tray for easy and quick disposal. Further, the patented grill separates the clean and clumped litter during this process, so the machine cannot throw the clean litter away. After that, you can take out the pullout tray and throw the clumped litter away, and put it back for further use.

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    What Is The Omega Paw Self

    Omega Paws Roll N Clean is a litter box, which works on a roll-and-sift base. Instead of manually scooping the clumps of urine and feces, Omega Paws product does it for you. In other words, it cleans itself so you wont have to deal with the messy stuff.

    It works simply. All you have to do is roll the box over to the side of the waste container. The clumps of waste get sifted into the container, so once you roll the box back to its original position, only the clean litter will be left behind. From there on, you can easily empty the waste container into the trash without any manual scooping.

    Truth be told, this particular method not only spares you from digging out the waste, but it also saves you money because you dont have to throw away clean litter along with the scoops.

    Its important to note that the Omega Paw is not an automatic self-cleaning unit.

    The Roll N Clean may not be fully automated, but its still neater than the standard litter box. On top of that, its actually quite affordable even for pet parents who cant afford to invest a small fortune into a new self-cleaning unit.

    The guys over at Omega Paw praise their product on the following main advantages:

    • User-friendly
    • Large enough to fit any breed
    • Doesnt require electricity and expensive filter replacements

    Thats all well and good coming from the manufacturer, but of course, its not the whole story.

    Well go into some details below about the good and the bad.

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