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What Happens If You Cut A Cat’s Whiskers Off

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How Long Will It Take For A Cats Whiskers To Grow Back

What happens if cut cat’s whiskers

There are different instances where your cat loses its whiskers. It might cause distress to your cat. But rest assured that they will continue to grow as long as your cat is healthy.

Cats whiskers sometimes naturally shed off. It is just normal in order to replace a new one.

They grow a certain length and live a specific time before it falls off. If accidentally cut or trimmed, it will still regrow.

In addition to that, long-haired cats like Persian, Himalayan, Main Coon, etc., often get a routine hair grooming. Part of facial trimming is cutting off the lengths of their whiskers. But it is impossible to grow a full set of whiskers too soon.

It will take the cats whiskers for about two to three months to fully grow back. But it will need a long time, especially for older cats. And for sickly ones, their whiskers might not grow back at all.

Also, the length of your cats whiskers may vary depending on the cats breed and size. For larger cats, it usually is to have longer whiskers. On the other hand, a small cat breed or with less hair has shorter whiskers.

Different factors affect the growth of a cats whiskers, such as diet, breed, and other health issues.

If you have noticed that your cats whiskers are not growing back after a couple of months, it could be an indication of several health conditions. Thus, it is crucial to monitor their behavior and ask your veterinarian for a piece of expert advice.

What Happens If A Cats Whiskers Are Damaged Or Clipped

Today I found out what happens if a cats whiskers are damaged or clipped.

It turns out, cats whiskers are an essential sensory mechanism. Damage a cats whiskers and it will cause them not only discomfort, but also to become confused and disorientated, among other negative side effects.

Whiskers themselves are nothing more than a type of thick/long hair. The importance of whiskers lies in the fact that they are deeply rooted in follicles which are surrounded by a muscle tissue that is very rich in nerves and sensory cells. These nerve cells in the roots are then connected to a special area of the cats brain.

While whiskers serve many functions, the main function of whiskers is to work as a type of environmental scanning system. Interestingly enough, cats dont actually need to touch the objects with their whiskers to detect the object. The nerves at the base of the whiskers are actually sensitive enough to be able to pick up even small air movements which vibrate the whiskers. They are so sensitive, in fact, that cats can even pick up air movements indoors, such as air flowing around furniture, which lets the cat know there is an object there, even when it is pitch dark. This is essential for cats because they are far sighted and have trouble seeing things clearly close up. Being nocturnal in nature, this also helps them see more clearly at night while they hunt.

Bonus Facts:

Can I Cut Off My Cats Whiskers

If youre asking if its possible to cut your cats whiskers, the answer is yes. You can cut it. But cutting it off is a big no. It will only bring your cats in trouble.

Your cats whiskers dont need to be trimmed or groomed. Although it grows back after, it is not recommended to do. You dont need to cut them off, for it will naturally shed off.

However, there is a medical need that will require you to remove your cats whiskers. Some of this includes abscess, folliculitis, and other skin infections that need to be cleaned and treated. Take note that this has to be done by your veterinarian and not by yourself only.

Apart from those circumstances, theres a big reason why your cats have whiskers. And that is why you should not cut it off the way you wanted it.

If you want to read more about this topic, check out our article just about that: Can You Trim Cat Whiskers?

Here are the following reasons why you should not cut off your cats whiskers:

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Can Dogs Feel When You Cut Their Whiskers

While whiskers can be cut and trimmed without causing any pain for your pooch, pulling, twisting or plucking them will definitely cause your dog grief. Some dogs will yelp, growl, or whine, and all will try to pull away as quickly as possible. Others may paw at their face to let you know that all is not right.

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers

What happens to your cat if you cut off its whiskers?

Cats whiskers act similar to a radar or perception system, and relays to a cat a bunch of information on depth perception and even air pressure. The nerve endings on the end of the whiskers are what allows the cat to do this.

Cats whiskers are deeply rooted in follicles that are surrounded by muscle tissue, very rich in nerves and sensory cells. The supersensitive nerves and sensory cells at the base of the whiskers relay information to the cat whenever they are touched by something or moved by the air.

These sensory cells are then connected to a special area of the cats brain. Cats have a sensory organ, called the proprioceptor, at the end of their whiskers that sends messages to the brain.

Your cats whiskers do all of the following:

  • Whiskers are your cats navigators. They help cats move smoothly in darkness. Blind cats rely almost solely on their whiskers to navigate.
  • Whiskers help your cat navigate tight spaces and understand whether or not they can fit through a particular opening.
  • Whiskers are sensitive to changes in the air current around an unknown object. Cats can pick up even small air movements which vibrate the cats whiskers.
  • Whiskers enable a cat to avoid the obstacle. They help your cat judge distance and space.
  • Whiskers provide advantages to cats when hunting. They allow hunting cats to silently move about and stalk prey in the dark. Whiskers can relay information to your cat that causes their back to twitch.

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Does Your Cat Need To Have Extra Long Whiskers

Your cats whiskers will grow long as long as your feline pet needs them to be. In case these grow extra-long, these whiskers will break and shed off in a natural way. Age is not a factor in the shedding of whiskers.

Since the size of the whiskers is related to the size of the cat, then the larger breeds have naturally longer whiskers. However, it does not mean that you can cut these to your liking.

For your information, the longest world record of a cats whiskers is 19 centimeters which were measured on a Maine Coon cat breed.

Whiskers Are Vital In Your Cats Life

Certain cat breeds such as the Devon Rex, have long and curly whiskers, which makes trimming so tempting. Do you sometimes feel your cats whiskers are unruly, and wonder if they will be damaged if you trim them?

Although men may keep beards to make a fashion statement, your cats whiskers have nothing to do with fashion.

Here are valid reasons as to why cutting your furry friends whiskers is a big no:

1. Your cats whiskers assist it to navigate in the dark

Your cats whiskers are a prominent physical feature that gives it athletic ability. They are not like human hair. These long stiff hairs are deeply ingrained in your cats body, and act as touch receptors.

The whiskers, also known as vibrissae, are connected to your cats muscular and nervous system, helping it to detect any changes in its surroundings.

Whisker trimming as part of the grooming process is a wrong idea. Without its whiskers, your cat cannot make sense of its environment and be alert of potentially dangerous situations.

Cutting or trimming your cats whiskers is the same thing as putting a blindfold on a human. This can cause it to feel confused and afraid. Cats who have their cats trimmed will have difficulty judging distances accurately and will stumble upon things at night.

2. Whiskers help your cat position its prey

Cats are farsighted. When an object or prey is up close, your cat cannot see it clearly it needs some way of determining if the prey is in a proper position for that fatal bite.

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Whats The Purpose Of Whiskers On A Dog

A simple way to explain whiskers would be that they act as an environmental sensor. Whiskers can sense wind direction, other animals, help dogs and cats to navigate through the dark, and help with spacial awareness. So, you can see how whiskers do play a valuable role in day to day life.

But rare occasions dont account for the majority. If you cut your dogs whiskers , they will grow back. It might take a few days for some dogs, for other dogs it can take up to a month. The average dog will grow the whiskers back in about two weeks. Again ,the whiskers respond to pain the same way hair does.

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How Do You Stop Your Dogs Whiskers From Being Cut

cutting my cats whiskers

If your hand is steady enough, you can try to trim the rest of his hair without cutting the whiskers or you can put the clippers down and use shears to trim around them. The same applies to the areas around his nose and muzzle. If you have a very steady hand, you can use clippers to trim the area or if not, use shears.

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Why Are My Cats Whiskers So Long

Cats whiskers grow to a length similar to and in proportion to the width of their body. They can use the length of their whiskers to judge whether their body fits through small or narrow gaps so that they dont get stuck! Their whiskers also have to be long to be able to feedback sensory information about their surroundings and act as a second pair of eyes when visibility is poor.

Do Groomers Cut Cat Whiskers

Cat groomers do not cut cat whiskers.

If you are used to taking your dog to the groomers, then you might be familiar with their trimming styles. Some groomers do cut dog whiskers to make them look more polished.

Cats, however, should not have their whiskers trimmed by groomers. A skilled and professional cat groomer will know not to cut the whiskers on your cats face.

You might like the idea of having your cats whiskers styled or trimmed if the ends are straggly. That is not a good idea, however.

A groomer will be able to explain to you why it is not a good idea to cut your cats whiskers, even if you are adamant that it will look better on your cat.

Conversely, if you notice that your groomer trimmed your cats whiskers without your knowledge, I suggest you do not return to that groomer. That groomer does not understand how vital whiskers are to your cats everyday life and comfort.

A groomer that is part of a major chain corporation, I would also recommend that you tell the store manager so that the groomer can be trained in the proper grooming methods.

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Do Cats Shed Their Whiskers

Cats do shed their whiskers. While shedding is a natural process and the hairs do grow back, excessive whisker loss or breakage might be a sign of a medical issue. Sudden stress, high fever, endocrine disorders and parasites like ringworm or demodectic mange as possible reasons cats might experience whisker loss or breakage, according to Gonzalez. Cats undergoing chemotherapy treatments for cancer may also lose their whiskers .

If you notice excessive whisker loss or breakage, call your veterinarian to see if there is a medical cause.

Treating the medical issue often allows whiskers to regrow. In some cases, including diseases like ringworm, veterinarians may clip or pluck infected whiskers as part of the treatment, according to research published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery .

Whether a cat sheds its whiskers, loses them, or has them cut or removed due to a medical issue, a cats whiskers will grow back.

Heres Why You Should Never Trim Them

What Happens If You Cut A Cats Whiskers Off

If you cut your cats whiskers, they may seem fearful, disorientated, or less confident moving around because they will be less aware of their surroundings. They may be a bit clumsier and may even get stuck when trying to get through tiny gaps that are too small for them. Whiskers dont grow continuously, so your cat will be stuck with short whiskers and the side effects until the old one falls out and the new one grows back in.

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How Are Cat’s Whiskers Different From Human Hair

Unlike human hair, the cats whiskers perform a delicate function they are a cats touch receptors. Another name for these long stiff hairs is vibrissae. These vibrissae are different from the shorter top fur coat of a cat because theyre embedded deeply into the cats skin and are connected to the cats sensitive muscular and nerve system.

True Or False: It’s Ok To Trim The Cat’s Whiskers


It’s never a good idea to cut your fur baby’s whiskers. A clean shave of your human whiskers may feel nice, but it’s not the same kind of hair for your feline friend.

The kittys whiskers are an important sensory organ. Those long, thick hair strands are not actually hairs. They are technically called vibrissae and each little cat whisker is connected to a sensory receptor that sends valuable information to your fur baby’s brain. They are your cat’s primary sense of space as she makes her way through the world.

Cutting a kittys whiskers can leave her disoriented, scared, and unable to sense his environment in the way she’s used to doing. Imagine losing your sense of touch – that’s what effect trimming cat whiskers would have on your furry friend.

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Will Your Cats Whiskers Grow Back

So what do you do if you accidentally cut your cats whiskers off?

First off, dont worry! You dont necessarily need to go to the vet. Cat whiskers usually do grow back but they take a while. So if you dont see new whiskers appearing in 2 days, dont fuss over it.

However, if your cat is behaving weirdly after the whiskers are cut, and is nervous quite often, take it to the vet.

Give it some time and hopefully, they should appear soon enough. Besides, cats shed their whiskers quite often. Not as often as fur shedding though, but definitely around a few times a year.

Whiskers wouldnt shed naturally if they couldnt grow back, so dont worry about it. But be careful to not purposely cut them, because that would be going against the natural process and the whiskers could take longer to grow back.

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Why Do Cats Need Whiskers

For their perception to be correct, the whiskers need to be their natural length. If you trim their whiskers, they may become distressed and disorientated by their sudden change in perception.

Since a cats short-distance vision isnt very good, whiskers also help to protect them by alerting them to anything that is approaching their face, especially around the eyes. They also help your cat with hunting, running, jumping, and moving quickly and safely at night when visibility is very limited. Since whiskers allow cats to judge the distance and speed of moving objects, it is important that they remain intact.

What Happens To A Cat If You Cut Their Whiskers Off

Whiskers are very important to your cat, so you can make your cat unbalanced when you cut them off.

Whiskers play a vital role in your cat: balance.

You might not think of that when looking at them, but whiskers help your cat stay balanced and tell them if they can fit through specific spaces. Whiskers are almost like balance beams!

When you cut your cats whiskers, you are destroying that key feature in your cat.

Thus, your can may start to feel unbalanced and may even walk funnily if they were used to always having their whiskers.

A side effect will be that your cat also acts scared because he does not understand why he feels like that.

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