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Why Do Cats Lick Each Other

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To Display Familial Affection

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

Allogrooming isnt a behavior restricted to blood relatives, but its commonplace between cats of the same litter or cats and their parents. This practice may be more noticeable in domesticated cats since feral cat colonies dont usually show loyalty to bloodlines.

Maternal instincts may also explain why mother cats lick and groom their babies. A mother cat will generally spend a lot of time licking her kittens. The licks are both a sign of affection towards their young and an instinct to protect them from harm.

Female cats groom their babies right after theyre born, as the smells of birth can draw predators. But even after cats learn to bathe and groom themselves, they will continue to groom them.

Cats Licking As Part Of The Same Party

Cats from the same family or litter of kittens will often groom each other which strengthens the ties between the same family and shows affection. As well as affection, grooming also ads a familiar aroma amongst the family which helps to distinguish themselves from outsiders.

Its not just family or blood relatives that groom each other. The same behavior can be displayed amongst cats that have grown up together.

You may be asking yourself, why does my cat lick me?. Well its because they see you as one of their own or part of their family. This is a positive sign that also shows they trust you and feel comfortable around you.

Lets Get You Cleaned Up

When pondering, ‘why do cats lick you?’, here’s another possible answer. Cats learn to clean themselves by being groomed by their mothers when theyre kittens, and this memory stays with them through adulthood. Cats associate being groomed with care and affection and will often lick their humans in an attempt to keep them clean and show that same love.

Within a group of cats living together, there is typically a designated allo-groomer, which is a cat that licks and grooms the other cats in the group, explains feline behavior specialist . Usually, the members of the group are related to each other, so licking a human may be the cat’s attempt to include you as part of her group.

While being covered in kitty saliva might make you feel more dirty than clean, for your cat its an important part of the bonding process.

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Do Cats Socially Groom Other Animals

Why does my cat groom my dog? Your dog is part of your cats family. While that may seem strange, trusting cats will accept almost anyone. This is why it is common to see shows on television about how cats and ferrets are best friends or how a senior cat is best friends with a bearded dragon.

If the trust and social bond are there, cats will lick and groom other animals. Two cats that groom each other and then fight is just part of the complex relationship that felines enjoy with each other.

Cats Lick People To Establish Social Bonds

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

As BBC Science Focus Magazine points out, it isnt necessarily that your cat sees you as another cat.

But your pet cat likely does see you as a member of their colony, like family, or at least as a friend and ally.

In this way, licking you is potentially a way that cats can communicate to their people a sense of community, family, or friendship.

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Why Do Cats Nibble / Lick Each Others Ears

We are always fascinated and intrigued by some of the behaviors and habits of our two cats, Misty and Bella-Boo. Misty is an outside cat during the day only, whilst Boo is an indoor cat. When Misty returns home from her morning stroll, Boo immediately goes to greet her. And how does she do this? She licks or gently nibbles Mistys ears! This is a daily ritual and its always the ears. This greeting doesnt seem to annoy or aggravate Misty in any way at all. She seems happy enough to let Boo continue her ritual whilst she sniffs out her daily treat after returning home. We decided to investigate this mode of greeting and see if this was indeed common in the cat world.

Why do cats nibble / lick each others ears?

Cats communicate in a variety of different way, including vocally, visually, in tactile ways and via scent. Tactile communication is closely linked with releasing and transferring scent markings. These tactile actions can include:

  • licking
  • head bumping and check running; and
  • biting.

Gentle biting, in the same way, is a sign of affection and playfulness. In our case, Boo is simply excited and pleased to see Misty return home after her daily adventures.

Other reasons why cats lick each other

Apart from social grooming as weve seen above, there are also other reasons as to why cats may lick each other. These include:

To bond with family members
For protection and hierarchy
Mutual grooming for hygiene and health
A mother cat licking her young

Why do cats lick humans?

Why Do Cats Lick Each Others Ears

Actually, it is a way of their communication. You see cats communicate in various ways, including visually, vocally, and tactile ways too. Among these, the tactile way is generally performed by the scent markings. Beyond that, the tactile ways also include:

So, if you have also noticed that your cats lick each-others, consider this as a method of their communication. It is like saying a welcome quote like I am glad you have returned home. Cats use licking as a sign of their communication, and the cats who know each other will do this for showing their affection to one another. It helps them to keep their bonding strong.

This process is allowed by them only if they are satisfied with the each-others company. By licking, they transfer their aroma to another cat so that they can strengthen and maintain the bonding. This type of social bonding method is only targeted on the face section and particularly on the ears. Well, thats the real reason behind their licking each other. You shouldnt worry about this behavior. This might seems odd to you, but for the cats, it is a sign of bonding and love.

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Why Do Cats Lick Each Other To Show Affection

The first thing that a mother cat does to her fur babies is to lick them. This serves two purposes: cleaning and protection.

Upon birth, a kitten is covered in birth fluids. Mama Cat, being the loving mum that she is, will clean her baby from the fluid.

The birth fluids smell. They can attract predators. That is another reason why Mama Cat will clean her baby, to prevent predators from smelling her defenseless newborn.

Mama Cats licking also serves as a; way to teach her kittens how to clean herself. The mother will not only lick her litter to clean them, but she will lick their abdominal and anal areas to encourage waste elimination.;

As the kitten grows, Mama Cat will continue to lick her until she is about four weeks old. By which time, the kitten should be able to clean herself.

Because she began the first few weeks of her life seeing licking as a way to show affection, the kitten will continue to live her life licking her friends to show her affection to them.

Thoughts On Cats Licking & Grooming One Another

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

Have you ever seen two cats lick & groom one another? What did you expect this behaviour to mean?

Have you ever had a pair of cats under your roof who regularly allogroomed? Was one cat usually the one to instigate and carry out the grooming? Was this cat the more dominant of the two? The more confident?

Does the theory outlined as the best working theory in the scientific study make sense to you?

Does it align with the behaviour youve seen in your multi-cat home? Does it clarify anything you were wondering about? Or do you think theres another theory that fits better?

Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this behaviour in the comments below!

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The Key Reasons Why Felines Lick Each Other

As Trumann Animal Clinic points out, any time two cats lick one another, there is a good reason.

But since cats typically do not see any need to explain to their humans why they are licking each other or what purpose this behavior serves, it is up to human feline behaviorists to decode the behavior.

These are the leading explanations that researchers have come up with to explain why two cats might lick one another.

Strange Licking Behavior In Cats

As we can see, cats will lick each other for a variety of reasons. They will take part in mutual grooming to ensure that they are kept hygienic. This may not be completely selfless. If cats live in a group and one of them becomes infected by something, then the rest of the group also runs the risk of being infected. Keeping each other clean is a way of maintaining group well-being. They may also lick one more than another, implying a stronger bond and showing how cats can get along better with some more than others.

However, during these social grooming rituals, it is not uncommon for a cat to lose patience with another and give them a blow or a bite. It could even develop into a full blown fight. But why do cats lick each other before they fight? The answer is unclear. It will firstly depend on the type of fighting. If it is merely play fighting, then it is just another sign of camaraderie. If the biting and scratching is serious, then the reason may be harder to determine. Whatever it is, it will be evident to them. You may need to separate them, but can be careful if they are in a vicious mood.

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To Show Acceptance Of A New Cat

Adopting a new kitten into a household isnt always easy, as existing cats may not always welcome the newcomers. They may feel distrust towards it or even attack it.

When this happens, adult cats may start to smell and lick the new kitten to transfer the family scent. This isnt only a way to bond with the new kitten but also to show others that its been accepted as part of the cat family. The smell also marks the new cat or kitten as belonging to the territory. An older cat will often assume the role of welcoming the newcomer. The common scent gives the new cat a feeling of welcome.

Why Does My Cat Lick Me

Why Do Cats Lick Each Other When Grooming?

In addition to licking each other, cats may enjoy licking their owners as well. Your cat may be licking you to get your attention, to show affection or because they want to play. They might also enjoy the taste of salt that naturally builds up on your skin.

Just like with allogrooming, your pet may lick you to show that youre a part of their group and to enhance bonding. However, if the licking becomes excessive, it can be a sign of stress and anxiety. If thats the case, consult your vet.

But being licked frequently by your cat isnt always a pleasant experience because of the rough barbs on a cats tongue. If you want to prevent your cat from licking you, redirecting their attention by petting them.

Alternatively, you can try walking away whenever your cat starts licking you. That way they will associate the act of licking with you going away. Over time, your kitty will stop but you have to be consistent.

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How Does A Cat Feel When Being Licked By Another Cat

In general, cats will relax and feel reduced tension when licked by another cat. This is most evident with the Queen and her litter. You may notice kittens feel calmer after being licked by their mum. However, excessive licking can cause tension and stress, too resulting in fights.

It is quite amusing to see a feline simply tolerate a cat who likes to lick others clean. Even dominant cats will let younger cats lick them clean to reinforce social bonds. Among siblings, younger cats can try to establish a higher hierarchy than their older siblings by licking, too.

Sometimes, cats will get annoyed by licking and will walk away. Lickers may do this explicitly to get what they want such as a window perch the other feline was sitting on.

Why Do Cat Licks Themselves

As well why do cats lick each other?, you may also ask, why do cats lick themselves?. Cats spend a lot of team each and every day grooming themselves. Here are o=some of the reasons why cats lick themselves:

  • Washing after activity.
  • Remove dirt from injuries .
  • Fur and skin lubrication.
  • Remove scent so predators cannot detect them.

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Why Do Cats Groom And Then Fight

The best way to explain the act of grooming and fighting is the old adage of too much of a good thing. Why do cats lick each other and;then hit each other? Patience has been lost, so the good has gotten old and tiresome. Although social grooming is an act of bonding, every cat reaches a point where it has had enough. Think of it as a hug that has lingered for too long.

Although cats that groom each other have a solid bond, a form of play fighting can develop. Although rare, if the wrong buttons are pressed, a bit of play fighting could advance to the next level. Hissing, squealing, slapping, etc., can be unleashed at that point. This is where an owner must step in and make peace between the two agitated felines.

A lack of patience is the tipping point. Because cats are naturally curious animals and also like to walk to the beat of their own drum, the act of another cat messing with them for too long can lead to annoyance. If it appears that your cat is telling your other cat, Im going to lick your neck clean before I bite it, you are probably not too far off.

Grooming followed by fighting can be the result of an illness or disease detection. Although rare, some cats may stumble upon a flesh wound or infection in the cat they are grooming. Once an area of concern has been found, this may halt grooming and take a more stern and standoff-ish approach.

Cats Need Help Grooming

Why Do Cats Groom Each Other – Cat Grooming

Most people associate grooming with maintaining hygiene, and this is very true. Cats have a tongue designed for grooming. Their tongue can detangle knots and remove dirt from their coats.

Thanks to their tongues design, they can also move a lot of saliva from their mouths right to their skin. This is important because spit has antibacterial properties and helps to regulate body temperature.

Because grooming has so many health benefits, our kitties need to do it. But like you and me, who struggle to rub the suntan lotion on our backs, there are some spots our cats just cant reach. Thats where a helpful friend comes in.

Cats often lick each other on the head and the ears. True, this is where these animals like to be petted, but its also an area they cant reach with their own tongues.

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Why Do Cats Groom Each Other It Has To Do With A Higher Rank

A 1998 British study from the University of Southampton called The function of allogrooming in domestic cats also noted that allogroomers generally groomed the head and neck area. These researchers also observed that higher-ranking cats groomed lower-ranking cats more than the other way around. Allogroomers also took higher postures, that is, standing or sitting upright, while allogroomees were sitting or prostrate.

And allogroomers showed offensive behavior more often than allogroomees, most often after grooming the other cat. Allogroomers often groomed themselves after grooming the other cat. The researchers hypothesized that allogrooming may be a way of redirecting potential aggression when displays of aggression might be too costly. In other words, the cat shows dominance by grooming the other cat rather than by picking a fight in which someone might get hurt.

Why Cats Licks Humans

They use their tongue for grooming, for eating, for drinking, And with the same tongue, they lick you. Sometimes, it may cause skin infections to people with lower immune systems.;

According to the CDC, It lives in the mouths of dogs and cats and is natural flora, and rarely causes disease in humans.;

So there is no need to worry too much. If a cat doesnt lick, its much of a matter to worry. Because then, they are not clean.;;

They might lick you because:

1.They love you. Its a way of showing affection. There are many ways they show affection!

2.They are cleaning you because they think you cant do it yourself.;

3.They want something from you, its a plea for attention. Cats like attention, and they want affection. Or it may be just asking you to play with them. If you havent given some already, give them their food

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