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Why Do Cats Put Their Butt In Your Face

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Why Does My Cat Stick His Bum In My Face

Why Do Cats Put Their Butt in Your Face?

When a cat displays its rear end, she wants you to know that she trusts you. According to UK-based veterinarian Joanna Woodnutt, BVM, BVS, “Presenting the bottom is a sign of companionship and trust. The bottom is a vulnerable area and turned around she can’t see an attack coming or defend herself.”

A cat who sticks its bum in your face might also be trying to mark you. “Cats presenting their tail to you can be considered to be a variation of allorubbing, the behavior when cats rub themselves against each other,” explains Alycia Washington, DVM. “They will often start cheek to cheek, then end tail to tail. This behavior, especially when the tail posture is upward, is considered friendly and is generally made towards others that are considered part of their group.”

Why Does My Cat Hit Me In The Face With Their Tail

There are many different reasons that a cats tail may hit your face. Cats have scent glands located underneath their tail on their butt. If your cat hits your face, it could be an accidental byproduct of them attempting to shove their scent glands in your face.

Cats will assume that they can use this method to communicate with you, though we cant smell all the pheromones that cats produce.

Cats may also hit you with their tail while theyre trying to find a comfortable spot to lie down. Many cats may turn around multiple times in your lap before they find a comfortable spot, giving their tail plenty of opportunities to hit you.

Its not that they are purposefully hitting you with their tail your face just happens to be in the way!

Some cats may also figure out that this behavior gets your attention. In this case, they may do it on purpose. If you usually pet your cat after their tail has made contact with your face, there is a good chance that theyll start using this method to get your attention.

Cats may also use their tail to signify that theyre hungry. This behavior may be especially true if they have figured out that you pay attention to them after hitting you with their tail. If they can get your attention, they may also be able to lead you to their food bowl.

Why Does My Cat Stick Her Butt In My Face

Cat, Why Does My Cat Stick Her Butt in My Face?

I love my cat, I really do. But sometimes I really wonder about her and the crazy things she does. Ive had her for years and then one day she started doing something different and Im like great, thanks Callie. Just what I wanted, your butt in my face.

So I began to wonder, why does my cat stick her butt in my face?

Well according to the experts its a cats way of saying they trust you and want to be your friend.

What should you do in response? If you pet your cat, you are rewarding them for this behavior and telling the cat, hey I want to be your friend too.

If your cat sleeps on you with its butt in your face apparently thats an enormous show of trust and thus you know your cat is happy and feeling secure with where he or she lives.

Cats presenting their butts, bellies and feet are bestowing The Ultimate sign of trust by giving you access to their most vulnerable areas.

So there you have it. Cats will stick their butt in your face when they love you, trust you and want to be your friend.

Then again thats what the experts say. I personally say my cat is just being an ass and putting her butt in my face because she thinks its funny. Thats just like her. LOL

Seriously if you knew Callie you would so agree with me.

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Weird Cat Behaviors Explained

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We all know that cats do weird things. And when we say weird we do not mean that in a bad way whatsoever. As a matter of fact, its these weird behaviors that make us love them even more. Do you ever think that your cat does weird things that no other cat does? While that might be entirely true, there are a handful of weird behaviors that cats do that other cats do as well that are equally as weird.

But hey, just more the reason to love them and all their oddities, right? After all, their unpredictable nature keeps us guessing and always watching with intrigue and curiosity.

Why Does My Cat Put His Butt In My Face

Why Does My Cat Insist on Always Putting His Butt in My ...

Why Does My Cat Put His Butt In My Face? The presentation of their bum is a sign of trust. When your cat turns around, she is putting herself in a vulnerable position, possibly opening herself up for an attack. So when your cat shoves her but in your face, shes asking you for affection but also for a bit of reaffirmation of your social bond.

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Why do cats put their bum on you? Well, when cats rub their bodies against one another, they generally move in opposite directions, starting head-to-head and ending with their butts facing one another. Likewise, your cat may just shove its rear directly in your face because it wants to say hello.

Why does my cat get in my face when I sleep? That sense of security plays a role in another trifling habit many have found in their feline bedfellows. A lot of people complain about their cat sleeping with its rear end toward its persons face, Krieger said. While it may not be the most appealing ritual, it is indeed a good sign.

What does it mean if your cat sleeps on you? There are lots of reasons a cat may choose to sleep on their humans laps or chests. Among the reasons cats sleep on people: warmth, comfort, affection and soothing sounds. Cherish the moment when they do as they like to switch up their routine and may find another place to nap.

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Why Do Cats Put Their Face In Your Face

Most owners see this as a sign of affection and welcome this behaviour. When cats rub against objects, they are transferring their scent. It is almost as if they are claiming ownership and we are one of their belongings. Your cat head-butting or nuzzling your face deposits scent from glands in their cheek area.

Why Does My Cat Sleep With Their Butt Toward Me

There are many different reasons that your cat may decide to sleep with their butt pointing toward you.

There are a few theories that its because the cat trusts you to guard their back. After all, they cant see behind them. However, there is no evidence for this argument. There are countless other reasons that your feline may decide to sleep with their tail toward your face.

Cats can communicate through scent. It may be that your cat is simply allowing you to sniff them and then wants to lie down. Perhaps their visit started as them showing you their scent glands, and then they just decided to lie down.

That position may have just been the most comfortable way to lie in your lap. It isnt that your cat is necessarily making a conscious decision to sleep with their butt in your face they may simply find that part of your lap the coziest.

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Sticking Her Butt In Your Face

Yes, its gross when your cat presents you with her back end, especially if shes not as good at washing up after she does her business as she used to be. But what shes doing is really the same thing youre doing when you hug your best friend: Shes putting herself in a vulnerable position because she trusts you. Cats communicate by scent, so by presenting you with her rear end, shes also trying to tell you what shes been doing all day. If you dont want your cats butt in your face, gently reposition her to a more favorable orientation or blow on her bottom to make her move away.

Which Cat Instincts Cause Them To Stick Their Bum In My Face

Why Do Cats Put Their Butts In Your Face? | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Believe it or not, sometimes cats stick their butts in your face to show you just how much they love you! This stems from biological instincts, according to Dr. Sievert. Mother cats clean their kittens by licking them everywhere, she explains. This doesn’t just keep the kittens clean though – it also bonds them to their mom. “When your cat receives lot of attention from you, it’s the natural way of asking for more,” she said. So how should you respond when your feline friend displays her bottom? Give her a scratch at the base of her tail. “Cats actually love being scratched on their rear end,” noted Dr. Sievert.

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Butt Sniffing Helps Cats Make Friends

Some researchers think that this scent exchange is in order to form a colony scent. A colony is a group of cats who live together or a home or other environment.

Once the first scent exchange takes place and the new cat has the colony scent, it signals to the other cats in the group that the new cat belongs and is a member of the family .

Its like being initiated into an exclusive club a sorority or something like that.

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You may have seen when a cat meets another cat. They usually start to smell their butt. Dogs do similar things.

But when a cat smells other cats butt, it is to say hello and understand from the smell things about the other cat.

Therefore, when they want to greet you, they show you the butt, thinking that you, like any other cat, want to say hello, but smelling their rear end! It is like a handshake.

The scent from the rear end of a cat is a sort of communication between cats.

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Meaning Of The Body Language

  • Sniffing face and neck

This is kind of equivalent to how humans will give one another a curt nod as a greeting. Cats use this as an initial greeting, and as a way to gauge sociability. They produce pheromones from the cheek areas to indicate friendship.

  • Sniffing Flanks

After meeting and sniffing each other’s face areas, and then both deciding that the other is friendly, cats will begin to smell one anothers flanks . You could loosely compare this to a humans handshake – its the next level beyond the greeting, and allows them to learn much more.

  • Presenting Butt

Finally, cats will present and smell each others butt region, hiding just under the tail. This is where the most informative scents are, and where cats can learn the most about each other. One cat attempting to sniff anothers butt while the tail is lowered can indicate that this cat is shy, or untrusting of the other, and the tail raised means that theyre comfortable and unthreatened.

Why Cats Put Their Butts In Our Faces

Why Do Cats Like To Put Their Butts In Your Face ...

Cats primarily communicate with one another using body language. They are far more vocal in the presence of humans, but they still utilize many of the same physical cues to express their feelings to us.

Having a feline posterior directed at your face may not seem like a sign of affection, but rest assured, this shamelessly bold gesture is akin to a kitty hug or high five!

A well-aimed feline fanny usually comes at a time when our cats are seeking affection or trying to let us know its dinner time! They typically purr, head-butt, drag the length of their body against us, and finally, present their rump.

Purring in this context is a well-known signal of contentment, while the head-butting and body rubbing is intended to mark an item with their scent. When cats rub other felines, objects or humans with their heads, ears and tails, they leave behind their own unique chemical signature.

Scent glands are located at the corners of the mouth, on the sides of the head, under the chin and ears, along the length of the tail, and in the spaces between the toes. This may explain why cats often knead us with their paws in addition to rubbing against us during these sessions.

Cats within a colony or those living in the same home rub their heads, bodies and tails against one another to signify acceptance and inclusion, possibly even creating a familiar colony scent within the group. They initiate these interactions by approaching each other with their tails raised high.

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Why Does My Cat Put His Bum In My Face

12 August 2021
Blog Post
26 July 2021
Does your cat put his rear end in your face? Find out why your cat puts his bum in your face.

Its an all too familiar sight youre sitting down after a busy day at work, your cat greets you courteously, but then promptly turns around and puts his bum in your face, tail held high and proud. But, why?

First and foremost, he is not trying to be offensive by walking up to you and putting his rear end in your face he is doing what comes naturally, and allowing you to gain information about him.

Cats have glands all over their bodies, including the base of their tails and either side of their anus. These glands contain scents that are unique to each cat and can communicate many things, including, age, health, and sexual status.

Letting another cat have this much information can put your cat in a potentially vulnerable situation, so the fact that he has presented his rear end to you means he is very comfortable, and assumes that you are comfortable too! He trusts you.

The next time your cat puts his bum in your face, give him a little scratch at the base of his tail in return for his display of trust and affection.

Why Cats Love Shoving Their Butts In Your Face

Ahh, there’s nothing quite like that special moment when your cherished feline friend decides to come in for a snuggle. But while time spent petting a sweet, purring kitty is always time well spent, there is one rather unseemly aspect of cat cuddling that’s not oft-discussed:

Their unusual insistence on giving us a face full of their butts.

Getting that unobstructed, up-close look at the final stop of your cat’s digestive tract might not seem like such an awesome thing, but, as it turns out, you should actually be flattered.

According to cat expert Amy Shojai, who has authored numerous books on pet behavior, kitties raise their tails as a sign of friendliness and trust, granting full access to all of the intimate, olfactory details about them found in their scent. Turning around makes that invitation even clearer.

Shojai writes that cats’ butt presentations are, in reality, a complimentary show of love – likening it to “a human’s enthusiastic hug or a kiss on each cheek in greeting.”

How, err, sweet! So, the next time you get a face full of cat butt, don’t be so quick to shudder or gag.

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Why Do Cats Put Their Butt In Your Face

Cats have many strange behaviors, but putting their butts in our faces is probably one of the most confusing. Youd imagine that this would be a sign of dislike .

However, cats see it differently. While we dont know exactly why they perform this behavior, we have a few theories that may help explain it. Many of these theories are likely right at different times it depends on the cat and the situation.

Firstly, cats may stick their butt in your face on accident. They wanted to turn around, and your face happened to be where their butt was supposed to go. When your cat searches around your lap for their most comfortable spot, its easy to see how this might happen.

However, cats may also put their butt in your face to share their scent. Like dogs and many other mammals, cats have scent glands on their butts. They can use these scent glands to communicate with other cats, and they often assume that you can understand this form of communication as well.

When two cats meet, it isnt odd to see them rubbing against each other and doing a great deal of sniffing. They arent as obvious about it as dogs are, but there is a bit of scenting going on.

Why Does My Cat Put Her Butt In My Face

Why do cats put their butt in your face?

You know the deal, youre relaxing on the couch, binging DVR shows or Netflix. Suddenly your cat jumps up to sit with you, hinting that its time for you to stroke their fur, only for them to turn around and put their bum right in your face. Why do they feel the need to flash you their backside, you might wonder? Well, as it turns out, cats do this because they trust you and do not see you as a threat.

According to cat expert Amy Shojai, cats butt presentations are, in reality, a complimentary show of love likening it to a humans enthusiastic hug or a kiss on each cheek in greeting.

Remember, cats are predatory animals that do not like to show signs of weakness or vulnerability. When your cats back is turned and shes not looking directly at you, she has surrendered full trust to you. I mean, I dont put my butt in someones face when I trust them, but I am also not a cat so just think of it in the eyes and mind of your feline friend.

Another more scientific reasoning behind why your cat feels the need to flash you their arse is because:

She is doing what is natural to her and allowing you to gain information about her. Because of her anatomy and her ability to learn from olfactory clues, she is very comfortable with presenting her rear to you and assumes that you are comfortable too.

Your cat has a lot of sensitive nerve endings near the base of their tail on their back, and when you scratch this area it releases happy endorphins in their minds.

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