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Best Wet Food For Fat Cats

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The Dangers Of Obesity In Cats

Best Wet Cat Food for Overweight Indoor Cats

Obesity in cats is defined as a bodyweight that is 20% or more above the normal weight. While different breeds of cat have different normal weights, it is easy to tell when a cat is obese. Aside from the actual numbers on the scale, you can tell whether a cat is overweight or obese by judging his body condition. To do so, you will need to view your cats body from the side and from above while he is standing at rest. When looking at your cats profile from the side you should be able to see a clear waistline and a visible tummy tuck the ribs may or may not be visible but you should be able to feel them under a thin layer of fat.

If your cat does not have a clear waistline and his stomach bulges outward and sags downward he may be overweight. If there is a noticeable pad of fat that wobbles when the cat walks, he is likely to be very overweight. If you view your cats profile from the side and the waistline is absent, he may be obese. Obese cats also typically exhibit a bulging stomach that sags downward with pads of fat over the lower back and an additional pad on the stomach which sways or wobbles as the c at walks. The ribs will be covered in a very thick layer of fat and you will not be able to feel them. If your cat meets the qualification for overweight, very overweight, or obese you should see a veterinarian.

Diet Foods For Cat Weight Loss

Discover the best cat food for your overweight cat!

Many cats can struggle with their weight, particularly if they spend the majority of their time indoors rather than roaming outside. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of low fat diets to help with this issue, offering the best cat food for weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. After sterilisation weight gain can be a real issue for felines, as appetites can increase whilst energy requirements and metabolism can drop, so it is essential that you choose the best cat food for your felines health. These diet foods are the best cat food for keeping your feline nourished and healthy whilst encouraging steady weight loss, with both wet and dry food options to meet every need. These diet cat foods are designed to help keep overweight and obese cats feeling full between meals, reducing energy intake without reducing the quantity of food they can enjoy. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of diet foods for cat weight loss to meet every need. Browse the full range of Diet Foods for Cat Weight Loss available here at zooplus

We offer diet cat foods for both healthy cats and those requiring prescription diets. Before introducing your cat to a prescription diet, be sure to consult your veterinarian.

Take a look at the rest of the Cat Specialist Diets & Supplements available here at zooplus!

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The Top 10 Best High Calorie Cat Foods For Weight Gain

The best cat food for weight gain will be higher than the average cat food in calories, protein, and fat. Protein is essential to help your cat build and maintain lean muscle while fat is a highly concentrated source of energy. Both of these nutrients are best from animal sources to ensure digestibility. Here are our top picks for the best high calorie cat foods for weight gain:

Our 2022 Picks: Best Calorie Dense Foods for Cats

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Dry Cat Food Drawbacks

Studies have shown a correlation between obesity and feeding dry cat food. This could be because a lot of cats that eat dry food are often free-fed, and owners do not realize how much their cats are actually eating in a day.

It can also cause the opposite problem because its hard to notice that your cat is not eating when they are free-fed. The amount your cat eats in a day should be monitored or measured out for both reasons.

Older cats with dental disease or those who have had some of their teeth removed may also have a harder time chewing dry food.

American Journey Minced Salmon & Tuna Recipe In Gravy Grain

Best Wet Cat Food For Overweight Cats Uk

Our Top Pick for the Best Affordable Cat Food for Pancreatitis: The American Journey brand was created by Chewy to offer pet parents a high-quality option in affordable pet food. This American Journey Minced Salmon & Tuna Recipe in Gravy Grain-Free Cat Food is a good option in a chronic pancreatitis cat diet. Not only is it loaded with animal protein, but it is high in moisture, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in fat. This formula features fresh salmon, tuna, and chicken as the main proteins with chicken liver and egg whites for supplemental protein. It is a grain-free recipe which boosts the digestibility, with the added benefit of supplemental fiber for healthy digestion. This recipe contains chelated minerals which work with the vitamin supplements to ensure nutritional balance and there is a blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Overall, if youre looking for a protein-rich, affordable wet food made with wholesome ingredients and animal proteins, American Journey offers a wide variety of product choices to consider.

  • Pros: High in protein and moisture, moderate fat content, fresh fruits and vegetables, blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, chelated minerals, easy to digest
  • Cons: Not a single-source protein recipe

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Senior Cat Food: What To Look For

Most commercially available cat foods will meet your pets nutritional needs. Miller explains, Commercial cat foods meet certain base-level criteria for nutrition. I recommend foods manufactured by companies with long-established histories of making quality food, that consult with veterinary nutritionists, and have stringent quality control measures.

While counting calories isnt the most fun activity, Miller adds that cats should be consuming about 200 calories per day. I recommend quantifying how many calories your cat is eating on a per-day basis so you can quickly recognize a decrease in appetite, he says.

Further, if your senior cat is experiencing age-related health issues, you should talk to your veterinarian about which diet would be most beneficial.

Tips That Will Help Your Cat To Lose Weight

Helping your obese cat to lose weight can be a challenging matter for a couple of reasons. It already has reduced mobility and reduced exercise tolerance.

This means that it will be harder than ever to make it exercise that the needs to burn the extra calories.

Another challenge that cat parents frequently face is that conventional diet foods are less tasty than the non-diet ones that your obese cat already is having.

It is harder to make them eat diet food. You can trick them into it once or twice, but there is no fooling your feline friend for long.

The transition from a tasteful, unhealthy food to a healthy, tasteless one is a real challenge, we tell you! If done wrong this may result in gastrointestinal upset.

Getting your cat to eat food that is healthy and will help him lose weight is tricky but not unachievable.

There are some options that you can try as we suggest: One of them is the 50-50 ratio where you put half of the old food and half of the new one which is the diet food.

Another option is to sprinkle some taste enhancer on top of your cats diet food, like beef broth or chicken broth, that needs to have an enticing smell.

The third option is to mix wet diet food with dry cat food or wet cat food with dry diet food to make things more palatable for your cat.

Another thing is that other than telling if your cat is overweight, what should be the changes in diet, etc. your vet can actually tell if your cat can exercise, which is just as important to find out.

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Purina Pro Plan Weight Control Pate Wet Cat Food

Purina Pro is very exactly planned to supply outstanding nutritional formulas. If your cat is fatty, it can be lazy, sleepy, moody, and not attracted to doing extracurricular activities.

This best Canned cat food for weight loss makes your cat active and energetic whatever your cat is adult or old. Moreover, rice includes in pro plan wet cat food provides a very balanced diet, and helps to lose fat.

It completes all the necessities of wet cat food with high protein for every breed of cats. It improves the immune system that makes it healthier and strong.

What To Look For In The Best Cat Food For Weight Loss

Top 11 Best Wet Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

In the simplest of terms, you should look for high protein, low-fat cat foods.

The role that carbs play in a cats diet is the most important factor to consider in a cats diet. This is typically used to glue the kibble together and make the food go a longer way than it would.

At the same time, they sacrifice the protein content in the cat food, which is way more important than the carbs.

In fact, cats have absolutely no reason to have carbs in their diet.

Not because they are bad, but because they are unnecessary to be increased in amount and have the protein be reduced. Cats can easily survive on a wholly proteinous diet.

Whats more, not for just cats indoors, but wild cats also dont have too many carbs except for the intestines and whatever is in the stomachs of their prey.

Again, a diet too rich in carbs and not enough protein makes the cats lose their lean muscles, which easily reduces the metabolic rate of the cats, and increases the weight gain in cats, making them overweight or obese.

If the diet isnt adjusted to high-protein and low carbs, matters automatically spiral out of hands.

The best type of cat foods is those which have a protein content of more than 35% or more.

As is the nature of weight-loss foods, your cat is going to shed extra fats, so it has to have food rich in protein in the percentage mentioned.

If your cat food alone isnt giving it, make sure there are dietary supplements that provide the same.

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Cnc: Queen Cuisine Vs She

But the She-Panther that lounged on her mattress while snacking on a protein bar was far from the alpha predator that used to sleep with one eye open. Weeks of Camilla’s ‘training’ and specially prepared meals had bloated the fearsome feline into a flabby caricature of herself,


Buyers Guide For Best Food For Overweight Cats

Whether you want to give your cat the opportunity to get fit, stay active, and develop a healthy lifestyle, or just hope to gradually lower their weight, you need to use the best substance.

In regards to food or diets, and with the fact that it is a challenge to choose the best, here are some things to consider if to choose the Purina ONE Healthy Metabolism Adult Dry Cat Food.

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Types Of Low Carb Foods

Wet, semi-moist and dry are the types of commercial pet food available. They vary in water content, calories, protein content, taste and digestibility. Is one better than the other? Cats get a lot of their moisture from food so if your cat doesnt frequent the water bowl very often you may want to choose a wet or semi-moist low carb foods. Nutritional content and quality of dry food has improved so if canned food is cost-prohibitive or inconvenient there are viable dry low carb options.

Making your own cat food might sound appealing but its likely to be a fruitless and time-consuming process. Most recipes for homemade cat food dont content the necessary nutrients that cats need in the correct proportions. If you are set on making your own food, consult your vet for recommended recipes.

Wet food

Wet food is a good choice because the water content is around 75%, making it a good source of H2O. Cats who are picky eaters seem to prefer wet food but it is the most expensive type of commercial cat food. It can be stored indefinitely when unopened but should be refrigerated and used promptly after opening. Be sure to read the label as some wet foods can be nutritionally incomplete. Wet food left in a bowl can produce bacteria so wash bowls regularly to keep your cat from getting sick.

Semi-moist food

Dry food

Common dry food ingredients include:

  • Meat and/or poultry and/or seafood
  • Meat and/or poultry and/or seafood byproducts
  • Grain and/or grain byproducts

How To Control Your Cats Weight On A Dry Food Diet

The Fat Cat

Splitting the dry food into multiple small controlled volumes over the course of the day is most useful. That way, the cat is never full and never quite starving. With most cats, dropping below 1/3 to ½ cup of dry food per 24 hour day will make them too hungry even if adequate calories are being taken in. The actual amount needed by any given kitty is going to be unique to that cat and will likely change as the cat ages.

Using canned green beans can add bulk to the diet to make cats feel more full. This should not be done with cats that have a history of urinary tract crystals since the veggies raise the urinary pH, which predisposes to crystal formation.

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What Should I Look For In Cat Food

Your cats diet needs to include the right balance of the six major nutrient groups in order maintain optimal health: proteins, fats and oils, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and water. Any good quality manufactured cat food should provide your cat with this basic nutritional balance. Many others are designed to meet the specific needs, for example if a cat is pregnant, old or a kitten.

As a general rule, the order of ingredients is just as important as the kind of ingredients. Look for foods that list meat as the first ingredient and have a minimal number of ingredients, indicating low levels of processing. Unless a cat is on a special diet for medical or other reasons, the protein source should be listed first followed by other ingredients in the order of their percentage of total weight.

What Are Some Tips For Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Make sure your cat gets plenty of exercises. Surprisingly, some cats can be trained to walk on a leash.

Easier methods involve setting some time aside every day to play with your cat. Most cats can be coaxed to play if you figure out their preferences.

A cats play will mimic the way they would hunt in nature. You can capture her interest by finding her favorite type of prey. Some cats like string and others prefer little rubber balls.

There is some evidence that cats may also be attracted to particular colors. Experimentation on your part could make a big difference in your cats health.

A video can better illustrate how to lure your cat into exercising through play. Fifteen to twenty minutes per day, in short spurts, can make a huge impact.

Feeding your cat a high protein, low carbohydrate, moderate-fat diet gets him back to a diet more in tune with his metabolic design. The simplest way to limit carbohydrates is to feed wet food.

Wet cat food also has a natural tendency to have a high protein content. A cat needs high levels of protein to not only obtain the majority of her energy but also to maintain her muscle mass.

If you feed your cat free-choice, now is a good time to change to timed meals. It is also a great opportunity to cut out human food and decrease or eliminate treats. Maybe set aside tiny portions of your cats meal and give those as tidbit rewards.

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How To Choose The Best Kitten Food

With so many cat foods on the market, its hard enough to tell which foods are best for your cat. If you have a kitten, though, there are even more things to consider. From what nutrients your kitten needs to what foods will keep up with their high energy levels, choosing the best kitten food for your new addition can be overwhelming. Luckily, weve narrowed down the things to be on the lookout for when picking a food for your little one.

As always, its important to consult with your veterinarian to identify any unique health and nutrition needs of your kitten and to determine if any underlying health conditions may require specific dietary needs.

Why Trust The Spruce

Best WET CAT FOOD for Indoor Cats and Kittens HIGH Protein LOW Carb

This piece was written by Lorraine Wilde who has had at least two cat companions in her home for the past 35 years, including some special needs kitties. Her current older feline companions have been challenged by digestive and urinary tract health issues. When researching these brands, Lorraine evaluated the type and quality of the ingredients, companies’ research and development of the food, and their business ethics.

Because she has only the highest standards for what she feeds her pets, Lorraine recently switched to Evangers EVx Restricted Diet Urinary Tract and Evanger Organics Turkey and Butternut Squash canned food to help improve her older cats health issues.

Dr. Georgina Ushi-Phillips is a practicing veterinarian and veterinary writer for She grew up in Wisconsin and earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Florida. Her professional interests include nutrition, soft tissue surgery, and emergency care. In her free time, Dr. Ushi-Phillips enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and her hound mix, Pearle.

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