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Cat Food For Fussy Cats

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Muse By Purina Natural Grain Free Hand Fillet Fish With Topper Wet Cat Food

How to Switch Cat Food PROPERLY for Picky Cats That Refuse New Food

Yes, this is another Purina cat food. Were not trying to advertise or anything, because it is in fact the most popular food for cats.

Like the first one in the list, it is wet food and it comes in ten 2.1-Ounce Tubs. You can choose between three flavors: Herring & Salmon Recipe, Ocean Fish Recipe or Tuna & Tilapia Recipe. All three of them are grain free and gluten free. The contents do not include chicken by-product meal, corn, wheat or soy, as well as artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. What it includes is real hand-filleted fish as the first ingredient. This food has all the necessary essential nutrients for your cat.

Your cat will appreciate the taste and you will like how natural this food looks. You can actually see real pieces of fish, not unidentified meat pate.

There is always a chance that your finicky cat will refuse to eat any kind of food. A nice bonus is that if your cat doesnt like it, they will refund your purchase price.

What To Do When You Have A Cat Who Is A Fussy Eater

How do you ensure they are not missing out on any of their nutritional need?

And how do you get a cat who has neophobia to transition to a healthier cat food?

Perhaps your picky cat needs to gain weight, or maybe he needs to lose a few pounds.

Regardless of the reason, if youre trying to enhance your cats diet but nothing you do seems to get your fussy cat to eat, youll have to have some patience and consistency.

Buying Guide: How To Find The Best Wet Cat Food For Picky Eaters

Getting your cat to eat is important for obvious reasons. A cat needs to eat enough food to maintain a healthy weight and get the nutrition they need for strength and play.

Cats are well known for being finicky eaters that seem to turn their nose up at many things. As strict carnivores, cats have well-honed senses tuned to selecting foods that meet their nutritional needs.

In this buying guide, Ill walk through the reasons why your cat is a picky eater and how to get your cat to eat more wet food.

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My Cat Is A Fussy Eater Why

Why are cats picky eaters? Are they just not hungry?

Do they simply not enjoy the food we are offering them?

Many cat owners will pick foods based on aroma, texture, and the likelihood of a flavorful taste thinking that their cat will go wild over it and wont be able to help but scarf down their meals.

Contrary to that assumption, your cat has evolved to regard tasty, aroma-rich foods as secondary when it comes to nutritional value.

You see, recent studies have found that our cats prefer foods with a precise ratio of protein to fat.

Basically, this means that if your cat cant get an optimum amount of energy from proteins and fats in his food, he sees no purpose in eating it.

Wet Food For Picky Cats

Fussie Cat Premium Canned Grain Free Cat Wet Food ...

Purina Friskies Gravy Sensations Variety Pack* six different flavors in one box, nearly one for every day of the week!

Natures Variety Instinct Original Grain Free Recipe Natural Wet Canned Cat Food* high quality ingredients and high in animal protein so that every mouthful counts.

Purina Fancy Feasts Grilled Seafood Collection Variety Pack* Purina are big hitters in the pet food industry, and they seem to be on to a popular winner with this wet food combo.

Hills Science Diet Adult Wet Cat Food* supplemented with extra vital amino acids so that picky cats with small appetites still get the best chance of good nutrition.

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Additional Sneaky Tips For Fussy Eaters:

  • Some cats will eat if you pat them near their food bowl. Some nice long strokes from head to tail while near the food can in many cases stimulate their appetite.
  • Encourage your cat to play, then present some nice fresh food just afterwards. A bit of exercise can stimulate appetite.
  • Sometimes putting some food on your finger and allowing your cat to lick it off will get them started on the road to eating.
  • Ask your vet what your cat is allowed to eat, and if BBQ chicken is suitable, perhaps try some BBQ chicken without the skin. This has a lovely fragrance and will tempt many fussy cats.
  • Adding a probiotic to your cats food can improve palatability and also overall gut health and digestion. Ask your vet if this would be suitable for your cat.
  • Add some salt reduced stock to your cats food as a flavouring. Cats actually arent sensitive to salt like we are, but that meaty broth can really add some flavour. You can do a similar thing with a little watered-down vegemite

Check That No Else Is Feeding Your Pet

Finally, check your pet is not being fed by your neighbours or scavenging for leftovers in local bins. Not only will this affect your pets appetite, it could increase the risk of disease or parasitic infection.

Advice for happy, healthy pets

Pets at Home is the UK’s largest pet supplies store. From toys and bedding to tailored food and in-store veterinary clinics, it’s the first place to go for any pet need.

If your pet is being choosy about what it eats, have a chat with your vet. Free pet food consultations are also available at your nearest Pets at Home store book online or ask in store.

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Dry Food For Picky Cats

BLUE Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Adult Dry Cat Food* much-loved by cats and owners alike, this dry food has it all.

Taste of the Wild Grain-Free High Protein Natural Dry Cat Food* balanced and delicious, this cat food has no shortage of fans among picky eaters.

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dry Cat Food* this dry food comes in six flavors for matching to your cats tastes, or shaking things up!

My Cat Is A Fussy Eater

Tips for Feeding Finicky Cats

If your cat is a fussy eater, then dont worry, because they have a reputation for being extremely finicky. In truth, this behaviour is generally learned and not bred into them.

You may think your cat wants or requires variety in their diet but in actual fact, she will happily eat the same food everyday for all of her life provided it is a nutritious meal.

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Get Kitty Checked Out By The Vet

Depending upon the situation, you might want to get your cat checked out right away if she is suddenly being fussy. Change in eating habits may be symptoms of disease, medical issues, or oral issues.

In my experience, one of my cats who suddenly started eating a whole lot less turned out to have a mass on his intestine. In this case, the change was fairly obvious. He had always been a cheery, extroverted cat with a good appetite. Suddenly, he was eating less, losing weight, and a lot less interested in interaction. These were all signs for me to act.

In other experiences, a sudden change in eating habits can mean a painful tooth. It can also point to oral issues such as tumors. In the case of two of my cats, before my vet had actually diagnosed likely oral cancer, the cats suddenly stopped being interested in dry food and wanted only canned food . If an oral condition makes it painful to eat, the fact that the cat prefers canned food will make more sense once you have a diagnosis. But it always helps to have as much information as you can, so get blood work, or an exam, or more diagnostics, if the situation calls for it.

Your Cats Diet Is Boring

Is your cat eating the same thing over and over again? Like humans, your cats can also get tired of dining on food that lacks variety.

This is not to say that you should immediately change his diet from dry to wet cat food completely or vice versa. But it is a great idea to switch up the flavor that your cat eats once in a while.

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What Are The Dietary Needs Of Cats

First, lets learn about the dietary needs of cats.

Wouldnt it be great if someone invented fussy cat food for the fussy cat?

Unfortunately, each cat may be fussy about what they eat for different reasons, so what works for one may not work for another.

But when your cat refuses to eat what is on his dish, it can become more than just an annoyanceit can become dangerous.

What are the nutrients your cat NEEDS to get from his diet?

The nutritional needs of cats can vary depending on age, size, and weight. However, most cats need a balanced diet rich with the following:

Animal Proteins

Cats are carnivores and need animal proteins in their diet such as fish, eggs, beef, chicken, and so on.

Protein provides an essential source of amino acids that help to regulate your cats antibodies, enzymes, tissues, hormones, and pH balance.

While it is possible to get some proteins from plant-based foods, they lack taurine, which is an essential chemical found in animal proteins that your cat needs to thrive.

Whats more, your cats gut just isnt adapted to digest carbohydrates anymore theyll never get more than a tiny fraction of the available nutrition from them.


While we often think of fat as being bad or unhealthy for us, the truth is very different for your cat.

In fact they need to get around 30% of their daily calories from animal fats.

Most of these healthy fats and essential fatty acids can be found in protein-rich foods like fish and other meats.



Homemade Cat Food Recipes Every Cat Will Love

Fussy Cat Grain Free Chicken With Vegetables Dry Kitten ...

Please note: These 10 recipes were reviewed and approved by Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Claudine Sievert. Our team cooked and tested all these recipes with our cats.

When it comes to a healthy cat diet, its almost impossible to make it ideal. Whether you use wet or dry cat food, there are always some drawbacks in formulas these can be ingredients, artificial components, flavors, or texture. Each cat has individual needs, and covering them all with mass-market industrial products isnt always the right decision.

Besides, cats are carnivores they eat raw meat and dont need grains. This is what many owners forget about when buying kibbles with wheat and corn. As a result, their beloved pets suffer from allergic reactions, stomach upset, sensitivities, poor digestion and metabolism, excessive weight, and so on.

Ideally, a feline diet should consist of what these hunters ate originally prey and fish. You can help your cat and create an ideal menu for it.


Have you ever tried to make your own cat food? This option would be perfect, and its not as complicated as it seems. Actually millions of people are already cooking homemade cat food, homemade kibbles, and even homemade kitten formulas themselves!

Below you will find our 10 favorite recipes for homemade cat food.

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Best Wet Cat Food For Picky Eaters Topper: Nulo Freestyle Broth Chicken Yellowfin Tuna And Duck

Quality meat sources for great taste

Variety of fish, beef, & chicken to cut boredom

No grains or legumes for top digestion

Attractive smell to entice picky cats


Lets take a look at Nulo Freestyle Broth.

This is a topper that contains animal foods and chicken broth. Its designed to boost the moisture, flavor, and nutrition of a meal. I like that this wet food pouch gives your cats diet versatility as a meal or topper. I also like that there are no added nasties, grains, or fillers to help with sensitive stomachs.

The main downside of this product is the cost, which is a little higher. I dont think this product isnt designed as a sole source of nutrition, but a top up product.


Chicken, Chicken Broth, Tuna Broth, Yellowfin Tuna, Duck

Caloric Content: 575 kcal/kg, 46 kcal/pouch

Hills Science Diet Kitten Indoor Dry Cat Food

This Hills product is recommended for kittens, from weaning until 1 year old and pregnant or nursing cats. The food helps healthy digestion for easy litter box clean-up. It includes only natural ingredients plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids precisely balanced tailored for kittens with an indoor lifestyle.

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What Do I Do If My Cat Doesn’t Like His Food

Stop feeding extra foods and special treats and stick to a daily scheduled feeding routine. If possible, put down a small amount of food several times a day, as cats tend to be grazers. Put down the proper amount of food at a regular time each day and wait. If your cat won’t eat the offered food, try again later.

Cat Not Eating Expert Methods For Guaranteed Success

My Picky Cat Reviews Her New Cat Food (Max Cat & Wild Harvest)

Cats have a reputation for being fussy but is this deserved? What can you do about a cat not eating? We prefer to think of cats as discerning they learn quickly what is safe, and what works for them and then they stick with it. This can cause an issue if you want or need to change their food to a healthier option. Read on for our experts tips to get your fussy cat eating enthusiastically again!

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Their Love Of Routine

Cats love predictability and can quickly become anxious when their routine is disturbed.

Something as simple as moving your cats bowl to a different location or using another washing-up liquid can be enough to cause stress.

If something more significant has changed, you can expect cats to go into their shell and only emerge once they have accepted the new normal.

Being picky with their food is the first sign that something may be stressing them out, so check for anything that may have shifted in their home environment.

I hope youre working hard in that kitchen!

Hills Science Diet Dry Cat Food

Hills Science is a chicken recipe meant for senior cats. The formula is made with chicken, whole grain wheat, corn gluten meal, egg product, dried beet pulp, chicken liver flavor, and more.

This chicken-flavored cat food weighs a little more than 15 pounds and is suited for cats that are 11 and above. Hills Science diet cat food is easy to digest because it has natural fibers that improve the cats digestion. In case you didnt know, mature cats have a very sensitive stomach hence the need to feed with meals that aid their digestion.

Most importantly, this formula is made with reasonably sourced natural ingredients, so you dont have to worry about your cat developing complications. Additionally, Hills Science diet also improves the bladder and kidney health of your cat.

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What Happens If A Cat Doesnt Eat

If your cats fussiness is a minor issue, it may go away without you having to do anything.

A cat not eating for 24 hours or more can have serious consequences, though.

As soon as a felines body stops getting the calories required to provide enough energy, it will mobilise fat reserves.

This can result in your cats liver being flooded with fats they cant cope with in one go. The fats are deposited around the surface of the liver, causing a syndrome called hepatic lipidosis.

If a cats liver function is reduced by fatty deposits, it can have serious knock-on effects on the:

  • Kidneys
  • Pancreas
  • Cardiovascular system

A cats loss of appetite lasting more than 24 hours is a strong sign that something is wrongyou should get your kitty to the vet as quickly as possible to find out what the matter is.

Transitioning Your Picky Eater To New Cat Food

Fussie Cat Premium Canned Cat Food

If youre switching your picky eater to a new cat food that you think will give him back his healthy appetite and gusto for mealtimes, there are some things that you should do to make sure he converts well. A complete and sudden change in diet can cause a digestive upset, so make sure to transition slowly.

Begin with adding 25% of the new food to your cats food. Do this for about three days. Slowly increase until your cats food is a mix of 50% new food and 50% old diet. Do this for another three days. Around the 7th day, the new food should be about 75% of his meals. You should have fully transitioned to a 100% of the new food by the 11th day.

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