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How To Ship A Cat Across Country

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How To Ship Pets Across Country

Two Cross Country Flying Cats!

So, its a fact youre about to move house and things are getting kind of chaotic around the house. Time is sprinting towards moving day and you feel like youve fallen behind schedule. The pressure is on! Will you be able to finish all the required tasks before the big day comes around? Only time can tell.

Whatever your specific plan of action is, your family comes first. Your top priority is to make sure the safety and well-being of each family member is guaranteed, and that also includes any pets you may have.

Moving with pets is no joke and the pet relocation challenges you will face wont be a walk in the park either. Special cares are required when transporting your dear animal friend to another home across the country or even to another country altogether. The pre-move preparation period is crucial for the success of the entire operation but making the right decisions as far as arranging the proper pet transport is even more vital.

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Consider Shipping Your Cat By Air

How to move across the country with a cat? Now you know the best way, but it can never be as fast as transporting your feline pet by air. Distance is usually the deciding factor in such cases somehow you wouldnt be thrilled by the thought of driving from one coast to another , and you shouldnt subject your cat to such as an excruciatingly long car drive either.

Of course, the alternative is to ship your cat by air.

  • Make a reservation for your cat as soon as you can. Make sure you are well familiar with the pet policy of the airline carrier.
  • Prepare the required documents a health certificate is a must.
  • Check again whether the pet carrier is approved for air travel.
  • Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure time.

Pet Moving For All Domestic Dog & Cat Breeds

Shipping all dog breeds – From the most massive Great Dane to the smallest Chihuahua, our industry-leading pet transport service does not discriminate against relocating any dog breeds.

Welcoming all cat breeds – Need to ship a cat across the country? We are ready and willing to transport all domestic cat breeds, including Sphynx and Turkish Angora.

Although we dont ship jaguars or wild coyotes, theres always a place for your domestic pet in our vehicles! Rabbits, reptiles, and others are welcome, too!

We Move All

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Moving With Pets Across Country: Tips Tricks Costs & More

A long distance move can be a stressful event for anyone, including pets. If youre moving to a new city or province, and youre moving with pets, youre likely worried for their wellbeing.

Theres no need to panic weve compiled the following advice to help you turn moving with pets across country into a safe, incident-free, and even enjoyable experience.

Does Fedex Ship Cats

Shipping Cats Across Country: How to Transport a Cat With ...

A. FedEx Express does not accept live-animal shipments as part of its regular-scheduled service and does not transport household pets such as dogs, cats, birds and hamsters. The shipper must have its packaging tested and pre-approved by FedEx Packaging Design and Development for the type of animal being shipped.

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Final Thoughts: The Cheapest Way To Ship A Cat + How Much It Costs

There it is! Remember, we personally think the cheapest way to ship a cat is by utilizing a trusted airlines cargo department. Avoid using a pet relocation service if you really want to keep fees low and affordable.

Thanks for reading everyone, we wish you safe travels with your feline friend!

Please dont hesitate to leave a comment and ask us any questions.

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Stay Calm While Packing

Cats notice when we feel stressed. Try to keep things calm and positive while packing. Let your cat play in some empty boxes. Keep her schedule and feeding times the same. Play with her and pet her a lot so she knows everything’s okay.

A;Comfort Zone Calming Collar;can also relax her. This is a drug-free solution that helps cats feel safe.

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Bringing Animals To Canada: Importing And Travelling With Pets

COVID-19 travel restrictions for adopting or rescuing animals

Travel for the purpose of adopting or rescuing animals is considered non-essential at this time and must be postponed until travel restrictions are lifted. Learn more about travel restrictions and animals and COVID-19.

If you are travelling with a pet or planning to import an animal to Canada, you will need the right paperwork at the border to meet Canada’s import requirements. If you don’t, you risk experiencing delays at the border and your animal may not be allowed into Canada.

Canada has specific import requirements in place to avoid introducing animal diseases to protect its people, plants and animals.

Find out what you need before you travel with your pet or import an animal.

Please wait – Loading pets import helper

  • United Kingdom
  • Other
  • Assistive

    How old will the dog be when you arrive in Canada?

  • Less than 3 months
  • Older than 3 months but less than 8 months
  • 8 months or older

    Will the dog be accompanied by the owner?

  • Yes
  • Commercial import
  • Cat

    Are you travelling with a domestic or non-domestic cat?

  • Domestic

    How old will the cat be when you arrive in Canada?

  • Less than 3 months
  • What country are you coming from?

  • Frequent
  • Having A Pet Transportation Company Move Your Pet

    What it’s REALLY like to move across the country for the first time (w/ cats)

    Household movers will not usually agree to move your pet for the same reasons they will be unwilling to transport your plants safety. This means that you may choose to contact specialized pet shipping services the so-called pet movers.

    • A simple Google search on pet movers will get you started on your search for a reputable and reliable pet transportation company. Remember that all pet movers must be licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
    • Contact a few pet transportation companies and ask for price quotes. Also, request more information about the type of insurance they offer.
    • Ask the pre-selected animal transportation companies for proof of their experience in transporting pets safely and quickly to any point within the country.
    • Its important to know you can actually trust the pet shipping services you will hire. Base your final pick on all of the criteria above, including your first impression and your intuition.

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    Keep Your Cat Safe On Moving Day

    The process of moving with cats from house to house is primarily about the safety of your dear animal companion. Here are the things you should do to ensure a high level of safety and protection during the day of the move:

    • Ask a friend or a neighbor if you can leave your pet with them during the most dangerous and chaotic day, at least until the moment the movers leave your home.
    • Designate a room where your dear cat will be a safe distance away from the whirlwind of packing and moving activities. Provide fresh water, preferred food, a comfy cat bed and a litter tray. Also, make sure the door stays shut you can even attach a sign DO NOT ENTER to keep anyone from opening the door by mistake.
    • Consider leaving your cats carrier inside that room so that your poor pet can have a safe place to hide from all the strange noises and frightful commotion that will take place on the day of the move.

    Remember that the long distance movers you have hired are not permitted to transport pets as the latter fall into the category of non-allowable items.

    How To Ship Cats Across Country

    How to Transport a Cat Across Country

  • Choose a;pet;friendly airline, meaning a carrier with established;pet;policies and a good safety record.
  • Talk to your vet about any concerns you may havethey may suggest helping your cat lose a pound or two before travel, for example.
  • Do not sedate your cat for travel.
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    Introduce Pets To Their Travel Environment

    When moving cross country with cats, dont wait until the last minute to introduce them to their travel environment. No matter how comfortable you make it, they will still feel intimidated if they have to face that alien environment right before the stress of travel.

    Instead, get carriers out several months in advance and leave them in the living room with blankets inside. Cats like dark, enclosed spaces, so they will often opt to enter them of their free will provided they dont already associate those carriers with the vet. If they steer clear, then start feeding them inside the carrier so theyre forced to enter and adapt.

    How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Cat

    Cat Sent Herself Across The Country Without Her Owner ...

    Whether youre planning on moving abroad or domestically in the US, youre probably wondering how much you should budget for your cats part of the move. Its important to keep in mind that there are many pieces to moving a cat that determines the costs.

    Even if you choose not to hire a professional service to organize a safe move plan for your cat, the individual expenses can add up to a big price tag. To help give you a better idea of what to expect with the costs of your cats move, weve put together some of the items to keep in mind when budgeting for your travels.

    Attention: The below estimates only provide a general idea of how much it costs to ship a cat without hiring a service provider to help. Involving a service provider or adding various conditions to your move will make the prices vary. Contact a PetRelocation Consultant here to find out what your cats move will cost with our services.

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    Cat Relocation From The Pet Transportprofessionals Who Care

    Planning a move is very overwhelming, especially when you begin thinking about how you are going to move a pet. Pets do not travel the same as humans do, and there are important factors that you should take into consideration before you begin the pet relocation process. Whether flying or driving, your pet requires special accommodations for long-distance moving.

    We understand that transporting your cat can be anything but easy, which is why we want to help you. Offering cat shipping for both domestic and international travel, Animals Away is proud to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are working with pet transportation experts who truly care about the safety and well being of your cat.

    Update Id Tags And Consider A Microchip

    Be sure your pet is on the end of a sturdy leash complete with up-to-date ID tags. Most major pet store chains sell ID tags for a few dollars; consider it an inexpensive way to recover lost pets. Microchips offer even more insurance. Just be sure to update the information on file with your new address as soon as possible.

    I recommend microchipping, especially when you are going across state lines, Monroe says. Unfortunately, we have a lot of animals that get away during the move because people accidentally leave the car door open. Be sure to have current ID tags and a microchip with at least your phone number.

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    Tips For Moving With Cats Across Country: Just Meow It

    Moving with cats across the country is a special type of challenge that you as a pet owner can tackle successfully only if you are well-prepared for it. Established habit and daily routine mean the world to cats, and a home move will often shatter both these lifelines of theirs.

    To make matters worse, moving cross country with cats will take these super sensitive creatures way out of their comfort zones and will lead them to strange surroundings with only one lifesaver you.

    To guide you through your upcoming feline relocation, we have prepared 10 tips for moving long distance with cats priceless advice on how to move with cats across the country.

    Best For Multiple Pets: Happy Tails Travel Inc

    How I Survived the LONGEST Road Trip with TWO Dogs & SENIOR CAT!!

    Happy Tails Travel, Inc.

    Transporting multiple pets can get expensive, but Happy Tails Travel, Inc. offers a discount when you add on more furry friends. Based in Arizona, Happy Tails Travel ships to most countries in the world and has a stellar safety record.

    If you are traveling domestically, Happy Tails Travel offers ground transportation without breed restrictions, which is great for anyone who wants to avoid long-distance air travel. It also transports internationally and helps your pet during a military move as well.

    In addition to travel costs, Happy Tails charges a consulting fee that starts at $250 for ground transportation and $425 for air travel. They also offer a discount for transporting multiple pets for a single customer. Happy Tails also offers discounts for military moves and relocations. While it can typically accommodate last-minute moves, there are additional fees for rush transportation services.

    That said, Happy Tails Travel is an affordable option thats great if you want to save money while transporting your whole furry family.

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    How To Ship Animals To Another State

    Caring pet owners regard their animal friends as dear members of their own family and treat them with the love and respect they deserve. And this is exactly why when the time comes to ship pets to another state within the country, their safety is a major concern for their respective masters.

    Above all, it is imperative that each and every step of the shipping process is planned well: some big decisions are to be made and a number of important tasks to be completed long before the actual relocation of the animal in question takes place.

    So, when it comes to shipping live animals across the country, we have prepared this comprehensive guide to the available options you have and the safety measures you need to take to make sure your furry friend arrives at his destination safe and sound.

    Read on to learn how to ship pets to another state regardless of whether you own a dog, a cat, or a bird. Remember that keeping your animal friend calm, safe, and healthy during the transit is your number one priority.

    Make The New Home Familiar

    In your new place, put your cats towel or bed next to your bed as usual. Provide fresh water near his bed, since he may need it nearby in an unfamiliar place. Its great to have a room mostly put together with some familiar furniture so they have a safe place to hide during the commotion of unpacking, says Morgan.

    Let them get used to this safe room first. Once all the movers are gone and the commotion has settled down, let your cats explore the rest of the house. As you unpack moving boxes, your cat will start to recognize the old scents and smells from the old house and start to feel more at home.

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    Put Together A Travel Pack

    Gather up all the travel essentials for your cat ahead of time, so you’re not looking around for everything at the last minute. Your travel pack should include portable bowls for food and water. Bring a portable litter tray, a small scoop, poop bags, and a small amount of litter.4;Some cats refuse to use the litter for hours while they’re stressed. If you’re staying somewhere overnight, your cats will probably want a litter break at some point.

    Pack some bottled water and a small amount of your cat’s current food. Switching food can upset a cat’s stomach, and you don’t want your sweet little kitty to have the extra stress.

    How To Ship A Pet By Land

    How to ship pets across country?

    The safest way to ship pets is to move them by land. Air travel can cause extreme anxiety and fear in some animals, which in turn might lead to unpredictable outcomes. Additionally, shipping your vet as cargo in an airplane may not be too safe for your friend due to a score of worrisome factors, and sedation while in the air is not usually recommended due to unexplored side effects.

    This is why you should always opt for moving your pet by land, if possible.

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    Moving With Dogs Across Country

    Preparing for the moveIf your dog is used to riding in the car , you should have no problem with the move. However, if youre traveling with a puppy or dog that has very little experience in the car, youll need to prepare.

    Start around a month before, training your dog to make short drives and gradually increasing travel time for each session.

    Similarly, you should prepare your dog for the big changes at home, packing over a period of days, or even weeks, to help your dog adjust to the changes.

    Ready for the big dayIf your dog often suffers from carsickness, talk to your veterinarian about prescribing medication to help with nausea. Take extra precautions, such as limiting your dogs food intake, placing an old towel on top of your dogs blanket, and covering the back seat in plastic this will be much easier to clean than fabric or leather.

    Making stopsWhenever possible, allow your dogs the chance to use the bathroom ideally every two to three hours. In addition, dogs should have a proper walk at least every eight hours.

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