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Cat Food To Reduce Shedding

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What Makes Cat Food Healthy

12 Best Cat Foods for Shedding. Anti-Shed Foods to Prevent Hair Loss.

One of the first things to look for any cat food is whether or not its species-appropriate.

So what does species-appropriate mean? It means the food matches, in a biological sense, whats best for your cats digestive system. Cats are whats called obligate carnivores which means that they cant all the nutrition they need from plants alone. For example, humans and many other mammals can convert the beta carotene from carrots into vitamin A.

But your cat cant actually do that. Instead, they rely on purely animal sources for vitamin A such as liver, fish oil, and egg yolks.

So one of the first factors to consider is whether or not a food is healthy is whether or not it matches up to what your carnivorous cat would have eaten in the wild. We want to see several animal-based ingredients and we always want to see an animal-based protein as the first ingredient.

Wellness Cat Food For Dandruff And Shedding

Chicken lover cats this food is meant for you! Wellness brings a perfect solution for your pet if they are having digestive system problems. It gives complete hydration to your furry pet and regulates water for the protection of urinary tract infections.

Your new kitten would fall instantly in love with this food because it is made out of the finest natural ingredients. Also, this does not contain any wheat or corn which will never give your kitten dandruff issues!


  • It will be filling for kittens but for older cats as the quantity is less.

Testers Verdict

Tested by our members, according to them it resolves cats skin issues and keeps them away from flaky skin. It also promotes healthy metabolism and keeps your pet hydrated.

The con of owning this is that it lies under cheaper cat foods which can cause longer-term issues in the wellbeing of your fur cat!

Wellness Cat Food for Dandruff and Shedding

The price of Wellness Cat Food varies, so check the latest price at

Forza10 Cat Food For Dandruff And Shedding

This is the best cat food for countering excessive shedding in cats. It suits all cat breeds and is veteran approved. Forza 10 is a dry cat food that comes with omega 3 and 6 that prevents skin irritations. It has flavors that most cats love to eat, it comes in seafood and chicken flavor.

If your cat suffers from scratching then this food would provide relief to their pain. The best thing is that it is produced by world-class vets and they have included every possible solution for your furry friend in this food.


  • It has the best ingredients such as papaya, turmeric, and pomegranates.
  • It includes a single source of protein that your cat needs for healthy cat hair.


  • Some cats might show allergic reactions to this food as it contains fish and chicken flavors.

Tester verdict

Our teams reviews about this product are that it shows instant results regarding skin health and suits even sensitive stomachs.

However, some reviews showed that many cats showed allergies to this dry food as it contains fish and chicken. Some had rashes as a result.

Forza10 Cat Food for Dandruff and Shedding

The price of Forza10 Cat Food varies, so check the latest price at

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The Fatty Acids Of Omega 3

Omega 3 is essential for promoting a healthy coat and good skin. These acids are anti-inflammatory in nature and can help in reducing scratching and itchiness. These fatty acids can keep the coat of your feline plush and keeps her skin smooth. As these are naturally found in krill and fish oil. These fatty acids can either be used as supplements or in preparing cat food.

The Best Cat Food For Shedding Control Comparison Chart

Best Cat Food For Shedding of 2020: How to Instantly Reduce Shedding In ...
  • Fresh to order every week
  • No fillers, grains or artificial flavors
  • Available in local stores, vets and retail kitchens
  • Human grade ingredients from natural sources
  • Contains optimal levels of magnesium
  • No artificial flavors and preservatives
  • Reduce the occurrence of hairballs
  • 100% money back if your cat does not like the food
  • Customized meal plan based on budget, cats age, health status, and current diet
  • Free from preservatives, fillers, grains, and artificial flavors

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Take Them For A Vet Check

If your cat suddenly starts shedding a lot, schedule a checkup with your veterinarian.

Its normal for cats to shed their fur, and they may lose more hair at certain times of the year when the seasons change. However, suppose there is any drastic change in the amount of fur your cat is losing. In that case, they should be checked by a veterinarian.

This is especially important if you notice them developing bald spots or patches of thin fur. Health conditions like stress, skin allergies, and overgrooming can cause hair loss, so your vet can check for these underlying health problems.

How To Stop A Cat From Shedding As Much

Mychelle had her own dog and cat behavior consulting business for about ten years, where she taught group and individual obedience and worked in clients’ homes to help resolve behavior issues.

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Almost all cats shed, although some breeds do more than others. There’s no way for a cat owner to stop the shedding, but you can implement some strategies to bring it to a more manageable level.

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Why Is My Indoor Cat Shedding So Much

Indoor cats may shed more fur because theyre in a warmer environment. As long as they have no patches of thin hair or baldness, and the amount of shedding hasn’t changed, it’s probably normal. It’s also worth remembering that if your cat never goes outside, all their shed fur will be in your home. You might even find clumps of hair in areas of the house where they often groom themselves. Regular brushing is the most effective way to reduce the amount of hair they shed.

Why Is My Cat Losing Weight But Still Eating

How to Reduce Dog Shedding

It is equally important to lose weight as it is to gain it in cats. If your cat is losing weight but still eating, he or she may have a medical issue that isnt caused by the weight loss. If your cat is losing weight rapidly or is underweight, your veterinarian will be able to advise you.

Signs Your Cat Is Sick And Needs To See The Vet

When you notice any of these symptoms, take your cat to the veterinarian for a check-up. If your cat is already showing signs of illness such as increased appetite, poor grooming, and weight loss, you should take immediate steps to diagnose and treat the underlying cause.

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What Causes Excessive Shedding

Shedding is normal for cats. Youre bound to find balls of hair collecting in the corners of the room, under your appliances, and on your furniture. Theres no escaping it .

While shedding is to be expected in a cat-inclusive household, theres a difference between normal and excessive shedding. But how do you tell the difference?

Most cats shed continuously, so regular grooming can help keep all that shed hair from clogging your vacuum and covering your clothing. Some cats also shed more heavily at certain times of year or during periods of stress. If your cat loses so much hair that he starts to develop patches of hair loss on his coat or you notice changes in his skin, it may be time to visit the veterinarian.

Abnormal hair loss is known as alopecia in both people and pets.

According to Dr. Alison Diesel, a clinical associate professor at the Texas A& M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, The biggest difference between normal shedding and alopecia in cats is that with normal shedding, there is not appreciable hair loss on the animal. With normal shedding, youll find hairballs and tufts of hair around the home, but your cats coat will still look normal at a glance in terms of length, thickness, and density.

Feline alopecia has many potential causes ranging from external parasites like fleas and mites to internal infections and food allergies. Cats can also inherit genetic forms of alopecia and some breeds become more prone to hair loss as they age.

How To Tell If Your Cats Fur Loss Is Due To Poor Nutrition

If your cat is losing chunks of fur, you should rule out any medical issues as a cause. When your cat eats and drinks properly, their condition may not be caused by a diet. It can also be the result of a lack of fresh food or water, a low level of quality protein, or an insufficient supply of vitamins and minerals. If you can identify the source of the problem and correct it, you will almost certainly notice an improvement in your cats fur.

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Cat Food That Helps With Shedding

If you own a cat, then you have probably had to deal with cleaning up after your cat. One of the biggest components of cleaning up after a cat has to deal with cleaning their fur. Cats fur can end up on just about any surface, from the ground, furniture, and even in the air. Similar to other mammals with fur, shedding is certainly a natural component of a cats life. They tend to shed the most in the summer when the temperature rises and they need to cool down their body. While a certain amount of shedding is normal in most cats, over shedding can actually be a sign that something is wrong with your cats skin.

The Best Cat Food For Shedding Control

13 Best Cat Foods for Shedding 2021

Here are our detailed review of the best cat food for shedding control in 2021.

Cats are adorable, fun to play and cuddle. However, seeing large amounts of hair in every corner of the house is not something that cat owners want to deal with.

Almost all of the cats shed some hair daily. Plus, it is normal for felines to shed heavily two times a year: in spring to remove the thick winter undercoat and in fall for the growth of a new winter undercoat. However, constant and heavy shedding might indicate health problems and need veterinarian care.

As the owner of cats, I came across frequent shedding issues with my cats. Because of that, Im here with the best list of cat diets that are better at controlling shedding. Based on the results, Dr. Elseys cleanprotein Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food is the absolute formula for controlling shedding in adult felines.

Though there is no special treatment, feeding a particular diet helps in reducing shedding in your cats. The best cat food for controlling shedding should feature high protein content or a minimum of 45% protein on a dry matter basis. It will also have 25-35% of fat content on a dry matter basis. Plus, it comes with high animal protein and fat sources.

The reasons for excessive shedding might vary in cats. Besides that, some felines need particular nutrition to maintain their overall health. Considering all these aspects, I picked diets from every category.


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Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball Control Cat Food

Mention the brand Blue Buffalo and most people will tell you that is one of the best when it comes to quality, and this Indoor Hairball Control Cat Food is a testimony to that.

The food is prepared with real and deboned chicken as the first ingredient to help supply your furry friend with the amino acids it needs for good health.

The most notable thing about the food is the high-fiber content and Omega fatty acids that help to promote the healthy development of your cats skin and fur.

With over 2.5% of omega-6 fatty acids and 0.5% Omega-3 fatty acids, this food will stabilize your cats coat, prevent irregular loss, and make your feline look attractive.

We also liked the excellent balance of this food, featuring loads of essential minerals and vitamins that your cat needs for a strong immune system. In addition, the food is also enriched with taurine for good eyesight.


How Do I Know If My Cat Has Normal Shedding Or Too Much Shedding

Generally, cats have a heavy shedding period in late fall or early winter and again in spring. In between that, there is some shedding, but this is much less. If your cat has heavy shedding throughout the year, there could be a problem. You will always have some shedding, and you need to accept it as part of owning a cat.

Often cats that are shedding abnormally will have other signs as well. This could include:

  • A thin patchy coat with some areas that may even look bald.
  • The cat may scratch and bite at his skin frequently.
  • Your cat will groom himself excessively and may suffer from hairballs.
  • The cats coat will look dull, and the hair may appear to be broken in some areas.
  • The cat may be restless and generally seem uncomfortable.
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    Premium Pick: Feline Natural Beef And Hoki Feast

    • Completely free of thickening agents like guar gum or xanthan gum
    • 33% fat and 47.8% protein by dry matter fits perfectly into our target range


    • Higher quality means a higher price

    This diet from Feline Natural is certainly one of the most unique ones on the market. First, it features beef as a primary ingredient. While beef products do make their way into some recipes, theyre rarely the focal point of the diet. Second, it features the hoki which is a fish found primarily off the coast of New Zealand and Australia and is also considered a more sustainable fish to eat and harvest. Finally, this food is free of the traditional thickening agents you often see in wet food. That means ingredients like guar gum and xanthan gum arent going to be found in this recipe.

    But what about shedding?

    Premium, animal-based, and species-appropriate ingredients are a good start and this diet features animal-based ingredients for the first six ingredients. It also has 33% fat and 47.8% which means it perfectly matches that fat and protein content were looking for.

    Overall, this really is a premium food and a highly recommended option for cat owners who not only want to manage shedding but also want to feed their cat high-quality ingredients. You can .

    Lets dive into the first 5 ingredients and see some of the unique ingredients that make up the beef and hoki recipe.

    1. Beef Heart

    2. Hoki

    3. Beef

    4. Beef Kidney

    5. Beef Liver

    Complete Ingredients and Guaranteed Analysis


    Dr Elseys Cleanprotein Chicken Formula Grain

    Shed-X for Dogs & Cats: Natural ingredients to stop excessive shedding.
    • First 5 Ingredients: Chicken, Dried Egg Product, Pork Protein Isolate, Gelatin, Chicken Fat
    • Guaranteed Analysis: 59% Crude Protein, 18% Crude Fat, 4% Crude Fiber, 12% Moisture
    • Caloric Content: 4,030 kcal/kg
    • Key Feature: Best overall formula for cats with excess shedding issues
    • Type of Product: Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, High-Protein, Pea-Free, No Corn No Wheat No Soy
    • Life Stage: Adult
    • Best for: Best formula for controlling shedding in cats

    Dr. Elseys cleanprotein Chicken Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food includes everything necessary for reducing shedding. Plus, this diet is a special formula and is free of veggies and fruits.

    It contains 67% protein content on a dry matter basis. Due to this, it became one of the high-protein diets. Instead of vegetables, grains, and starches, it uses gelatin, which offers minor nutrition. It contains the collagen of animals .

    All five primary ingredients are animal-based sources. Chicken and eggs offer animal protein and help in maintaining the shine of the cats coat!

    Pork protein isolate is a concentrated protein and has low-fat content. This diet includes 20.4% fat content on a dry matter basis and is close to the requirement.

    The Hills Science Diet Adult Hairball Control Savory Chicken Entree Canned Cat Food comes with moderate fiber, fat, and protein content. Besides that, it includes optimum levels of moisture content.

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    Why Does Obesity Cause Excessive Shedding

    Obese cats have difficulty grooming themselves as they cannot reach all areas of their body adequately. These areas of the body build up dirt, loose hair, and debris such as grass seeds. The build-up in the ungroomed regions causes the skin to deteriorate, and the hair loosens and falls out.

    Obese cats are prone to diseases such as diabetes, heart complications, hypertension, and cancer that can all compromise skin and therefore coat health. The result is an increase in shedding. Obese cats will be more likely to develop arthritis which makes self-grooming painful. The cat will become less and less likely to groom and spread the sebum along the hairs. The hairs will decrease in condition and die or loosen.

    Ways To Reduce Cat Shedding

    Multiple reasons can cause cat shedding the same can be fixed through various means. It all depends on the environment, the cats food, and the mental health of your cat.

    A variety of your cats physical and behavioral differences indicate that abnormal shedding has begun. To reduce shedding, cat owners should look out for the possible reasons and should never ignore the increased shedding as it can lead to more significant health problems in your beloved pet like:

    • External parasites, such as fleas
    • Stress or anxiety
    • Skin inflammation or irritation

    Worry not all this can be avoided. Just instill the below mentioned steps in your routine for guaranteed health and safety of your pet, plus a clean and less hairy house.

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