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Cat Food Without Food Coloring

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Cat Food Without Carrageenan

Dont Feed Your Cats Food With Color Dyes @Two Crazy Cat Ladies #shorts

Carrageenan is a controversial cat food ingredient that is used to improve the texture of wet cat food. Some studies have claimed that it does more harm than good, while other studies claim that it has no nutritional benefit at best. If you want to be cautious and remove the ingredient from your cats food completely, that is certainly doable.

There are plenty of options, from those that are budget-friendly, to those that are on the expensive side but provide the correct nutrients for your kitty.

Best Dry Cat Food Malaysia 2021

Best Premium Dry Cat Food:

  • Orijen Six Fish
  • Acana Pacifica Dry Cat Food
  • Farmina Natural & Delicious Grain Free Chicken & Pomegranate Adult Cat

Best Mid-Range Dry Cat Food:

  • Taste Of The Wild Rocky Mountain With Venison & Smoked Salmon Cat Dry Food
  • Carnilove Salmon Sensitive & Long Hair Cat Food
  • Royal Canin Fit 32 Dry Cat Food
  • PURINA ONE Adult Tuna Dry Cat Food

Best Budget Dry Cat Food:

  • Brit Premium Adult Chicken Dry Cat Food
  • ProDiet Ocean Fish Dry Cat Food
  • MISHA Dry Cat Food

We also have recommendations for wet cat food in this post!

Best Organic Cat Food Buyers Guide

With so many different brands, flavors, and ingredient lists to look over, purchasing the best organic cat food can feel like an endless task. There are hundreds of reputable pet food brands to consider each boating claims of being the very best. Even the term different ideas on what an organic pet food actually is.

We love our cats like family so we want to give them the most nutritious and tastiest food available. Organic cat foods are often healthier and better for your cat, making it a smart choice. While reviewing the top ten organic cat foods, we learned some helpful tips and tricks that we hope will help you in your search to find the right organic formula for your kitty. Lets get started!

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Best Organic Dry Cat Food: Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Cat Food

BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Cat Food is not a 100% certified organic formula, but is does contain a limited list of quality, natural ingredients that make it our top choice for the best organic dry cat food. It contains a single protein source per bag and features a 100% grain-free recipe thats easier for your cat to digest. It includes pea fiber and pumpkin to help support optimal digestion, as well as omega fatty acids for improved skin and coat health.

Pet parents appreciated that this diet was suitable for kitties with even the most sensitive stomachs, and could be fed to adult cats of all ages, breeds, and sizes. Many reviews mentioned that once lethargic cats became more active after switching to this food.

At a price of $34 for an 11-pound bag, this cat food is surprisingly affordable. It has a rating of 4.3 on Amazon with more than 200 people reviewing it, which we think goes a long way in convincing pet owners that this limited ingredient cat food is a good choice for their pet.

BLUE Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Cat Food Key Features:

  • Available in a choice of sizes
  • Choose from 3 delicious flavors
  • Free from corn, wheat, soy, dairy, eggs, and poultry by-product meals

Stella & Chewys Freeze Dried Dinner Morsels

Purina ONE SmartBlend Large Breed Adult Formula Dry Dog ...

This product from Stella & Chewy is not exactly wet food, nor is it dry kibble.

It is a freeze-dried food that is a cross between both. Inspired by a raw diet, you can give it as dry kibble, or add water to make it wet food.

It has high-quality ingredients with 98% of the product coming from animal sources. It also contains some probiotics to prevent bacterial growth. This food is not only carrageenan-free, it is also healthy for your cat.

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Are All Grains Bad For Cats

Think back to what we said about whole grains. Things like whole brown rice, whole-grain oats, and whole pearled barley are some of the most nutritious grains out there, for both pets and people.

However, when pet food manufacturers use by-products of the human food grain processing industry like wheat middlings, rice bran, corn gluten, and soybean hulls they dont offer the same degree of nutrition. In fact, they may take the place of more nutritious ingredients like animal protein and increase the risk for triggering a food allergy or sensitivity. This is why you should look for a cat food without corn or wheat and avoid soy ingredients as well.

So, its probably best to feed your cat a grain-free diet, right? Not necessarily.

Grain-free cat food is simply cat food without grains, but that definition doesnt tell the whole story. Instead of being able to use common carbohydrates like rice, pet food manufacturers use things like peas, legumes, and potatoes. The problem with these ingredients is that they tend to be high in protein which can raise the total protein content of the recipe, misleading the customer to think its a better option for their cat than it really is.

Legumes may be edible for people, but there is some concern about their impact on pet health. The FDA is currently investigating claims related to grain-free pet foods and an increased risk of dilated cardiomyopathy , particularly in dogs.

What about cats?

Brit Premium Adult Chicken Dry Cat Food

Brit and Brit Care are under the same parent company as Carnilove. They run their production by ISO 9001 and HACCP quality standards.

One user who switched to this Brit Care from Blackwood saw an improvement in their cats fur. And the cats could last longer between meals too.

Note: The kibble size has increased recently from the photo above.

  • Protein: 35% | Fat: 15% | Moisture: 10% | Fiber: 2.5%
  • Protein Source: Chicken

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How To Care For A Cat With Allergies

Caring for a cat with food allergies may seem overwhelming based on the full list of food allergens alone. The good news? Cat food manufacturers are becoming increasingly aware of this problem as more and more felines are diagnosed.

Several food options exist today with alternative proteins. By working with a vet to identify and eliminate the allergens in your cats diet, you will help your cat live a happy, healthy life.

The Honest Kitchen Grain


To approximate the nutritional quality of fresh food without sacrificing the convenience of dry food, consider this The Honest Kitchen Grain-Free Chicken Recipe. It is gently dehydrated to make it shelf-stable but doesnt subject the ingredients to high heat processes. It features free-range chicken as the main ingredient with eggs as a supplemental source of protein. Sweet potatoes, flaxseed, pumpkin, spinach, and cranberries act as natural sources for key nutrients with chelated minerals for balance.

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The 11 Best Cat Foods Without Corn Wheat Or Soy

Your cat deserves the highest quality nutrition you can give him, so dont skimp on price! Higher quality cat foods tend to be more expensive, but not all pricy cat foods are good . That being said, you dont necessarily need to spend a fortune on your cats diet just feed the highest quality food you can consistently afford. Here are our recommendations:

Our 2021 Picks: Best Cat Foods Without Corn, Wheat, or Soy
  • Fresh cat food delivered to your door
  • Prepared in small batches
  • Cage-free turkey is the first ingredient
  • Formulated with vitamins and minerals
  • Features real lamb as the first ingredient
  • Free of corn, wheat and soy
  • Supports digestive and immune health
  • Supplies loads of protein

Symptoms Of Food Allergies In Cats

Be on the lookout for the following symptoms, which often point to food allergies in cats:

  • Sneezing, coughing, and wheezing
  • Ear infections, or itchy ears
  • Itchy skin
  • Snoring from an inflamed throat
  • Chewing or swollen paws

If you notice any combination of these symptoms, its important to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. Allergies, though irritating at first, have the potential to become life-threatening.

Your vet will work with you to identify and eliminate the offending allergens. Its important not to eliminate foods without expert help, as doing so could throw your cats diet off balance.

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Is Dry Cat Food Bad For Cats

Naturally, wet food contains a lot more water content than dry food. This better simulates what cats would eat in the wild, as small prey also contain more moisture than dry foods. … On the other hand, prolonged dehydration can irritate your cat’s urinary tract and possibly lead to kidney disease.

Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball & Weight Control Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food

How long can a cat go without food?

Our Top Pick for the Most Popular Hairball Cat Food: If youre not sure where to start shopping for hairball control cat food, why not go with a popular recipe like this Blue Buffalo Indoor Hairball & Weight Control Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Cat Food? This formula is very affordable for the quality it delivers, and it is uniquely formulated for indoor cats, offering both hairball prevention and weight management benefits. This recipe features real chicken as the main ingredient to support lean muscle mass with digestible whole-grain carbohydrates for energy and fiber. It also contains several supplemental sources of fiber for a total crude fiber content of 9%. This formula is rich in omega fatty acids for skin and coat support, plus fresh fruits and vegetables for nutritional balance. It contains probiotics for digestive support as well as chelated minerals.

  • Pros: Formulated for hairball & weight control, lean chicken as main ingredient, digestible carbohydrates, fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemental protein sources, rich in omega fatty acids
  • Cons: Not a grain-free recipe , contains plant proteins

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Solid Gold Tropical Blendz With Chicken & Coconut Oil Pate Grain

Our Top Pick for the Best Wet Cat Food for Hairballs: If youre looking for a great hairball control wet cat food, try this Solid Gold Tropical Blendz with Chicken & Coconut Oil Pate Grain-Free Canned Food. Though not specifically designed for hairball control, this recipe features coconut oil as a natural source of medium-chain fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Plus, it is free from grains and gluten to reduce the risk of triggering food allergies and sensitivities but made with supplemental sources of fiber for optimal digestion. This recipe features fresh chicken as the main ingredient with supplemental proteins like tuna and eggs, plus fresh fruits and vegetables to provide natural sources for key nutrients.

  • Pros: Holistic natural formula, real animal protein, digestible grain-free carbohydrates, coconut oil for fatty acids, fresh fruits and veggies, supplemental fiber sources, complete and balanced nutrition
  • Cons: Not specifically designed for hairball control, some cats may be sensitive to chicken

Worst Cat Foods 2021 How To Choose A Quality Food

Worst cat foods, sounds really bad right? Whether you buy cat food at the grocery store or at a pet store, you may be buying something that’s actually bad for your pet. Even some of the healthy food options are complete garbage and end up doing more harm than good.

Ask yourself the following:

Would I feed my kids or myself candy and potato chips at every meal? If not, why do the same to your cat? Do I know why carrageenan is so bad? Why not pick a food with preservatives?

We’ve compiled a thorough guide to help you make wise decisions. Learn what you should feed your fur baby. Understand the key ingredients that ensure you’ve made the right choice.

You love what you see? Purrfect! Rest assured that I put these products on the list specifically due to their genuine quality and not for other reasons. I would just like to be transparent with you and inform you that FelineLiving may obtain a share of sales or other monetary compensation from the links on this page. I hope your furry friends will love these reviewed products and that it will spark joy in each pair of feline eyes!

Mary Nielsen

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

FelineLiving.Net is supported by our readers. If you make a purchase through one of our links, we may earn a referral fee. This helps cover the cost of operating our free blog. Thanks for your support!

  • Whiskas
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    Best Organic Wet Cat Food: Newmans Own Premium Canned Formulas For Cats

    Their human foods feature quality ingredients and are delicious, and Newmans Own Premium Canned Formulas for Cats is no exception. Featuring organic meats as the first ingredient, this food is made in the USA and boasts an expert blend of protein-packed meat and brown rice to help keep kitties happy and healthy. The recipe also helps to provide an extended energy source while maintaining your pets ideal body weight.

    Pet parents appreciated that this organic cat food was available in a choice of two sizes for big eaters or multi-cat homes, as well as the ability to nourish both kittens and adult cats alike. Several reviews of this food noted that it helped cats with digestive upset, and there were plenty of comments speaking highly of the ingredient list of this food.

    For a price of $48 you can get 24 cans of 5.5 ounce servings for your furry friend. However, the convenience of the 3 ounce cans might be a better option for some cat owners. This food has a rating of 4.0 on Amazon with more than 500 people reviewing it, which we think goes a long way in convincing pet owners that this organic wet cat food is the best canned choice for their feline.

    Newmans Own Premium Canned Formulas for Cats Key Features:

    • Free of by-products, preservatives, corn, and wheat
    • Available in a choice of 4 different flavors
    • Made with 70% organic ingredients

    What Should You Look For In A Healthy Cat Food

    How to dye your dog with Koolaid, Manic Panic and Food Coloring PART FOUR

    Your cat is an obligate carnivore which means his body is biologically evolved to derive nutrition most efficiently from animal sources. If its not meat, your cats body cant process it as well. That primarily applies to carbohydrates in cat food, but additives like food dyes are no different. They serve no nutritional value and come with health risks why wouldnt you want to avoid them?

    You should always avoid artificial coloring in cat food, but what DO you want in your cats food? Heres what to look for in cat food:

    Now that you know what to look for in a high-quality cat food recipe, youre ready to start shopping on your own! Before you do, however, we want to tell you how we make our cat food recommendations so you know whether you can trust the picks weve reviewed in depth below.

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    Royal Canin Cat Pouch Wet Food / Can Food

    Long haired cats can go for the Intense Beauty formula with higher Omega oil content. While the Instinctive formula is meant for adult cats!

    Kittens will find the Kitten formula easy to chew and it has what they need for a strong immune system!

    Royal Canin is a C-grade brand if you refer to They score lowest for ingredient quality as they tend to use fillers like corn gluten, wheat gluten and cornmeal. And plant proteins.

    Royal Canin does not have a good reputation for quality ingredients. But cats dont seem to mind the taste of these Royal Canin Cat Pouches!

    No detailed ingredient breakdown.

    • Options: Instinctive Kitten Intense Beauty
    • Guaranteed Analysis: Protein 12% | Fat 2.8-4% | Fiber 0.9-1.1%
    • Suitable For: Kittens / Adults

    We have more recommendations of the best wet food for cats.

    Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken

    Not all Tiki Cat products are carrageenan-free, but the Puka Puka Luau line of products definitely are. This cat food looks more like shredded chicken with ingredients you can see, instead of having a pate-like consistency.

    The recipe is simple. It is chicken in its own broth with micronutrients and healthy fats added in, which makes it low-carb and species-appropriate.

    This Tiki Cat recipe is a great option for owners looking for a simple cat food that is free of thickening agents and carrageenan.

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    Solid Gold Indigo Moon With Chicken & Eggs Grain

    Packed with protein and healthy nutrients, this Solid Gold Indigo Moon with Chicken & Eggs is free from all artificial additives including food dyes. It features chicken and egg as the primary proteins and is formulated to support gut health in cats of all life stages. This recipe contains 42% crude protein which is much more than the recommended minimum and it comes from digestible animal sources. A unique blend of superfoods provides natural sources for key nutrients in addition to supporting your cats gut and immune health.

    Signs Your Cat Has A Sensitive Stomach

    French Fries Coloring Pages

    While our cats cant tell us when they are not feeling well, there are several signs you can look for that can clue you into a problem your cat is having.

    • Cats with a sensitive stomach often suffer from chronic diarrhea. While its common for a cat to get diarrhea and soft stools when trying out new food, it should subside in a day or two. If it continues for several days or weeks, it could be a sign your cat has a sensitive stomach.
    • While diarrhea is the most common symptom of a cat with a sensitive stomach, other symptoms include frequent vomiting, especially after eating, and constipation can also occur.
    • Cats with sensitive stomachs also tend to drink more. If you notice your cat taking more trips to the water fountain, it might be having issues with a sensitive stomach.
    • A change in appetite is also common with cats that have a sensitive stomach. Your cat might come looking for food but then act full after taking a few bites, only to come looking for food again in an hour.

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