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Cat Skid Steer With Mulcher

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What To Know About Renting A Mulcher

Cat® C Series Mulcher Overview

When it comes to land management, you have many tools at your disposal. To get the job done faster and more effectively, you need attachments that drastically cut back the job time and powerfully deliver vegetation control and management solutions. Cat® C Series mulchers are high-performing land-clearing tools that cut down thick brush and trees and shred them into smooth mulch byproduct thats good for the environment.

Mulchers take your compact land management equipment to the next level, helping you stay safe and productive on the job. With mulcher rentals, you get the flexibility, compatibility and cost-effectiveness you need to operate a profitable land management business.

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What Are The Benefits Of Renting A Forestry Mulcher

The advantages of renting mulchers and other types of machines and work tools include:

  • Fast access to job-specific equipment that will boost your productivity
  • No need to make a long-term financial commitment
  • Flexibility to add to your fleet as needed
  • No storage, maintenance or repair costs
  • Comprehensive service and support for the duration of your rental agreement

For more information about forestry mulcher rentals, give Warren CAT a call at 866-292-7736 today.

Use Your Forestry Mulcher Rental With Your Catskid Steer Loader

Our Cat forestry mulcher rentals work well with compact construction equipment such as Cat skid steer loaders. You can easily attach your mulcher to your skid steer, and you’ll be ready to perform mulching on wooded terrain and even in confined spaces.

Cat skid steer mulcher rentals such as the HM418C will deliver high-performance cutting that can reduce trees, shrubs and saplings into mulch. Key features include a rugged mulching head that can process trees up to 8 inches in diameter with ease. The dual-speed hydraulic motor provides smooth, efficient results and optimal torque when adapting to changing loads. The adjustable push frame ensures maximum cutting efficiency by providing exceptional tree control. A color-coded pressure gauge allows the operator to monitor performance and make adjustments as needed.

Questions about the Cat HM418C? The Cat Rental Store team is here to provide expert advice and help you upgrade the functionality of your equipment.

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Who Needs A Skid Steer Mulcher

Theres no escaping the fact that skid steer mulchers are expensive pieces of equipment to buy, often running into the thousands -if not tens of thousands- of dollars.

As such, theyre the type of equipment that is usually only owned by landscaping and forestry companies working on big contracts.

Thats probably just as well, as in the majority of cases, its really only going to be the professionals that are tasked with working on the size of land that would warrant using a skid steer in the first place.

If youre not a professional and yet you still need to clear away a huge volume of land as a one-off job, you may find it easier to look into skid-steer mulcher rental. This is still going to be expensive, but nowhere near to the same extent as spending thousands of dollars on a large piece of equipment that youre only going to use once or twice.

What Is A Skid Steer Mulcher

Versatile Equipment on Twitter: " Our beast of a CAT 299D2 XHP with ...

A skid steer mulcher is a powerful attachment that you add to your skid-steer loader to clear away vast swathes of overgrowth.

If youre tasked with clearing away such a large patch of vegetation that using a brush axe or even a top-quality chainsaw would consume too much time and energy, a good mulcher attachment will prove to be your best friend.

They work by utilizing sharp teeth, which effectively grind up trees, tree stumps, brush, and other overgrowth in minute pieces, which they then launch from the machine.

Later, attaching a mulch bucket will allow you to clean up the resulting debris with ease.

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Caterpillar Introduces New Wider Mulcher For Skid Steer And Multi Terrain Loaders

Caterpillar indroduces the HM315 Mulcher designed for high productivity when teamed with the Caterpillar® C-Series and earlier skid steer loaders and multi-terrain loaders equipped with XPS hydraulics. The 57-inch cutter head and 72-inch overall width enable the mulcher to make full use of the powerful hydraulic system. The HM315 Mulcher features a dynamically balanced high-speed rotor with 34 tungsten carbide teeth for efficiently cutting vegetation.

Three sets of counter-rotating knives mulch materials completely. The mulcher has the ability to process brush as big as 8 inches in diameter. Chisel teeth, which can aggressively process vines and soft woods, are also available as a top level arrangement.

The HM315 also features an axial pump hydraulic motor for reliable and durable operation. The hydraulically operated front hood allows trees and dense vegetation to be processed, and the adjustable pusher bar helps control trees during felling. Adjustable shoes allow for easy depth control while keeping the carbide mulching teeth out of the dirt.

The mulcher coupler interface is matched to the loader tool changes. Operation is simple with functions at the operators fingertips. A pressure gauge shows the operator cutting head performance .

For more information about the new HM315 Mulcher, customers should contact their contact dealer or visit the Caterpillar website at

Lot Clearing And Site Preparation

Mulchers are the ideal work tool when in the initial stages of lot clearing for residential, commercial or industrial construction. By attaching a mulcher to your skid steer loader, compact track or multi-terrain loader, you can efficiently cut back saplings, small trees and brush across the lot.

Reducing vegetation to mulch saves time and money. When cutting brush and trees with blades, it leaves behind pruned branches and stumps large debris that needs to be cleared away with an excavator or loader. Mulching reduces the vegetation to a more manageable byproduct that can be removed during the grading process without the extra step of cleanup.

Using a Cat mulcher also allows you to selectively choose which trees and shrubs to target, allowing you to develop a land clearing strategy for each site. If there is a vegetation preservation plan in place, using a mulcher gives you better control over your land clearing efforts than mowing and bulldozing.

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Trail And Public Park Maintenance

Whether its a public park, childrens playground, hiking path or mountain bike trail, outdoor public spaces require ongoing maintenance to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all who frequent them. But maintenance goals should also include environmental protection measures, such as controlling invasive species, conserving riparian areas and preventing habitat destruction. Local parks and recreation crews need the best tools that help them achieve these goals.

Using a mulcher attachment for trail and public park maintenance helps with the following:

  • Removing a dangerous tree thats dead, rotting or damaged
  • Cleaning up designated trails to deter off-trail use
  • Targeting invasive species and preventing insect and fungal infestation
  • Preventing forest fires by eliminating large, woody debris from accumulating

Cat mulchers allow you to create a fine, even mulch. Having a good-looking finish is also important to maintaining and improving the aesthetics in highly trafficked public parks and hiking trails.

View Our Current Inventory Of New Mulchers For Sale

Cat Mulcher Attachment – Walk around and Demo

To request more information about any of our Cat forestry mulchers, fill out and submit the contact form found on this page. You can also view and purchase forestry mulchers by visiting our online parts store. Feel free to stop by the MacAllister Machinery store near you to get a closer look at all of our equipment and meet our team.

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What Can You Do With A Forestry Mulcher

A Cat skid steer mulcher attaches easily to your Cat machine via a quick coupler, which also facilitates fast work tool changes. Use it to cut and mulch vegetation and undergrowth, reduce trees, shrubs and saplings into mulched material, and perform various environmental maintenance tasks. Other applications include removing foliage from construction sites and shredding organic waste.

Cat skid steer mulchers feature a rugged mulching head that can process trees up to 8 inches in diameter. Multiple teeth options are available, enabling you to use these tools in a wide range of underfoot conditions.

Compatibility With Land Management Equipment

The Cat C Series forestry mulchers portfolio offers six different mulcher models compatible with popular Cat land management equipment. Whether youve got a skid steer loader, compact wheel loader, compact track loader or multi-terrain loader, you can attach a Cat mulcher and instantly convert it into a mulching machine.

In addition to Cat mulchers being compatible with a wide variety of equipment models, the lineup of Cat mulchers also provides compatibility with your existing equipments hydraulic system. Whether youve got a Standard Flow, High Flow, High Flow XPS or High Flow XHP machine, youll find the right solution, from the HM112C all the way up to the HM418C mulcher.

Discuss your hydraulic requirements with an equipment expert from The Cat Rental Store near you to find the optimal mulcher for your machine.

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You’ll Enjoy Our Hassle

The pros of renting through The Cat Rental Store will make getting a Cat mulcher rental or anything else as smooth and seamless as possible. We’ll help you choose the right equipment for your needs and budget. We’ll also provide a rental arrangement you’re comfortable with, whether you need your mulcher for one day, a few months or anything in between. If you’re fed up with high maintenance and repair costs, renting from us will remove that burden from your shoulders. We even offer 24/7/365 on-site emergency repair service.

Wide Selection Of Models

Skid Steer Leasing

Cat C Series mulchers provide land managers numerous options to choose from. Whether you need a small hydraulic mulcher to navigate paths and narrow easements, or you need a forestry mulcher to tackle larger trees and broader landscapes, youll find the model you need at The Cat Rental Store.

In addition to a wide selection of mulcher sizes for rent, Caterpillar also offers the hydraulic power requirements you need to match your existing land management equipment. Mulcher work tools with the Bite Limiter option give you the extra option of a mulcher with greater control when managing massive quantities of vegetation.

No matter your needs, youll find the right forestry mulcher for rent at The Cat Rental Store.

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Why Buy Work Tool Attachments And All Your Heavy Equipment From Us

Besides our 70+ years of heavy equipment expertise and a wide variety of high-quality products, MacAllister Machinery offers:

  • Support from one of the largest and most respected Cat dealers in the United States
  • A full selection of replacement parts to keep your equipment up and running
  • Multiple pickup and delivery options to ensure you receive your parts whenever and wherever works best for you
  • Repair and maintenance for Cat products performed by factory-authorized technicians who understand your equipment
  • Shop and field service to accommodate your preferences
  • Several convenient locations throughout our operating territory to provide the best possible service to every customer

Why Should You Use Cat Work Tools With Cat Equipment

Only Cat forestry mulchers will provide the perfect match for your compact Cat equipment. The right fit ensures youll be able to use your work tool attachment productively, efficiently and safely. Youll also minimize the risk of damaging the loader or the attachment. Whats more, you can benefit from the guidance of our product experts when it comes to choosing the right work tool, using it correctly and maximizing your return on investment.

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What Can You Do With Forestry Mulchers

A forestry mulcher will transform your Cat skid steer, CTL, MTL, excavator or compact wheel loader into robust, efficient mulching equipment. Use it for cutting and mulching undergrowth and vegetation in wooded terrain. Youll be able to reduce trees, saplings and shrubs into mulch in no time. Other applications include removing foliage from construction sites, shredding materials for biomass production and reclaiming untilled land.

We offer several new mulchers for sale in various widths to meet every mulching and cutting demand. They include an assortment of features, such as:

  • Dual speed, axial piston hydraulic motor that delivers smooth, efficient performance
  • Rugged mulching head that can withstand the rigors of heavy use
  • Dual inboard serrated counter knives that produce finer mulch with fewer passes
  • Multiple teeth selections that will enable you to configure the forestry mulcher for any underfoot condition
  • Quick coupler that holds the attachment securely and facilitates fast changes

The Best Skid Steer Disc Mulchers

Cat® Standard Flow Mulcher Operating Tips

Have you been hearing a lot about skid steer disc mulchers? What’s the craze with this style of land clearing attachment? And where can you get info and pricing, and potentially get your hands on one? All these questions will be answered in this short article.

A skid steer disc mulcher is an incredibly powerful forestry attachment. The inertia created by the heavy disc design gives the mulcher its ability to process large trees, in some cases up to 14″, because the spinning disc has so much weight and momentum. They look mean, and when you see an attachment swallow a tree whole and spit it back out, it inspires awe. There is need for caution though…

Because of the nature of these attachments, they can be extremely dangerouswhen operated incorrectly or on the wrong machine. Many disc mulchers weigh over 2,000 lbs and require skid steers that have serious lift capacity AND high flow so they can give the attachment what it needs. The technique also takes some time for most operators to learn, and they are notorious for sending pieces of shrapnel flying hundreds of feet. Check out this instructional video on how to operate a skid steer disc mulcher.

That said, let’s introduce you to some of the most popular disc mulchers on the market, NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE AT SKIDSTEERSOLUTIONS.COM!

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The 5 Best Skid Steer Mulcher Options In 2022

Ask any forestry equipment dealer about the best skid steer mulcher options for your next big project, and many are likely to bamboozle you with a whole range of technical details which, though they sound impressive, dont really help you determine which product to purchase.

Sure, theyll talk about drum mulchers vs. disc mulchers. Sure, theyll be quick to boast that their best-selling product has four-point steel teeth or Twin Chisel Planers, but while all of that sounds good, those equipment dealers arent so fast to explain what any of these means nor, more importantly, what difference it will make to your work.

Thats why I put together this comprehensive guide to the best skid steer mulcher options around right now. Not only do I outline what to look for and how certain features may -or may not- help you, but I also share with you detailed reviews of my top five picks and outline which one may be best suited to your particular needs.

Dont have time for that right now? No problem, heres a quick look at my top 5:

Skid Steer Mulcher Buyers Guide

If youve decided that buying a skid steer mulcher is definitely the right move for you, theres still the question of which one to invest in.

To help you make that decision, Ive listed the three main factors I considered when ranking my top picks and how each one of these factors will play a role in choosing the best skid steer mulcher for your project.

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Cat C Series Mulchers

Cat C series mulchers are hydraulic land and forestry management work tools designed for compact land management equipment. Some of the key features of the Cat C Series mulchers include:

The above list of features varies by mulcher model and hydraulic rating. Cat C Series mulchers come in six models, each rated for the different hydraulic requirements for your land management equipment. Here are the six mulcher models available for rent:

  • HM112C Standard Flow hydraulic with a working width of 48.8 inches
  • HM115C Standard Flow hydraulic with a working width of 58.3 inches
  • HM215C High Flow hydraulic with a working width of 58.3 inches
  • HM315C High Flow XPS hydraulic with a working width of 62.3 inches, also available with a Bite Limiter drum
  • HM415C High Flow XHP hydraulic with a working width of 58.6 inches, also available with a Bite Limiter drum
  • HM418C High Flow XHP hydraulic with a working width of 67.2 inches, also available with a Bite Limiter drum

When looking for mulcher rentals, consult a local representative of The Cat Rental Store to ensure you get the right mulcher matched to your equipments hydraulic rating.

When Should You Consider A Skid Steer Mulcher Rental

2020 CAT 299D3 Skid Steer Loader

Are you about to start on a special project that could benefit from one or several mulchers? Do you need to replace a mulcher that’s undergoing repairs? Are you thinking of buying a mulcher, but aren’t sure if a specific model will work well for your applications? These are examples of situations where a rental can fit into your operation. You’ll appreciate the flexibility of renting from The Cat Rental Store. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about expenses such as storage, maintenance, insurance and depreciation.

The Cat Rental Store does more than rent equipment. Find your nearest Cat dealer to take advantage of expert help, skilled maintenance technicians and high-quality rentals you can trust.

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What Is The Purpose Of Mulching

Mulching vegetation has numerous benefits. It’s a biologically beneficial process that can serve many purposes in landscaping, land reclamation, wildfire prevention and many more applications. In forestry and land management, mulching is an environmentally sensitive way to achieve vegetation goals like:

  • Removing excessive vegetation by converting it into biomass.
  • Preventing forest fires by reducing fuel sources.
  • Stopping soil erosion after a forest fire or storm.
  • Controlling invasive species and protecting trees from crowding.
  • Promoting wildlife habitat restoration.

In residential and commercial landscaping, using mulch can help with issues like:

  • Protecting topsoil from too much UV exposure that depletes nutrients.
  • Preventing excessive water evaporation from the soil.
  • Cutting back on water consumption.
  • Deterring weeds from growing in garden beds.
  • Making a landscape more visually appealing.

Landowners and farmers can produce their own mulch by converting their shrub and tree prunings, collected leaves and other excess vegetation into mulch using a mulcher rental.

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