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Cat Stuck In Drain Who To Call

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Concerned Citizens Hear A Cat In Storm Drain Rescuers Find More Than They Expected

Michigan Humane Rescues Kitten From Drain Pipe In Detroit

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As summer rains fall all over the country, more and more rescue teams are receiving calls about trapped animals in storm drains. A fire station in Wentzville, MO was on the receiving end of one these calls just yesterday.

A 911 call was made from concerned citizens in a local subdivision of the suburbs of St. Louis. Whether it is because children are out of school enjoying the outdoors more or the beautiful weather is perfect for talking a stroll, people are in just the right place to hear the tiny meows coming from the dark and dangerous drains. Luckily for these animals in distress, their cries were heard in time.

Rescue crew members from the Wentzville Fire Protection District, Marquart, Kelly, & Nash are credited with doing an amazing job on the scene. Initially arriving and believing they would be working to save one cat, they surprised onlookers when it was discovered to be 3 kittens in need!

Carefully, the heroes flushed the kittens out of their hiding places. It took about 2 hours to retrieve all three fur-babies safely, but they all made it, albeit unhappily soaked.

The City of Wentzvilles Water & Sewer Division had a crew who happened to be in the area and were more than willing to lend a hand too.

Heartland Humane will be picking the kittens up today. As soon as they are given a full exam and deemed healthy, they will be vaccinated, sterilized and put up for adoption.

After A Total Of 10 Hours Of Constant Digging Searching Listening And Strategising The Team Managed To Free The Cat

KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa The KwaZulu-Natal floods have not only affected the people in the area, but many organisations have also been receiving calls for animals who are in need of being rescued, and this story about a 10-hour cat rescue is bringing all the feels.

The Phoenix Animal Care and Treatment Organisation shared the community post.

Around midday on the 19th of April, S.T.A.R.T received an urgent call for assistance in the Phoenix area. The caller was desperate for help as she had identified a cat that had been washed into a stormwater drain. The caller had been in contact with the SPCA and Fire Department, who had tried their very best to access the cat but were sadly unsuccessful.

Out of desperation, the caller did not give up on contacting our team, who was immediately activated to the home. On arrival, the team could hear the faint cries of the cat and using a specialised camera system kindly supplied by the SPCA inspector who met with the team on the site they managed to identify an estimated area where the cat could be. A plan was put in place, and the team tried to locate the pipe closest to the cats location.

Unfortunately, the closest pipe was under another house, which meant that the paving would need to be dug up. The first attempt to rescue the cat was not successful due to the location. This did not detour the team, and a decision was made to return the following day to continue their search and rescue operation.

Happy Ending For Cat Trapped In Drain Pipe For Days

FINDLAY, OH – A dramatic rescue effort that spanned more than 18 hours had a happy ending Friday when an elderly cat was safely pulled from a drainage pipe in Findlay.

The cat, likely trying to find a warm place to sleep during this week’s brutally cold temperatures, ice and snow, found himself stuck inside a downspout outside Donnell Middle School. Vets later said the male cat is between 12 and 14 years old, and has likely been on his own for a while, with scars from being on the street.

The downspout descends from the roof of the school below ground about 4 feet, and then turns horizontally and runs about 50 feet to the street. The cat, later named Piper, was stuck at the turn near the foundation of the building, a few feet below ground.

Unable to crawl out of the pipe, the cat began to cry out for help.

It’s unclear how long piper was stuck, but his cries were heard by a woman who lives near the school sometime Wednesday evening.

Susan Orians says she heard Piper meowing while calling for her cat. She says she following the meowing across the street to Donnell Middle School, where she discovered the sound was coming from inside a downspout on the outside of the building.

“The poor animal was howling, it would get louder when you called for it,” said Orians.

Veterinarians say a cat’s normal body temperature is 101 degrees. When Piper got to the Findlay Animal Hospital, his body temperature had dropped to 95 degrees.


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Poor Pacific Gull Caught Himself A Snag

Limping across a St Kilda carpark, this Pacific gull was in a lot of pain. A fishing float had become entangled around one of his legs and was affecting his ability to catch a meal.

Local rescue groups had attempted to trap the bird but had failed to lure him with food. Rescue Officer Nalika was contacted and asked to bring a net.

I arrived with my Dnet and placed some food under it and had a volunteer pull a rope when the bird climbed underneath, said Nalika.

We were able to contain him really quickly. Even though he was a big bird, he barely put up a struggle.

After a closer inspection, Nalika was alarmed at how skinny the bird actually was. She was later told the bird had been sighted with the float tied to his leg two weeks before.

It must have been so hard for him to get around and it was obviously affecting his ability to eat anything. Im sure he really enjoyed his first meal afterwards, smiled Nalika.

Nalika was particularly concerned with a fishing hook that had become embedded in the gulls leg. You could tell it was infected, so I took the bird to AMWRRO .

Its a reminder to not litter or discard fishing tackle around because wild animals and birds often find themselves caught up in it. And if you do see wildlife in trouble, raise the alarm early. This bird is one of the lucky ones to be rescued in time sadly, many arent.

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Watch Footage Of Stormys Dramatic Rescue

Cat Stuck In Bathtub Drain Rescued By St. Pete Firefighters

Stormy was extremely thin following his ordeal, but otherwise uninjured. He has spent the past two weeks recovering with a compassionate foster family and is now ready to find his loving home. Stormy will be up for adoption Sunday, June 14 at our Sunnyslope Campus at 11 a.m.

You can help save more animals in danger like Stormy by making a lifesaving gift today to help support our EAMTs and other programs and services.

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Cat Stuck In Bathroom Drain Freed Following Feline Investigation Gone Wrong

Something compelled Kiba the cat to stick his head down a bathroom drain and get stuck thankfully, a little creativity got him out.

The latter was provided by the Cessnock District Rescue Squad who used tools from a finger kit a kit that helps with ring removals and fingers stuck in drains to free the animal from the tight spot.

On Sunday morning, the squad responded to a call for assistance from a person whose pet cat had got its head stuck in a bathroom floor drain,

It was unclear to rescuers exactly how Kiba got himself into this conundrum, but their first order of business was to make him comfortable.

Kiba the cat had become well and truly stuck after some kind of investigation into the drain went wrong, the post said. Our volunteers managed to remove the drainage socket from the tiles to make it easier and more comfortable, and then set about removing the plastic from Kibas head.

According to the post, they used tools which we use in situations for ring removals, fingers stuck in drains, and now cats stuck in drains.

The cat, who sported a wet mohawk after the rescue, seemed grateful for the squads hard work his owner certainly was.

Seriously, thank you again guys, we wouldnt have been able to get him out if it wasnt for your amazing work, wrote the cats owner Chris Threadgate on Facebook.

A Statewide Network Of Rescuers

Cocanour isnt the only person in North Carolina, or even in Asheville, who specializes in saving cats from tress.

The website Rescue My Cat lists the go-to treetop cat savers in 10 North Carolina communities. Around Asheville, arborists Dan Stouch and Kyle Young are also mentioned alongside Cocanour.

These men are providing a service the local fire department tries not to fill.

We generally don’t encourage people to call 911 for a cat in a tree since the cat usually will come down on its own if left alone for a while, Klope said. However, if the situation seems like an emergency, then we will send a crew to use a ladder to try to assist the cat down. As you can imagine this can scare a cat and it may jump, so that is why we prefer to wait and see if the cat will come down on its own.

Cat lovers around town know the AFD isnt the place to call when your feline goes up a tree. Many note that while fire departments use more static ladders, climbers have the nimbleness needed to track cats from limb to limb.

“I know the fire department wouldn’t come,” Cara Parker said. But when she contacted Cocanour at 10 p.m. one night last summer, he was at her house by 7 a.m. the next morning to save Finnegan.

After 10 days in the tree, Finnegan had lost half his body weight, Parker said. Their family veterinarian later told her he wouldn’t have survived in the elements much longer.

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Rescuers Sent A Remote Control Car Down To Help And She Was Not A Fan

When a group of rescuers got a call about a cat who’d gotten herself into a sticky situation, they knew they had to step up and find a way to help her – even if it took drastic measures.

Hope for Paws was contacted about a cat who was stuck deep inside a long drain pipe. When rescuers arrived, they used a flashlight to peer into the pipe …

… and discovered not only the cat, but her four newborn kittens as well.

With the discovery of the kittens, the rescuers knew they would need to work quickly and efficiently to rescue the little family, and so they returned the next day with more hands and equipment.

“Pipes like that can flood and these kittens had no way to defend themselves,” Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, told The Dodo. “Even if the mom started moving them around frantically, because they were in a parking lot, the kittens might not have made it. The chances that these kittens wouldn’t have survived were pretty big.”

In order to get a better look inside, the group attached a flashlight and a camera to a remote-controlled car and slowly drove it into the pipe while Hagar watched the camera feed on his phone …

… which the mama cat was NOT at all a fan of.

“I had seen someone use a remote controlled car before to rescue cats,” Hagar said. “That’s the cool thing about more and more people posting rescue videos. Even I can learn more techniques from different people.”

… and into the arms of their committed rescuers.

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Five Kittens Rescued By Police Firefighters

First Responders Rescue Kitten Stuck In Storm Drain
Staff Reporter

Five kittens have new homes thanks to the joint efforts of the Marietta Police and Marietta Fire departments.

Officer Dianna Hively of the Marietta Police Department got a call Sunday about several kittens in a storm drain in the 200 block of Second Street

One of them got out of the drains into the road, she said. She left when the police got there and we didnt get her name.

Firefighter EMT Matt Hively got a call at the fire station from Dianna asking for help in getting the lid to the storm drain off.

Matt said after investigating the drain, several kittens were found.

We helped to get the storm drain cover off. Fortunately it was not very deep, he said. I put food out and as they came out to get the food, we got them out.

He said the kittens were only a few weeks old. Officer John Hanson was also on scene and loves cats so much he wouldnt leave until the cats were out, Matt said.

Once the kittens were out, they were taken to the police department. Through Facebook posts, phone calls and word of mouth, they were all adopted. After the Front Street structure fire and the kitten rescue, Matt said they had a busy weekend.

We do everything from the life saving moments to the more feel good moments, he added. Thats what we like about the job is the range of things we get to deal with. Getting those kittens out was something positive happening considering everything else going on this year.

Matt agreed it was a nice change of pace.

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More Saves Than The Fire Department

Cocanour, 49, completed his first save in late 2019, when Brother Wolf, a local animal shelter, solicited the public for help saving a stranded green-eye cat named Heathcliff.

After some prodding from his wife Amy, Cocanour put on his old military camouflage uniform and made the rescue. Since then, Cocanour estimates hes saved more than 100 other area cats. For context, the Asheville Fire Department has responded to 38 animal-related calls during a similar time period, according to department spokesperson Kelley Klope.

Cocanour uses spiked shoes to grip onto the bark, and a flip line keeps him strapped to the trunk at all times. When he encounters branches, he uses a second line to securely ascend higher. He estimates his tallest climb was 80 feet, and Amy, who accompanies her husband on some rescues, doesnt like to watch.

Wildlife protection: WNC conservationists seek federal protection for native Hickory Nut Gorge salamander

On each climb, Cocanour carries treats, a rattle, a looped snare pole and an animal control net. Establishing eye contract with the cat, he said, is key if spooked, already frightened cats may scamper even higher.

He often speaks to the cats as he approaches, trying to calm their nerves with questions like Can I pet you? and, OK Willa, are you ready to get in the net?

“I can’t give him enough praises,” Ray said. While Cocanour doesnt charge for rescues, Ray was able to get him to accept gas money for his trip.

Its A Thanksgiving Miracle

On Thanksgiving, techs from our Wilmington, Delaware branch were called to assist with a pet rescue. JoJo, a 13-year-old cat, had gone missing 6 days earlier. When techs arrived on the scene, they used a camera to locate the loving cat, and of course, used treats to lure him out. Wendy, JoJos owner, could not thank techs Tom Wise and Mike Williams enough for making Thanksgiving Day complete!

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+ Cat Stuck In Tree Who To Call Uk Images

The animal became trapped 10 metres up in further heights road on monday. Call up to the cat. London fire brigade is urging people not to diall 999 if a cat gets stuck up a tree after being inundated with calls about distressed pets. She ran up a tree to dodge the unwanted male attention but when they followed her up the branches, all three of them. 27th street at around 3:45 pm and found a man, who had climbed up extremely high. ‘don’t call us for cats stuck in trees’, fire brigade warns.

The animal became trapped 10 metres up in further heights road on monday. Cats have claws that are designed to take them in one direction: Thankfully there is an online international directory of tree servicers you can call for your area called cat in a tree emergency rescue. Forward or up, if thats where theyre pointed. Men rescue cat stuck in thorny tree for 24 hours. A man had to be rescued from a tree after he climbed it in an attempt to rescue a pet cat that had become stuck up there.

Trapped At The Bottom Of A Rainwater Tank

Kitten Stuck In Drain For Two Nights Rescued

At 9pm one recent night Rescue Officer Nalika was called to a property after a concerned homeowner found a cat trapped inside his rainwater tank. The man had discovered the cat after hearing faint meows echo through his garden.

The cat had fallen through a small opening on the tank roof. They had tried accessing the cat with a ladder but it was too deep down to reach. They left a towel for him to climb up but it was too steep to climb, said Nalika.

When I arrived the cat was actually sitting in water but it was standing right near the towel he might have been looking for some warmth and security. He wasnt running away you could tell he wanted to be saved.

Nalika was quickly able to retrieve the cat with her extendable net and drove him to the Golden Grove Emergency Veterinary Centre.

We took his temperature and saw it was quite low. When I wrapped him in a blanket he began to shiver. I dont think he would have made it through the night if he had stayed inside that tank, said Nalika.

A microchip was found inside the cats ear, and Nalika was able to message his owners who retrieved him early the next day. They had been looking for him that night and were extremely relieved to know he was safe and sound. Microchipping your pets is so important!

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