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Do Cats Get Along With Guinea Pigs

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Companionship For Guinea Pigs

GUINEA PIGS AND DOGS | Can They Get Along?

Cavies are extremely social, herd animals who thrive in the company of other pigs. Some people who re-home believe so strongly that a companion is vital to the well-being of a lone animal that they will only place cavies as same-sex/neutered pairs or as companions to other cavies in single or multiple cavy homes. Cavies in groups are more vocal and more interesting to observe. The best entertainment for your guinea pig is a friend.

It is a common misconception that two male guinea pigs will fight. Compatibility between two guinea pigs is determined by the personalities of the individuals rather than their gender. Some cavies will fight with any pig, but the vast majority delight in having a companion. The easiest match is usually between two babies or a baby and an adult guinea pig, but adults can be paired successfully as well. Remember to quarantine any new cavies for two to three weeks in order to avoid introducing illness or parasites to your resident pig. This is especially important with pet-store pigs, as inexperienced staff often do not recognize signs of illness and fail to disinfect cages between shipments. If one pig is ill, chances are high the others may also be ill. If possible, adopt from a shelter or rescue group rather than buy from a pet store.

Lyn Zantow maintains an informational cavy care website and active message board at www.guinealynx.info. She lives in Charlottesville, Virginia, with her two guinea pigs, Nina and Snowflake.

Do Guinea Pigs Get Along With Cats And Dogs

If you already have pets and youre thinking of adding a guinea pig to your family, theres lots to consider. You want to give your guinea pig a happy and loving home, but youre unsure whether its safe to keep a guinea pig when there are cats or dogs around.

So, can guinea pigs live with cats and dogs?

Yes, guinea pigs can live in a home with cats and dogs. However, the safest option is to keep your guinea pig separate from cats and dogs. Youll also need to take extra-special care to ensure that your guinea pig has a safe and secure cage, and that any interaction between your pets is closely supervised.

Do Guinea Pigs Get Along With Cats Tips For Families Who Want To Own Both

If you are a pet lover like me who loves to keep all sorts of pets, then you might be wondering the same things I did. Can I get a guinea pig if I already have a cat? Do guinea pigs get along with cats?

Guinea pigs and cats can get along with some careful planning. The stereotype of cats and guinea pigs is that while one is a predator, the other is a prey animal. However, with some training and supervision, you can have both of them as pets without any hassle. However, being cautious is always recommended!

While some cats get along with the guinea pigs quite well, others look them as a food source only.

All in all, they have a predator instinct in them thats why being cautious is really crucial if you plan to keep them together. Guinea pigs can get frightened quite easily.

If you already own a cat and after you decide to get a new guinea pig, then it can be a little stressful for them to adjust to the environment.

Even if your cat is calm and friendly and does nothing besides sitting around your guinea pigs cage and watching them curiously, it still can be a lot stressful for your guinea pigs than you can ever imagine.

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Make Sure They Are Kept Separately

Ideally, you want to house your pets separately. Knowing how and where to set up your guinea pigs hutch is the first step in keeping them safe. If both pets live indoors, they should be housed in different parts of the house.

When choosing a guinea pig cage, make sure its predator-proof and that you provide plenty of places where they can hide, or sleep without being disturbed.

Re: Do Cats And Guinea Pigs Get Along

Do Guinea Pigs and Cats Get Along?

Hiya, glad you found out how to post a thread. You could make it kitty proof! Which would benifit you hugely the cat can come in your room and view the pigs which may also help him/she get used to the guinea pigs. Here’s the link:-Pictures with examples of what to do.Hope this helps.

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What If Rabbits And Guinea Pigs Currently Live Together

If they get on well, it`s best not to separate them as this could cause welfare problems. This advice should help ensure the welfare needs of both are met:

  • Guinea pigs must have constant access to safe hiding places to escape to with an entrance large enough for the guinea pig, but too small for the rabbit to enter.
  • They need different diets, so may need feeding separately, to ensure both get the correct nutrients.

Getting A Secured And Sturdy Cage For Your Guinea Pigs

If you decide to house your guinea pig with other animals, you must ensure they have a strong and sturdy cage.

The cage must be fully covered and secured from all sides so that no other animals, including cats, can reach your guinea pigs and harm them.

Most pet stores dont sell such cages, and they will tell you that the regular pen shall do fine, but I would strongly recommend to avoid their advice and get a sturdy and secure cage.

Living world cage is an excellent choice if you just own a pair of guinea pigs however, if you decide to go with more than you might need to get a custom C& C cage with top to keep your piggies safe.

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Guinea Pig With Other Guinea Pigs

It is better if we house guinea pigs of the same gender to avoid any pregnancies. You cant directly introduce the newly bought guinea pig to the old one or any guinea pig.

First, you have to keep them in a different enclosure for few weeks so that you can analyze their behavior and their health conditions. Also, analyze whether they are calm also whether their behavior meets your expectations.

After that,you have to clean every accessory and the cage of your older guinea pig to remove the scent marks. If not the new one and the already existing one will fight for territory.

Some guinea pigs will always fight if you house them with any other guinea pigs but many will eventually bond with the new guinea pigs. It all depends on the character of the guinea pig.

Before housing together, place the new guinea pig in a separate cage adjacent to the older guinea pig. In this case, they both will get to see and learn without hurting the other. After few weeks if they behave well place both of them in the same cage.

For few weeks you have to closely monitor the pair. Be ready to separate the guinea pigs when they fight. When one of the guinea pigs hair stands on the end and chatters the teeth then they are likely to fight.

It is best to have young guinea pigs to the adult guinea pigs. The adult guinea pigs wont be territorial with the younger ones and will be less threatened.

Will Cats Harm Guinea Pigs

Do Cats Get Along with Other Pets? | Cat Care

Do cats like guinea pigs? Will my cat try to eat my guinea pig? Its difficult to provide definitive answers to these questions.

The most important thing to remember is that your cat may attack your guinea pig at any time. The vocalizations and fast movements your guinea pig makes, especially running away, may trigger your cats predatory instincts.

Dont blame your cat for this its simply an instinctive response. And if it occurs, any cat is capable of inflicting serious injury on your guinea pig.

However, this doesnt mean that all cats are aggressive towards guinea pigs. In fact, some cats will be quite curious about the new little furball youve welcomed into your home. They may stare at your cavy intently and be keen to investigate this strange new arrival further. But even a friendly and well-meaning cat can injure your guinea pig simply by being inquisitive, so the safest option is to keep the two animals apart.

Interestingly, some owners report their cats being scared of guinea pigs youll even find a few videos of this on YouTube. When presented with a new and unusual creature, especially one thats out of its cage, some cats will react with fear.

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Do Dogs And Guinea Pigs Get Along

OK, so cats and guinea pigs can be a risky proposition. But what about dogs? Do dogs like guinea pigs?

Unfortunately, dogs and guinea pigs also arent what youd call a match made in heaven.

Once again, theres a risk that your dog will see a guinea pig as prey. This is particularly true of dogs bred to hunt or flush out prey, such as many terrier and retriever breeds. These dogs retain a particularly strong prey drive and are likely to want to chase your cavy.

You can also expect your guinea pig to be quite nervous and fearful of dogs. After all, dogs are much bigger, they look and smell strange and behave in unexpected ways.

Maintain A Safe Place For Both Pets

Always create a safe place for both pets. These places shouldnt be accessible to the other.

Creating a safe place for both pets will give them a go-to area if they ever feel threatened or scared.

While a cat may not get scared from a guinea pig, give it a place away from the rodent if he shows a different reaction.

Aside from their safe places, create an open space where they can meet each other. The meeting space will make it easier for you to manage both of them when theyre together.

Allow both pets to be comfortable in both their safe places and their meeting space.

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Do Cats And Guinea Pigs Get Along Everything You Need To Know

When you bring pets into your home that are two different species, their relationship is likely to be complicated. Many species can potentially get along with each other, but others cannot. Sadly, cats and guinea pigs fall into this latter category.

The main problem with this pairing is that cats have an innate prey drive. Even laidback breeds have a prey drive, though they may not show it often. For this reason, cats are likely to see a guinea pig as prey. Truthfully, while these rodents are large, they cant do much to withstand the onslaught of a cat.

Cats are effective hunters, so they can handle even these larger-than-average rodents. Guinea pigs are actually smaller than the average rat, which cats are well-known for hunting, along with mice. While they are larger than a mouse, that probably wont make much of a difference to your cat.

Can You Keep Cats And Guinea Pigs Together

Do Guinea Pigs Get Along With Cats and Dogs?

Cats and guinea pigs. Are they the type of animals that would get along when they are put together?

A lot of owners have both cats and guinea pigs in their home and are loved and valued equally.

They are both great pets that people really love and have affection for and are also pets who give affection back in equal measure

However, cats are very territorial and take exception to other animals on their territory, especially other cats who they do not know. They can be trained to enjoy other animals company though and have been known to be very friendly and hospitable to others on their territory.

There have been instances I have heard of where the cat has almost killed the guinea pig when put together.

Its worth keeping them apart until you are sure that the cat wont be aggressive towards the guinea pig. Until then,keep the guinea pig in a closed cage so that it is safe.

Once they see that the guinea pig cant get to them they may be tempted to swipe at them which is why a top on the cage is a good idea.You may find that cats are scared of guinea pigs when they are out of the cage.

Cats are hunters by nature and guinea pigs are prey animals so you do need to be careful when putting them together.

If you would dare to do such a thing, then they need to be supervised and be watched carefully until you know that they will be safe in each others company.

Heres a vid of a couple who tried. As you can see the cat was intrigued and kept trying to swipe the piggie.

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How To Introduce Guinea Pig To Dogs/cats

It takes weeks or months to make your dog/Cat and guinea pigs get along. Until then you have to avoid your dog/Cat from reaching the guinea pig cage. Keep them in a separate room by doing this your dog /cat will get the scent of your guinea pig and gets used to it.

Your guinea pig will be stressed after moving into the new house, new owner, and by seeing your other pets and hearing their sound. You have to give little time to your little friend so that they will gain some trust.

Try holding your guinea pig safely and introduce it to your pet dog/Cat. Your dog will get excited and starts to bark and lick your guinea pig. You should make your dog stay quiet and not physically touch your little pet and avoid frequent licking.

You should be always there when your dog/Cats and guinea pig are together. Your dog/Cats may unintentionally hurt your guinea pigs. If you are not sure it is better to keep them always in separate rooms and spend time with your pet separately.

Guinea With Pigs Gerbils

Guinea pigs and Gerbils are different. Guinea pigs have strong social bonds with other Guinea pigs, but not with Gerbils. If housed together, they will fight for the available resources. They even fight for space as they both are territorial.

Guinea pigs are scared of gerbils, but the gerbils are not scared as guinea pigs. When frightened, the guinea pigs will stop eating, freeze, shiver, lower their heads down, run away, or hide.

If you still want to keep them both in the same cage, you have to let them stay in two different rooms, but do keep in mind that they will never become friends or form a bond.

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Introduce Your Pets To Each Other Gradually

Upon getting both pets, introduce them as early as possible. A proper introduction will avoid tensions if they see each other after a long time living in your house.

To make a gradual introduction, start by letting them meet each other with quick eye contact.

Afterward, make it longer between the intervals.

As training for your cat, make sure he sees you petting your guinea pig. The sight will make him sense that the guinea pig is part of the family, and not a snack to attack.

Do the same with the guinea pig.

Housing Them Separately When You Are Not Around


Housing your cats and guinea pigs separately are the wisest move you can make. Make sure your cats dont have access to the area your guinea pigs are kept.

This is the best way to ensure you dont return home to find your pet hurt or blood spilled around your house.

Never even leave your guinea pigs and cat together when you are away from your home.

The best move shall be keeping your guinea pigs in a room where your cats cant even access the room, let alone the cage.

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What Sort Of Personalities Do Your Guinea Pigs Have

As a whole, guinea pigs are scared of cats. Hey, theyre even scared of us and all we want to do is love and cuddle them!

But, thats because guinea pigs are prey animals. Theyre constantly on the lookout for predators, be that a dog or cator you.

This doesnt mean piggie fur babies ever get used to being around cats. Some actually do. From the poll I took, cavies will interact with cats in three different ways:

  • Friendly: Some piggies will get used to cats. In this situation, youll find the piggie and your kitty snuggled up next to each other.
  • Dominant or curious: This is usually the funniest interaction. Piggies will sometimes chase kitties and even bite or swat at them. This is usually a cavy being curious, not an act of aggression.
  • Ignore: Other times, cavies will just completely ignore kitties, even when theyre are flopped over by your guinea pig. Youll need to still be alert, though! Cats can get up and attack cavies at any moment without warning
  • Completely terrified: guinea pigs will never get used to or get closer to cats and may even freeze in fear when a feline is nearby.

Of these four guinea pig-cat interaction types, I think the most important to avoid your fur babys fear of cats.

This is because high stress levels and anxiety has been know to trigger gastrointestinal issues, shock, bar biting and other health problems in cavies. In fact, some piggies have been known to die from intensely stressful situations.

Key Takeaway:

Letting Them Free Under Your Supervision

Once you are fully satisfied and convinced that your pets have got along repeating the above process for a few weeks, then you can finally introduce your pets together freely.

Make sure your guinea pigs have a hiding space if they feel like escaping. It would be best if you are very attentive and focused on how your cats and guinea pigs are behaving.

If you find any unusual behavior, separate them and try again later. If everything goes right, you can let them play around for a while under your supervision

Please note: Never let both your cats and guinea pigs away from your eyesight and attention during this phase. If anything goes haywire, you might get into trouble.

So, make sure nothing is diverting your attention. Also, remember cats are opportunists they may look for an opportunity to strike if they have anything like that in mind.

Just because nothing went wrong on the first day doesnt mean you can get casual on the second day.

Keep active monitoring at least for a few months until you feel assured. Even then, never leave your pets alone on their own.

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