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How Old Is The Oldest Cat Alive

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The OLDEST CATS In The World ð?ð´

He lived life to the;feline fullest.

Rubble, long considered the worlds oldest cat, has passed away at the age of 31 or 150 in human years, according to People magazine.

He was an amazing companion that I had the pleasure to live with for such a long time, said his owner, Michele Heritage of Exeter, England.

Now 52, Heritage was given Rubble as a gift for her 32nd birthday.

He was part of a litter of cats that my sisters friend had and I had just left home, she recalled. I was lonely living on my own, so I got him in as a kitten.

Heritage attributed Rubbles longevity to her doting care and attention.

I have always treated him like a child, she said. I dont have any children and had another cat who passed at the age of 25. If you care about something, no matter what it is, it does last.

Rubbles condition suddenly began to falter towards the end of his life and he eventually stopped eating and would only drink water.

He was a creature of habit, she added. had his favorite places to sleep and liked his food, so when that stopped happening, we knew.

The aged feline recently left home one day and never returned.

We believe he went off to die as cats do, Heritage told People.

How Old Was Perry Perrys Cat When He Died

Perry had another cat, Granpa Rex Allen, who he said was born in Paris, Texas, in 1964 and died aged 34 years and 2 months in 1998; Granpa was posthumously awarded 1999 Cat of the Year by Cats & Kittens magazine, and he was featured in an earlier version of the Guinness World Records as the oldest cat ever.

World’s Oldest Living Cats & How To Tell If Your Cat Will Be One

Sasha, 32 year old cat! Photo:;

How long does the average cat live? For cat lovers, the answer is always: not long enough!

But vets tell us the typical housecat – if well-fed, exercised, and given medical attention – should bring us joy for about 12-15 years.

Some cats, though, far exceed the average expected lifespan. They are the superaged. The centenarians of the cat world!

Let’s look at a few of the world’s oldest living cats and see if your cat might be in line to join them.

Some of the world’s oldest living cats.

The Guinness Book of World Records tells us that the oldest cat ever was a Texan named Creme Puff who survived for 38 years and 3 days, succumbing to old age in 2005. Her human parent, Jake Perry, also cared for the previous world record holder, Grandpa Rex Allen, who died at the age of 34.

The longest-lived cats among us today still have a shot at beating that record. Some of today’s most venerable felines include:

Signs your cat will live a long life.

Vets consider 21 years to be the feline equivalent of a human living to age 100. What are the signs your cat has what it takes to be a centenarian?

How you can help your cat live a long and happy life.

As they do in humans, genetics play a role in feline longevity. It may be just 20%-30% of what determines how long your cat lives though. Exercise, diet, socialization, and environment could all play a much larger role.

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Oldest Cat Ever: Baby 38 Years

The second oldest cat ever was a black domestic housecat named Baby, who lived with Al Palusky and his mother, Mabel, in Duluth, Minnesota. He had never left the house where he was born until he was 28 years old. When Al married, his new wife insisted that the cat-clawed furniture be replaced and Baby be declawed. That was the first time that the cat had seen a veterinarian. The animal did not like children, so when they came over, he hid behind furniture. Al contributes the cats longevity to the exercise he gets every time he uses his litter box or wants to eat. His food bowl and litter box are kept in the basement, which requires the cat to climb up and down 14 steps each time he wants to use it.

Here We Meet Rubble The Worlds Oldest Known House Cat

Meet Corduroy, the world

Is Rubble our oldest registered cat? His owner got him as a kitten just before their 20th birthday in May 1988. Rubble

Posted by City Vets, Exeter onFriday, December 13, 2013

Rubble is a veteran kitty just hitting 32 years old. Thats over double the expected life span of a house cat! His genes were kind to him, clearly. Maybe he just eats healthy and does kitty yoga.

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History Of The Persian Cat

It is believed that the origins of the Persian cat lie, not surprisingly, in Iran, formerly known as Persia and its neighboring countries. They were imported to Italy, France and England by early European travelers around 1620. In those days, these cats were kept by nobles in France, Italy and England. One version of the history of this cat breed is that their introduction into Europe was through Pietro Della Valle in Italy and by Nicholas Claude Fabri de Peiresc in France.

These cats were brought to England in 1871 where they were one of the first cat breeds to be registered. They are still one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. The ancient Persians considered these cats to be of high value; this view was shared in Europe, where nobles would have owned one. They were also considered to be rare and thus were also favored by people of royalty; there was even a time they were the only ones who owed these gracious cats.

There is a different origin story out there that states that the Persian cats of today are descendants of Felis Libyca, which has its origin in Africa and Asia. This version also suggests that this breed was first introduced before 1620 by the Romans and Phoenicians in the 1500s. But this origin story also states that this cat was highly valued by people.

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International Cat Day: What Is The Oldest Cat In The World

The oldest cat to hold the Guinness World Record is a cat called Creme Puff, but do you know who the current oldest cat alive today isor any of the former record holders?

Newsweek has explored every cat play tunnel and litter box to bring you an official list of the oldest cats in history.

10. Spike

Age: 31 years and two months

Gender: Male

Type: Orange and white longhair

Citizenship: United Kingdom

According to the BBC, Spike was a ginger and white tomcat, who lived in Bridport, Dorset. He died two months after his 31st birthday in the arms of his owner.

He was honored by the Guinness Book of Records after a vet visit in 1998, however, Spike did nearly lose all of his nine lives at 19 years of age after being savaged by a dog.

He was bought in London’s Brick Lane market in 1970 for two shillings and sixpence.

9. Kitty

Age: 31 years, 11 months

Gender: Female

The Old Persian Cat Species

30-year-old Brit moggy might be the world’s OLDEST cat

I am a writer with a great interest in cats, travel, psychology, and movies. I hope you enjoy my articles.

The Persian cat is one of the oldest natural cat breeds still alive today.

The Persian cat is one of the oldest natural cat breeds still alive today. These cats date back to ancient Egyptian times, but the breed was believed to have originated in Persia . From there, they were imported into Western Europe around 1620.

This breed is known in the Middle East as the Shirazi cat and in Britain as the Persian Longhair. This longhaired, medium-sized cat, is nowadays different from its ancestor. The face is different: They have a shortened muzzle and high, flattened nose. Their coat is thick and comes in colors and patterns ranging from silver to gold and may even be bi-colored.

The Persian cat is a very docile and affectionate cat who likes to be indoors. Because of the length of their fur, it is best to keep them indoors to prevent the fur from tangling and to protect them from parasites. It is important to note that they can inherit a dangerous disease called polycystic kidney disease ; over 37% of Persian cats have PKD. As of now, they are still one of the most popular breeds in the United States.

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Oldest Living Cat In The World Said To Be 34 Year Old Cat In Thailand

A 34 year old Siamese cat in Chanthaburi is the oldest living cat in the world, many claim. The cat, known as Great Grandmother Wad, is still very strong, but has trouble walking and her memory isnt the best, her owner says. Shes a bit senile.

Thai media spoke to 57 year old Wanna Kodkarika, the cats owner, also known in Thai as a taad maew, meaning cat slave because of the way cat owners tend to cater to and spoil their cats.

Many claim Great Grandmother Wad the oldest living cat. The oldest cat in the world that ever lived was Creme Puff in Austin Texas. The cat lived for 38 years and 3 days from 1967 to 2005.

The cats mother was found back in 1986 in front of Wannas home in Chantaburi. A year later, the cat gave birth to 2 kittens. One kitten died, but Wad survived.

When Grandma Wad was young, she was good at catching small animals in the garden. She liked to get tender loving care and was playful, but could become fierce when she got threatened by other animals. She was attacked by dogs twice, resulting in her bone problems.

Great Grandmother Wad gave birth to a litter of 4 kittens. Those cats then had kittens, and some of their kittens had kittens, but Wad outlived them all.

The 34 year old cat, which some say is equivalent to a 160 year old human, still walks, but has a bit of trouble. She weighs just 2 kilograms. Her teeth arent as strong as they used to be. The cat now eats soft, canned food instead of her favorites: fish heads and fish with rice.

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World’s Oldest Catrubble Dead At 31

7/3/2020 10:26 AM PT

Sad news in the feline world — Rubble, believed to be the world’s oldest cat, has gone to kitty heaven … and his owner is heartbroken.

The fluffy orange-and-white Maine Coon was gifted to Michele Heritage of England on her 20th birthday, and he was her beloved pet every day after that … for 31 long and happy years.

That’s approximately the same as 150 in human years!!!

Rubble became the world’s oldest cat in May 2019 when he reached his 31st bday, but Michele revealed he died before making it to 32. He had no specific health issues, but according to his owner he became very thin and simply passed from old age.

Michele credits his long life to the fact that she never had children but pampered him like he was her kid.

Rubble beat the oldest living cat record previously held by Scooter, a Siamese cat in Texas, who was named the record breaker at the age of 30 by the Guinness Book of World Records before he died in 2016.

The oldest cat of all time according to the record books is Creme Puff … who died in 2005 at the whopping age of 38.

Michele says she never went the Guinness Book route with Rubble, though, because it wasn’t of interest and she just wanted to spend time with him as he grew older.

RIP, Rubble.

Oldest Cat Ever: Ma 34 Years 5 Months

The female tabby named Ma was perhaps the luckiest animal alive. She lived with Alice St George Moore of Drewsteignton, England. Ma got caught in a gin trap when she was a kitten and barely survived the accident. Yet, she was rescued by the classical musician and her husband, who was also a musician. The accident caused special problems for the feline, so she lived on meat from the local butcher. When asked what they contributed their cats longevity to, Mrs. Moore replied the fresh meat and the relaxed atmosphere in their home. Ma had to be put to sleep on November 5, 1957.

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