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How Can You Tell If Your Cats Pregnant

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When Do Cats Come On Heat

How to Recognize the Signs That a Cat Is Pregnant

Oestrus cycles begin when female cats reach puberty, which can be as early as 4 months right through to 10 months of age.

Exactly when a cat starts coming on heat is determined by a number of factors including: the days becoming longer , the cats weight, age, general health and their breed. Although, it should be noted that cats can come on heat and produce kittens at any time of the year if the situation is right.

How Can I Tell How Far Pregnant My Cat Is

One of the most accurate ways of telling how far along your cat is in her pregnancy is to use the date of conception as a guide. However, thats not always possible.

If you dont know when your cat got pregnant, then youll need to schedule a vet appointment to confirm the pregnancy. Your vet may use an X-ray or ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy, and depending on the findings, the vet may be able to give you an estimate of how far along your cat is. However, determining how far along a pregnancy is always involves some guesswork, so while your vet may be able to give you a range, its impossible to pinpoint the day or even the week your cat will deliver.

Since you wont know precisely when your cat is due to give birth, its important to prepare now for it. Youll want to put together a birthing kit that includes such essential supplies as rubbing alcohol, disposable gloves, a thermometer, a kitchen scale for weighing the kittens, and plenty of blankets and towels. Youll also need to be prepared with the contact information of your vet and the nearest emergency clinic.

Is Premature Birth Common In Cats

Occasionally, a mother will deliver a litter prematurely. The kittens may be small, thin, and have little or no hair. Although it is possible for them to survive with an enormous amount of care, most premature kittens die regardless of your best efforts. If you wish to try and save premature kittens, your veterinarian can provide you with specific and detailed instructions, including how to feed kittens that are too weak to nurse.

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What Can You Do If You Think Your Cat Is Pregnant

If you think your cat is pregnant, then you should keep reading. Cats can get pregnant all the time, but theyre less likely to get pregnant on their own. Its important to know if your cat is pregnant. If youre concerned that your cat may be pregnant, here are some things you can do. 1. Look for signs that the cat is pregnant. If you notice any of these signs, then your cat is pregnant. These include: Change in the cats appetite Changes in your cats grooming habits Changes in the cats behavior Changes in her energy levels Changes in her body weight Changes in her urinary patterns Weakness or fatigue Changes in her behavior

Recognizing Signs Of Fertility

How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant Early Stages
  • 1Determine if your cat is fertile. If your cat is fertile and has recently been in heat, its possible that she may be pregnant.
  • Female domestic cats become sexually active as the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, typically between spring and fall.
  • A female cat may start her estrus cycle once the weather becomes warmer and she has reached about 80% of her adult weight. This means a cat may go into heat as early as four months of age in unusual cases.
  • 2Watch for mating behaviors. When a cat goes into heat, she displays clear behavioral changes meant to attract a mate that will last about four to six days.XResearch source
  • A cat about to go into heat will initially display signs of restlessness, become more affectionate, begin making low calls, and have increased appetite.XResearch source
  • When a cat enters into heat, she will begin “calling”–meowing or mewling frequently and insistently–and may lose her appetite.
  • A cat in heat will become much more affectionate towards people, will roll around, and will prop her hind quarters up in the air while treading her back paws and holding her tail to the side.XResearch sourceXResearch source
  • 3Understand the implications of a cat in heat. If your cat has gone into heat, the effects can extend much further than odd behavior–your cat could have gotten pregnant.
  • If you determine your cat has recently been in heat, pregnancy is a definite possibility.
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    Taking Care Of Your Pregnant Cat

    During her pregnancy, you will want to keep your cat relatively active in order to ensure she is fit for giving birth. Avoid any excessively rowdy activity towards the end of your cats pregnancy, however. You will need to help her stay calm as she nears her due date, as anything too active could cause her stress. Throughout the pregnancy be sure to pay attention to her appetite and her comfort level. If your cat loses interest in her food or is visibly distressed or agitated, it could signal a problem with her pregnancy.

    Take Your Cat For A Fecal Test

    Its recommended that you have a fresh stool sample checked by your veterinarian, as intestinal parasites can be spread to the kittens both in utero , and during nursing.

    Do NOT use over-the-counter dewormers on your pregnant or nursing cat, as some of these could be dangerous. Your veterinarian can prescribe the appropriate medication if her stool sample shows evidence of parasitic infection.

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    How To Maintain A Healthy Cat Weight

    After checking your cat and realizing that they might be overweight the next step would be a vet consultation. There your cat will go through the proper examination that will determine whats causing their weight gain. And of course, youll know how much booty your kitty needs to lose.

    Its not easy to measure how much fat a cat has, and body weight is usually used as a guide to determine whether a cats weight is above the ideal. For your kitty to be considered overweight and obese theyd have to be 10% and over 20% heavier than the ideal body weight accordingly.

    Once you have all the information you need the important part is sticking to the plan of action! Its crucial that you dont push your cat, but you also shouldnt ignore your cats weight. Diabetes, osteoarthritis, raspatory issues, and heart disease are some of the diseases/illnesses caused by obesity.

    Make gradual changes, with protein-rich cat food, preferably wet food that is high in protein, and should help maintain your cats muscle mass as they grow. In the journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Debra L. Zoran, DVM, Ph.D., DACVIM, states that cats are metabolically adapted to preferentially use protein and fat as energy sources.

    Keep The Nest Area Warm

    How To Tell If Your Cat Is Pregnant

    Kittens are unable to regulate their own body temperature until they are 3 to 4 weeks old. So for the first four weeks of their lives, you should provide a warm, clean box or bedding for the mother and kittens to share.

    Use a heating pad below the nesting box or a heating lamp above it to keep the kittens warm. But make sure there are accessible unheated areas, as kittens will need to be able to move away from the heat source if they become too warm.

    The warm area should be about 97°F.

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    Preparing For Your Cat To Give Birth

    Shortly before her due date, provide your cat with a box or nest where she can give birth and care for her newborn kittens. Make sure that this birthing box is large enough for your cat and her litter to be comfortable in, but also tall enough to prevent any curious kittens from making an escape! Keep the nest in a warm place and line it with soft blankets or towels . Try to find a familiar location to put the box that is quiet and out of the way, and show your cat where the box is situated.

    How Many Months Is A Cat Pregnant

    Cat pregnancies can last between 63 and 65 days or just over two months time. Since cats can get pregnant when theyre as young as 4 months old, its possible that a 6-month-old cat could give birth to her first litter of kittens. Thats quite different from human pregnancies, to say the least!

    This highlights the importance of separating male and female kittens before theyre 4 months old, or of spaying and neutering kittens before theyre able to reproduce.

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    How Long Are Cats Pregnant

    Cat pregnancies are estimated to last around 63 to 65 days on average or about two months, according to PetMD.

    Under a vets supervision, a blood test, ultrasound, X-ray or abdominal palpation are the most common ways to accurately tell if your cat is pregnant.

    How long do cats live?:Heres how long to expect your feline friends nine lives to last.

    What To Do When Your Cat Goes Into Labor

    X Ray Of A Pregnant Cat

    Your cat is domesticated, so she may not have all of the instincts of a wild cat however, most cats require no intervention at all while giving birth. In fact, your cat may purposely seek out solitude when she goes into labor. Most cats would prefer to be left alone, and they definitely dont want to be pet or touched while they are giving birth. Its best to give your pregnant cat as much privacy as possible while also leaving yourself the ability to monitor the birthing process for any signs of issues or distress.

    Dont be surprised if your cat decides to give birth in a location other than the nest you have prepared for mom and her kittens. If this occurs, dont be afraid to move the kittens to the box you prepared after they are born. Its perfectly fine to pick up and handle newborn kittens carefully touching them will not cause your cat to abandon her kittens or injure them.

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    Can My Dog Tell If Im Pregnant

    A pregnant person experiences hormonal changes even before theyve confirmed their pregnancy. While we cannot know for sure, some experts speculate that dogs can smell these pregnancy-related fluctuations. Thats not a crazy idea considering that service dogs can recognize other bodily changes such as insulin levels and oncoming seizures. Also, a handful of medical studies show that dogs can detect certain forms of cancer by smelling urine and breath samples.

    Dogs have more smell receptors than humans, allowing them to differentiate between as many as 100,000 different odors. Some breeds, such as bloodhounds, beagles, and German shepherds, were bred specifically for their keen sense of smell.

    While your dogs nose can detect a change in your body, its doubtful that they recognize this change as pregnancy. In other words, if you suspect youre pregnant, dont rely on your pup for confirmation!

    Cat Labor Emergency Kit

    If your cat is pregnant, its always a good idea to prepare an emergency kit ahead of time with items you may need. In many cases you dont have to do a thing, nature takes care of it. But its good to have one on hand, just in case. Note that you should never try to help your cat unless you know there is a real problem. Cats are quite good at having babies without any human intervention.

    In your kit, make sure you have plenty of clean sheets and towels. Flannel is great, especially for after the kittens are born because they are less likely to get their little claws tangled up in this material.

    Make sure you have a clean pair of scissors on hand or a suture kit to cut any of the cords if necessary, and stock iodine to swab the kittens little bellybuttons and prevent infection. You should stock your emergency kit with disposable gloves too, in case you have to handle the kittens at all, as well as sterilized gauze pads and non-waxed dental floss. The dental floss will be used to tie off the cords if your mother cat doesnt do it on her own.

    Another good idea to keep in your emergency kit is a notebook and pen so you can take notes on the birthing process and note any other important information like the time and date. You can also make sure your vet information is written in there in case you need to call them for help.

    Cat Breeding at This Time of Year Vet Westm Accessed May. 2019.

    Syufy, Franny. Heat Cycles in Cats The Spruce Pets, Accessed May. 2019.

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    Movements In The Abdomen

    From about 5 to 6 weeks it is possible to see movement in the cats belly. You know what this is: its those kittens moving around inside. You can confirm pregnancy if the cat is willing to let you get close enough to put your hand on her belly. Otherwise, you should be able to visually observe the movement as the day of delivery gets closer.

    Physical Changes In A Pregnant Cat

    How To Tell If Your âCAT is PREGNANTâ? 7 Signs To Watch Out! [NEW]

    Looks for these signs in your cat’s body indicating pregnancy:

    • Heat cycles cease: This may be the first sign you notice of a cat’s pregnancy. If a cat has been going through heat cycles every 10 days to two weeks, and suddenly stops, it is likely she is pregnant.
    • Nipples swell and become rosier in color: Breeders call this “pinking-up,” and it may be the first visual sign you will see in a pregnant cat.
    • Change in appetite: A pregnant cat may have a decrease in appetite early in her pregnancy. In the second half of pregnancy, she will show an increased interest in food. After all, a pregnant cat is not only eating for herself, but for several fetuses.
    • Weight gain: Most pregnant queens will gain about 2 to 4 pounds of body weight over the course of pregnancy.
    • Vomiting: Pregnant queens may be subject to a few bouts of “morning sickness,” much as human mothers-to-be. This in itself is not necessarily a reason to worry, but if the vomiting continues or is frequent, contact your veterinarian for help.
    • Enlarged abdomen: Sometime around the fifth week of pregnancy, a pregnant cat’s abdomen will start to swell noticeably. It will continue to enlarge until time for birthing.

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    7 Signs That Your Cat Is Pregnant

    In the very beginning, the cat will not display specific signs of pregnancy. As mentioned above, the early signs a cat is pregnant can be seen starting the second or even third week of pregnancy.

    1 – The Nipples Are Enlarged

    When the cat is 15-18 days into the pregnancy, its nipples become enlarged and red. This sign is commonly referred to as “pinking-up”. Considering that a cat’s nipples are rather difficult to see when it is not pregnant, this sign should be quite easy to spot.

    2- Vomiting

    During the first stage of pregnancy, the cat will display symptoms similar to morning sickness in women. If you notice your cat is vomiting, a few days in a row, it might be a sign of pregnancy. It is also a good time to take it to the vet. After a pregnant cat vomits, she will feel better. If you notice other symptoms like apathy, fever, or prolonged loss of appetite, then you must take the cat to the vet.

    3 -Tummy Swelling

    As the pregnancy settles in, the cat’s tummy will begin to swell. If you notice that your cat’s abdomen is suddenly enlarged, then pregnancy might be one of the reasons why. However, make sure to be very delicate when you touch its abdomen to avoid hurting the kittens. It is best to take the cat to the vet to confirm the pregnancy and also to rule out other reasons for the swelling of the abdomen.

    4 – Increased Appetite

    5 – Weight Gain

    6 – Behavior Change

    7 – Nesting

    Signs A Cat Is About To Give Birth

    The amount of time cats are pregnant is around 9 weeks. As her pregnancy reaches its final days, the cat will start looking for a place to give birth, a quiet place away from the rest of the activity of the house. That means the kittens will be arriving soon. You can help your cat prepare by creating a comfortable birthing space with boxes, blankets, and old newspapers.

    As with all issues affecting your cat’s health, Vahrenwald said cat owners should visit with their veterinarians about their cat potentially becoming pregnant and to better understand what steps you can take to prevent an unplanned cat pregnancy or make sure she and her litter of kittens are healthy and happy.

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    How Long Do Cats Stay Pregnant

    A cats pregnancy lasts nine weeks or around 63 days. If you suspect your cat is pregnant, bring your cat in to see your veterinarian for confirmation.

    Planned or unplanned, says Barrack, all pregnancies should be discussed with your veterinarian to make sure mom and babies are healthy and doing well.

    How Can You Ensure The Well

    How Do You Know If A Cat Is Pregnant Or Just Fat

    The best things that you can do to ensure a healthy pregnancy is deworming and getting on a good quality kitten food. Mom is growing kittens, and when cats are pregnant, they usually have larger litters of four or more kittens. That takes a lot of calories on her part, but you also want to make sure that the kittens are getting good nutrition. So kitten food for mom is important, and then deworming at the end of the pregnancy because mom can pass worms to the kittens both through the placenta and through the milk when she’s delivered the kittens. Deworming can help minimize how many get passed to the kittens.

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