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Does Animal Control Kill Cats

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Will Animal Control Pick Up A Live Animal

Hometown Helpers: Animal Control Officer helps dogs, cats, and community

If You Find a Pet


  • If the animal is sick or injured, please call us at 562-940-6898.
  • If the animal appears aggressive, please call us at 562-940-6898.
  • Check for a collar or tags: if there is a phone number on the collar itself or a tag, try calling and texting the number.
  • Check for a chip: if safe to do so, have the animal scanned at a local veterinary clinic or pet supply store for a microchip.
  • Go for a walk: Being mindful of safety and physical distancing, take found dogs for a walk in the neighborhood where it was found. Talk to the neighbors to see if anyone knows the dog, and be on the lookout for any gates left open the pet may have gotten out from.
  • Social Media: Post a clear picture and location where the animals were found on your social media page and local social media pages.
    • Facebook, NextDoor, and Craigslist, are great places to start. Post in the Lost and Found sections and make sure nobody has posted on the lost section an animal matching the one you found.
    • is also another lost pet site that can be used
    • Post on our Care Center Facebook page:
  • If you are unable to find the owner, reach out to your local animal care center for assistance! Please schedule an appointment prior to your visit call us at 940-6898.
  • If you have contained a stray dog but cannot safely handle it, call our 24-hour dispatch center for assistance at 940-6898.
  • Why Don’t Feeding Bans Eliminate Community Cats

    The logic behind bans on feeding feral cats is that if there is no food available, the cats will go away. This rarely happens.

    First, cats are territorial animals who can survive for weeks without food and will not easily or quickly abandon their territory. As they grow hungrier and more desperate, they tend to venture closer to homes and businesses in search of food. Despite the effort to starve them out, the cats will also continue to reproduce, resulting in the deaths of many kittens.

    Second, feeding bans are nearly impossible to enforce. A person who is determined to feed the cats will usually succeed without being detected. Repeated experience has shown that people who care about the cats will go to great lengths to feed starving animals. In addition, there may be more than one feeder and other sources of food, including dumpsters, garbage cans and other animals.

    If The Officer Asks Questions About The Colony

    Ask if the officer believes that you are violating any laws. This will help you determine if the officer is trying to pursue a charge against you or just looking for information or clarification.

    Be aware that anything you say can be used in court. If you are not comfortable answering questions, exercise your constitutional rights by politely telling the officer that youd like to remain silent, and then do so. Or, politely request to speak to your attorney first.

    In many instances, you may ask animal control to return at a future date or time so that you may first speak with your attorney. Only in emergency situations may an officer search your property without a warrant.

    Heres an example:

    Animal Control: Are those your cats?You: Do you think I am violating any laws?Animal Control: That depends on if the cats belong to you.You: Id like to speak with my attorney before I answer any questions. Or Id like to remain silent.

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    Why Put So Many Resources Into Animal Welfare In Northeast Georgia

    With so many great causes that need financial support and attention today, this is a question we value and welcome. The answer lies in the roles animals play in our lives and the lessons we learn through our treatment of animals.

    Quite simply, the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia not only benefits animals but also benefits people and our community as a whole by fostering stronger bonds between people and animals and increasing educational opportunities for generations to come. George T. Angell, humanitarian and founder of the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, once said Im sometimes asked: Why do you spend so much of your time and money talking about kindness to animals when there is so much cruelty to men? I answer: I am working at the roots.

    This quote helps illustrate the point of the way we treat animals is central to the integrity of our community and directly correlates to the way we humans treat each other.

    How Do I Get Rid Of Neighbors Cats In My Yard

    Texas Senate Votes Unanimously to Ban Animal Shelter Gas Chambers ...

    You can prevent cats from entering your yard by following these steps, which will make it less appealing to them.

  • Take away any food that may be in the yard. Any kind of foodstuff that you leave out in your yard is certainly going to attract cats.
  • Make a rocky area in the middle of your garden.
  • Remove any potential refuges
  • Clean up some of their favorite hangouts
  • Install a frightening security system to deter them
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    What Does Animal Control Do With Stray Cats

    In most communities, animal control will pick up stray cats and return them to their owners. It varies from location to location whether or not they will accept owner surrenders. If you are thinking of turning up your pet to the local animal control facility, you should do so with the knowledge that they may be put to sleep.


    Madison County Animal Control Receives Recognition For Reaching No

    Madison County Animal Control recieves recognition for reaching no-kill

    EDWARDSVILLE Madison County Board Chairman Kurt Prenzler is commending the work of Animal Care and Control and rescue groups for saving more than 4,000 cats and dogs the past four years.

    When I took office one of the goals on my administration was for Animal Control to become a no-kill shelter, Prenzler said. At that time more than two-thirds of the cats and one-third of dogs brought in were put down. Now more than 90 percent of the animals are saved.

    Prenzler commends the hard work of Animal Control Manager Katherine Conder and the animal control staff. He presented a certificate of appreciation to Conder on Thursday for her work in helping to save the countys healthy and adoptable animals.

    He also present certificate of appreciations to Metro East Humane Society and Partners for Pets. Between the two rescues they have helped save the majority of the cats and dogs brought into animal control.

    Rescuing animals is a lot of hard work, Prenzler said. Thanks to Katherine, the employees and the rescue groups and organizations the county reached its goal and continues to do so even during these difficult times.

    In March 2017, the County Board passed a resolution for the county to become no-kill by Dec. 31, 2021. Prenzler worked with Ledy VanKavage, a senior legislative attorney with Best Friends Animal Society, on the resolution.

    He said the numbers speak volumes for what has taken place.

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    If An Officer Asks You To Sign Something Other Than A Court Summons

    Do not sign any document without consulting an attorney.

    When animal control asks for your signature, they are probably seeking one of three things:

    • An admission or denial of responsibility for the cats.
    • Consent or permission to take action.
    • A relinquishment of all rights to any animals on your property.

    If an animal control officer asks you for written consent or permission, it usually means they need your permission to do something and they dont have itfor example, to search or trap cats on your property. Remember: You dont have to give permission just because they ask for it. Say that youd like to consult an attorney before signing anything. Your attorney can help you look up your local laws and determine how to proceed.

    Animal control officers are there to enforce the local animal control laws, so politely ask questions to find out more:

    • What will happen if I say no?
    • Am I violating any laws?
    • Under what basis?
    • What ordinance is that under? or What is that code exactly? I would like a copy of it. Can you provide it for me?


    Animal Control: Its illegal to feed cats here. Sign this form so we can trap them.You: May I ask which ordinance thats under?Animal Control: Our local ordinance prohibits feeding animals on public property.You: What happens if I say no?Animal Control: You will receive a citation.You: Im not refusing to sign, but I would like to consult an attorney before I sign anything.

    Types Of Animal Shelters

    ‘No-kill’ animal shelters

    Most shelters will take every stray that arrives, but are forced to euthanizesome animals when they become too full. A smaller number of shelters only acceptlimited numbers of animals but promise to care for them until they are adopted.These are called no kill shelters. Despite the name, though, theseshelters will euthanize animals that are too old or ill to care for anymore.

    Dog Rescuer and Swanky Shelter

    The term animal shelter typically brings to mind long rows of metal-barred cages, the pungent smell of urine, and cacophonous barking. But for pets lucky enough to get lost in the San Francisco area, accommodations are available at an animal shelter so luxurious that it would make most humans jealous. In fact, Maddies Pet Adoption Center looks more like a five-star hotel than an animal shelter. At the $7 million facility , cats have their own private condos, where they can lounge on cushy sofas, scratch at plush posts, and watch DVDs of frolicking birds and squirrels. In the dog wing, pooches share elegant, furnished Victorian or Spanish-style apartments complete with skylights, human-like beds, and as many toys as they can chew. All of the animals get out of their apartments for regular play dates, and none of the residents are ever euthanized.

    Its also mandatory in many shelters to spay or neuter all pets they accept. Shelters do this to prevent more unwanted animals from being born and ending up in shelters.

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    Can You Transport A Stray Cat

    Read my guide on stray cat trapping if you want assistance in capturing and transporting feral cats. THE BEHAVIOR OF STRAY CATS Free-roaming cats are technically classified as wild animals, and they have a lot of capabilities. If a cat is born in the wild and is allowed to live its whole life as a wild animal, there is almost little chance that it will ever be domesticated.

    Check Local Pet Forums & Groups

    Most towns or counties have Facebook groups where locals can report missing and found animals. Check for recent postings about a cat matching the description, and make a post about how and where you saw this cat. You may be able to find the owner or get some tips about where this cat calls home without having to get animal control or a shelter involved!

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    When To Call Animal Control Vs Wildlife Removal

    Animal control and wildlife removal agencies serve similar, but distinct purposes in the public sphere. Animal control agencies are typically government-run departments that address issues related to domestic animals like cats and dogs. Wildlife removal agencies, as the name suggestions, are generally for-profit businesses that assist with removing wild animals that have become nuisances for homeowners.


    Find a Local Bee RemovalExpert Near You

    Wildlife removal agencies are generally for-profit businesses that assist with removing wild animals that have become nuisances for homeowners.

    If You Feel Your Rights Are Being Violated

    Cat In A Kill Shelter Had Only Days To Live, But Then A Miracle ...

    Say that youd like to remain silent, and consult an attorney right away to determine if an animal control officer is violating your rights.

    Do NOT:

    • Confront or obstruct the officer
    • Threaten to file a complaint
    • Physically resist

    In doing so, you may violate other laws that will get you into trouble and prevent you from legally protecting cats.


    Animal Control: Id like to search the property.You: I do not give my consent to search my property.Animal Control: Im responding to a complaint, I do not need your consent. The officer then proceeds to enter your house or yard.You: Please excuse me, Id like to contact my attorney.

    Remember to follow best practices when caring for community cats.

    If animal control visits you once, make sure that you are following best practices when caring for your outdoor cats in case animal control comes back a second time. You can find our guide for Best Practices: Community Cat Colony Care.

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    I Have To Surrender My Pet What Should I Do

    We encourage families to explore all resources in order to keep their pet. We can provide trainers to help with a wide variety of pet issues. We can also help with medical related issues regarding pet difficulties. Surrendering your pet should be your last option.

    Valley Oak SPCA accepts owner surrenders by appointment only. Animals will be accepted based on space, temperament and resources available.

    Animal Control Services For Union City Residents

    • Ohlone Humane Society Free service Provides services for injured or orphaned wildlife No domestic animals
    • Vector Control Free service Provides services for insects , rodents , and wildlife

      No domestic animals

    None of these service providers accept dead animals. For dead animal calls, please continue to call the police department at the non- emergency number .

    If you would like to file an animal complaint please fill out the form.

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    Why Cant Animal Shelters Rescue Feral Cats

    Animal shelters already care for and try to find homes for untold thousands of lost, injured and abandoned cats, in addition to pet cats whose owners are unable or unwilling to keep them.

    Many animal shelters dont have the staff or money to do TNR. However, shelters that receive calls of complaint or concern from the public may attempt to humanely trap and remove feral cats. Or they may provide information and loan traps to citizens interested in humanely trapping feral cats. If there is a local group helping feral cats, the shelter may refer callers to that group.

    Because feral cats are so scared of people and usually cannot be adopted, those who are brought to a shelter, especially cats who cannot be identified as members of a known TNR-ed colony, are likely to be euthanized either right away or after a holding period. Its a complicated situation: While its difficult to accurately identify a feral cat without observing them during a holding period, safely caring for a feral cat in a typical shelter cage is terribly stressful for the cat. In addition, if cage space is limited at the shelter, an adoptable cat may have to be euthanized to make room to hold a feral cat.

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    What Do I Do If I Find A Lost Pet

    ‘No-kill’ animal shelters

    More than likely, the pet you found has not wandered too far from home, and is probably from your neighborhood. To help save space for a pet in need at the shelter, we first recommend the following to help them find their families:

    • Take the pet to a local veterinarian, Petco or an El Paso Fire station to have the pet scanned for a microchip.
    • If the pet has a microchip, you can attempt looking up the owners information using this free microchip lookup tool.
    • File a Found Pet Report on our website or by calling 311.
    • Check the Pet Finder Map to see if the pet you found matches any of the pets on the Lost Dog/Cat tab.
    • Post photos on local Lost & Found Pets groups on Facebook and other social media sites like Nextdoor.
    • Hang flyers in your neighborhood, at local grooming and pet shops, and at local veterinarian offices.
    • Contact our Community & Pet Support team at or 212-8715 for resources and information on our Finder to Foster program.

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    What Are Your Rights If Animal Control Is Called On You

    I recently wrote about a terrible experience that one of our customers encountered when Animal Control was sent to confiscate her animals because she fed a raw food diet to her pets. If you havent read the expose yet, .

    Since then, Ive been compelled to learn about our rights in the event that Animal Control is called on to investigate us.

    The case with Mrs. V was extreme, but Animal Control will usually feel as if the call has more merit if it comes from a veterinarian so try to stay on their good side. That doesnt mean taking their advice and prescriptions blindly. Ask questions. Do your research. Just try not to fight with them.

    Dog parents and ethical breeders are often targeted by disgruntled neighbors because of simple things like loud barking. Of course you want to be sure that your pets are not being a nuisance and, from my experience, its a lot easier if you befriend your neighbors as well. However, if Animal Control is called on you by a neighbor, you should understand your rights.

    What Are Your Rights If Animal Control Is Called On You?

  • If they say they have a warrant, ask to see it before allowing them in the house. Read the warrant. This document should tell you what they are permitted to search in your home. Do not let them search more than the warrant permits.
  • You have the right to remain silent. Telling your side of the story doesnt help unless they are really cool animal control people.
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