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Does Dry Food Help Cats Teeth

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Caring For A Toothless Cat

How To Use a Natural Cat Food To Solve Cats Teeth Problem

In the case where a full mouth extraction is necessary, know that your cat can still lead a happy and healthy life including properly eating. Despite common misconceptions, cats without teeth can even still eat dry kibble. Cats missing their teeth, either as a result of old age and them falling out more naturally or because of a full mouth extraction, can continue to be their old selves be sure to ask your vet for any additional care recommendations.

It’s understandable to feel nervous about your beloved cat getting surgery, but rest assured that most cats handle tooth extraction extremely well. Your kitty will feel much better without an achy tooth.

Dont Ignore Bad Breath

That mild fishy scent known as “kitty breath” may seem normal to pet parents, but if your cat has bad breath, this is a strong indicator that they have dental problems.

If left untreated, your cats breath is only going to get worse. When an animal has bad breath and is drooling, the cause is often related to gum disease and/or tooth decay.

Occasional bleeding gums are nothing to become too alarmed about, but if your cat has a combination of bleeding gums and bad breath, and these symptoms are accompanied by drooling, then your cat likely needs a deep cleaning or even a tooth extraction.

Things To Know About Cats With Dental Problems

Unlike dogs, we rarely pay attention to our cats dental health. Unless there are prominent symptoms, a cats teeth remain unnoticed. As a responsible cat owner, it is important to be concerned about your little ones dental health.

Here are four important things you need to know about cats with dental problems:

  • Complete and balanced nutrition is essential: Nutrition works as the foundation for your cats healthy teeth. By offering balanced nutrition, you can guarantee your kittys overall great health, including teeth. So pay close attention to what youre feeding your cat.
  • Cats teeth need regular brushing: One of the best ways to prevent periodontal disease is to brush your cats teeth like you brush your own.
  • Gum disease has stages: It is important to treat the problem in time to prevent the condition from getting worse. The first stage is gingivitis, reversible with routine dental care, treatment, and professional cleaning. If the disease progresses, it can cause loss of teeth.
  • Dental problems lead to other health concerns: Cats with dental problems can rapidly lose weight and experience other health complications. If chewing becomes painful, they may refuse food altogether, which may deteriorate health.
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    How To Care For Toothless Cats & Things You Need To Know

    As your cat gets older, many of them lose teeth due to dental diseases and tooth decay. In severe cases, missing multiple teeth is possible. Your furry friend during this time can eat dry food even after losing their teeth. The owners must be patient in taking time to adjust.

    Cats dont usually show any signs of dental issues, unlike dogs that can easily distinguish the problem. Dental problems in cats usually seen when they make yawns. If you notice any missing teeth, you need to assess it right away. Try to open their mouth wide and see how many teeth are missing and how it affects your cats everyday life.


    What Can I Feed My Cat With Dental Disease

    7 Healthy Cat Diet Changes

    Cats flourish on moisture-rich grain-free diets, such as high-quality canned, raw and freeze-dried diets. Raw diets would typically be an ideal choice, based strictly on the best nutritional choices, but there is no single diet that is right for all cats. Treats can help fight off your cat’s dental issues.

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    Brushing Your Cats Teeth

    Here comes the part you’re not going to like. We know cats who eat only canned food aren’t getting any of that tartar removed from the teeth by crunching. In my perfect scenario, your cat eats solely canned food and gets its teeth brushed daily along with the occasional cat dental treat.

    I know, I knowsome cats won’t tolerate that. I have attempted to brush Wilbur’s teeth a few times, and while I don’t speak cat, I am pretty sure he was shouting expletives as he was running down the hall.

    If they absolutely refuse to allow you to brush their teeth, routine visits to the veterinary dentistwhich should be happening regardless of whether or not you brush the teethare in order.

    Ideally, brushing keeps the plaque and calculus at bay in between cleanings, and then cleanings can be just thatshort anesthetic procedures where the teeth are scaled, imaged, and polished with no extractions.

    A Cat With No Teeth Can Still Live A Happy Life

    Aside from a possible change in diet and slower eating speeds, your cat will live an otherwise normal life without teeth. In fact, your cat will likely thrive with improved oral health, free of pain and dental infection. If your feline is struggling with dental pain or youd like to learn more about caring for a cat with no teeth, contact us to set up an appointment in our Bozeman office with Dr. Tony Woodward, Montanas only board-certified veterinary dentist.

    Images used under creative commons license commercial use Pexels

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    The Pros And Cons Of Kibble For Dental Health

    Kibble contains more carbohydrates than canned food does, and cats are carnivores, which means cats are not quite as good at breaking these nutrients down. Nutritionists speculate that the carbohydrate content of dry food contributes to obesity which can lead to the development of diabetes in cats.

    That said, there are definitely other contributing factors to feline obesity, such as genetics, lifestyle, etc. that play significant roles. But is the kibble itself better for their teeth? Well, technically the answer is yes. And the answer is a resounding yes if we are talking about kibble diets specifically formulated for oral health.

    There are several studies showing that cats fed kibble dietsand in particular dental formulationshave significantly less tartar and gingivitis than their canned-food-eating counterparts.

    Still, the question remains, what types of food are cat teeth designed for? The reality is they are made for eating mice and shearing meat. These diets, however, are not particularly suitable for our modern house cats.

    Dental Cat Food 2020 Our Toplist

    Is Raw Food Good For Our Cat’s Teeth? | Two Crazy Cat Ladies

    Cat food for dental health problems needs to satisfy special criteria to be effective and nutritious. Conditions such as gingivitis or gum desease can be prevented with proper care. This is why cat food brands create special formulas that will help with oral care. Below we list our recommendations:

    Cat Food For Dental Health Deals

    Each of these foods has a VOHC Registered Seal. VOHC stands for Veterinary Oral Health Council.

    What makes these foods special is the kibble that is larger than the usual kibble in cat food. Inside of the kibble there is also a special matrix that helps with teeth cleaning while cats eat.

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    Subject: Dental Care For Cats

    An article by Anita Kelsey cat behaviour expert c

    I have been working with a client and her two lovely Maine Coons. On my last visit I gave her a wealth of nutritional advice regarding the natural diet of a cat which is meat. I turned up today to groom one of her cats under sedation, due to the cat having a massive phobia against being groomed, and was very happy when my client arrived with a huge bag of lovely wet food such as Lilys Kitchen and Thrive Complete. Hurray I thought. A client has actually listened to me and taken my advice :-). Upon arriving at her vets, and once the cat was asleep ready for me to work on, I heard the vet tell my client that her cat had plaque and that she should be buying kibble to help clean the teeth which would help the plaque problem. Once again I am listening to a client being told something which has had very little study and seems to be an untruth. So, I have decided to do some research on this subject and would like to highlight the following facts about the whole kibble cleans cat teeth statement.

    2. Lets look at the typical advertising stance of dry food Kibble can help to scrape tooth surfaces clean and the pressure of crunching the pieces strengthens tooth roots. Jean Hofve, a hollistic feline veterinarian states:

    She goes on to explain further:

    If your vet still believes the myth of dry food and dental health , here are a few references that refute the idea:

    She goes on to say:


    1. Linda P Case

    Final Thoughts On Best Cat Food For Older Cats With Bad Teeth

    Brushing your cats teeth every day is not feasible for most of the owners. Therefore, using the right food for cats with bad teeth also helps. The best overall product that we picked in this buying guide is Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food Oral Care.

    There are many reasons why we picked this product. Overall, it not only keeps your cats teeth clean but it also avoids further problems by providing a balanced diet and nutrition. It is made with premium quality ingredients and is approved by veterinarians.

    However, it is very important that you continuously monitor your cat and consult your vet if you have any concerns or questions.

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    Best Cat Food For Dental Problems Faq

    How to diagnose dental problems with cats?

    Some of symptoms may be loss of apetite, drooling, teeth chattering, head tilting or shaking. Always consult veterinarian for a correct diagnosis.

    My cat has a very bad breath what can I do?

    Its possible your cat suffers from periodontal disease. It is a gum disease. Make sure to visit your veterinarian.

    How can I keep my cats teeth healthy?

    Pay attention to your cats behavior and feed it quality food. New types of food contain ingredients that clean the teeth. If something is suspicious, visit a veterinarian.

    Best Cat Foods For Older Cats With Bad Teeth In 2022 Reviews & Top Picks

    13 Best Cat Foods for Cats with No Teeth (or Few/Bad Teeth)

    Nicole Cosgrove

    You may not often think about your cats teeth, but your pet can develop oral disease just like you can. In fact, diseases such as gingivitis can often begin when your cat is still a young adult. In addition to caring for your cats teeth, you can help mitigate dental problems by giving your cat food formulated to remove plaque and improve dental health. As your cat ages, its even more important to care for its dental health. Older cats with chronic dental problems may have bad or even missing teeth, which can make eating difficult.

    In this article, we have compiled some of the very best cat foods for older cats that have dental problems. We hope that our reviews will help you learn about the options available and ultimately choose the cat food that works best for you and your senior cat.

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    Best Cat Foods For Older Cats With Bad Teeth Problems

    How often do you brush your cats teeth?

    30% Off at

    How To Redeem This Offer

    It may seem like a strange question, but dental health is just as important for your cat as it is for you. In fact, most cats develop signs of dental disease by the time they are 2 to 3 years old.

    Brushing your cats teeth and feeding him dental treats can help, but many cats develop dental problems as they get older anyway. When your cat is a senior, his risk for health problems increase and many senior cats have trouble keeping a healthy body weight. Dont add dental problems to the list!

    In this article, well talk about dental problems in senior cats and what you can do to keep your cats teeth healthy. Youll also receive our top 10 picks for the best cat food for dental problems in older cats.

    Natural Dental Care Products


    Kelp can help reduce plaque accumulation on your cats teeth.

    All you have to do is sprinkle a bit on your cats food once per day.

    I use Raw Paws Pet Food kelp available on Raw Paws website and .

    If you prefer a vet-recommended brand, try Proden PlaqueOff . Its available on , Chewy, and Only Natural Pet.

    Some plaque and tarter chipped off Jerichos teeth a few weeks after I started using kelp and HomeoAnimals products below.


    HomeoAnimal products are natural homeopathic remedies.

    Currently, Im using their detox kit, tartar kit, and gingivitis spray for Jerichos dental care.

    They offer free consultations and ship to most parts of the world.

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    Does Wet Food Consumption Cause Hyperthyroidism In Cats

    However, there is one bit of sand gumming up the engine that would drive canned food to a slam-dunk win over dry food. Im talking about hyperthyroidism. Studies have shown a positive correlation between canned food consumption and thyroid gland problems in cats. Nobody knows why some people have speculated that materials from the can itself may be involved. Thyroid disease is rarely fatal, but it is a big deal in the world of cats.

    Tips On Improving Your Cat’s Dental Health

    Dental Care Cat Foods

    Your cat’s dental health is just as important as your own, and brushing your feline buddy’s teeth is the most effective way to healthy oral hygiene but, as most cat owners would know, that’s easier said than done! While there are other ways to make sure they keep their purrfect pearlies, brushing is still best.

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    Is Wet Food Too Rich For Cats

    Another common misconception is that wet food is too rich and will cause an upset stomach or diarrhea if fed to your cat. While there are certainly some cats who may not be able to tolerate certain wet foods due to food allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, or other gastrointestinal illnesses, in general wet food is easily digestible for most cats.

    If youre concerned about your cats ability to tolerate a wet food diet, start slowly and offer only small amounts of wet food at a time until you have had a chance to see how your cat reacts to it. If your cats stools are normal and there has been no change in his or her appetite or energy level, then it is okay to gradually offer larger portions of wet food until you reach your desired portion size.

    Royal Canin Aging 12+ Thin Slices In Gravy Canned Cat Food

    Top 5 Ingredients: 1. Water for Processing, 2. Pork By-Products, 3. Pork Liver, 4. Chicken, 5. Chicken Liver

    If your cat is 12 years or older, this gravy-based canned food is your best bet. The recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional needs of your senior cat. It contains a unique blend of ingredients striking an optimal balance between protein, carbs, and fats for long-term nutrition and excellent palatability. This senior cat food recipe is crafted to perfection with thin slices in a delicious gravy that does not require aggressive chewing.

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    How To Transition To A New Type Of Cat Food

    If you want to change the food your cat is eating , its important to do so gradually abrupt changes can cause upset stomachs in any pet.

    If your cat isnt used to eating at fixed times, the first step is to begin feeding on a routine. Start by setting dry food out 3-4 times a day, and be sure to take it away after 20-25 minutes. Then, you can begin to remove additional times until youve reached your goal feeding times.

    Regardless of whether youre transitioning between wet and dry foods or between two brands, avoid abruptly substituting one food for the other. Instead, feed your pet a mix of the two foods, gradually shifting from mostly the old food to the new food.

    If youre having trouble transitioning your cat from one food to another or have any other questions about pet nutrition, please contact your veterinarian.

    Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Dental Health Formula

    Keep cat teeth clean: Five ways to help them stay healthy

    First 5 ingredients: Ground Yellow Corn, Poultry By-Product Meal, Corn Gluten Meal, Animal Liver Flavor, Animal Fat Preserved With Mixed-Tocopherols

    Once your cat feels the crunch of Purinas tasty Pro Plan Veterinary Diet for Feline Dental Health, then, he wont go a day without gleaming in delight with his healthier pearly white teeth.

    This diet is specially formulated by veterinarians, nutritionists, and researchers, and it features the VOHC Seal of Acceptance for helping to control the buildup of plaque and tartar.

    This high-protein dental cat food is also fortified with vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients, such as calcium, and phosphorus for stronger teeth and bones, taurine for eye health, and glucosamine for joint support and mobility.

    As a veterinary diet, you do need to ask your vet for authorization to purchase this dry cat food either online or in stores nationwide.

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    Be Proactive About Your Cat’s Dental Health

    Reviewed and updated for accuracy on December 4, 2019 by Dr. Hanie Elfenbein, DVM, PhD

    Cats cant tell us when they have a toothache or if they are feeling discomfort when they eat. But they can still suffer from painful dental issues that can have serious impacts on their overall health.

    You wouldnt know it, though, because cats are masters at hiding their pain and making it seem like everythings fine.

    Being proactive about your cats dental health can help to prevent them from developing a painful mouth and needing to undergo uncomfortableand expensivesurgery.

    Here are 9 ways you can be proactive about improving your cats dental care.

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