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Are Scented Candles Bad For Cats

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Are Scented Plug Ins Safe For Cats

Why Paraffin Wax Candles are Bad for Pets

Are Scented Plug Ins Safe For Cats? Avoid putting air fresheners anywhere near your cats food and water, and also anywhere in or around their litter box. Plug in air fresheners are toxic to pets in particular because they are right at nose level and can really affect a cats breathing.

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What scents are safe for pets? Chamomile. Few things in life beat a prime seat on the sofa, a soft blanket, and a cup of chamomile tea. Frankincense. Frankincense and myrrh date back so far in history, its no wonder they make the list of safe essential oils for our dogs. Ginger. Topical Application. Diffusers.

What kind of air freshener is safe for cats? The Moso Natural air purifying bags are the perfect air freshener to put near your cats litter box or any other area where odor is a problem.

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Are Candles Bad For Cats And Dogs Yes If Your Pet Has Asthma

We can agree that paraffin candles are bad for everyone in the household. But even if youre using a cleaner organic candle, youll want to avoid burning candles at all if you have pets with asthma, bronchitis, or other respiratory issues. This includes brachycephalic pet breeds like Persian and Himalyan cats, or French Bulldogs and Pugs.

No One Wants Their House To Smell Like Cat I Firmly Believe You Can Live With Cats And Have A Clean Healthy Good Smelling Home

While diet and the;litter box has the largest impact on the smell of your home, most people like to use some sort of air fresheners in their home.

For cats that live their entire lives indoors, it is important to consider their air quality and toxins they are exposed to. ;The cleaners, products and air fresheners we use have a direct impact on the air they breath 24/7.

Things to consider:

  • Many cats spend their entire lives indoors.
  • Cats spend most of their time on the ground which is where the toxins collect.
  • Cats are constantly grooming themselves and are ingesting toxics collected on their hair.
  • Cats sense of smell is about 14 times stronger than humans.
  • The small size of cats make the impact of toxins more harmful.

I previously posted about DIY and pet safe cleaners I use in my home. Since then I have reconsidered the candles I had in my home.

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Are Candles Safe For Cats

Cats and Fragrances

As a general rule, cats are more sensitive to fragrances than most other animals.; A cat metabolizes some chemical substances differently and is more susceptible to the effects of some fragrance materials.; Generally speaking cats are sensitive to things like essential oils, citrus based products, and phenolics.;

Under normal circumstances, when a fragranced product is used as intended cats do not have any problems.; Candles, reed diffusers, room sprays and even fragranced cleaning products normally have no adverse effects on cats.; The levels of exposure are very low and do not result in any harm.

Problems occur when there is direct contact with the product on the skin or if it is ingested.; A cats skin is more sensitive to several types of fragrance chemicals, especially essential oils, citrus based fragrances and a few others.; They are also more sensitive to some of the surfactants or carriers that are used to dissolve the fragrance.;

So consumers should not be concerned about the routine use of fragranced products around cats.; It is only when the cat gets the liquid fragrance material on the skin or ingests it that problems are likely to occur.

Signs Of A Toxic Reaction To Air Fresheners In Pets

Is Incense Bad For Cats in 2020

According to Dr. Mahaney, the negative effects of air fresheners may appear immediately or within a few hours or days after use. When you first use them, a pet might immediately withdraw from the area or cower. A pet might cough, sneeze, produce discharge from the eyes and/or nose, or suffer from vomiting, diarrhea,;lethargy, or lack of appetite.

Long term effects are also possible. Dr. Mahaney says Cats have had an increase in feline;asthma;as a result of living in households where there are air fresheners, incense and cigarette smokeor even just the aroma of cleaning products.

However, these dangers dont come from the air alone. They can also be caused by contamination from where air fresheners fall where a pet might step, roll, or lick or from products such as carpet shampoos and cleaners that are specifically made for surfaces.

If youre going to spray something thats going to leave an aroma, I suggest that you dont give your pets access to it, says Dr. Mahaney. If youre cleaning, you dont want to leave a significant residuethey could walk across it and potentially lick it off their paws.

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How Hazardous Are Essential Oils And Liquid Potpourri To Cats

Essential oils and liquid potpourris contain chemicals that are rapidly absorbed orally or through the skin. Many of these chemicals are metabolized through the liver. Cats are particularly sensitive to essential oils as they have a decreased number of certain liver enzymes necessary to effectively metabolize these oils. Additionally, very young cats and kittens, and cats with liver disease are more sensitive to their effects. Liquid potpourri and some essential oils can also irritate or burn the skin and mouth.

“Only a couple of licks or a small amount on the skin could be harmful to a cat.”

Only a couple of licks or a small amount on the skin could be harmful to a cat, depending on the ingredients in a specific product and how the pet is exposed. Cats can be exposed by tasting liquid potpourri as it simmers or by coming in contact with liquid from leaking or overturned containers. Cats are fastidious self-groomers, so if these products get on their skin, they will often be ingested.

Fall Home Fragrances Made For Pet

Fall is the time of year when we start to turn our focus inward. The days are getting shorter and darker and the weather is turning cooler. We’re getting ready to cocoon ourselves inside and enjoy all things cozy and comfortingand filling our homes with seasonal scents via scented fall candles, essentials oils or wall plug-ins is a vital part of creating that ambiance.

But pet owners need to think twice before bringing those fragrances home. As it turns out, some pets may develop respiratory ailments and other health problems when these items are used around the house.

No need to worry though: You dont have to sacrifice the scents of your favorite fall candles for the health of your furry family. There are some pet-safe home fragrance options that can give you the homey atmosphere you desire while keeping your pets safe and healthy.

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Are Soy Candles Safe For Babies

No one is more precious than the little one in your life. Newborn babies are still delicate and you certainly don’t want to put anything into their lungs that would harm their still-developing bodies. On the other hand, as a parent, life can be stressful as you adjust to nighttime wakings and a little one being entirely dependent on your care. Lighting a candle can help reduce your stress.

You should never expose your child to a paraffin candle. Paraffin candles expel several dangerous emissions that are carcinogenic. In a study conducted at a South Carolina University, paraffin candles were placed in a box that could trap the gases emitted by the candle and those emissions were studied to determine how dangerous they were.

The paraffin candles we tested released unwanted chemicals into the air. For a person who lights a candle every day for years or just uses them frequently, inhalation of these dangerous pollutants drifting in the air could contribute to the development of health risks like cancer, common allergies, and even asthma. None of the vegetable-based candles produced toxic chemicals, said lead researcher Dr. Ruhullah Massoudi.

Obviously, this makes burning paraffin candles around babies a concern, but according to Massoudi, vegetable oil candles are fine. This includes soy wax candles.

Are Candles Bad For Cats

This New Cat Inspired Candle Scent Will Leave You Speechless

Candles are unsafe for your cat. The flame is dangerous. The scents and candle wax used in the candle can also produce toxins that are hazardous for your cat to breathe. Location and candle type are the most important things to consider when having candles around your cats.

The curiosity of cats is famous, and when it comes to candles, that is a bad thing. The dancing of a flame can be irresistible to a cat, and if it is within reach then it can only end badly.

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Soy Candles Are Scented Naturally

Since soy candles are more natural to begin with, they dont need the same heavy chemical perfumes injected into paraffin wax candles. Instead, soy candles get their aroma from natural essential oils. These create less soot and are easier on the nose. As for your pets, these scents may be still a little strongbut they wont cause chemical burn-off to flood their bodies.

My favorite soy candle is made by a company called One Fur All. Its the Pet House Candle, and its specially formulated to help manage pet odors, which is a great bonus for all pet lovers.

If youre burning paraffin wax candles in your home, make the switch to soy today. Theyre better for you and for your best friend. Youll both be able to relax and breathe easier.


  • Bensimoun C and Brightman A. Candle safety for your dog or cat. Animal Wellness.. Accessed April 11, 2017.

Paraffin Candles Can Be Toxic To Pets

If you love to burn candles and you also own a pet, then you know that the two dont always go well together. Spilled wax, singed whiskerstheyre par for the course!

But those arent the only dangers candles pose to your pets. Many candles give off toxins that can be risky to your pets health. Its why I prefer to burn soy candles, and why you should, tooASAP.

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Why I Prefer Soy Candles

This can be hard news to swallow if you burn candles with pets in your houseor especially if youve been burning candles because you have pets in your house. Fortunately, theres a safer solution: soy candles.

Soy candles are healthier for you, and most of all, theyre healthier for your pets. Heres why.

Are Candles Bad For Pets

Gotta Bad Cattiitude Candle

Are you an animal lover and a candle lover? They are both great in their own ways but it leaves you wondering how well they mix. I was sitting here thinking about the dangers of using candles around a pet and thought I would do some research on the topic. This is what I found. Are candles bad for pets?

Candles are bad for pets. They can be more sensitive to the toxins and chemicals that are released through the candle burning process. Paraffin wax candles and scented candles are particularly bad for pets. However, some pets can tolerate the use of candles better than others.

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Is Incense Bad For Dogs

Just like with cats, dogs can also be sensitive to the smoke and scents that comes from burning incense. Dogs with pre-existing respiratory issues and brachycephalic breeds are more at risk.

If you do decide to burn incense, pay close attention to your dog. If you notice them starting to have a runny nose or runny eyes, or their breathing becomes more heavy, stop burning the incense right away.

It is always a good idea to check with your dogs vet as well. If they are concerned and advise against it, it is best to just avoid incense altogether.

Candle Warmers Are Smoke

Due to their metabolism, pets are more sensitive to poisons. The burning of conventional candles potentially releases toxins into the air through the smoke. Once a pet inhales these into their lungs, they go directly into the bloodstream, causing health problems.

Fortunately, candle warmers are smoke-free, making your scented environment a lot safer for your pets too.

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How To Prevent Your Cat From Inhaling Volatile Oils

As mentioned above, the best course of action is to limit the cats access to the wax melts entirely. Preferably, the cat should not be in the room with you when you use the wax melts. If this is not possible, what you can do is place the wax melt warmer in an elevated place. This ensures that it is located far from your cat and that the cat will not inhale concentrated volatile oils. As the oils dissipate in the air, their concentration decreases, and any potentially toxic effect is decreased.

Exposure to concentrated volatile oils could be dangerous for the cats respiratory and digestive tract and could cause lesions. This is why it should be avoided for all cats. However, if your cat already suffers from respiratory issues, then exposing it even to low concentrations of volatile oils must be avoided. Cats suffering from liver disease should also be kept from inhaling volatile oils because these strong smells could cause nausea and vomiting.

After using the wax melts, you should always air out the room to dissipate the volatile oils even further. Then, you can let the cat back in the room safely.

Essential Oils You Can Use Around Cats:

VERIFY: Are essential oils dangerous to cats?
  • Effective as antiseptic, disinfectant, and anti-inflammatory, Frankincense oil may also assist in addressing the cats digestive problems.
  • Helichrysum oil detoxifies and contains properties which are antibiotic and antifungal.
  • To reduce stress and depression in your cats, which is surprisingly common to the feline species, Clary Sage oil can shift your cats hormones into a balance and even boost its mood and emotions.
  • Help your shy cat develop more courage with Sweet Pea essential oil.
  • Use Roman or German Chamomile for anti-inflammatory help.
  • A few effective flea repellents are Rosemary oil and Cedarwood oil, if diluted or diffused properly.
  • For balancing, calming and relaxing your cat, Lavender or Valerian are ok to use.

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Scents That Could Be Harmful To Your Pets

There are thousands of scents that are harmful to pets. Some of them may make your cat sick or even kill them.

However, there are also many scents that are safe to be used around them. Learn the difference and make the right choice for your pets.

There is a large number of candle scents that could be hazardous to your pets.;The most common are paraffin wax and soy candles which emit toxins.

Fragrances containing phthalates found in some scents, nepetalactone found in some scents, and other respiratory toxins are also commonly found in candle products.

Many cat lovers think that candles are bad for cats, but the truth is that its the other way around scents can cause your cat to become agitated and nervous.

Some of the scents that cause cats to react include:

  • Eucalyptus,
  • Orange
  • Grapefruit

These scents can be very powerful and cause your cat to sneeze, cough, and even lose their balance.

What Toxins Are Found In Candles

Paraffin. Paraffin is the main ingredient in most everyday candles. Most of us think of paraffin as just wax. In reality, it is made from petroleum waste. Paraffin releases carcinogens when burned.

Lead. Wicks with a metal core likely contain lead. The EPA states that burning candles with lead core wicks may result in indoor air concentrations of lead above EPA-recommended thresholds. The U.S. candle manufacturing industry voluntarily agreed to discontinue the use of lead in wicks in 1974, but imported candles still commonly contain them. Even low-level lead exposure can affect the central nervous system.

Artificial Scents and Colors. The artificial scents and colors used in most decorative candles can be allergens and irritants, especially to pets.

Acrolein, Formaldehyde, and Acetaldehyde. The EPA states that studies show that candle emissions exceed EPA-recommended thresholds for these chemicals.

Benzene. Benzene can be inhaled in the soot from a burning candle and is a known carcinogen.

Toluene. Also inhaled in soot, toluene has proven to affect the central nervous system.

Avoid dollar store or super-cheap candles imported candles any candle that appears to have a metal-core wick scented candles gel candles cheap aromatherapy candles from brands like Febreeze and Glade. There is actually nothing truly therapeutic about the scents in these candles and much that is harmful.

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Alternative Scents That Are Safe For Cats And Dogs

If you live with cats, there’s a good chance that there are unpleasant smells in your home you’d like to mask. Before you go looking for something to light or spray to cover up the smell, take a few simple “housekeeping” steps to eradicate and prevent those nasty smells in the first place. If that’s too subtle, I’m of course talking about the sometimes incomprehensible poop and pee smells festering in your cat’s litter boxes. So I highly recommend checking out these “7 Ways to Reduce Litter Box Smell .”

Once you’ve reduced the nasty kitty smells, there are several cat-safer methods to add other pleasant;aromas to your home.

Using Oils On Cats: Dilution Rates

BLACK CAT Soy Pillar Candle for Hex Breaking, Reversing ...

Even natural and 100% pure essential oils need to be diluted before using them on felines.

You can dilute your oils using pure vegetable oil, make sure this is high grade, as recommended by Dr. Mary Hess, DVM. Dilute at a ratio of 50:1 which means you dilute a drop of your essential oil to 50 drops of dilution oil. Use just a drop of this diluted oil and apply to your cat from ear to tail.

Another way to dilute your oils is to add 3-5 drops of essential oil in a spray bottle filled with water , shake the sprayer then finally, spray gently on your cat.

The most common technique to receive the benefits of aromatherapy on cats though, is through diffusing essential oils through a diffuser. Over time, while humans have enjoyed the beneficial results of oils in improving overall health, people also started using them on animals to see if they also create wonderful impacts on animals. Using essential oils through the diffusion method has been one effective way to do so.

It is very important that you only use therapeutic grade essential oils as many of the problems arise when you buy products marketed with high prices but low quality and use them on your cat.

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