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What Are Some Unique Cat Names

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Choosing The Best Name

50 BEST UNIQUE CAT NAMES! (Girl & Boy) | Viewers Kitten/Cat Name Ideas For Male & Female! ð?±

There are many ways to find a name for a cat. Here are a few that have helped me name the felines in my life:

  • First Impression: Whats the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your cat? Is there something special about his or her personality, habits, color, or markings? All these things can help you name your furry friend.
  • Personality: Whats your cat like? Is she a drama queen that needs a name like Diva, Sassy, or Princess? Or is he a little troublemaker you can picture calling Sneaker or Mischief? Personalities can be the source of countless name ideas.
  • Habits: Does your cat run around the house like a racehorse? What about a name like Dash or Blaze? Observe him or her for a while and see what comes to you.
  • Coat or Eye Color: Some cats stand out for a unique coat or eye color. Names like Snowy, Emerald, Slate, and Hazel might be good choices for your beautiful feline.
  • Names You Like: We all have names we like. Why not choose one of those for your cat?
  • Random: If youre browsing through a list of names and one stands out, maybe its meant for your cat.

I hope this list has been helpful in your search for a cat name. If you found the purr-fect one here, Id love to hear about it. Feel free to leave a comment below.

+ Badass Cat Names For Your Ferocious Feline

If your kitty is one tough cookie, one of these badass cat names will help her feel more like the lioness she is inside.

Badass cats of all shapes, sizes, and sassiness have a special place in our hearts here at Daily Paws. Whether he’s a daredevil Devon rex, a wild and free ocicat, or anything in between, these badass cat names are sure to get a purr of approval.

Unisex Names For Persian Cats

Elegant and long-haired Persian cats deserve a name worthy of their pedigree. Below is a list of the best names for male or female Persian cats.

57. Cruiser meaning “bold or daring”.

58. Eisley meaning “created”.

59. Gene meaning “well-born”.

60. Jude meaning “praised”.

61. Mel meaning “council protector”.

62. Noah meaning “rest, peace”.

63. Rene meaning “reborn”.

64. Zuri meaning “good, beautiful”.

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Unique Black Cat Names

Although they are popular for a reason, a classic black cat name wont do for your new buddy. Thinking outside of the box gives your cat the chance to shine as the majestic creature they are. If you have a cat whose fur is predominantly black, any of these name choices would be interesting ideas.;

  • Vader;
  • Slater;

Cool Female Cat Names

15 Unique & Adorable Unisex Cat Names

Human girl names are great for cats. Since a female cat is called a queen, you can name her after a great queen from history. Victoria,;Boudicca, Elizabeth, ;Tamar and;Nzinga;are all interesting royal ladies to name a cat alter.

If she has black fur, you can name her Black Agnes after the countess who defended Dunbar castle.

Sheba after the Biblical Queen of Sheba is a popular name for cats, but consider the name Makeda after the Ethiopian queen who was probably the inspiration.

If you like Catwoman from the Batman franchise, you can use a name associated with her. Eartha, Halle and;Carmen;are all names of actresses who have played Catwoman in some fashion. Selena makes a beautiful cat name.

You could also name her after a great fictional lady like Galadriel, Morrigan or Guinevere. Shakespeare created some intriguing heroines like Juliet, Ophelia, Miranda and Rosalind.

For the Harry Potter fans there’s Hermione, Minerva and Arabella. For the;Game of Thrones;fans there’s Daenerys, Cersei and Melisandre.

For;Walking Dead;fans you have Michonne, Rosita and Shiva after the heroic tiger named for a Hindu death goddess. Jewel names are popular with girl cats.;

The cartoon Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems;made the names Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl more popular. Here are some more suggestions.

  • Abbey
  • Zoe

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Best Names For Boy Cats

BaconIs there a more universally beloved food than bacon? You can eat it as is, put it in salads, wrap stuff in it its one of the most versatile foods around. If your beloved new boy cat has an all-around great personality, Bacon is a very cute choice for him.

BowieIconic singer-songwriter David Bowie was a huge cat lover. He even wrote a song called;Cat People, which was released on the 1983 album Lets Dance. If your cat has a larger-than-life personality, a melodic meow, and some serious feline flair, consider naming your boy Bowie to honor the late great rocker.

BubbaBubba is a cute name for a boy cat coming into your family as a brother to your other babies . The name Bubba is a term of endearment used for a little brother, so if your new addition is the baby of the family, Bubba is a fitting choice.

DashIf your boy cat is a dashing little speed demon who loves to play Chase the prey and pounce on everything in sight, Dash is a fun choice. This is also a great option for fans of Disney Pixars The Incredibles, where Dash is the eldest son in the superhero Parr family and possesses superhuman speed.

GriffinThis mythological creature has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle! Griffins are known for their courage and bravery, so this name would be fitting for a rescue cat who has overcome obstacles in his past before finding a loving forever home with you.

Tips For Naming Your Cat

If you’re stumped as to how to name your cat, there are a few helpful pointers to keep in mind. First, there are no rules about proper cat names. You can pick any name you think fits your furry feline. Keep in mind, however, that you’ll need to share this name with your vet, your family and friends, and maybe your neighbors in the event that your cat ever goes on the prowl and doesn’t return home right away. If it’s too long or too complicated to be easily understood, it might be hard for others to remember.

The second thing to keep in mind is that your cat’s physical characteristics are often a great inspiration for names. You can consider your cat’s coat color, size, and shape . Finally, factor in your feline’s personality. Every cat has one, so take your kitty’s sweet nature or feisty tendencies into account when choosing a cute or funny name for your cat.

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What Should I Name My Cat

If youre looking for names for your male or female cat, this list offers more than 400 ideas to choose from. Whether you want a name thats classic, cute, funny, or one that simply describes your kitty’s color or personality, you might find one here thats right for your furry new friend.

There are lots of great names for male kitties!

This list of male cat names has something for just about everyone. If your boy is serious, a tough guy, or the perfect gentleman, there might be a name here that fits him to a tee.

+ Unique Cat Names: Ideas For Rare & Eclectic Kitties

Some clever cat names you will definitely love | Modern cat Names

When you start to think about what goes into a pets name, there are a lot of things to consider. Do you like the name, does it compliment their fur color or coat patterns. Will this name translates well throughout the many stages of cat-hood. Are there any goofy names that the other cats can use as rhyming words to poke fun at your fur baby? Typical inner battles we think most new pet owners relate to. Jokes aside does this name wholeheartedly suit your little ball of fur. Will this suggestion represent his or her energy well?;

All of these are valid questions to have when beginning the naming process, which sometimes can be even more difficult when youre adopting your wee one as a kitten. To this, we say find what makes your cat unique and run with it! Each feline will be distinctly different in one way or another so rather than choosing a common or popular name, going with something unique offers a win-win.;

We have garnered a list of the most eccentric and peculiar names for you to choose from and filtered them into convenient categories such as unique boy cat names and unique girl cat names, suggestions for black, white, orange, and calico cats. We even have unique warrior cat names and a few adorable ideas.;

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How To Choose The Best Cat Name For Your New Cat

Are you looking for just the right name for your new cat? Weve got all the inspiration you need to pick a pawsitively pawesome cat name.

So you have a new cat, but you want to find a name that suits her to the nines. Youve come to the right place! Cat names can convey a cats personality, behavior, or appearance and sometimes even your own.

Whether youre looking for a popular, wacky, nerdy, silly, inventive, or international name, our collection of the best cat names around is sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Popular Siamese Cat Names In 2021 :

In this article, we will take you on a tour of some of the best Siamese cat names out there. Regardless of the gender, you have something.

Ever wondered what a great name would be for a Siamese cat? These fluffy, usually white-coated, sweet little cats deserve a name that will best suit their appearance and temperament.

To tell you the truth, I thought naming my cat would be easy, after all, you are just giving them a name. When we took home our first feline, it took a few days for us to decide how to call her.

And, we dont want you to experience the same.

Thats why in this article, were giving you a list of names that you can potentially use for your furball.

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Best Celebrity Cat Names

CairoRapper and songwriter Macklemore found his tabby cat, Cairo, on Craigslist. Cairo was a lifesaver for Macklemore and his family since he kept his pregnant wife Trisha company while Macklemore was on the road touring.

ChoupetteCalling all fancy, furbulous felines! Its no surprise that legendary fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld spoiled his cat rotten. A blue-eyed, white Birman, Choupette had her own staff , a Louis Vuitton carrier bag, and even her own career. When Lagerfeld passed away in February 2019, it was rumored that Choupette was his heir .;

DArtagnanRobert Downey Jr. has always been an animal lover. In addition to DArtagnan , he has another cat named Montgomery but thats just the beginning. RDJs massive estate in Malibu, California is not only his family home but also his own personal animal sanctuary, where he takes in many types of animals. In addition to Dart and Monty, the Downey family has alpacas, goats, cows, pigs, and chickens.

DoritoEnglish singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran is a big-time cat lover. Besides for his orange tabby Dorito, he also has a Scottish Fold named Callipo. Sheerans cats have their own Instagram with nearly 320K followers.;

Shanti Om BbSinger-songwriter and actress Miley Cyrus is a huge animal lover who is passionate about rescue animals. In addition to her nine rescue dogs and one pig, Cyrus has four rescue kitties. Shanti, an adorable all-white Persian fluffball, is one of her most recent rescues and has with over 83K followers.

Best Names For Black Cats

20 Absolutely Adorable & Hilarious Black Cat Names ...

BlackjackIf youre feeling lucky to have found your new fur baby, Blackjack is a fun unisex name for a black kitty. Black Jack was the name of one of the earliest of many cats that made the British Museum in London their home. Black Jacks location of choice was perched on a desk in the museums Reading Room.

CosmoIf your kittys fur reminds you of the night sky, you might consider Cosmo as an interesting choice for your black boy cat. The English word cosmos comes from the ancient Greek kosmos, which originally meant orderly arrangement, but has evolved to mean the universe . If your black kitty brings a sense of harmony to your life, this would make a great choice.

JettJett is a cool unisex name for your black cat. It is a twist on the term jet-black, which is a shade of black that comes from the gemstone jet . It would also make a great choice for a badass girl kitty with a boss personality, like raven-haired rockstar Joan Jett.

MorticiaMany choices of black cat names tend toward the spooky since cultural superstitions have given black cats a bad rap. Morticia is a fun choice for a black girl cat, and a way to pay homage to that spooky black cat vibe while also turning it on its head. Morticia Addams of The Addams Family, while appearing witchy and frightening, was actually an incredibly loving wife and mother and fiercely loyal to her family, proving that looks can be deceiving.

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Unique Cat Names Youve Never Heard Of

BastetCat parents may think they spoil their fur babies, but they have nothing on the ancient Egyptians. The ancient Egyptians revered cats as creatures with divine energy who would bring good fortune and protect their humans. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Bastet was a goddess depicted as a woman with a cats head. She was the goddess of many things, including protector of homes, pregnant women, and children. Bastet would make a unique name for any pawesome girl with a protective streak.

FluffernutterIf your kitty is a fluffball, Fluffernutter is a fun choice. This classic peanut butter and marshmallow sandwich was first created in Massachusetts and has become a New England classic. This is an especially cute name for an uber-fluffy breed like a Maine Coon, Persian, or Norwegian Forest Cat.

JigglypuffIf youre a Pokémon fan with a bit of a chonk on your hands, Jigglypuff is a cute choice. This Pokémon can use its eyes to mesmerize opponents and can use its voice to sing them to sleep. If you have a pretty-eyed kitty who fills the air with prrrs, Jigglypuff would make a great choice.

LeonidasLeonidas was the warrior king of Sparta who famously fought with 300 Spartans against the much larger Persian force at the Battle of Thermopylae. The name Leonidas means son of a lion, so if your brave little boy has the heart of a lion in a cats body, this is a bold choice.

Friskies Cat Name Generator

Want to see some completely unpredictable, off-the-wall cat names? Our friends at Friskies created the;Friskies Cat Name Generator;to help you do just that. Answer three basic questions about your feline and their cat name generator will output some really unusual names for your consideration. Here are a few examples we were able to get out of it: Whiskerich, Howchow, and Ruggy Duggy. Not bad!

We hope this collection of cat names and tips will help you find a name for your new cat that youll absolutely love.

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Unique Warrior Cat Names

When cats were created, we like to think a little bit of warrior was sprinkled into the formula. In having the superpower of flaring up their fur to double in size, an unexpecting powerful front swing, and an intimidating sideways walk, cats were just hardwired to be fierce. Check out these unique Warrior cat names.;

  • Major;
  • Lark;

Magical Cats Bring Good Fortune

top 5 unique female cat names

Cats, especially black cats, have long been associated with magic and witchcraft. Their ability to walk silently, their tendency to remain wild and yet gentle with their humans and the difficulty in controlling them, as compared with dogs, has bestowed upon them a magical mystic.

Cats were sacred in Ancient Egypt, and are considered lucky household spirits in Japanese lore. During the 1600s, in Great Britain, it was tradition for visitors to kiss the family cat upon their arrival, to ensure a pleasant visit. To this day, in many cultures, to do ill to a cat can only bring bad luck, loss of love, or worse, death.

If you have a new cat, finding the appropriate name is the first rite to cat ownership. To celebrate your new lucky talisman, consider these magical cat names from witchcraft, history, literature, and the magician’s closet.

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Tips For Choosing Cat Names

  • Easy to say: Choose a name that you could yell from the front porch. If it is easy to yell and easy to say, it will be easier for your cat to recognize and get used to the name. Research shows that cats respond best to names that are one or two syllables.
  • Stands the test of time: Select a name that can grow with your cat. For example, if you name your kitten “Fluffy,” it may no longer be an accurate description when the cat is an adult.
  • Matches your cat’s personality: Pay attention to your kitten’s personality. Every cat is unique and your cat’s individual behavior may help you to find the perfect name. Examples include “Cuddles” or “Bouncy.” Try to capture your cat’s personality with a name.

Below are the funniest, cutest, and most unique names we’ve found.

Funny Cat Names

Warrior Cats Naming Tips & Rules

Here are a couple of tips to follow when creating your own warrior cat name:

  • Think about natural elements, such as gold, pearls, rain and snow.
  • Similarly take inspiration from weather and seasons, such as blizzard, hurricanes, Winter or Autumn.
  • Look at cat-related words, such as paw, purr, stripes or feline.
  • Think about colours that best describe your cat, such as silver, ginger, white, red or yellow.
  • Warrior cat names are made of two words, a prefix and a suffix
  • The prefix normally describes the cats appearance, such as golden or stripes.
  • And the suffix mostly describes the cats skill or ability, such as healer or fire.
  • Remember your cats personality. If youre creating a feisty fighter cat, give it a fierce name like DarkBlood or ShadowPaw.

From the book series, there are some extra rules to follow when creating a warrior cats name, such as:

  • Cats under the age of 6 months, always have the suffix, Kit.
  • Cats over the age of 6 months have the suffix, Paw.
  • Leaders of clans have the suffix, Star.
  • Ancient cats have a prefix and suffix separated by a space, so their name is two words.
  • Some cats in the books have earned their suffix name through a special accomplishment or an achievement in battle..

In this post, we are purely suggesting names of warrior cats, not kittypets or rogue cats.;

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