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How To Make A Shirt For A Cat

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Our Favorite : Baby Clothes For Your Cat Instead Of A Cone

Another great alternative to a cone for cats is baby clothes. Whether its an adorable flannel or just a onesie, these are great way to keep your cat protected while their injury heals. Most cats are a 3-6mo or 6-9mo size and these can work great when you need to cover their legs. Onesies with feet can also keep a cats claws covered so that they cant scratch at the injury. In the case of the one picture below, Aslan, a patient of our, had stitches on his neck and the baby clothes stretched enough to cover the bandage while also preventing him from scratching it. Other options include baby shirts, and button up shirts make it easy to get on and off your cat.

Aslan, one of our patients, did well with baby clothes over the bandage covering his stitches. Photo from CJ Millar.

Here, Tiny Rick sports his flannel as a way to keep protected as he heals. Photo courtesy of Maylynn and Jacob Devish.

Whatever option you choose, make sure to speak with your veterinarian and make sure that the wound underneath is healing properly. If youre not sure what would work best, as your vet and come up with a plan for an alternative to the cone of shame for your cat!

Part 1 Of 2:getting Your Cat’s Measurements

  • 1Measure a calm cat. Catch your cat in a good mood, or a sleepy mood. Wait until your cat is holding still, and take his or her measurements. If your cat is hyper, play with him for a while and gradually calm him down. For example, let your cat chase a toy for a while, then let him catch the toy.
  • Feeding your cat might calm him down.
  • If your cat will not hold still, try pinching the scruff of his neck with a binder clip.XResearch sourceThis will not hurt your cat, and it is likely to calm him.
  • Different strategies work for different cats. Do whatever your cat needs to calm down.
  • 2Measure your cat’s length. Take a measuring tape. Measure from the base of your cat’s neck to the base of your cat’s tail. Record the number. If you have no measuring tape, procure a string and a ruler. Measure with the string, then lie the string along the ruler and record its measure.
  • 3Measure your cat’s width. Do this while your cat is lying quietly at full length. Start the measuring tape in the middle of your cat’s back. Slide it under your cat, then wrap it around the largest part of the cat’s belly. If you are making an outfit with a harness, wrap the tape measure firmly, but without squeezing. If you are making clothes that cover the belly, leave a little room so your cat doesn’t feel squished.
  • If your cat wears a collar, measure the collar instead of your cat’s neck.
  • Cats generally are distressed when their ears are covered, so reconsider the hat.XResearch source
  • How To Make Dog And Cat Toys From A Tee Shirt

    Outgrown tee shirts make great dog and cat toys! Usually I donate clothes we no longer need, but recently I decided to try making a few toys for our pets. This is a great project for kids to make as gifts for their pets.

    One childs tee shirt can make two dog toys and two cat toys in just a few minutes. I grabbed a shirt my son outgrew in size 3T; larger shirts will make toys for larger dogs.

    How To Make A Funny Cat T

    Its super easy to make a , there are a lot of graphics and fonts to choose from, just follow the steps below :

  • Write in your text. Cat puns are very popular online or you can write in a funny or clever text that goes with your graphic. You can select different fonts and colors for your text, remember to choose a color scheme that goes with your main graphic.
  • Select your main graphic. There are many to choose from, from cute cartoon to line illustrations. Choose the one you like most, you can change the color too.
  • You can also choose a back graphic to support your main one and change the color on it.
  • Choose your background, if youre using it to upload it to a POD site or if youre going to use the design for screen printing, make sure to download it with no image and selecting a transparent background .

    Cat Sweater From A Toddler Sweater

    Creative Ideas


    Do most of your DIY skills when it comes to clothing lie in simple altering techniques? Do you have kids in your life who are growing out of their clothes pretty quickly or receiving lots of hand-me-downs? Then you have just about everything you need to make a funny cat sweatshirt! Pet DIYs teaches you how to alter a toddler sweater to fit your furry friend.

    Crocheted Pokeball Cat Sweater


    Did you just about fall in love with the idea of a crocheted cat sweater a few ideas back and youre still thinking about it, but youre just not sure that candy corn stripes are quite the design your furry friend needs? Then check out this funny Pokeball sweater pattern instead! Youll get a kick out of joking to your friends that you finally did catch a real Pokémon. Get the pattern on To Craft a Home.

    Alternatives To The Cone Of Shame For Cats

    Depending on the size of your cat or dog, the severity of their injury, and the location of the injury or issue needing to be protected, there are some alternatives to the cone of shame. From soft pillow collars, to stiffer neck collars, and even flexible ones, weve put together a list of some of our favorites with photos of course!

    Diy Cat Condo From A Stool

    This cat toy will complete in just 20 minutes and require a medium skill level. Just grab a stool and over its padded sea and bottom footrest or shelf with at fabric. Adorn it more with eyelash yarn and wrap them around the stool legs to get the scratching posts. Boost its fun by adding cat toys on a stick.

    How To Make A Pom

    Keep your cats mentally and physically fit using this pom-pom cat wind. Using pom-pom maker and yarn in your favorite color to make colorful pom-poms or tassels. Next, add them on a piece of rope or string to make this pom-pom cat want, hang it on the doorknob or on wall hooks for your cat to play with.

    Whether You’re Looking For A Snuggle

    Cat lovers agree: there is nothing more precious than seeing a kitty dressed to the nines in handmade cat clothes! Who can resist a fabulous feline looking hip in a couture sweater? Is it possible not to lose your cookies over a Christmas kitten collar? Can you imagine anything sweeter than matching for you and your cat? Here at FaveCrafts, we know just how head-over-heels you are for cat clothing. Thats why weve assembled this downright darling collection of free DIY cat clothes. In this cat-crazy list of clothing tutorials, youll find a pattern for every kitty style and occasion. From black tie dinners to holiday gift exchanges, theres a snazzy set of cat clothes for your furry friend.This collection also has a pattern for every crafter, from crocheters to sewists to knitting enthusiasts. No matter your medium or your skill level, youll find something your kitten will adore. Cat-lovers of all crafting backgrounds can follow their kitty clothing dreams with this list of patterns.So what are you waiting for? Follow any of these tutorials, and youll have just as much fun making the clothes as you will seeing your kitty wear them. Get your camera ready for the cuddly and cute times ahead!

    Table of Contents

    Traffic Cone Cat Scratching Posts

    The cats just love to scratch by nature, so you can start a never-ending fun of them by making these traffic cone cat scratching posts for them. This will help reduce scratching and biting of your cats too. Just spray paint the traffic cones in white, wrap the rope around them, and use glue to secure them in place. Adorn it more using pom-poms.

    Make A Fleece Catnip Toy

    Reduce the boredom of your cats with this fleece catnip toy that is quite something quick and easy to make. Just grab the felt, catnip, batting, riff-raff, dowel rod, and embroidery thread to make this fleece catnip toys, will work up super quickly. It just likes the pom-pom wand toy for the cats. Details here

    Diy Cat Tent Made With T

    Adorable Outfits: DIY Cat Clothing For your Furry Friend

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    I ran across this brilliant idea today – a DIY cat tent made from old t-shirts and cardboard that you have at home! This is from and I think any cat owner will want to make one for their fur ball!

    You can see how she used old hangers to make the cat tent !

    Iamtherealzim used pex tube instead to construct his tent!

    This shirt cat tent was made by Iamtherealzim

    This tent was made by Anthony C.

    This one is a bit different by making it square but it works! Don’t you love the cat shirt? Made by K Jackson

    How To Make A Dog Toy From A Tee Shirt

    Ive included both written and visual directions because this really is easier than it sounds!

  • Cut along the seam on the side of the shirt from the bottom up to the seam of the sleeve.
  • Continue cutting along the seam going up and over the shoulder and back down towards the side seam. The sleeve should now be completely detached.
  • Repeat on the second side of the shirt. Set the sleeves and back of the shirt aside.
  • Lay the front of the shirt flat and cut into 3-4 pieces lengthwise from bottom to top.
  • Gather the pieces together and tie a knot as close to one end of the strips as possible.
  • Separate the strips into 3 rows and braid until you reach the bottom.
  • Tie another knot as close to that end as possible.
  • Repeat with the back of the tee shirt to make a second toy.

    Part 2 Of 2:fitting The Outfit

  • 1Buy an outfit. Buy pet clothing from an independent designer or a trustworthy pet accessory retailer. Opt for outfits that have been cat-tested and cat-approved. Avoid outfits with small or dangling pieces. The outfit’s description should include measurements: make sure they match the measurements you took, and opt for a looser fit over a snugger one.
  • Buy an outfit made for a large doll only if it will accommodate your cat’s neck and limbs without squeezing.
  • 2Sew an outfit. Cut out your cat’s outfit from a pattern designed specifically for cats. Check the pattern against your measurements. If it is too small, discard it. Add 1 inch to every measurement to avoid creating a snug outfit that will rub your cat’s hair uncomfortably.XResearch source
  • Pick a soft cloth that does not smell strongly. If you can, let your cat play with it before you sew it. If the cloth smells familiar, your cat will be less disturbed by it.
  • If you cannot find a good pet costume, you can try adapting an outfit designed for a large doll.
  • 3Try it on for safety. Try the outfit on your cat to see if your cat will tolerate it. Make sure the costume does not obstruct your cat’s vision, hearing, or movement. Clothing that covers the ears, falls in the eyes, or blocks the legs will cause your cat a lot of stress. Do not tie anything around your cat’s neck, as this can choke it.
  • Remove any small or dangling parts of the outfit, as your cat may chew and swallow them.
  • Chihuahua & Small Dog Sweaters

    It just so happens that most cats are roughly the same size as a chihuahua or small dog and many places carry small and extra-small sized dog sweaters that can work great in a pinch. Places like Walmart often carry these in season, and a a wonderful quick alternative to a cone. Because many small dogs tend to lack thick fur coats, a lot of the sweaters go higher on the neck which works out great for neck or shoulder injuries that can be irritated by a cone or some of the other collars. This is what one of our own clients used when their cat needed stitches.

    Patient Aslan Millar sports his dog sweater from Walmart. Photo from CJ Millar.

    Diy Felt Mouse Cat Toy

    Let your cats practice the mouse hunt at home using these felt mouse cat toys. They are super quick and easy to build. Just grab a mouse template and cut the felt pieces, do a little needle and thread work to sew the sides and add the eyes and nose using a colorful twine and add matching thread as the tail of the mouse. Details here

    Homemade Diy Cat Toys That Are Easy To Make

    Whether you need to make your cats be physically fit or you want them to be more social, just go with these 25 easy homemade DIY cat toys that your cats love to play with. From food inspired cat toys to lovely stuffed mouses, this homemade cat toys collection is having all that can please a cat. Make the cat toy gyms at home that will stimulate your cats to jump and hence will improve their physical health. Make the cat toys on sticks, and also, the cat toy wands will provide hours of fun to your kids.

    See readymade designs of all popular DIY cat toys by browsing this collection of 25 easy to make homemade cat toys that will help reduce your cats boredom. The stuffed mouse toys will work great for kittens to make them learn to mouse. These DIY cat toys can be the best gifts for your cats and will be budget-friendly to make at home.

    These DIY cat toys will be an instant solution to calm your scared cats. Build the cat condo out of the stool, and this will help your lazy cat to be active. If your cats are suffering from some behavioral problems, then these toys will be an instant cheap treatment to bring them to make to behave normal.

    Method 3 Of 3:sewing A Sweater Bed

  • 1Choose an old sweater. In less than 30 minutes you can create the perfect bed with just a needle and thread! If your cat loves to bask in the sun and watch life go on around them, then this is the perfect bed for them – safe, snuggly and simple.
  • Choose an old sweater or fleece jumper that will appeal to your cat.
  • Make sure it has long sleeves as this is what will make the cosy basket shape.
  • 2Stitch the seamed edge of the sleeve to the side of the sweater. You just need yarn and a tapestry needle.You can choose to use contrasting yarn or use the same color so it is invisible.XResearch source
  • Stop when you have sewed approximately halfway down the sleeve from where the armpit meets the side seam.
  • Repeat this step for the other arm.
  • 3Fold the bottom edge of the sweater. Place the sleeves in front of it and roll the bottom of the sweater up. Make sure that the sleeve cuffs slightly overlap. This is how you will make an outer ring to your bed to stuff later.XResearch source
  • Sew each sleeve to the top of the rolled up sweater edge.
  • Where the cuffs overlap in front, put one cuff inside the other and stitch down the outside cuff edge along the top layer.
  • You have now created a tube which you will later stuff.
  • 4Make a running stitch from one armpit to the other. The stitching can be invisible or contrasting in keeping with how you chose to style your bed. When you make this running stitch make it arch a little as you sew across to make a half moon shape.XResearch source
  • Diy Junk Food Cat Toy

    Help your cats to be more social by providing these junk food cat toys, and they are too soft and cuddle to calm a scared cat. Here you need the felt in colors of choice, junk food templates, and loose catnip to make this junk food cat toy. Use the yarn needle and embroidery thread to stitch the sides of stuffed toys. Follow this tutorial to make your own DIY cat toys!

    How To Make The Cat Toys

    DIY Sock Sweater For Your Cat

    1. For first cat toy, cut two squares of T-shirt fabric , then cut into thin strips. Tie each strip around an elastic hair band, and knot it so it is securely attached. Continue attaching strips until you have a fluffy, flingy hair band.

    2. For the second toy, cut two strips of T-shirt material about 3 inches by 6 inches. Place them in a T shape and place scraps, catnip, or a jingly cat toy in the center. Use another strip of T-shirt to tie the wide strips around the ball tightly. Cut the free ends of fabric into strips to make a fringed toy you can toss to your cat.

    Tip: Some kitties really like knots to chew on; you can tie little knots in each fringe piece for added fun.

    About the author: Erica McBride is a volunteer/foster program director for a large animal shelter. She loves to make crafts that provide enrichment and comfort for animals big and small.

    How To Measure Clothing For Your Cat

    This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 31,285 times.Learn more…

    Cats generally dislike wearing clothing. However, some cats are tolerant of outfits for short periods of time, providing they are comfortable and fit well. Take your cat’s measurements before making or buying clothing. A well-fitting outfit will cause your cat less stress than an outfit that squeezes or moves overmuch.

    Homemade Cat Jungle Gym

    Are you making efforts to keep your lazy cat physically fit? Then do build this cat jungle gym, which will stimulate your cats to do regular exercise. Just grab a wooden step ladder and wrap the rope around its rungs and vertical supports to get the cat scratching posts. Adjust a cat bed on the top and finish with a cat wand toy. To make these DIY kitten toys follow the tutorial here.

    Steps To Make A Cat Tent From An Old T

    Suzy Strutner

    If you have a cat, chances are they’re your best friend. And what do best friends do? …Go camping together!

    Make your cat this comfy T-shirt tent with 3 steps adapted from Instructables.

    To make the tent, you’ll need 2 wire hangers, 4 safety pins, a squarepiece of cardboard and a T-shirt.

    Make Your Own Cat Clothing Brand

    All those cat lovers out there need your brand! So think of making your own logo and not only create certain t-shirts designs. Start creating your clothing brand. Make that statement of being a cat lover and give yourself the opportunity to create a whole lifestyle around this topic. Learn all basics with How to Make a Clothing Brand Logo

    How To Diy Easy And Classy Cat Collar From Old Shirt

    Here is a super cute idea to upcycle an old shirt into a classy cat collar to give your cat a new look. How adorable is the cat in its new collar! You can even match it with a bow tie or a necktie for a more formal appearance. Your dressed up cat will be a superstar in any parties. This classy collar is super easy to make and doesnt require any sewing. Lets try it!

    Here are the things you will need:

    • An old shirt with the collar that can fit your cat. For smaller cats, you can use a baby or toddler shirt.
    • Scissors;

    How To Make The Cutest T

    We fell in love the minute we spied this DIY T-Shirt Cat Tent and you will too. This is the purrfect project for your pussy and a great upcycle too.

    What we love is that you use an old t-shirt and a coat hanger. It doesnt matter what real age your cat is, they wont be able to resist being as playful as a kitten! There are hours of fun to come for your pussy!

    This must surely be one of the easiest and most inexpensive DIYs we have come across. The other item you will need is a cardboard box for the base.

    Your furbaby will be snug as a bug in their cat tent and it makes a cute gift for your feline loving friends too.

    via Friskies

    Heres what Youll need:

    • A 15 inch by 15-inch piece of cardboard
    • 1 medium T-shirt
    • A bunch of safety pins
    • 1 pair of pliers

    Crocheted Candy Corn Sweater


    Are you an excited crochet enthusiast but youre actually still quite new to the art, so the idea of making full sized sweaters for actual humans is still a little too daunting for you? Then try making cat-sized sweaters instead! The best part of a cat sweater is that its mostly just a back because their front legs need to fit too, so its much less work than you might think. Check out how  crocheted this hilarious candy corn inspired cat sweater!

    Diy Cat Toys Using Old Baby Socks

    Cat Sweater From Hoodie · How To Make Pet Clothes · Sewing ...

    How to make cat toys out of household items? Repurpose the baby socks too to make fun-making toys for your cats. Here you only need a handful of supplies to make these cat toys, the great stash buster project. Stuff the old baby socks with scrap paper or cardstock and then tie the string or yarn around the opening to get them closed. Details here

    How To Make A Comfy Pet Bed From An Old Shirt

    Courtney Constable

    Any project that lets you spoil your pets and upcycle old things at the same time is a great project indeed! If your pets are anything like ours, they probably snub the beds you buy them from the store and prefer to lay on your belongings instead. Embrace this habit by combining the two things!

    Heres an easy step-by-step tutorial of how you can make a comfy pet bed out of an old sweater.

    Cat Tree Using A Real Tree

    A cat tree is one of the best cat gyms ever. So, why not build a natural-looking cat tree using a real tree? Grab 2 tree branches and make them look natural using faux vines. Wrap the rope around a wood dowel to make the posts and use pine wood, plywood, rocks and stepping stones to build the base. Details here

    Adorable Outfits: Diy Cat Clothing For Your Furry Friend

    When you think of people who make clothing for their cats, your mind probably immediately jumps to the stereotypical image of a crazy cat lady. Well, we dont blame you, but we also fully admit that were those crazy pet lovers who can totally be found making little outfits for their furry friends! Call us crazy, but we think theres no shame in practicing our sewing and other DIY skills in miniature by creating small outfits just for fun. Your kids might have grown up to much to be willing to wear the cute little things you sew them, but your cats probably wont mind as long as you give them lots of snuggles after youve dressed them up.

    Check out these 12 awesome, adorable, and totally hilarious cat outfits made using all different kinds of DIY techniques!

    Why Should I Make Cat Design Shirts

    Even since the first cat videos and pictures showed up online, cats are an internet phenomenon like no other . Cat gifs and images are BAE on the internet, with around 14K searches a month, cat shirts are a trend that just keeps on growing online and offline. Womens cat shirts are a great trend to cash out on, and with Placeits cat shirt template youll be able to make them in no time and right here in your browser, check them out now!


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