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High Protein Canned Cat Food

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Senior Cats Need Increased Protein Levels

Jess Caticles reviews high protein low carb wet cat food

As cats age, their protein requirements increase due to reduction in digestive efficiency.

Many cats of 12 or more years of age should be fed a diet containing nearly 50% protein. Many diets formulated for older cats have decreased protein levels due to concerns over kidney disease, which is common in the aging cat population.

While protein restriction may be beneficial for certain cats with kidney disease, a more conservative approach to protein restriction is now recommended and is a topic that should be discussed with your veterinarian.

Protein Is A Cats Most Important Source Of Energy

Cats also use protein for energy. In fact, it is their most important source of energy.

Unlike other species, a cats liver enzymes are constantly breaking down proteins for energy and maintenance of blood glucose levels. When cats do not receive enough dietary proteineven when other sources of energy, such as carbohydrates, are presenttheir bodies start breaking down their own muscle tissue to meet their protein and amino acid requirements.

Buyers Guide: Choosing The Best High

There are countless reasons that you may be interested in getting high-protein cat food. These will affect your decision over which food is best for your feline.

In this section, we go over all the factors that you may need to consider when choosing high-quality cat food. It is essential that you choose one that fits your cats needs and your budget.

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Reduced Risk Of Diabetes

Usually, a high protein diet comes in the form of wet or canned food and are definitely favoured over dry foods as they provide a sufficient amount of water intake, lower carbohydrate content and easier portion control.

This can help control your cats sugar level and therefore reduces the risk of feline diabetes.

Things To Note Before Feeding Your Cat High Protein Cat Food

(24 Pack) Fancy Feast High Protein Senior Gravy Wet Cat Food, Chicken ...

A few extra things to note is the current weight, health conditions and age of your cat. Depending on where your cat is, it is wise to do a little bit of extra research before putting your cat on a high protein diet.

Just like humans, different cats have different needs so consult with your vet and do your research first.

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Cats Need At Least 23 Grams Of Protein Per Pound Of Body Weight Per Day

Fascinatingly, this number appears both in studies of how much protein cats need to maintain lean muscle mass and how much protein cats choose to eat when given the choice. Cats want to eat the amount of protein their bodies requireseldom more, rarely less.

Note that most cat food labels represent nutrients as a percentage of the foods weight, not in grams. You can use a calculator like this one to make the conversion.

If you dont have the time to fiddle with a conversion calculator, dont be afraid to keep it simple. You can usually get a rough, but adequate, picture of a foods protein content by taking a glance at the ingredient list. If a given food is primarily made from meat, doesnt contain a lot of plant ingredients, and has one or two sources of fat near the middle of the ingredient list, its probably in the protein sweet spot.

Note that, instead of meat, you might look for plant-sourced proteins like pea protein, corn gluten meal, and wheat gluten. These proteins lack the amino acid profile found in fresh meat, but with a combination of complementary proteins and crystalline amino acids, they can deliver the nutrients cats require.

What To Look For In Cat Food Canned

Stage of Life

Consider your cat’s age while purchasing canned cat food. Various items are designed specifically for kittens, adult cats, and elderly.

These various products will have different nutrients that will cater to your cat’s specific nutritional demands at this point of their life.


Experts advise choosing a designated protein source, such as salmon or chicken, rather than a meat by-product.

You should also look at how much filler, or carbs, are in the formula, as cats are carnivores and would not eat a lot of carbohydrates in the wild.

Nutritional Requirements

Certain cats have unique nutritional requirements, such as components that help prevent hairballs or low-calorie foods that help them lose or maintain weight.

Many canned cat diets are carefully developed to assist your kitty achieve his or her health goals however, these sorts of recipes are frequently more expensive.

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Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food

We also recommend Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food. The first ingredient of this cat food is deboned chicken, a sure sign that this is a high-quality product. The formula is inspired by the diet of the Lynx and is designed to provide your domestic cat with the optimum blend of protein, complex carbohydrates, and fat to keep them in the best of health.

It also includes Blue Buffalo LifeSource Bits. These include a carefully blended combination of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are designed to support your cats immune system and overall health. This food is designed to help support your cat to develop and maintain the best of health.

  • Too rich for some cats

Is High Protein Cat Food Good For Cats

Crave Cat Food | Chewy

In general, cats require a high-protein diet to fulfill their nutritional requirements. In essence, cat foods that are high in protein are good for them. But it has to be good quality proteins that come from animal meats. This is because felines have always been obligate carnivores. This means that their bodies are better able to digest and process meat and nutrients from animals than plant matter.

Proteins are important to the proper growth and development of felines. Aside from being essential in building their muscles, bones, and tissues, cats use proteins as their source of energy. Cats also need the amino acids taurine, arginine, methionine, and cysteine for their optimum health.

However, pet parents need to take into consideration the age, health condition, and nutritional needs of their cats when choosing cat food. Cat food with high protein content may not necessarily be what they need given their particular circumstances. For example, senior cats with certain diseases require them to lessen their protein intake to manage their health.

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Why Is A High Protein Diet Good For Cats

As mentioned earlier, by nature, being obligate carnivores, wild cats feed exclusively on meat. And this innate characteristic is already imbued in every cat’s DNA.

So, while our indoor cats are already domesticated, they are still innately attracted to animal protein. And it’s not just because of the meat’s umami flavor, but more so because it’s what their body is longing for and it’s what their body needs the most.

Protein is the primary energy source for cats, as well as other animals. This essential nutrient is important for their growth and development, and their immune system. Protein also plays a vital role in cellular repair and reproduction.

The amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, help in growing healthy skin, hair, nails, and practically in building our cats body as a whole.

The remaining amino acids the ones that their bodies cannot make are called essential’ amino acids. Cats need to get these essential amino acids, such as taurine or arginine, from their diet. Deficiency in these essential nutrients in your cats diet can lead to serious ailments.

Best High Protein Low Carb Canned Cat Food

Affiliate Disclaimer: Kindly note that you will find a bunch of affiliate links in this blog post which means if you make a purchase via the links that I have placed, I will receive a commission without charging you an extra penny.

Alike hunting ancestors, your feline friend is no exception in respect of the metabolism of carbs. Your cat also needs protein-rich animal meat that will satisfy the nutritional needs. In the majority of the cases, a pet owner is at sea when its time to choose the best cat food from the diverse options available.

When you are at sixes and sevens to decide the best low carb cat food that you should offer your feline friend then you are in the right place.

This article features 7 Best high protein low carb canned cat food that not only satisfies the nutritional needs of your feline friend but also assists in providing the required energy that allows your furry friend to thrive.

Without wasting time, lets dive in.

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Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Game Bird Recipe

First 5 ingredients: Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Turkey Meal, Potatoes, Peas

Satisfy your cats natural craving for protein-rich food with Merrick Backcountry Raw Infused Dry Cat Food. This recipe features a balanced combination of protein-rich, grain-free, and gluten-free kibble with freeze-dried whole pieces of raw poultry.

This all-natural recipe delivers 42% protein and starts with real deboned chicken as its first ingredient along with chicken meal, potatoes, peas, salmon meal, healthy chicken fat, and a lot more tasty and high-quality ingredients.

The formula is also enriched with calcium, phosphorus, taurine, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that help support your cats skin, coat, and bone health. Whats more, it also contains glucosamine and chondroitin to support healthy hips and joints.

With this diet, your cat wont only get the nutritional benefits of a higher protein diet that he would have discovered in the wild, but he would also get to enjoy a tasty meal that is free from corn, wheat, and gluten. This is an added benefit that makes perfect sense for cats with food allergies or sensitivities, particularly with grains.

And just like all Merrick cat food recipes, this raw infused dry cat food is also crafted in Hereford, Texas, and cooked in US facilities while upholding strict guidelines by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration .

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Chicken Recipe

(24 Pack) Purina ONE Natural, High Protein Wet Cat Food, True Instinct ...

First 5 ingredients: Chicken, Whole Grain Wheat, Corn Gluten Meal, Powdered Cellulose, Chicken Fat

Hills Science Diet is a popular veterinarian-recommended cat food brand, and this particular recipe is specially formulated to provide indoor cats with the energy that they need to thrive each day.

Its crafted with wholesome ingredients starting with real chicken meat and enriched with important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support your cats immune system.

This recipe is also packed with high-quality natural ingredients, and healthy natural fiber that is easy to digest and helps promote good digestion, and reduces the occurrence of hairballs.

Whats more, it is also loaded with nutrients that are beneficial for your felines heart health, and its high-protein content helps promote lean muscles while satisfying your cats proclivity for the meaty goodness of premium animal proteins.

Each bite of this great-tasting triangle kibble is loaded with the nutrients that your cat needs from a complete and balanced diet.

This formula is also crafted in the USA, and each ingredient meets the strict requirements for nutrient content and purity. And of course, this high-protein adult dry cat food is free from artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

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Theres A Difference Between Crude Protein And Digestible Protein But The Label Wont Tell You About That

Protein digestibility is a vital but poorly-understood determinant of a foods nutritional value. Different proteins have different biological valuessome are almost completely useful to the body and others are more waste than nourishment.

We know that for humans, an egg is almost 100% biologically available. A hundred grams of crude protein from eggs might translate to ninety-six grams of digestible protein. Almost all of that protein is utilized with the body. In contrast, corn is just around 54% usable. But for cats? We dont know. Theres no large-scale database showing us exactly how biologically available each type of protein is for cats.

Without any concrete information on protein availability for cats and only crude protein values printed on cat food labels, the best we can do is piece together what little information we do have and combine it with knowledge of cats dietary needs.

Calculating The Protein Fat Carbohydrate Percentages

You will see conflicting carbohydrate values listed for the same food depending on how the value is calculated. There are three basic methods used to calculate the value of an individual nutrient:

  • As a percentage of food weight
  • As a percentage of dry matter
  • As a percentage of calories
  • When determining the carbohydrate content of a food, method 2 and 3 will yield roughly the same number.

    Even though it is preferable to discuss nutrition in terms of the percentage of calories that a nutrient provides, most pet food manufacturers list their products nutrients in the form of percentage of weight.

    Nutrient information may be listed in two different formats on the manufacturers websites. One is the guaranteed analysis figures . However, as discussed above, GA values are only minimums and maximums and can be very misleading.

    The other format is the actual measurement of the ingredients in one sample of the food. These values more accurately reflect what is in the product.

    Even though the GA values are not terribly accurate, they can provide a roughguesstimation of the contained nutrients.

    To calculate the approximate weight of the carbohydrate in a food, add up the values for moisture, protein, fat, fiber, and ash and subtract this value from 100%. Here is an example from the PetGuard website for their Organic Chicken and Vegetable Entree:

    GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:Moisture 78.0% MaxAsh 2.3% Max

    GUARANTEED ANALYSIS:Moisture 78.0% MaxAsh 2.3% Max

    Protein: 31.5 divided by 101.5 = 31%

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    High Protein Cat Food: Wet & Dry High Protein Cat Food

    Browse Petcos hand-picked selection of the best high protein cat food and enjoy the benefits of healthy ingredients from recognizable sources. These cat food brands feature delicious recipes with high-quality meat as the primary ingredient and vegetarian options. In addition to offering the savory flavors and textures from your pets favorite dishes, this selection of affordable, high-grade and healthy cat food leaves out preservatives and additives.

    Many of the high protein wet and dry cat food brands in this collection feature the best formulas for your pets life stage at an extraordinary value, so pets of all ages can dine on food especially crafted for their needs. Whether your feline is small or large, they can still munch on tasty and healthy morsels that are proportioned to their bite size. And with inexpensive wet and dry high protein cat food options available, you and your pet will also be able to smoothly transition to delicious and healthy cat foods.

    Pet parents who need to cater to grain or meat protein sensitivities can also enjoy inexpensive selections with healthy cat food that are sure to keep their loved ones full attention. There are even formulas which also offer easy digestion, improved skin and more.

    Shop for the best value for the two of you with healthy, high protein cat food from Petco.

    What Is A Good Quality Wet Cat Food

    Feline Natural Cat Food | Chewy

    There’s a wide range of choices for wet cat food. Different vets may have different recommendations when you seek their advice regarding your cat’s diet. So we’ll share with you the things you have to consider to buy good quality wet food for your feline.

    • Nutritionally balanced diet – Your pet needs a high-protein diet and this protein should be sourced from animal meat such as salmon, beef, chicken, lamb, or turkey. But of course, cats also need other nutrients such as Vitamin D, calcium, and phosphorus. It’s also best if the wet cat food contains high-quality carbohydrates coming from rice or oats and natural whole ingredients from fruits and vegetables.
    • Cat’s Age – Cats have different nutritional requirements at different stages in their lives. Adult cats need more protein than kittens. Meanwhile, it would depend on the health condition of senior cats if they need to increase or cut down their protein intake.
    • Individual factors – Each feline is unique. Your pet may have particular preferences when it comes to food and you can’t disregard them. Otherwise, you’ll just be wasting money on wet cat food that they wouldn’t eat. Felines also have different nutritional requirements based on their health condition and activity level.

    Always take these factors into consideration when choosing a good quality wet cat food. You can also consult your vet for professional advice.

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    The Vet Is Your Best Ally When Establishing A High

    If you need a little extra help in determining your cats nutritional needs, a vet can always help you out. Regular vet visits ensure that youre not under- or overfeeding your cat and that they are getting the right amount of nutrients at all times.

    If youre absolutely sure that your kitty is eating enough, a vet can help determine any underlying conditions that are making your furry friend cry for more food, such as:

    • Intestinal problems
    • Hyperthyroidism

    What Were Looking For

    Life stage: The most important part when youre buying food for your pet is looking for the nutritional-adequacy statement and making sure its for the appropriate life stage for your pet, says Martha G. Cline, a certified veterinary nutritionist at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital in New Jersey. All pet food should have a nutritional-adequacy statement from the Association of American Feed Control Officials noting whether it meets the standards for growth , adult maintenance , or all life stages .

    Nutritional breakdown: Unlike with human food, you generally wont find a nutrition label on your cats food breaking down the specific quantities of carbohydrates, fat, and protein it contains. For the most part, McKenzie says thats okay since all food that meets AAFCO standards will provide a sufficient amount of all macronutrients. There is a range within which cats can thrive, and individual cats all have slightly different needs, he says, adding that nearly all commercial diets fall within these ranges.

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