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Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food Ingredients

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Hill’s Science Diet Cat Food Ingredients

Hills Science Diet Cat Food

Hill’s Science Diet manufactures roughly 73 different cat food products. Each product utilizes a unique set of ingredients to achieve a desired nutritional profile.

In this article, we’ll explore Hill’s Science Diet ingredients and answer many of the most common questions.

As of right now, our records indicate that Hill’s Science Diet uses roughly 130 different ingredients.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Cat Food Ingredients

Hill’s Prescription Diet manufactures roughly 51 different cat food products. Each product utilizes a unique set of ingredients to achieve a desired nutritional profile.

In this article, we’ll explore Hill’s Prescription Diet ingredients and answer many of the most common questions.

As of right now, our records indicate that Hill’s Prescription Diet uses roughly 128 different ingredients.

How Much Does Hills Cat Food Cost

Hills cat food ranges from moderately-priced to expensive. If your cat weighs 10 lbs, it would cost roughly $3.05 per day to feed them Hills Prescription Diet c/d canned food and about $3.63 for Hills Ideal Balance canned.

Like most cat food companies, Hills charges less for their dry foods. The Hills Prescription diet kibble mentioned in the product reviews above would cost about $0.52 per day.

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Hills Science Diet Animal Testing

Hills Science Diet provides significantly more information on their animal testing and feeding trials than most brands.

Many brands avoid disclosing this information as they fear customer backlash.

We strongly believe that invasive or laboratory testing of animals is a cruel and outdated practice and one which we hope will see a significant decline.

Hills Cat Food Recall History


We do not believe that a recall indicates a low quality food or company, and we respect the fact that sometimes things happen that cause a manufacturer to recall a food.

Usually these things are non-life-threatening, and we think its important to take a moment to be thankful about just how few recalls there really are in the industry, considering the enormous volume of food produced.

However, we do believe that a history of recalls may point to a larger issue with a company, and that discerning consumers want to know who theyre buying from, especially when it comes to something as important as the food you feed your beloved cat.

Here is a list of recalls that have affected the Hills brand in the past:

  • May 2016 High iron levels UK and Russian products affected
  • Labeling issues Multiple dog recipes affected
  • Possible salmonella 1 recipe affected
  • Melamine 1 recipe affected
  • Melamine Multiple cat food recipes affected

If you want to stay up to date on the latest recall information affecting your cats food, sign up to our email list and receive an email every time a recall is announced. Well also let you know about any updated ratings, recipe changes, or new cat foods on the market.

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Science Diet Cat Food Review: Vet

Having endless pet product options has its ups and downs. We have more options to choose from according to our pets needs. Many pet parents have been opting for organic, more holistic approach to their pets nutrition.

However, there are still a lot of cat parents who prefer to put their trust in experts who have spent many years studying the science of animal nutrition and health. With this in mind, we have made this 2021 Hills Science Diet cat food review to help you find the right veterinarian-approved food for your cat.

Here at FelineLiving.Net we have a dedicated mission to provide cat owners like you with well-researched information so they can provide the best care and nutrition to their cat.

Our readers rely upon the cat food reviews, articles and recall alerts that we research and publish. We also routinely update and review our own reviews ensuring that any changes by manufacturers are brought to your attention.

FelineLiving.Net is maintained by Mary Nielsen & her staff. Mary is an animal lover of both cats and dogs. She and her staff are passionate about animals and work hard to provide you with a wealth of information for you and your cat.

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  • Is Hills a good cat food?
  • Hills Science Diet Adult Light Liver And Chicken Entre

    This Hills product lets your kitty enjoy a super tasty meal while maintaining an ideal weight. This formula is nutritious yet low in fats and calories. Fiber helps control hunger, allowing them to feel fuller for longer.

    Adult Light Liver and Chicken Entrées first five ingredients are: water, pork liver, pork by-products, chicken, and rice.


    Loved even by picky kitties!This weight management food sure tastes great as kitties enjoy having this product for meals. It is meaty and the sauce is quite rich. Cats come running when they hear the can being opened.

    Great for weight loss. This Adult Light Liver and Chicken Entrée is rich in protein instead of fats. It is also low-calorie to help kitties shed the excess fats. The high fiber content of this product helps kitties control their hunger pangs.


    Paté-like texture.Some customers were expecting a more minced texture from this product based on the image on its label. They find that the texture is more like a paté, which some of their cats are not fans of. Non-paté fans have given this a few low ratings.

    Adult Light Liver and Chicken Entrée is a good low-fat and low-calorie option for cats needing to shed some extra fluff. The rich flavor is quite popular too. However, if your feline friend is no fan of patés, this may not be the right product to buy.

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    The Catological Verdict On Hills Science Diet Dry Cat Food

    From top to bottom, this is a below average dry food.

    Meat is the first ingredient in most recipes, but thats where the positives end.

    There are a lot of filler ingredients in each recipe. That means carbohydrates are too high to be appropriate for your kitty. Cats also do not digest most of these as well as they digest meat.

    Protein levels should be much higher, and carbohydrate levels should be much lower.

    This is NOT a good example of a dry food you should be feeding your cat.

    Since its clear that plant products make up too much of this food, we can assume that this is a mostly plant-based food, which is not ideal for your carnivorous felines dietary needs.

    To review, on a dry matter basis, this food is 32% protein, 17% fat, and 39% carbs.

    As a group, the brand has an average protein content of 34%, and average fat content of 18%, and an average carb content of 39%.

    Compared to the other 2000+ foods in our database, this food has:

    • Below average protein.
    • Average fat.
    • Above average carbs.

    Because meat is the first ingredient, but it is full of fillers and has a poor macronutrient profile, our rating for this brand is 2 stars.

    Not recommended.

    What Do Customers Think Of Hills Cat Food

    Hill’s Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin Cat Food | Chewy

    Hills is one of the most respected brands in the pet food industry. Its a staple in veterinary offices and animal shelters. The fact of the brands esteem has attracted some of its most vehement criticism. As we saw in the 2019 lawsuit initiated by a Kansas consumer, some feel that Hills food is given more respect than it deserves and uses that reputation to justify its high prices.

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    Hill’s Science Diet Dog Food Ingredients

    Hill’s Science Diet manufactures roughly 100 different dog food products. Each product utilizes a unique set of ingredients to achieve a desired nutritional profile.

    In this article, we’ll explore Hill’s Science Diet ingredients and answer many of the most common questions.

    As of right now, our records indicate that Hill’s Science Diet uses roughly 154 different ingredients.

    Artificial Food Coloring Dyes

    Hill’s Science Diet does not use any artificial food coloring dyes. According to our records, none of the 73 Hill’s Science Diet cat foods contain artificial food dyes.

    Artificial food coloring dyes are unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. In general, we not not recommend feeding any pet foods that contain artificial dyes.

    In 2010, the CSPI raised serious concerns regarding the safety of many artificial dyes. Most of the studies referenced by the CSPI involved prolonged or excessive consumption. Since most cats consume the same foods throughout their lives, concerns raised by the CSPI are alarming to say the least.

    To read more about Artificial Food Dyes, .

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    Hills Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight

    Adult Perfect Weight gives tasty, nutritious kibble made with clinically-proven technology for effective weight loss. It promises visible results in 10 weeks.

    It is recommended for adult cats, and less active cats such as neutered pets. This product is fortified with vitamins, minerals, l-carnitine, mixed tocopherols for freshness, and other supplements as well.

    The first five ingredients are: chicken, brewers rice, corn gluten meal, wheat gluten, and powdered cellulose.


    Visible weight loss. Adult Perfect Weight has helped numerous cats lose weight in months, and even just weeks for some. They are visibly leaner, and appear much healthier and happier.

    Energetic kitties. The cats who lost weight showed signs of increased activity within weeks of being fed with this dry product. They appear to feel lighter and are noticeably more playful.


    Price is a bit high.While many find this a great product for weight management, some find the cost a bit too high, especially for households with multiple cats.

    Adult Perfect Weight has been helping many overweight kitties for years. They are not only visibly leaner, but many owners also notice a positive change in their behavior. They are more active and playful. Youthful energy is restored to once lazy cats who are on the verge of becoming lethargic. This is overall, a great product from the brand.

    As good as this product is, it is a bit costly for owners of more than a single pet.

    Cat Food Ingredients And Their Benefits


    The most important nutrients found in ingredients to look for when choosing the best cat food are protein, fat and carbohydrates, according to the Cornell Feline Health Center, part of the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. Cats’ meals should meet these basic requirements for these nutrients. As an obligate carnivore , your kitty needs these ingredients to maintain optimal health. However, obligate carnivore doesn’t mean she can’t benefit from other sources such as vegetables, fruits and grains in addition to the meat within her food. The type of meat your cat scarfs down also isn’t as important as the protein it provides. Your cat can’t read, so the chicken, beef, salmon, tuna and even less common meats like duck and rabbit in her food are all marketed to you. Healthy protein can also come from other sources like eggs and pea protein.

    Certain vitamins and minerals are vital to a cat’s well-being, reports VetInfo, including calcium, vitamin A, iron, magnesium and sodium. Cat food ingredients you’ll find in kitten-specific formulas include DHA , taurine , and folic acid , all of which are necessary for your kitty as she grows up.

    In the wild, cats obtain the nutrients they need by eating the entirety of their prey bones and all With domesticated cats, it’s up to pet parents to provide a meal with the right ingredients.

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    Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food



    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE At Hills, were dedicated to making foods your dog will love. If youre not satisfied for any reason with a product purchased from one of our authorized sellers, simply return the unused portion to the place of purchase for your money back or a replacement product. Additional terms may apply. Please click here for full details.

    Hill’s Science Diet Indoor Adult dry cat food is specially formulated to fuel the energy needs of cats with an indoor lifestyle during the prime of their life.

    • Natural fiber supports digestive health and high-quality ingredients make litter box clean-up easy
    • High-quality protein for lean muscles
    • Natural high quality, easy-to-digest ingredients for a flavorful, nutritious meal

    Science Diet pet food is available in a variety of dry foods and treats for your cats unique needs, and canned foods, with many delicious flavors your cat’s will love.

    Additional info:

    Researching Cat Food Ingredients

    There is no doubt that if you are researching cat food ingredients, then you want to provide the best care for your cat. An educated cat parent is a better cat parent for it. In your research, you will likely come across a host of different nutritional philosophies , and you will also likely encounter a number of sites that provide you with unsubstantiated claims based on personal bias. It’s important to not fall victim to these opinions because you can put your cat’s health at risk just trying to follow what you read on the Internet. This can be true of friends and family while their advice is no doubt given with the best intentions every cat situation is a little bit different, and therefore should be treated as such. Talk to your veterinarian about your concerns about certain cat food ingredients and whether or not the claims are true or false. They are truly the best, and most educated, source of information you can get when it comes to choosing a healthy cat food with proper ingredients.

    If you are interested in changing your cat’s meals in a significant way, we recommend speaking with your veterinarian first. Self-treating based on ingredient profiles could be problematic, especially if you’re considering eliminating an ingredient. For instance, as noted above, cats require meat for proper nutrition, so a vegan or vegetarian meal plan is not a healthy choice.

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    About Hill’s Pet Nutrition

    For more than 70 years, Hills Pet Nutrition has helped enrich and lengthen the special relationship between people and their pets by putting their passion for the health and happiness of animals into everything they do. They even partner with shelters to provide Hills food to more than 9 million shelter pets.

    Hills Science Diet Adult Indoor Dry Cat Food

    Hill’s Science Diet Youthful Vitality Cat Food | Chewy

    Designed to fuel the needs of indoor cats aged 1-6 years old, the Indoor dry food has natural fiber that supports digestive health. This easy to digest food is high in protein from chicken and corn gluten meal.

    The first five ingredients of this cat food are chicken, whole grain wheat, corn gluten meal, powdered cellulose, and chicken fat.


    Helps with weight management. Many overweight cats who have been switched to this Adult Indoor food were able to shed their extra weight. It is able to keep them full for longer. As a result, cats are more active, and their joints are feeling much better as they are lighter.

    Shiny coats. This is another dry product of the Hills brand that gives cats that healthy, silky fur. Cat parents are just so proud of their kitties soft, glossy coats. Not only is it pretty, but it is also an indication of a cats good health. This is another kibble from the brand that received high ratings for the positive effects on their kitties coats.


    Kibbles are too large.Some cat owners have noticed a change in the kibble size of this dry food. They appear to be larger than previous formulas. Cats who are used to the old formula or kibble size do not seem to like the new larger kibbles.

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    Hills Science Diet Urinary Hairball Control

    Urinary Hairball Control Adult dry food has optimal levels of magnesium to support urinary health. It is high in fiber and fatty acids to for healthy skin and coat, and to prevent hairballs. Fibers also help make it easy to digest.

    The first five ingredients: chicken, whole wheat grain, pork fat, and powdered cellulose.


    Helped improve urinary tract health. This product has received good reviews from cat parents of kitties suffering from various urinary issues such as crystals, UTI, etc.

    Some of them have been advised by vets to try feeding the cats Urinary Hairball Control Adult. Many of the cats issues have cleared up or at least improved since being fed with this cat food. It has actually been a life saver for some sick kitties.

    Hairball buster. This dry food from Hills proved to be capable to deliver as far as its purpose is concerned. Not only has it helped with urinary health, it also reduced the number of hairballs for many cats. Some have even completely eradicated hairballs since they started eating Urinary Hairball Control Adult cat food.


    Hard to chew. This product is not recommended for older cats or cats who have a difficult time chewing tougher cat food. According to some reviews, the kibbles are a bit too big for their cats as well. As it is on the harder side, it is a bit tough to manually grind them up.

    Hills Science Diet Hairball Control

    Adult Hairball Control dry food product has vitamin E, omega-3 and 6 for healthy skin and hair. It is rich in protein for lean muscles. The protein content of this product comes from chicken and corn gluten meal.

    The first five ingredients: chicken, whole grain wheat, corn gluten meal, chicken fat, and powdered cellulose.


    Helped prevent hairballs. As this dry food from the Hills brand is made specifically for cats who suffer from frequent hairballs, it has been tried by numerous cats who needed help with that issue. Many of them have shown improvements from lessened frequency of hairballs to no longer having hairballs at all.

    Great flavor. Adult Hairball Control is loved by kitties. It is packed with flavor from chicken, chicken fat, and chicken meal. No wonder cats get excited when they hear this dry food hitting their bowls. Ratings show that this particular flavor is popular among kitties.


    Kibbles are too large. This is another cat product that had a change in kibble size. It is much larger than before, and some cats who are used to the smaller kibble, have trouble chewing or even liking this dry food product.

    Based on our review, this Adult Hairball Control from the Hills brand is quite popular among cats because of its rich chicken flavor. Made with real chicken, this product is high in protein. It also has fibers that have helped cats who were suffering from frequent hairballs. For this reason, many have given this item high ratings.

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