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How Do You Say Cat In Korean

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How to Say “Dog” in Korean

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Beautiful Korean Cat Names 79 Creative Ideas

Korean cat names are a fun option for new kittens. Why? For starters, theyre highly unique.

When it seems like everyone is naming their cat Bella, Tigger, Oliver or Chloe, youll have a far more creative name.

Also, these names celebrate Korean culture. Located on the northeast side of China, Korea today is divided into two distinct territories: North Korea and South Korea. But it wasnt always that way. The recorded history of the territory dates back to 2333 B.C. when the legendary Dangun founded Gojoseon, the first ever Korean kingdom. A lot happened between then and now heres a quick lowdown on the history of Korea.

If you have Korean heritage or are simply inspired by the culture, you should definitely check out these 79 fabulous ideas for Korean cat names.

Quiz: Can You Guess The Animal By Its Korean Name

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Learning Korean 4 How To Count Numbers In Korean

Counting the number is one of the most important parts of learning foreign languages. Lets say you and your friend just landed at Incheon international airport. You need to buy a ticket for the train to get to downtown Seoul. So, you would go to the ticket counter and the ticket counter employee would ask you How many tickets do you need? How would you say I want 2 tickets and how would you understand the employee saying it is 4,000KRW total?

Korean has two number systems. Sino-Korean Pure-Korean Sino-Korean is the Korean pronunciation of Chinese words. And pure-Korean is literally pure Korean. Well, dont be panicked. Think of one/two/three and first/second/third. It is similar to it. Please see the table below and read the name of each number in Korean. You can read them since you learned how to read Hangeul, cant you?

Well then, when do we use each number system?

Sino-KoreanSino-Korean is for the general number or just the number itself. For example, His uniform number is 8, or my phone number is 01055447766, or her locker room number is 1 # of something year , month , date

When you say # noun or # counter of noun, say in order of noun + number + counter. //

Then, how do we count numbers after 10?

Sino-Korean It is super easy. It is like math. 16 is 10 + 6, so it is + = . 37 is 3 x 10 + 7, so it is + + = . 40 is 4 x 10, so it is + = .

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How To Say No Politely In Korean

How to Say " Cat"  in Korean

The most common word youll hear and see written in Korean that means no is . You can say any time youre disagreeing with somebody. You can usually use it the same way youd use the word no in English .

Below are a few examples of how to use the word .

Weve included the romanization of each sentence to make reading easier for you. However, if you havent already learned to read Hangul, we highly recommend that you prioritize learning it. The Korean alphabet is one of the easiest alphabets in the world to learn, and you may be able to learn it in a single day.

Here are some examples:

Q: ? Did you study English today?A: , . No, I didnt study today.

Q: ? Did you see that movie?A: , . No, I didnt see it.

You might also see spelled like . This spelling is particularly common in comic books or in subtitles where speech is often written phonetically. Its similar to saying nah or nope in English.

In formal situations, you can use instead of . Youll also commonly see this form of the word in official documents.

In case you havent learned how to say yes yet, you can say to say yes politely.

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Important Note About Saying No In Korean: Politeness Levels

The way you say no in Korean is going to change depending on who youre talking to. There are two levels of politeness in Korean: casual and polite .

You can use the casual politeness level in the following situations:

  • When talking to somebody younger than you
  • When talking to somebody the same age as you
  • When you agree with somebody that its okay to use it
  • When talking to classmates you know are your age

You can use the more polite in the following situations:

  • When you dont know somebodys social status or age
  • When talking in a business setting
  • When talking to a stranger
  • When talking to somebody you dont know well

If you find yourself in a situation where youre not sure which one to use, you cant go wrong being overly polite.

And that goes for any circumstance, not just when you want to say no.

One example is when you need to apologize. According to this video from the FluentU YouTube channel, there are both informal and formal ways to say sorry, with varying levels of politeness.

For more engaging, educational content like this, feel free to .

You can also get a better sense of how different people interact with each other by learning Korean with the authentic videos on FluentU.

Not sure if its for you? You can try FluentU for free with a trial.

How To Say Cat In Many Languages

Here is a list of how to say “Cat” in many languages

Afrikaans Kat   Katjie  Algonquin Sinta Arabic Qit or Besseh Bahasa Melayu  Kuching British English Moggy Bulgarian Kotka Cantonese Maow Chinese Mao Czech Kocour   Kocka  Danish Kat Dutch Kat  Poes   Kater  Egyptian M? Eskimo Pussi Esperanto Kato Ethiopian Domadh Farsi Gorbeh   Bache Gorbeh  Finnish kissa French Chat   Minou  Gaelic Pisc? German Kater miau Greek Gati  Gata   Gatos   Gataki  Gypsy Muca Hawaiian Popoki or kike  Hebrew Chatul   Chatula  Hungarian Macska or Cica Icelandic K?tur Indonesian Kutjing Irish Cat Italian Gatto   Gattina  Japanese Neko Kmer Chma Korean Koyangi Latin Feles, Felix Loglan Katma Maltese Qattus   Qattusa  Mayan Miz Mexican Felino   Felina  Norwegian Katt Pakistani Shimii Philipino  Pusa Plains Cree Indians Minoos   Minoosis  Polish Kot   Kotka  Portuguese Gata   Gato  Romanian Pisica Romansch Giat Russian Kot   Koshka   Kotyonok  Serbo-Croatian Macka Slovak Mizhu or Kotsur   Machka  Spanish Gato   Gata  Swahili Paka Swedish Katt Swiss-German B?i or Chatz Tamil Poonai Thai Maa-oh Tsalagi  We'sa Turkish Kedi Vietnamese Con M? Welsh Cath Yiddish Kats 

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Tips For Helping Your Cat Learn Their Name

Cats are very intelligent animals but it can take time for them to learn their name, so it is important to be patient. During the naming period be sure to only use their chosen name positively and during positive experiences such as petting and receiving treats.

Say their name gently and softly. Avoid high pitched voices, aggressive tones or shouting. A negative experience with their name could lead to them associating their name with a bad experience.

We often end up having various names for our cats. They can get shortened or over time, as we learn their personalities more, nicknames will form. However, it is important during the learning period only their full name is used this will help prevent confusion.

Each time your cat responds to their name reward them! This can be with either a tasty treat or their favourite toy.

Ideally, you will not want to let your cat outside until you are confident they will respond to their name. However, to ease any concerns you may also want to look into getting your cat a GPS Cat Tracker Collar.

If you choose one of these Korean pet names please be sure to let us know!

Learn Korean With Go Billy Korean

3 Ways to Say I Love You in Korean

Cat cafes aren’t very hard to find in Korea, but they’re a special stop for any traveler looking for a quick relaxing drink and a chat.

You’ll find cats of many varieties, colors, and personalities, just itching to ignore you .

If you’ve never stopped by a cat cafe before, check it out. It’s definitely a unique experience from conventional cafes which are all over the world.

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+ Amazing Korean Cat Names For Male And Female Kitties

In ancient Confucian times, cats were revered in Korea as a symbol of luck. Cats were believed to be so fortuitous that scholars studying for the notoriously difficult Gwageo test would actively seek them out before taking their exams.

The Gwageo test was an intensive civil service exam which was seen as a prestigious lifetime achievement if passed. Entire villages would celebrate should a resident make the grade. But many people believed that you couldnt pass this test unless you had contact with a cat first!

Clearly, cats have a special place in Korean cultural history. And a great way to honor this heritage is by giving your kitty their own special Korean name.So, lets dive into our list of cool Korean cat names you can pick for your furball!

Note When calling for their cats, Koreans add Yah after the name. For example, if your cat name is Bbo Bbi, youd need to add Yah at the end and say, Bbo Bbi Yah! Come here!

Article Contents

Using Animal Words In A Sentence

Korean can be a difficult language to learn since the grammar is so different from English. But luckily, you can use animal words in the same way as youd use any other nouns, and you dont need to learn any unusual rules.

Heres a sentence you might find useful when talking about animals in Korean:

_____/. My favorite animal is _____.

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Sea Creature & Fish In Korean

Do you need trouble studying sea animals in korean if you are a newbie ?

yes , you must

Here is the reason and how

Korean is undoubtedly the home to astonishing rivers and wonderful sea creatures you have never seen before.

So, if you enjoy scuba diving, enjoy seafood and shopping within the fish market, even visiting aquariums in Korea?

Then its time to find out about the stunning fishes & water animals in Korean

Here is a complete list of the most famous sea creatures & fish in Korean, you can use when you are in aquariums or close to the dark blue ocean.


Fur seal- = +

Earless seal== +


The Difference Between And

How to Say

and may look similar, but they serve different functions.

When answering a yes or no question, you should always use or one of its variations. comes from the adjective and is used to negate a noun. Its generally translated as It is not in English.

As you may already know, is the verb to be. If you add it to the end of a noun, you can say that the noun is something.

For example, heres how youd sayIt is a dog:

Adding gives it a negative meaning,It is not a dog:




When answering a question, you may use both and together in some situations. Heres an example:

Q: ? Are you an American?A: , . No, Im not an American.

Korean is definitely a challenging language to tackle by yourself but luckily, there are plenty of free resources to help you learn. You can find lots of great channels on like Talk to Me in Korean to supplement your learning.

Now that you know how to say no in Korean, you shouldnt have any problems saying the next time one of your friends suggests that you sing Genie in a Bottle at a noraebong.

This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take anywhere.

If you liked this post, something tells me that you’ll love FluentU, the best way to learn Korean with real-world videos.

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+ Popular Farm Animals In Korean That Will Supercharge Your Korean Vocabulary List

Whether you are taking a stroll in the Korean countryside or looking to order meat in a restaurant,the odds are, you may find yourself using these words more than you thought.

Remember, we had been singing the rhyme in preschool in our english lesson and some of them are are farm animals

well, you dont need to sing now

But talking about farm animals in Korean language is surely an awesome talent to have for your returned pocket

The Korean word for Farm animals is . Here is how to say the most common farm animals in Korean with Infographics and examples.

  • Bee beol

I want to ride a horse

-naneun mareul tago sipoyo

Horses hold a pretty important role in the history of Korea. During the Three Kingdoms Period , little figurines of horses were buried in tombs to carry the spirit of the deceased to the afterlife.

  • Goose

We have 20 goose in our farm

20 -uri nongjangeneun gowi isip mariga issoyo

  • Donkey

That donkey is slow and lazy.

-jo dangnagwineun neurigo geeureuda

  • Fish

Dont forget to feed the fish.

-mulgogiege mogireul juneun goseul itjji maseyo

  • Duck in Korean

How many ducks are there in the pond?

?-yonmose origa myot mari itsseumnikka

  • Buffalo

Have you ever seen a fat giant buffalo?

?-yorobuneun ttungttunghago godaehan bopalroreul bon jogi innayo

The List Of 14 Popular Pet Animals In Korean Language

Do you love your cute pet? Well who doesnt

Pets are getting popular in Korea . In fact, study shows 25% of 1,700 South Koreans aged over 20 say they have at least one pet now or had one in the past.

With such high numbers, imagine the lengthy conversations that you could have with native about their beloved animals in korean .

In Korean, pets are called . Here is how to say the most common pets in Korean with translation and examples

  • Dog gae
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    Cute Korean Names For Cats

    Many people want to give their pet a cute name that reflects their personality, which is often a tricky task. To help with this we have selected our favorite cute Korean names listed below.

    58.Bbo Bbo This is a cute girl names in Korean, which means “kiss”.

    59.This is one of the cute girl Korean names which means “star”.

    60.This is a lovely name that means star “meteor”.

    61.This is a unique name that means “dear star”.

    62.Chansol This is a cute name that means “evergreen tree”.

    63.Dam Bi This is a lovely name that means “sweet rain”.

    64.Haru This is a cute name that means “day”.

    65.Haet Nim Ee This is a strong name which means “sun”.

    66.Heejin This is such a lovely name, which means “pleasure”.

    67.Ji a This means “wisdom and knowledge”.

    68.Jiho This means “brave”.

    69.Ju Mi This means “jewel”.

    70.Ju Ri This means “profit”.

    71.Nam Son This means “in sleep”.

    72.Ra On This means “joyful”.

    73.Sa Rang Ee This means “love”.

    74.Sal Gu If your pet has apricot eyes, then this is perfect for her.

    75.Si Nae This means “a small river”. So, if you live nearby a river go for this.

    76.So Ah This means “small and beautiful”.

    77.Soh Ri This means “sound”.

    78.Sung This means “successor”.

    79.Yu Na This means “to endure”.

    Korean Pet Names For Cats

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    Ginger Cat House does not aim to replace your Veterinarian. Ginger Cat House offers practical advice but will always advise you to seek Veterinary attention for further information if your cat is unwell.

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    Has a new adorable cat just entered your life? Do you love Korean culture? Why not choose one of the many Korean pet names!

    From cultural names all the way through to the very unique names for inspired by Korea we have put together an extensive list to help you pick out the perfect new addition.

    Take a look at our list of Korean cat names below

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