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How Much To Get A Cat Microchipped

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How Much Does It Cost To Microchip A Cat Nz

What happens when my pet is microchipped?
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Section 15a of the dog control act 2000 requires microchipping of dogs by 6 months of age. The rest is a mix of kitty litter, toys, boarding fees and all the other accumulated expenses.

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Your Cats Healthcare Needs

Equally as important as registering and microchipping your new cat is taking care of their immediate health needs these will usually include vaccinations, desexing and flea and worming treatments.

Theres no exact number that can be put on the cost of these healthcare essentials, but the RSPCA has outlined some ballpark figures.3

Vaccinations for a kitten
Source: Animal Medicines Australia, Pets in Australia: A national survey of pets and people, 2019

If youve adopted your cat from a shelter, you might find that its vaccinations, desexing and worming have already been done.¹²

Average Cost To Microchip A Dog Or Cat Uk 2022

To help lost or stray dogs be united with their owners, microchipping is compulsory under the law by the time dogs are 8 weeks oldotherwise owners could be hit with a £500 fine. How much will it cost to get your dog or cat microchipped? We’ve surveyed vets around the UK to find out. We’ve also found locations where some dogs can get a free microchip.

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And It Doesnt Even Cost Much With An Average Price Of Just 15 To 20

How much does it cost to microchip a cat uk. How much does it cost to microchip a cat? It costs an average of $35 to $50 to microchip a cat which is fairly manageable for most pet owners. The chip contains a unique number that can be scanned if a lost or stolen animal is found, and matched to the owners contact details on a database.

Not only is it a legal requirement for dogs, microchipping reunites thousands of pets with their owners every year. A microchip is a small electronic device about the size of a grain of rice. If you’re eligible under the scheme, you can get your pet cat neutered and microchipped for just £5.

Some charities do offer free microchipping and you may find that your veterinary surgery runs occasional promotions, so its worth doing your research. You can expect to pay around £20 to £30 for the procedure. The price will vary depending on where you have it done.

The scheme is currently operating across wales and the west midlands. If you have already trained as a microchip implanter we can offer you the cheapest microchips in europewe are guaranteed to beat any price! The typical annual cost of a cat is around £1000 per year.

Third or more cat examination £24.00. Rescue centres, vets and charities occasionally have special offers or even do it for free on certain days. Microchipping your pet is a vital service that all our practices provide.

What is the average cost of microchipping a cat? How much will it cost?

My Cat Already Wears A Collar With A Tag On It Does She Need A Microchip

5 Steps For Keeping Your Cat Safe During A Tornado

If your cat gets lost or picked up by animal control, the more types of identification that she has, the better.

Although collars are a very visible form of identification, they can accidentally fall off or be intentionally removed. If your cat does wear a collar, it should be a breakaway type so that it does not get caught on anything and cause an injury. As tags get old and worn, the information on the tag may become unreadable. This means that your cats collar is not a permanent form of identification.

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My Pet Has A Microchip Is That All I Need To Protect Him If He Gets Lost

A microchip is only the first step! You must register your pets microchip to give your pet the best protection.

Register your pets microchip in a national pet recovery database such as HomeAgain with your contact information, so you can be contacted when your lost pet is found. Also, remember to keep your contact information up to date whenever you move or change phone numbers.

You and your pet belong together. Your cat or dogs microchip implant gives your pet the best chance of returning home to you if lost. However, a microchip must be registered along with your current contact information in order to identify you as your pets parent and contact you. Remember as long as there are pets, even those belonging to the most responsible parents, they will go missing.

Is There A Monthly Fee For Microchip

There is no monthly fee for the use of microchips. You pay a one-time cost to have the surgery performed and the vet will normally add your name and number to a pet recovery database.

These databases dont update their information very often, which help to keep them at least semi-permanent. As a result, theres really no way they charge pet owners a monthly fee.

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How Does A Cat Get A Microchip The Procedure

First, you have to get your cat to a vet! You can read more about Traveling with your cat here.

To microchip a cat, a veterinarian places a glass-encased microchip at the end of a syringe that is slightly bigger than those used for vaccinations.

The microchip is then injected underneath the skin, with the most common location being in the animals back, between its shoulder blades.

The injection takes just a few seconds and is relatively painless for your pet.

The initial injection of it is a modest pinch that causes about the same amount of passing discomfort as a blood draw.

It is sometimes inserted under anesthetic and sometimes not.

This will, of course, depend on the veterinarians preference, and also how tolerant the individual cat is of such procedures.

Some cats are fine and barely notice it, whereas some cats are traumatized the moment they realize theyre going to the vet, and will refuse to cooperate with anything done to them there .

What some pet owners do is schedule the implantation so that it takes place on the same visit as some other procedure that will require sedation, such as a teeth cleaning, or when their pet is being spayed or neutered.


Microchips arent just for cats and dogs! A microchip can be given to lots of different animals horses, ferrets, and most other mammals are able to have them implanted as well!

More About Microchipping Your Cat

Will Microchipping Help Find Your Cat?

One of the things that many cat owners love about their pets is their inquisitive nature. It is also one of the main reasons that cats end up lost, as they investigate the world around them. Sadly, pet theft is also a problem, particularly with rare or expensive breeds. Sometimes life events like moving house can cause cats to become confused enough that they get lost, and struggle to find their way home.

Cats can also have a habit of visiting multiple households. This can become confusing, and does sometimes result in an owned cat being adopted by a well-meaning family. Friendly stray cats may also just be lost, and can also be absorbed into a new household. A microchip provides a way to ascertain if a cat is truly a stray or merely lost, and can also be the only way to prove ownership if there is any dispute.

Tags, while useful so long as they are on safety collars, are not a guaranteed method of identification, as they can easily be lost or replaced.

The majority of cats naturally love being outside, roaming and hunting, but the outdoors can pose certain threats to cats. From cars to fights with other cats over territory, there are many reasons cats can become spooked, run away and end up lost miles away from home.

Some cats can even end up accidentally trapped in somebody elses shed or garage and can be missing for days. Collars and identification tags are never a guarantee as they could easily break and fall off when cats are out and about.

How to update:

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How Do I Go About Registering A Cat Microchip

If youve adopted a cat from Cats Protection, well update your cats microchip on your behalf. Youll be given the paperwork once you have formally adopted your cat, complete with your cats microchip number.

If you have had your cat microchipped by a vet or organisation, theyll let you know how to register your details online. Youll usually be sent registration documents following the procedure, within a couple of weeks.

If you dont receive anything, check with the person or organisation that microchipped your cat. Remember to keep your registration documents and cats microchip number safe.

Is It Illegal To Do Yourself

It can be illegal to chip your cat, and all home microchip kits online are generally sold with the intent that they be used by a medical professional. Some areas might go so far as to consider it animal cruelty.

That being said, the procedure is relatively simple and it could technically be legal to do it yourself in counties that have no explicit law spelling out who does microchipping. In that case, its more of a legal gray area than anything.

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Do You Have To Go To A Vet Or Can You Get It Done Elsewhere

Animal shelters and veterinarians offices are normally the only places that do this procedure, but some charities and local groups have gotten together to chip large numbers of animals. They usually pick a sanitary location and generally charge far less than a vet would, if they even charge at all.

For reasons related to health and public safety, however, this isnt allowed everywhere. Check your local laws to see if you have to visit a vet or if a local group could theoretically get the job done for you.

How Much Does A Cat Microchip Cost

Why should you get your cat microchipped?

The average price for microchipping is $25 to $65 and is often performed by a vet or even the local Humane Society. claims the procedure will cost about $50, but if you were going to have it done with other things, such as a routine checkup, the costs could be less.

The Central California SPCA, for instance, charges $30 and offers low-cost days on Wednesday for only $25.

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How Much Does Microchipping Cost

The total cost for a microchip implant depends on where you go and the average prices in your area. In a regular vet facility, you can expect an average of $45 for a microchip. It can be more or less, but it generally only varies by a few dollars.

However, if you adopted your cat, they probably already have a microchip. You can take them to any shelter or vet to check. They all have access to special scanners that can detect a chip.

If they already have one, youll have to get all of the information put into your namenot that of their previous owner. Microchip companies should all have a website with online access to create or change the microchip information.

How Much To Microchip A Cat At Pets At Home

Michele drake drake center for veterinary care. A large portion of that cost will be due to the fee for the office visit, though, so having your pet chipped during a.

Pets Are Priceless All That Is Included In An Spca Adoption Fee Animal Shelter Cat Advice Spca

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Does Microchipping Hurt

Your pets microchip will be implanted under their skin between their shoulder blades using a needle. Like any injection, microchipping can cause a tiny amount of discomfort, but fortunately its a very quick procedure that takes just a few seconds. Most pets barely notice being microchipped, but a tasty treat afterwards is likely to quickly distract them if they do become upset. Some exotic species need an anaesthetic or sedation to be microchipped speak to your vet for more details.

Microchips are made out of non-reactive materials, so once its in place it shouldnt hurt or cause them any problems throughout their life.

Open Doors And Windows

Getting Your Pet Microchipped at HHHS

You may be thinking, My indoor cat would NEVER roam outside. She doesnt need a microchip. But never say never! There are many exciting things that could lure your kitty out an open door or window.

  • Curiosity: You never know what could pique your cats interest a particularly vocal bird, a rambunctious squirrel, or possibly another cat. Even if your cat has never attempted to jump through an open window or door before, any of these things could lead your indoor-only cat to take a leap into the great outdoors.
  • Fear: If your cat is averse to meeting new people, too many strangers in your home could be what drives her to make a bolt out of a door left ajar. This can happen, for example, if you are having a party in your home. Lots of unfamiliar people + people coming in and out all day/night = the perfect chance for your cat to escape through an open door.
  • Opportunity: Sometimes your cat just needs the right circumstance to make her getaway. For instance, if you are having home repairs done in your home, workers may not be aware of your cat and leave the door open for long periods of time or even just long enough for your cat to go exploring where she shouldnt.

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What Is A Pet Microchip

This microchip is a tiny responder that is implanted beneath yourpets skin between their shoulder blades. Thetransponder contains a unique identificationnumber that belongs to your dog or cat. The beautyof a microchip is that it doesnt need batteriesand doesnt use an electric charge. When scanned,it will transmit its ID number to the scanner. Themicrochip is designed to last for up to 25 years,so you shouldnt need to replace it. One of your most important jobs as a pet parent isto register your dog or cats microchip ID numberso you can be contacted if your lost pet is found.

Are There Any Downsides To Getting Your Cat Microchipped

Like most experts will tell you, getting your cat microchipped is a great idea. In fact, the benefits so far outweigh the risks that getting a microchip is something all responsible pet owners should do.

However, you should know that a microchip is just one tool you can use to keep your pet safe from getting lost. It should never be the only tool you use. As shown in the scientific study we mentioned above, microchips greatly increase the odds that your pet will be returned to you if he or she ever gets lost. But microchips arent perfect. They have limitations. Lets look at some of those.

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Is Microchipping Painful For Cats

Its about as painful as having blood drawn, which is to say that its uncomfortable, but not that painful. Your cat shouldnt have any issues handling the implantation, nor should they have any lingering effects from it.

If youre worried about your cat feeling pain, you might want to do the procedure at the same time as another procedure, like when theyre getting spayed or neutered. That way, the chip can be implanted while theyre under anesthesia, and they wont feel it at all. This isnt really necessary but it may be a nice touch.

Microchipping is one of the safest procedures that you can perform on a cat. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there have only been 391 adverse reactions to the implantation procedure, and over 4 million pets have been chipped.

The most common potential side effect is having the chip migrate from its original implantation site. This isnt likely to harm your cat, but it could reduce the chances that the chip can get scanned if they get lost, so its worth having your vet check for the chip periodically.

Other side effects include hair loss at the site, swelling, and infection, although these are rare. Many people say that theyve heard of the chips causing tumors, but out of those 4 million chipped pets, only 4 developed tumors at or near the implantation site. Thats an astronomically low number, and its quite possible that the tumors could have been caused by an unrelated issue entirely.

Free Microchipping For Dogs

Preloved Introduces Mandatory Microchipping For Cats ...

To encourage pet owners to microchip their dogs, three UK charities in the UK offer free microchipping for dogs: Battersea Dogs & Cats, Blue Cross and Dogs Trust.

Where to Microchip Your Dog for Free
  • Mobile events
  • Rehoming centres : Ballymena , Bridgend, Canterbury, Darlington, Evesham, Glasgow, London , Ilfracombe, Kenilworth, Leeds, Loughborough, Manchester, Merseyside, Newbury, Salisbury, Shoreham, Shrewsbury

Technically speaking, Blue Cross asks pet owners to contribute what they can towards microchipping, but there is no minimum charge. For those who cannot afford to make a donation, microchipping is free.

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Will The Microchip Implant Hurt My Cat

Microchipping cats hurts about as much as having blood drawn. The microchip comes preloaded in a sterile applicator and is injected under the loose skin between the shoulder blades.The needle is required for the injection causes a pinch during cat microchipping procedures. Because it is only a momentary injection, no local or general anesthetic is required. Because it is quick and fairly non-invasive, the cost of cat microchips is very reasonable.

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