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How Old Do Cats Have To Be To Get Neutered

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Should I Spay My Cat When Its A Kitten

As long as your cat is 8 week old, and meets the weight requirements discussed above, yes. It used to be the norm to wait a lot longer, but this has now been proven to be incorrect.

Cats can be on heat at a very early age. At around six months old they can have their first litter, and they can produce 3 litters a year. So its an obvious choice to have a cat neutered early.

Not to mention that having a cat on heat can be annoying for everyone in the home. They become very noisy, sleep a lot less, and their behaviour becomes a lot more boisterous.

Neutering A Kitten Ensures Domestic Tranquility

Millions of euthanized cats is sad, but still somewhat abstract. Lets look at more practical reasons to neuter your male kitten at the earliest opportunity. Behaviorally, having a male kitten fixed has long-term consequences. Intact male cats have needs beyond sex, including territory and violent conflict. Neutering a kitten between the ages of eight weeks and five months places limits on the production of male hormones, minimizing his desire to roam and to fight with other cats.

Intact cats of both sexes also regularly engage in the act of spraying. serves a variety of communication functions between cats. Cat urine, especially that of intact males, contains pheromones and other chemicals that produce foul odors that are useful to cats, but which cause our couches, bookshelves, and table legs to reek. Spraying is linked to, but is not exclusively, an expression of sexual desire. Getting a male kitten neutered will not prevent him from ever spraying anywhere, but it will dramatically reduce the urge and the strength of the scent.

Early Neutering Of Cats: The Risk Factors And Benefits

Nicola Smith Friday, April 1, 2011

Leading feline welfare bodies in the UK are encouraging veterinary suregons to neuter cats earlier to reduce the number of unplanned litters born that lead to many unwanted cats. Veterinary surgeons have been concerned that early neutering may lead to higher mortality rates from surgery, as well as higher incidences of urinary problems, obesity and growth plate fractures. It has been demonstrated that earlier neutering does not cause any long-term health implications, and that the procedure can be performed safely in young kittens as long as the patient is properly prepared, monitored and recovered.

The optimal age to neuter cats is a subject that has provoked much discussion and debate. Cat charities are encouraging veterinary surgeons to neuter cats much younger than has been done traditionally to minimize the number of unplanned litters of kittens born each year . However, many veterinary practices are still following traditional guidelines of neutering from 22 weeks of age because of concerns over long-term health issues and the safety of performing surgery on young patients. The concerns of urinary issues, physeal fractures, obesity and behavioural issues are investigated in this article to determine the long-term implications that early neutering may have . Additionally, nursing considerations with such procedures are discussed, including preparation, prevention of hypothermia and effective monitoring of the patient.

Why Should You Have Your Maine Coon Neutered

Neutering reduces the risk of many problems for you and your Maine coon.

Before we discuss the reasons why some owners choose to wait to neuter their Maine coon, first we should look at why neutering is necessary in the first place. Neutering is an important step you should take to care for your Maine coon.

From about 4 months onwards Maine coons can start to exhibit hormone-driven behaviours. These behaviours are a sign that they have hit puberty and will continue to be a problem until the point that they are neutered.

When To Have Your Cat Neutered

How Old Does a Cat Have to be to Get Neutered ...

Most cats , can be neutered from 4 months old. Neutering at this age has many benefits, especially for female cats, however, its always important to discuss the decision with your vet because exact timings should be based on a number of different factors, including:

  • Weight: The risk of anaesthetic can be slightly higher in small kittens, so your vet may recommend waiting until your cat is a certain weight before they are neutered. Its also important they are healthy shape because overweight cats have a higher anaesthetic risk and more chance of complications during surgery.
  • Other health conditions: if your cat is suffering from another health condition it may change their ideal neutering time.

Cats Protection Advise Neutering Your Cat At Four Months Of Age Or Younger Find Out More About Kitten Neutering In Our Guide Or Find A Vet

Often, cats are neutered too late in life which unfortunately contributes to the number of unwanted cats in the UK.

If you dont want to find yourself with extra cats and extra cost, we recommend that your pet cat is neutered at four months of age or younger. It is important that the procedure is done before the cat begins puberty, preventing any unplanned pregnancies.

Want to know more about what kitten neutering involves? Watch our video. Search below to find a vet on our neutering database or learn more about neutering in our Help and advice pages

Under What Circumstances Should You Neuter A Cat

To put it simply, you should always neuter a male cat. When they are young, tomcats are more affectionate than females. However, when they feel nature’s call during adulthood, cohabitation at home will become more difficult.

They will start to mark your home with their urine and try to escape at any opportunity, not hesitating to jump blindly into the unknown when they hear the call of a cat in heat. For this reason, they will also fight with other male cats. The best case scenario is that your cat returns from these little escapes with fleas, ticks or other parasites.

What Are The Health Effects Of Spaying Or Neutering A Cat

Of course, while spaying or neutering procedures are routine and considered safe, risk cannot be totally eliminated from every surgical or medical procedure. For example, cats who have been spayed or neutered do tend to gain weight if their diets are not adjusted accordingly. Neutered male cats are also at increased risk for developing urinary blockages. 

The benefits of neutering or spaying almost always outweigh the risks. However, you should always ask your vet which choices are best for your pet. 

Reasons For Neutering Or Spaying A Kitten

You can have your kitten neutered or spayed as early as 6 weeks of age and the kitten weighs at least 2.2 lbs. For newbie pet parents, however, the idea of feline sterilization may be a very new and odd concept. Some may not feel the need for sterilization at all. Here are some of the reasons why you should have your kitten neutered.

Post Neutering Home Care

When vets finish the operation of neutering, you should have to follow important instructions for your pet care. Cats generally after being brought home, they will have anesthetic effects. Vets put protective ointment in cats eyes in order not to dry out and to avoid possible blurriness. When you are home with your newly neutered cat, provide a warm, dark, and quiet place at least for twenty-four hours.

If there are any other pets or small children, keep them away from your neutered cat. You have to understand that aggressive behavior from your cat is expected in this period, it does need patience and a lot of care. The change in sex hormones differs from a cat to another. Vets advise not to leave the neutered cat on the first night to notice any abnormal change in behavior.

Best Age To Neuter A Kitten

On the average, kittens reach sexual maturity around 6 to 9 months of age. This means they are now fully-capable of reproduction. Since one of the inherent aims of neutering is to induce infertility or sterility in the cat, neutering should be done before the kitten achieves full sexual maturity. Thus, the best age for a kitten to get neutered or spayed is before it reaches the age of 6 months.

Unfortunately, no two kittens will have the same exact growth rate. Some kittens can reach their reproductive maturity by around 4 months of age, while others may become sexually mature only upon reaching 12 months of age.

Given the variability of feline growth rates, veterinarians now recommend pediatric neutering. This allows veterinarians to perform the surgical procedure in kittens that are as young as 6 weeks. There are people who object to such recommendations, of course. They say that it exposes the young kitten to needless harm. Early neutering can also lead to several developmental problems.

In 2017, the American Association of Feline Practitioners endorsed neutering kittens at 5 months of age. This was the recommendation of the Veterinary Task Force on Feline Sterilization and released through the North American Veterinary Community Conference, also in 2017.

There is another criterion for the surgery, however. The kitten should weigh not less than 2.2 lbs at the time of the surgery. If these two criteria are met, then the kitten is safe for early neutering.

Do You Want To Adopt Another Male Adult Cat

In this case it will be essential for both cats to be neutered before they’re put together, unless you fancy being on the news after having to change all your furniture, lights and valuable objects from your shelves as a result of a brutal war held between both cats.

Putting two un-neutered, adult male cats together in a limited space is a foolish idea. It’s plausible on a farm, but not in a flat.

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

If you want to read similar articles to When Should You Neuter a Male Cat?, we recommend you visit our Other health problems category.

Benefits Of Spaying Or Neutering Your Adult Cat

ASPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic for Rescue Professionals

Just like with spaying or neutering your kitten, getting your older cat fixed helps lower the risk of health issues that are common in intact cats.

Some of the risks of leaving an older cat intact include pyometra, which is a life-threatening infection of the uterus and is more common in older cats, Dr. Satchu said. Neutered cats are at a lower risk of developing testicular cancers and prostate problems. 

Additionally, a neutered male or spayed female cat is at a lower risk of wandering away to seek out mating opportunities, regardless of his or her age.

Should I Spay Or Neuter My Cat?

Allows For Better Visualization Of Organs

When compared to older kittens, younger kittens have proportionately less body fat. This means that veterinary surgeons will be able to visualize the spermatic cords that they need to cut and the testicles they need to remove. This will also help them have a better view of the fallopian tubes of female kittens as well as their ovaries and uterus. Less fat means easier access to these organs.

Benefits Of Spaying Your Female Cat

Population Control

Your tiny little kitten may actually be mature enough to have kittens of her own before she is even six months old. By spaying your female cat before she is mature enough to have kittens, you help to reduce the population of unwanted cats in your neighborhood. 

Not only that, female cats can have as many as four litters a year. When we consider that the average litter can range in size from two kittens to as many as ten kittens, that is a staggering number of unwanted cats.

Animal Health

Spaying your kitten before she has her first heat can help to reduce her risk of pyometra as well as mammary tumors. It’s also important to note that female cats carrying infectious diseases can pass serious conditions on to their kittens who go on to spread the disease even further. Pregnancy and the birth process can be risky for young cats, and costly to their owners. 

Save Wildlife

It is estimated that cats in the USA kill between 1.4 billion and 3.7 billion birds each year. Keeping the numbers of homeless cats to a minimum can help to save the lives of countless birds and other wildlife.

Deter Nuisance Behaviors

Concerns About The Risk Of Obesity

Being neutered is the most common risk factor for obesity in cats. This is because cats are known to be more sedentary when they have been neutered. As obesity in cats is a common and multi-factorial condition. This makes it difficult to conduct any sort of controlled study looking at the correlation between risk of obesity and the age at which a cat is neutered. Ensuring that your cat has a well balanced diet, is not overfed and has plenty of play can significantly reduce the risk of obesity. The risks of leaving your cat un-neutered far outweigh the risk of them gaining weight post-surgery.

Are There Any Risks Or Complications

Healthy young animals have the lowest risks and are less likely to have any serious complications.  However, it can be much harder to keep young active animals quiet after surgery, so they are more likely to have simple post-surgical complications.

Older animals, or those in heat, especially those with additional health issues, have a higher risk and are more likely to have complications.  If you have any concerns about your pets health or if she is on medications for a medical condition, please let the veterinary staff know ahead of time so your animal can be treated appropriately.

Some of the most common post-operative complications include inflammation or infection of the incision, opening up of the incision, swelling under the skin at the incision site caused by fluid, and bleeding.  These complications can be caused or made worse by the pet licking or chewing the skin at the incision or by not keeping the pet quiet as directed after surgery.

Dr Jennifer Coates Dvm

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM, serves on the advisory board for Cat Life Today. Dr. Coates believes neutering is best.

Heres what she said, Kitten neuters are simple surgeries. Kittens only need to be anesthetized for a few minutes and recover quickly.

Veterinarians may perform vasectomies as part of the management of feral cat colonies, but for pet cats neutering is best.

Dr. Jennifer Coates, DVM

According to Dr. Coates, Post-operative complications are rare. For owned cats, the benefits of neutering include not only stopping reproduction but also problematic reproductive behaviors like spraying, yowling, aggression, and roaming. Alternatives to neutering, like vasectomies, will prevent unwanted litters but not these problematic behaviors. Veterinarians may perform vasectomies as part of the management of feral cat colonies, but for pet cats neutering is best. For interested owners, testicular implants are available that maintain the look of an intact male cats scrotum.

Whats the Best Age to Adopt a Puppy?

How Much Does It Cost To Neuter A Cat And What If I Cant Afford It

It can typically cost around $100 if you call your local veterinarian practice. Prices do vary though, so its worth calling around a few places.

If you know you cannot afford it there are some other options. There are charities and aid if youre in this position. The ASPCA keeps a database of centres that can help if youre in this situation.

Does Spaying Or Neutering Hurt My Cat

Like humans, cats are given anesthetics during operations. Cats are completely unconscious while theyre spayed or neutered, so they dont feel any pain. A long-acting pain relief injection administered immediately after the procedure eliminates post-surgery discomfort. Your vet will give you anti-inflammatories and painkillers to give to your cat at home, too.

Generally speaking, cats bounce back quite quickly after theyre neutered. Male cats usually only need painkillers for a day after castration. Female cats usually need medication for three days after being spayed.

During The Cat Neuter Recovery Time

How Old Do Cats Have to Be to Get Fixed?

Most often youâll see absolutely nothing. Again, most after-effects are medication-related, not neuter-related. After all, feline testicles are tiny little things that tend not to have a lot of nerve endings associated with them â not at the age most kittens get neutered, anyway.

If there are any adverse, veterinary visit-worthy events to observe, they tend to be related to post-operative bleeding. Any bleeding or excessive licking should be cause to bring your recently-neutered cat to the vet for a follow-up visit.

Neuter A Male Kitten Your Turn

Do agree with Michael Freeby that we shouldnt even neuter a male kitten? If yes, why?

On the other hand, if you agree with our experts, then at what age should you neuter a male kitten?

Leave a comment and join our conversation.


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The Importance Of Getting Your Cat Fixed

Every year, over 3 million cats enter the animal shelter system in the United States according to the ASPCA .

Spaying or neutering your kitten or cat is critical in helping to reduce the number of unwanted cats in West Chester shelters. 

On top of reducing the number of unwanted cats in your area, neutering and spaying also help curb undesirable behaviors and reduce your feline friend’s risk of developing a number of serious health conditions. 

I Have Unneutered Female And Male Cats In My Household What Should I Do To Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies

If you have an unneutered male and female in the same household, have them neutered as soon as they reach 4 months old. If this isnt possible, and your female cat comes on heat, its essential to keep your cats apart at all times to stop them from mating. Please remember that related cats will mate, including brothers, sisters, fathers and daughters.

When Can You Get A Kitten Neutered

An orchidectomy is the proper name for the procedure by which a male cats testicles are surgically removed from his scrotum. If your veterinarian determines your male kitten to be hale and otherwise healthy, sterilization can take place any time after he is eight weeks old and reaches a weight of two pounds. Is it vital that you schedule the operation for the day he turns eight weeks, or the moment he hits two pounds on the scale? No. Should you get him fixed once he reaches an appropriate age and weight? Yes.

Recovery time is brief for a neutered kitten. A male kitten that has been fixed may have to wear a cone of shame for a few days after the operation, but the incision will have healed completely within two weeks. It is a routine procedure and a safe one. If you intend to raise a male cat indoors and never let him outside the walls of your home, though, is a neutering operation really beneficial? Yes, and for reasons that exceed suppressing his sexual proclivities.

What Happens During A Spay Or Neuter Surgery

When you drop Spots off for surgery, what actually happens?

Generally, the veterinary technician will look your kitty over and collect vitals, such as the temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, as well as draw some blood to run the tests requested by the veterinarian. The vet will also look over your kitty to be sure he or she is healthy enough to have the procedure done that day. Assuming everything is normal, your cat will be sedated with an injection, and the IV catheter will be placed in a shaved area on the front paw.

Particularly for adult and older cats, most veterinarians use what is called a balanced anesthetic plan, which means that the cat is given a very tiny dose of many different medications. This helps to avoid concerns about an overdose, but it also means that we can glean all of the benefits of these drugs while minimizing their side effects. These medications include several different pain medications and sedatives, and soon, Spots is sleeping very comfortably.

If you have a female cat, the veterinary team will place a breathing tube to help protect the airway and allow them to deliver anesthetic gas to keep her sleeping throughout the procedure. Most males will not need to have the endotracheal tube placed because their procedure is shorter and simpler. All cats, though, will also be hooked up to monitoring equipment to monitor their heart rate, respiration rate, blood pressure, EKG tracing and several other factors.

Fast Facts On Cat Sterilization

  • Most animal shelters and rescue groups require cats to be spayed or neutered before they will allow them to be adopted. The new owner should anticipate picking up the cost for this procedure.
  • The cost of spaying or neutering varies widely depending on the U.S. location, but will range from a low of $50 through a pet shelter to a high of $200 for a private veterinarian in a large urban area.
  • In most cases your cat will be able to come home the same day, especially if they are scheduled to be spayed or neutered in the morning.
  • For nervous cat owners who worry excessively about their beloved kitty, most vets are happy to call you after the procedure is over to let you know how your pet is doing.

Millions of beautiful cats and kittens are exterminated each year by animal shelters who cant find enough homes for them. The famous artist Leonardo da Vinci once said even the smallest feline is a masterpiece. Cat owners can help make sure that each precious fur covered work of art has a happy home. The best way to accomplish this goal is through responsible spaying and neutering.

Why Does My Neutered Cat Still Look Like They Have Testicles

When a cat is castrated, the testicles are removed but the scrotum isnt. This means sometimes they look like they still have testicles after their operation. Over time the scrotum will shrink and become less noticeable. If you notice swelling or redness in your cats scrotum after their surgery, contact your vet for advice.

So When Should Your Get Your Maine Coon Neutered

8 Dumb Excuses Not to Have Your Cat Spayed or Neutered ...

You will find that a lot of breeders are getting kittens neutered prior to allowing them to go home with their new owners. Or you may find that youll be allowed to take the kitten home but the papers proving that they are purebred Maine coon are withheld until you can provide proof that you have had them neutering. This will be in part to cut down on the number of backyard breeders. They obviously wont want you setting up as competition but also they will not want to contribute to irresponsible breeding practices.

Another reason that breeders are choosing to neuter early is because of de-clawing. De-clawing of Maine coons was a common practice in the past. Having them neutered prior to go home reduces the risk of aggressive behaviours which might prompt an owner to consider de-clawing.

If youve got yourself a kitten and they havent yet been neutered then have a chat with your veterinarian about when they would recommend neutering. Neutering from the age of 12 weeks is now standard practice in many places and will not cause any long term problems for your Maine coon.

Regardless of when the neutering takes place you should choose to have the procedure done at some point for your Maine coon to enjoy a happy, healthy home life with your family.

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