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How To Calm Kittens Down At Night

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When Your Cat Gets The Midnight Crazies

How to Get Kittens to Calm Down : Advice on Raising Kittens

Its 1 a.m. and youre jolted awake by the sound of a trash can lid hitting the floor. You shuffle into your kitchen and theres your cat perched on the kitchen counter you swear shes grinning at you. She lets out a howl, leaps to the floor, runs sideways, leaps into the air, and pounces on nothing with all her might. Your cat has been gripped by the midnight crazies.

The midnight crazies is a popular name for a cats behavior when she plays and roughhouses in short spurts in the middle of the night. The cat may entertain herself with wild activity or jump on your bed and paw at your feet, elbows, hair, and face to get you to join in.

What motivates a cat to such boisterous and disruptive behavior? One theory is that the cat is simply practicing hunting methods, fighting maneuvers, and escape techniques.

Cats in the wild are active at times when rodents come out, typically after dark, says Sandy Myers, an animal behavior consultant with Narnia Pet Behavior Clinic in Naperville, Ill. A cat naturally wants to spend her evenings hunting and playing predator games, even if she is a well-fed house pet.

Another theory is that house cats become active at night simply because they arent getting enough play and exercise during the day.

Here are some suggestions for coping with a nocturnally active cat.

Should I Leave The Light On Or Off

Cats can see in very low light, so its likely that even with the lights off theyll be able to move around with little effort. However, it can take a bit of time before they get accustomed to their new environment so having a low night light on to make things easier at the beginning is a good idea.

Get Your Cat A Friend

If youve heard the expression the more the merrier, that may just be the solution to your problem. If your cat is all over you at nighttime, it may be because they are a bit lonely and are seeking out attention. If you have more than one cat, they may just buddy up and keep each other company.

Of course, we know how cats can be finicky about who they share their home with, so youll need to consider your cats personality. What better excuse to get yourself a new cat though? If this is a consideration, try reaching out to your local animal shelter or cat rescue, as they are sure to have plenty of lovable kitties available for adoption.

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Cat Wont Sleep At Night Theres A Solution

Crinkle. Crinkle.THUD. Cat wont sleep at night? Youre not alone.

Many cat owners have experienced the sheer frustration of being woken up in the middle of the night, usually by a cat or two running around and playing with loud tin-foil cat toys, or their cat meowing and yowling at the bedroom door.

Cats are experts at throwing their little bodies around to cause as much noise as possible.

In some cases, cats will quite literally run into walls or slide across tables, creating a path of destruction that most owners groan at in the morning. However, their cute faces in the morning almost make the mess all forgivable.

Tire Them Out Before Bed

How To Get Your Cat To Calm Down At Night

Kittens have a ton of energy, and theyve got to get it all out somehow.

Play with your kitten for 10-15 minutes right before bed so that theyre tired when youre tired. Then, feed your kitten their dinner right before bedtime.

The next thing theyll want to do, after hunting and eating their meal, is to sleep.

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Do Kittens Sleep Through The Night

Not always its common for kittens to wake up throughout the night. While its true that kittens love snoozing and they can sleep up to 18-20 hours a day, it doesnt always happen when humans are asleep. Cats are generally active at dawn and dusk. Add to this the unfamiliar environment a kitten must adjust to in the first few nights and youre in for a few longer nights than usual.

However, sleep is essential for your kittens development which why its important to let them have this peaceful time off during kittenhood to make sure they grow up healthy and happy.

The Strategy For Calming Down A Hyper Kitten

As you can see, the idea behind calming down a hyper kitten is all about redirecting their energy. Young cats are hyper because they are learning about the world around them and how to act like a cat, and its up to us as pet owners to create as fulfilling of an environment as possible for them. This includes regular playtime, lots of places to play, and space just for them to calm down.

In addition, how you play with your cat is just as important. Some important things to remember are to not use your fingers and toes as toys, try out many different toys to see which ones your cat likes the best, and mimic your cats natural hunting instincts by playing with them smarter, not always harder. Lastly, providing a cool-down for your cat when they are able to catch their prey and feel the satisfaction of their kill is helpful for both calming them down and making them feel accomplished.

And after all that playtime, its important to help your kitty to refuel with nourishing food. PrettyPlease, our ultra-premium nutrient rich cat food, contains everything kitties need to feel their best.

What are your favorite ways to play with your little hunter? Wed love to hear!

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Can You Tell A Kittens Personality

A kitten should be playful, but not too aggressive. Avoid kittens who hide in the corner or appear to bully their siblings. Kittens should be confident, inquisitive and not reluctant to approach people. Kittens who hiss or hide when handled by humans will be much more difficult to raise into friendly cats.

Sleeping Arrangements For A Kittens First Night Home Teaser: A Kittens First Night In A New Home Is Likely One Of The Biggest Challenges They Have Ever Faced Here Are A Few Things To Know About How Long Kittens Usually Sleep And What You Can Do To Help Your New Kitten Sleep Peacefully Through The Night

How to Get Kittens to Calm Down

Welcoming a new kitten home can be nerve-wracking for both the owners and the felines involved. While were fretting over which cupboard is best for keeping the cat food and which local veterinary practice to choose, the kitten has a whole set of different concerns to deal with. There are new people to meet and new sights and smells everywhere. Their new home looks nothing like the one they lived in until not so long ago and theres no sight of their mum and littermates. In short, everything is different and a bit scary.

Then just as theyre getting settled, night time arrives and they are left to sleep all alone in this new, strange house. A kittens first night home can be challenging but there are plenty of things a cat owner can do to help your little ball of fur settle in quickly. Learn about how long should a kitten sleep, where is the best place to make a comfy bed for the new friend and how to get them snoozing fast.

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Have The Kitten Checked

Sometimes, kittens wont calm down due to a health condition. While most kittens will become neurotic because of anxiety and fear, some are suffering from hyperthyroidism. This condition will make the kitten increasingly active and thirsty. You will also notice a sudden boost in appetite, accompanied by unexplained weight loss.

You should bring your cat to the vet for proper diagnosis and treatment. No matter what you do, your cat will remain overly energetic unless its medical condition is treated.

Kitten Behavior Stages: What To Expect

Your kitten grows at an incredible rate. It may be difficult to keep up with your kitten on a daily basis. They are very curious and can get involved in many things quickly. Nold explains the key stages of your kittens development.

Cats are evolved to be nocturnal. You ask your cat to follow your daytime schedule when they are in your home. As young as two weeks old, kittens can begin to socialize. Kittens also play and eat the same way as toddlers.

Social interaction peaks around 3 months old. They reach their teens when they are between 4-9 months old. They might feel their predatory instincts and need to hunt and scavenge.

They might start to bring toys and play more in the evenings. They may become independent and start to model their behavior for their families from 9-14 months. This process may be quicker if there are other cats in the house to teach them.

Although development occurs in stages, each kitten is unique. It is normal for kittens and adult cats to develop at different rates than others.

Talk to your veterinarian if you have concerns about your cats behavior or development. Your veterinarian can help you identify any problems and suggest a treatment plan.

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Do Cats Get Hyper/angry

Cats are known for being cold and heartless. This is a false perception. Felines experience a variety of emotions. Two emotions that fall under this emotional spectrum are anger and frustration.

According to the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery, understanding feline emotional well-being and physical health is just as important as understanding their physical health.

If their cat is upset or furious, the owner should address it immediately. It could have a negative effect on the human-feline relationship if you fail to do this.

Best Natural Ingredients Medterra

12 Proven Ways to Calm a Cat Down at Night

Check out the MedTerra CBD Calming Pet Chews if your cat prefers a softer treat. These bacon-flavored soft chews combine CBD with botanical ingredients to give your cat a boost of calm.



  • Treats come in 10 mg of CBD, making it hard to dose for smaller cats

Why we like it: Aside from the CBD, these calming pet chews also contain Valerian root and L-Tryptophan. Valerian root has calming effects to help boost your cats relaxation. L-Tryptophan is a natural amino acid that can provide better sleep and anxiety relief.

How to feed to your cat: Each chew contains 10mg of CBD. Start with half a treat to see how your cat reacts. If it seems that your cat is not having the desired effects, you can increase the dose to one treat. Do not exceed more than one treat for cats that weigh less than ten pounds.

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Meeting Your Cats Social Needs Before Bedtime

First and foremost, pet owners must cover the fundamentals. Providing your cat with nutritious food, plenty of clean water, and a clean litter box in a secure location are all important first steps. As with humans, cats have a fundamental need for social connection, and they rely on us to fulfill that need. It is possible for a cat to meow, scratch, pounce, defecate outside of the litter box, and generally act out at night in order to gain the attention he requires if he is left alone all day and neglected when his pet parents arrive home.

They have a strong need to exert energy. It is possible for them to become anxious, reactive, and even aggressive toward their owners or other pets in the home if they do not receive adequate stimulation, such as interactive playtime with their owners, vertical structures to climb and jump on, as well as places to stretch their muscles and scratch.

The difficulty is that many pet parents just do not have the time or energy to lavish attention on their adoring felines.

It can also be beneficial to turn on the television at a low volume while youre away to visually stimulate your cat while youre away, according to Castro.

In addition to providing your cat with a late evening meal, scheduling a late evening feeding time might help you to control your cats midnight shenanigans. Cats, like us, are frequently tired after a substantial meal, according to Hartstein.

Why Does Your Cat Wake You At Night

Adrienne Legaults The Spruce is a novel about a young woman who falls in love with her best friend. When it comes to their natural environment, cats are nocturnal creatures. They sleep virtually the whole day and play or hunt almost the entire night. You may be woken up in the middle of the night for a variety of reasons, including your cats behavior.

  • Its possible that your cat isnt getting enough stimulation, enrichment, and exercise during its active times, which means that when youre starting to drift off, your cat may be wide awake and ready to play. The fact that your cat spends most of its active time in the house while you are at work or away suggests that it is bored and in need of companionship. Its midnight and your cat is hungry and thirsty, perhaps its time for a midnight snack or a special treat
  • Your cats schedule is no longer in sync with yours
  • Instead, it is several hours behind. Something has gotten into your kittys bedding or litterpan
  • Note whether your cat is elderly and/or whether its nightly friskiness is new or uncommon behavior for your cat. If your cat exhibits unusual behavior, wakes up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason, appears sickly, or displays any other signs that it may be unwell, take it to the vet immediately once. Sleep interruptions that are unusual might be an indication of sickness, ranging from toothache or arthritic discomfort to something more serious such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or neurological problems.

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How To Calm Down Cats At Night

We love our cats. Our furry friends are low maintenance, but they provide us with comfort and unconditional love. However, when night-time rolls around, all that running around the house, loud meowing, and scratching can interrupt our plans for a good nights sleep and leave us feeling frustrated. You probably know that cats are nocturnal creatures, programmed to hunt at night in the wild. So, with your domestic cat, this natural instinct to hunt at night still exists, and its the reason why your cat sleeps for 12 to 16 hours throughout the day. By sleeping during the day, your cat is energized to hunt and run around at night when you need to sleep. So, if your cats excessive meowing keeps you up every night, you need to find a way to help your cat to adjust to your sleep patterns or simply keep them engaged more during the daytime.

Night-time vocalizations usually mean that some of your cats basic needs arent being met, so your cat is probably hungry, thirsty, or is just feeling lonely. However, some cats are naturally anxious and tend to be stressed all the time, which leaves owners wondering what to do and how to calm cats down at night.

Keep your cat busy while youre at work

Spend time and play with your cat in the evening

Feed your cat before bedtime

Keep your cat out of the bedroom during the night

Leave your cats favourite toys out for them to play with during the night

Play soft and relaxing music

Use a pheromone diffuser or spray

Use calming essential oils

Help Your Kitten Relax

⬠Deep cat lullaby with stress and anxiety & Cat purring sounds

If your kitten is too anxious or nervous to lie down and sleep at night, you can help her feel more secure by sitting down with her for a while, holding her closely, and gently petting her. Some kittens are also comforted by a softly playing radio tuned to an all-night talk show or soft music station. Others are comforted by having a toy or blanket from their former nest so that the smell from that familiar place is present where they sleep. Once your kitten is soothed, put her in her own bed and praise her when she stays there.

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My Cat Is Very Active At Night And Keeps Waking Me Up What Should I Do

Some cats are active at night, or are awake and raring to go very early in the morning. Since many owners are out at work or school during the day, the cat may spend the daytime hours in rest and relaxation and sleeping, especially if it is the only pet in the household. The cats day then begins when the owner arrives home to provide the cat with feeding, play and social interaction.

Night time is also the most natural time for cats to be active since they normally are most active in exploration at dusk and dawn . Night time activity is quite a common issue for some cat owners and can include cats that nibble or pounce on the owners ears or toes in bed, walk across the sleeping owners, night time vocalisation, or highly energetic play sessions across the furniture and/or owners during the night or early morning.

How Do I Discipline My Kitten For Biting

8 Ways to Stop a Kitten from Biting and Scratching

  • Focus their playful energies on toys, not hands! …
  • Redirect to a scratching post. …
  • Stop play, and ignore biting or scratching behaviours immediately. …
  • Use your voice. …
  • Play with your kitten every day. …
  • Avoid reinforcing unwanted biting or scratching behaviour.
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    Get One More Furry Companion

    If your cat is the only pet in your house and is left alone for long periods every day, then it can be a good idea to provide your cat with some company with another furry companion.

    Likewise, two cats can play with each other and keep busy during the nighttime. This can be a great solution to nighttime meowing for some cats.

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