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How To Get Cat Urine Out Of Wood Subfloor

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Cat Urine on Wood Subfloor

It is indeed the best measure you can take without replacing the subfloor. No one wants new carpeting immediately ruined by old stains resurfacing.

I recommend following the same steps outlined above, in all affected areas. I also suggest letting them dry and watching the spots for several days before you install the new carpeting.

Why so long?

Youll get a better idea of if the enzyme cleaner did its job if you wait a few days. You can even put old towels or doormats over the spot once its dry, as a test.

If the stain manages to rear its ugly head through either of these, it might be necessary to replace some or all of the subfloor.

You can also seal your subfloor before putting down any new flooring. Subfloor sealing will help repel liquid not just the urine variety.

Sealant goes a long way to prevent future stains from setting in.

Prevent Urine Stains In The Future

Of course, and Ive learned it the hard way, you cant always control the actions of your cat!

So, he or she might end up peeing on your floors once again.

Yet, you can still have a semblance of control by sealing or refinishing your hardwood floor.

This way, there will always be a protective layer between any liquids spilled and the actual wood material.

Apply several layers of floor sealant to ensure that no urine could reach the wood even if the floor gets scratched under your cats paws.

Use A Stain And Odor Remover And Cover With A Plastic Wrap

Procedure: Pour a liberal amount of stain and odor remover on the affected area and cover the spot with a plastic wrap. Add more liquid after a few days and repeat the process over the following weeks. Finally, remove the plastic wrap after 4 to 6 months and by this time the smell should be completely gone.

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Can You Seal The Wood To Prevent Pet Urine Damage

Sealing hardwood flooring is one of the best ways to prevent urine damage. It all depends on the floor sealant or any other floor pre-finishing products you choose for your floor. Your primary goal is to increase the outer layer of plywood that coats the subfloor. Think of it as putting sellotape between the paws of your pet and the hardwood surface.

Unlike tiles, hardwood floors are porous. Even the smallest amount of liquid can permeate through the deepest layers of the wood structure. Its not easy to detect the damage happening in the wood fibers since it takes time. Eventually, the moisture that sips through wood can invite molds and mildew.

Hardwood floors are prone to scratches from pets claws which increases the rate of moisture absorption inside them. If the floor sealants get scratched, they get susceptible to urine seepage to the subfloor. While the outer surface may be robust enough to prevent liquid from seeping through it, the small openings from scratches can still invite unwanted moisture.

Protective finishing or sealants of hardwood floors are impenetrable by nature. While they might not prevent scratches, the good news is the scratches wont extend to the wood. Its safer to use many layers of pet-proof hardwood flooring instead of applying a single coat. Remember, the thicker the sealant, the more protection for your hardwood floor.


Kilz Primer And Polyurethane

How to Get Cat Urine Out of a Wood Subfloor: Steps to ...

I have flipped many houses with the pet urine problem. Simple steps: Spray 1 to 1 bleach/water mix over any problem area. Then paint 2 coats Kilz over area. Next is the most important step that no one seems to do, spread 2 coats of polyurethane over the area to seal smell for good. Polyurethane is the protective coat that goes over finished wood floors so nothing penetrates and damages the wood. Lets nothing in or out. Final step is of course carpet or tile.

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Reasons Why Cats Pee Somewhere Other Than The Litter Box

Before we round up some helpful tips on how to remove cat urine smell from your wood floor, lets consider reasons why cats relieve themselves on the floor and elsewhere other than their litter box. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Your cat has medical issues like diabetes or a urinary tract infection.
  • The type of litter used.
  • A dirty litter box.
  • Your cat is experiencing anxiety or stress.

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How Do You Get Rid Of Cat Urine Smell Naturally

Dont get mad get clean ! Add a quarter cup of a cider vinegar to the wash cycle, along with the detergent. Items come out clean and fresh. Use the natural power of baking soda to clean and deodorize soiled bedding and clothes. Add it directly to your wash, or use a detergent that has baking soda in it.

What Smells Deter Cats From Peeing

How to Remove Pet Urine Odors from Subfloor

Firstly, clean up their pee, so they dont repeat marks. Other smells that stop cats from peeing in the same place include :

  • Citrus peel .
  • Pepper .
  • Urine remover products that can prevent repeat marking.

If youre unsure if you have thoroughly cleaned up cat pee, you can use a black light to check if all pee is gone from the area .

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Homeowner From Corpus Christi Texas

My tenant who spent the last 12 years occupying my rental finally moved out along with her 2 small dogs. Well I knew the floor was going to be bad after the horrible urine smell that was left in the unit. Removing the old carpet and padding was pretty horrible due to the smell. Once we got the padding up I saw how bad the wood was and tried cleaning it with bleach and a mop to get the smell out.

I’m debating if I should just remove the subfloor and replace it with new wood. It’s something I really don’t want to do but will if I have to. I do have one small area that will have to be cut out and replaced. Yesterday I put down some Natures Miracle Urine Destroyer and waiting for it to dry to see if it helps with the smell. If it does I can apply some Zinsser BIN to seal it and install new flooring. What do you guys recommend? The floor looks pretty bad with stains. I’ve never seen one this bad but I don’t have much experience with rental properties.

Snapped a quick pic of the floor. This was after about 48 hours of applying lots of bleach and a mop with the windows open. I know have a fan in there helping to dry the floor.

Flipper/rehabber From Topeka Ks

I am working on a large rehab house now with dog urine on the subfloors. We have replaced approximately 25 sheets of subflooring. I left several spots that I thought we would spot treat and seal over. As the humidity is getting higher outside I have noticed the spots all sweat . The spots get darker in appearance and smell a lot worse. I am certain if we treat and seal, the smell will still permeate through the plywood around and under the sealed areas. I am not willing to chance it on a large rehab project. We are going to cut out the rest of the areas in 16″ x 12″ patches and glue/screw the patch down. I am not willing to sell a house that smells like fresh paint now but get comments on our facebook page from new buyers that on humid days their new house smells like dog urine.

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Use An Ionizer To Get Rid Of Any Lingering Smell

Now that the stains are efficiently removed, you may want to give your room a breath of clean air and remove any remnants of the bad odor.

Here, you could include an ionizer like this one in your final touches.

This little guy should purify the air inside the room by eliminating any lurking harmful substances, a.k.a urine particles.

It also doubles as a deodorizer, releasing low-concentration ozone to remove unwanted smells.

Subfloors And Urine Dont Mix

How To Get Cat Urine Smell Out Of Wood Subfloor

If pet urine has reached your subfloor, youll be caught in a tough cycle where stains will resurface in your flooring and you will have to clean them.

Although some situations require expert help, this is an issue you can generally take care of on your own.

So just how to get dog urine out of wood under carpet? Enzyme cleaner is your best friend after your pet, of course.

Even if theyre the cause of the stain in the first place we still love them. After all, accidents happen to the best of us.

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Ventilate The Space By Pulling The Carpet Up The Walls

Roll the carpet back as soon as possible if you think your cat has urinated on it. This gives you a clear view of the urine-soaked areas. There may be several. The carpet can be cleaned and sun-dried before the subfloor is cleaned and replaced.

Your pet urine-cleaning method may also benefit from a few extra cracks in the windows and doors of your home. Adequate aeration encourages fresh air and eliminates foul smells. The floating particles in the urine-soaked room are also helped to remove this method.

How To Get Rid Of The Smell Of Pet Pee In Subfloors

It isnt easy to get rid of dried pet urine once its been tracked in through the floor or furniture. Cleaning cat urine relies on several things, including where it is, how long it has been there, and the type of hardwood floor it has been deposited on. This should be your final option if you cant find a solution elsewhere. Unfortunately, its possible to delete it using the following methods:

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How To Remove Pet Urine Odor In Subfloors

Dried pet urine is a daunting odor to remove once seeped into the room through the floor or furniture. Cleaning cat urine depends on several factors: where it is, how long it has stayed unnoticed, and the type of hardwood floor deposited. In that case, replacing the entire subfloor should be the last resort. Fortunately, you can apply the following tips to remove it:

Video Answer: How To Remove Dog Urine Smell From A Hard Wood Floor

Extreme Pet Odor Issues? Seal the Subfloor!

As it is urea based, it tends to smell of ammonia. The smell becomes stronger when your cat does not drink enough water. Strong ammonia smell in urine also indicates dehydration in cats. You need to make sure that your cat drinks fresh and clean water daily. In dog urine is 95 percent water and 5 percent water-soluble organic materials and ions.

Their urine smells about the same as human urine. Poop has no smell. They usually choose one place and pee in it continuously, so it’s easy to clean that spot out every few days. If it can stay wet continuously, bacteria will turn the urea into ammonia, but it’s nowhere near the volume of ammonia you get with cat pee.

Cat urine has a higher ammonia content than dog urine.It is the ammonia that smells bad and stings your nose!It will also smell stronger when an animal “sprays”there territory.Unaltered Male Cats and dogs will do this more often thanfemales or altered animals.Since cats are more territorial than dogs, they will be morelikely to spray than dogs.

Could It Be a UTI? In the vast majority of cases, blood in a dog’s urine also commonly known as hematuria is a telltale sign of a urinary tract infection. It’s incredibly common for dogs to get these, and it happens more often in female dogs than males.

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Preventing Your Cat From Unwanted Urination

  • 1Know why cats pee. Cats pee for two reasons: to mark their territory with a general splatter or to clear waste with a large puddle.XResearch source When cats eliminate waste they look for flat horizontal surfaces, thats why floors are a perfect target.
  • Provide separate living areas if you are in a multi-cat household.XResearch source
  • 2Make your cat feel more secure in its territory.Cats will urinate more when marking their territory when they feel the need to get possessive. When cats mark their territory they will lift up their tail and usually spray vertical spaces like walls.XResearch source
  • Cats will mark their territory to give other cats information like the right time to mate. Getting your cat spayed/castrated may help this problem.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • Close windows, blinds, and doors so your indoor cat doesn’t see other cats and become threatened, otherwise they may begin marking their territory.XTrustworthy SourceAmerican Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to AnimalsLeading organization dedicated to the prevention of animal crueltyGo to source
  • Be vigilant especially if your cat is in new surroundings. Address the urination before it becomes normal behaviour.XResearch source
  • 4Remember the rule of thumb is 1 litter box per cat plus one. So remember the equation one cat=2 boxes, 3 cats=4 boxes, and so on.
  • Clean Up Cat Urine Stains Before They Smell Worse

    As bad as cat pee initially smells, the longer that urine sits, the worse the stench becomes. The smell gets more concentrated over time, Dr. Kornreich says.

    Additionally, once a urine stain dries, you may no longer see it, but you can still smell it, and so can your cat, leading him or her to mark that area again.

    When it comes to cleaning up cat urine, many cat owners make the same mistakenot cleaning it up quickly enough, says Meg Roberts, president of Molly Maid, a residential cleaning company.

    Several products can help neutralize cat pee odor, including vinegar or baking soda and enzymatic cleaners. Here are some options to help you get rid of the cat pee smell.

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    Real Estate Agent From Westford Ma

    Devils advocate, if you charged a $25 a month pet rent with a non refundable pet deposit for the guaranteed floor replacement, think of how much extra cash you’d make if the next tenant with pets stays 12 years! You could just pay someone to do the floor repair then and voila lovely fresh flooring for next tenant :).

    That said, in my own personal home our cat stopped using her litter box and we fought the good fight and solved the problem in under a month and cleaned the afflicted area daily and still had to pull the carpet and the one sheet of subfloor she targeted. It was terrible, I can’t fathom 12 years.

    How Do You Get Cat Urine Out Of Floorboards

    Remove Cat Urine From Wood Subfloor

    After the hydrogen peroxide has been applied, cover the stain with a clean cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide and then cover it with plastic wrap. If necessary, use a book to cover the cloth. You should let this sit overnight or for at least 8 hours so that the hydrogen peroxide will remove stains and eliminate urine odors.

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    Tips For Cleaning Cat Urine Off Impermeable Wood Surfaces

    • Factory- or pre-finished wood floors can be more affected by cat urine than site-finished wood floors. Pre-finished floors’ planks are individually stained and sealed in a factory. After the installation in your home, seams remain, which may allow for the urine to permeate. Site-finished floors are raw, unfinished wood floors that are first installed in your home and then stained and sealed. The benefit is that sealant has permeated and filled in the seams, preventing the urine from entering.
    • Before you take any drastic measures such as sanding the floor, first try cleaning the hardwood floor with a cat urine odor removal product. If the wood floor has a solid finish, with no seams between the boards, there is no reason why these products will not work.
    • Determine if your floor is actually made of wood, since many floors that appear to be wood are, instead, luxury vinyl plank, wood-look ceramic tile, or laminate flooring. All of these are liquid-impermeable surfaces and can be cleaned with a urine odor removal product. These products are specially formulated to eliminate odors and sometimes even remove the urine itself. Typically, they contain water, hydrogen peroxide, and a host of other agents such as sodium hydroxide and alcohol ethoxylates.

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