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How To Make A Cat Fall Asleep

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The How And Whys Of Who Cats Choose To Sleep With

How To Make Kittens Fall Asleep

Did any of these reasons make sense to you about your cats sleeping habits? Most cats will sometimes sleep alone in a quiet space because cats love to change where they sleep. One night your cat may sleep with you, while the next, they are on the bunk with one of the kids. The main thing is that this snuggle time enriches both your life and the life of your cat. It creates a closeness that is immeasurable.

We hope this helps explain how cats choose who to sleep with. Would you like more information on this or other cat behaviors? Just give our team a call. Sweet dreams for a restful catnap.


Is It Bad To Sleep Next To Your Cat

Risk: A threat to young children

The old wives tale about cats sucking the life out of sleeping children isnt rooted in fact, but its still a good idea to keep cats out of the rooms where babies sleep. Cribs are attractive napping spots for cats, given that theyre high up, protected on multiple sides, and soft.

Its A Bonding Exercise

Cats have earned an unfair reputation as being aloof and unfriendly. But as cat owners, we know this couldnt be farther from the truth. Our cats are as affectionate as they are social. They want to bond with us.

Cat behavior consultant Mikel Delgado, PhD, told Catster that its not unusual for cats to engage in pillowing at bedtime. This is when they use another cat as a pillow If theyre the only cat in the house, they love to use you as an alternative.

This tactile component to the feline/human bond is your cats way of saying, I love you. I want to be near you and spend time with you.

Its hard to argue with that.

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Managing Nocturnal Behavior In Cats

You may feel that getting up and calming or feeding your cat will help, but its best to ignore your cats behavior as much as possible. Attention in the night rewards the behavior and your cat may learn to stay awake for food and attention.

Even though you may feel tired or frustrated, remember that night activity is natural for your cat. Avoid punishing your cat for this normal behavior as it may create more stress. If your cat wont let you sleep, its best to change your daytime schedule to give your cat more exercise and play.

Do Cats Circle Before Sleep For Survival

How to Make a kitten fall asleep in 4 min

There are many possible explanations for the circling ritual cats perform prior to lying down for a nap. One theory is that cats circle around and tightly coil their bodies to conserve body heat. Cats in the wild could not control the climate by turning the thermostat up, so when the weather was cold, they wound their bodies into tight balls to stay warm. The tighter the tuck, the warmer the cat. In addition, other family members gathered together in a tight circle to effectively share body heat by compacting their bodies together.

Likewise, wild cats in hotter climates could not turn the thermostat down, so to make a cooler bed they scratched at the ground to clear away topsoil and grass that retained and radiated the suns warmth. Removing the topsoil and grass exposed the cooler soil underneath and gave the sleepy cat some relief from the heat. So, in cold or hot climates, cats optimized a biological reason for turning around before bedding down.

Cats in the wild were constantly on guard for predators. They positioned themselves in the most advantageous manner to keep a close watch on their environment. They circled until they positioned themselves according to wind patterns that would allow them to quickly pick up on the scent of an intruder. Cats traveled in packs, so they placed alpha cats on the outside of a family circle protecting the young and aged.

“Cats effectively created a safe place to sleep by circling and making a bed.”

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How To Take Catnaps

This article was co-authored by Carlotta Butler, RN, MPH and by wikiHow staff writer, Jessica Gibson. Carlotta Butler is a Registered Nurse in Arizona. Carlotta is a member of the American Medical Writers Association. She received her Masters of Public Health from the Northern Illinois University in 2004 and her Masters in Nursing from the University of St. Francis in 2017.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 34,401 times.

If you experience a daily drop in energy, you’re not alone. Most people find themselves getting drowsy in the early afternoon. But instead of turning to sugary snacks and caffeine, try taking a “catnap,” or a quick nap. Napping for just 20 minutes can improve your mood, recharge your energy levels, and reduce stress. To help you take a great catnap, get comfortable and plan to relax.XResearch source

Dealing With Nighttime Activity

  • 1Keep your kitten in a separate room at night. While you might love the idea of snuggling up with your feline friend at bedtime, keep hyperactive kittens out of the bedroom until they’ve matured or adapted to your schedule.
  • When the time comes for bed, close the door and do not let your cat in. He may cry or scratch at the door for a bit, but as long as you do not reward the behavior by letting the cat in, he should stop.XResearch source
  • If your kitten keeps scratching at the door for prolonged periods, try creating a device to deter him from going to the door. Try putting double-sided tape near the door, or vinyl carpet cover with the knobby side pointed upward.XResearch source
  • 2Warm up a blanket for your kitten. Sometimes, kittens disrupt owners’ sleep because they miss the warmth of their mothers and siblings. If your cat wants to crawl into bed with you, try warming the cat’s blanket in the dryer for twenty minutes before bedtime.XResearch source
  • 3Put away noisy toys. Sometimes the most annoying part of a hyper kitten is the noise its toys make. Packing away the toys reinforces that night is time for sleeping instead. If the kitten is still active at night, provide quiet, soft toys instead of hard toys or anything that squeaks or jangles.XResearch source
  • While not a quick fix, this type of training is important for a kittenâs future. Your kitten needs to learn early on that it cannot initiate feeding or play at any time of day.
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    How Do I Make A Cat Fall Asleep

    Does anybody know how to make a cat go to sleep? I have to take her on a long drive and I want her to sleep so she doesn’t get too stressed. I tried using the calming spray but it doesn’t work on her.

    Does anybody have an advice?

    • 1Welcome to Pets StackExchange 🙂 Can you provide more information about your cat that may be relevant to the question? For example, age, breed etc. HendersDec 12 ’18 at 9:21
    • Thank you! Well my cat is a year and 5 months old and is a former feral cat. She is a tortie with a little but of tortietude but still a good girl. She doesn’t get along with another cat who’s going to be in the same car with her on our drive so I really want her to fall asleep during the ride to get less stress…

    The first thing to make sure is that you take your cat on small trips in your car so that she gets used to it. Start it with a trip for a few minutes and then return home. This is to show your cat that nothing bad happens and for her to get used to the situation.

    It is best to use a fairly small carrier for your cat. Cats do feel safer in small spaces. You will need to put a towel in the carrier and it is best if you use one on which the cat has rested upon. If the towel smells of her she will feel more at home.

    Before you take the cat for the long drive you will probably try to limit feeding and drinking right before you leave so your cat can go for some time before she needs to eliminate.

    Your Cat Prefers To Sleep On Your Head

    How to Make a kitten fall asleep in 4 min

    There may actually be a few reasons that cats like to sleep on your head.

  • Your head is warm. Your head releases steady heat throughout the night, making your pillow an attractive place for your cat to hit the hay.
  • Your head is stationary. Restless sleeper? To avoid being jostled all night by your restless arms and legs, a cat will gravitate towards your head.
  • It smells good. Your cat may like the scent of your hair and shampoo. Cats have a stronger sense of smell than we do, and theyre drawn to the comfort of your scent.
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    Feed Your Cat Just Before Bedtime

    Cats naturally have a rhythm to their days that involves hunting and catching prey, eating, grooming themselves, and then sleeping. The best way to encourage your cat to sleep is to follow this rhythm!

    After youve had a good play session with your cat, to mimic the hunting and catching part of their rhythm, its a great time to feed your cat. This can give them the satisfaction that they naturally would feel if they caught something in the wild and then settled down to eat it.

    After your cat has a nice full tummy, theyll be ready for a nice grooming session and then sleep. Timing the start of their sleep cycle to correspond with your bedtime means theres less chance of them waking you up if theyre full of energy as youre going to bed.

    How Do I Make My Cat A Lap Cat

    Provide positive reinforcement.

  • Give your cat a treat when they sit on your lap.
  • Consider stuffing your pockets with catnip or some other treat or scent that your cat likes.
  • Pat or rub your cat in a way that they like when they sit on your lap.
  • Repeat phrases like good kitty when your cat sits on your lap.
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    Why Does My Cat Wake Me Up Early In The Morning

    Most cat owners will be familiar with their cat trying to wake them up in the early hours of the morning – either by miaowing or pawing at their face! While this behaviour can be annoying and endearing in equal measures, this is usually a normal part of being a cat.

    While cats have adapted over time to fit in with the waking patterns of humans, many will still be easily woken at the first sight of a sunrise. If you’re concerned about the four-legged furry alarm clock in your house, there are a few things you can do

    • Rule out any medical issues. Some medical conditions cause cats to wake up in the night, cry excessively or feel restless and disorientated. Try not to tell your cat off for waking you up at night – they could be trying to tell you that they’re unwell
    • Finding out your cat’s motivation to wake you up could be helpful. Are they waking because they’re hungry? Try feeding them smaller and more regular meals during the day to stave off hunger, or install an automatic feeder to open during the night or early morning
    • Provide your cat with plenty of play during the day to use up their excess energy. A fishing rod toy should do the trick!

    Of course, if you’re really struggling for sleep, visit your vet to get a referral to a qualified behaviourist to identify the underlying reason for your cat’s night-time waking. Visit the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors for more advice.

    Is It Cruel To Keep An Indoor Cat

    How do you make a cat fall asleep

    Keeping a cat safe by keeping him indoors without the tools to exercise his instincts would be cruel, indeed. This isnt being suggested. The answer: enrich your cats everyday life by providing the stimulation and the action she both wants and needs. Inside-with an extensively enriched environment.

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    Make Your Bed Inviting To Your Cat

  • 1Let your cat explore the bed and decide for itself if it likes it. Use your knowledge of your cats likes and dislikes to make the bed a welcoming place. For instance, use catnip if your cat usually responds to it. Or, if catnip isnt your pets thing but covered settings are, set up a cat cave at the foot of the bed. Your goal is to encourage your cat to choose to go to your bed and build positive associations with it.XResearch source
  • Your cat might like the feel of a soft, fluffy blanket, or prefer a less fluffy quilt instead.
  • Making minor adjustments to the room environment might help as well. See if making the room a little darker and cooler at night, or maybe a little lighter and warmer, does the trick. Dont make big changes that affect your own sleeping comfort, though.
  • In case you havent figured it out by now, cats dont like to be bossed around! You cant force your cat to like your bed and want to sleep there. But you can make your bed more inviting so that your cat is more likely to choose to sleep there.
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    Why Does My Cat Sleep There

    Unlike us, cats dont just go to bed at a set time in the evening and sleep for the duration of the night. They are a crepuscular species, which means they nap intermittently throughout a 24-hour period, but are mostly awake at night . They may change where they sleep and with whom often, so its unlikely that one specific place or person will be the one.

    They do have some considerations about where and with whom they snooze, though.

  • The one who feeds them. Lets face it, most pets are motivated by food, and they tend to pal up with the one who brings home the bacon, so to speak. So, if you take care of your cat, theyll feel closer to you. Plus, they want to be there when you open your eyes in the morning, because guess what did someone say breakfast?
  • The warmest spot. Cats love to be warm, and thats why youll see them sacked out in the sunshine. They crave warm and cozy spots, so if your bed is something they find comfortable, theyll likely choose you to snuggle with.
  • The one who makes them feel safe. Cats are particular about where they sleep, ensuring its safe and secure. They will choose a spot where they can make a quick getaway, even if they feel secure when sleeping with one of their human family members.
  • Kneading & Facial Petting

    How to Help Your Cat Fall Asleep Fast

    Ahhh…the sure sign you are really making progress with your cat — kneading! This is a place of deep satisfaction for your cat during your snuggle time. Your cat may also start petting YOU!


    “In adulthood, a cat supposedly will knead when it’s feeling happy or content because it associates the motion with the comforts of nursing and its mother. Adding further weight to the explanation: Some cats even suckle on the surface they’re kneading. Another hypothesis proposes that kneading harks back to a time before domestication, when wild cats supposedly patted down foliage to make a soft surface for sleeping or giving birth. The behavior may now be an instinctual part of settling down. On the other hand, kneading may just be another way for cats to scent and claim an area â cats have scent glands in the pads of their paws.” -Found here


    Cats may pet your face for a number of reasons. During snuggle time, however, it’s to show affection to you, put his scent on you from the pads of his paws, and to pet you just like you’re petting him.

    However, during other times, a cat petting you with his paws is to communicate something to you. More information about other reasons your cat pets you here.

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    How Do Cats Fall Asleep So Quickly

    Cats enjoy plenty of rest, with most sleeping on average 15 hours a day. Kittens and older cats can sleep for up to 20 hours, as they tire out more quickly than adult cats.

    Cats are crepuscular, so theyre most active between dusk and dawn, preferring to hunt when its dark. Because youre less likely to see what your cat is up to at nighttime, it sometimes feels like it sleeps throughout the day.

    To understand why cats fall asleep so quickly, its useful to fully understand the different sleep cycles of cats.

    When To Decide About Euthanasia

    It is always a personal choice to decide euthanasia for your cat rather than quite a heartbreaking and challenging procedure. You have to do with a heavy heart who probably desires to spend some more time with your beloved pet, but unfortunately, it is not in cat’s best interest.

    You can always consider your choices, don’t need to make any rash move in haste. Better to discuss the ongoing events with the entire family and friends to find the best possible solution. Consult the vet about your pet’s health conditions to ensure that it may not be a wrong choice to quit the life of your cat.

    If you feel a sudden change in your pet habits like less eating, slow walking, and lethargy, it is a warning sign for underlying health problems. Shortness of breath is a symptom that the animal is suffering from a chronic illness that is leading to such weakness in the body.

    When cats start eating less, their stomach gets upset due to anorexia, as this animal is quite sensitive to sour stomach disorders. Cancer, Kidney disease, and inflammatory bowel syndrome can rapidly destroy the animal’s digestive system, so he will start losing his appetite. If your pet has to fight the battle for survival soon, here is the time to consult the vet for finding the best way out of this situation.

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