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How To Register A Cat As An Esa

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How Do Emotional Support Cats Help People


In general, pets can help improve someones mental health by providing companionship, motivation, and structure.

Research has shown that cats can help people struggling with mental health issues. Simply petting a fluffy cat can help lower stress. Cats can also provide a peaceful presence and help people with anxiety calm down.

How To Get An Esa Cat Letter Through Certapet

CertaPet is the worlds no. 1 emotional support animal service and the only online service offering a 100% legal and compliant process.Start by taking our free online 5-minute pre-screening process to see if you are a good candidate for an ESA, and if you are, well connect you with a licensed mental health professional quickly and easily. You can access your letter online immediately after its issued. You can also choose to receive a physical copy of the letter send to your mailing address.

An ESA Letter from CertaPet provides:

  • Recognition that you are a patient on a case-by-case basis under a licensed mental health professionals care for mental or emotional disabilities.
  • Verification that you are significantly limited by an individual disability, such as depression or a similar condition, affecting your mental well-being.
  • Prescription for an emotional support dog , or other support animal, as a necessary reinforcement for your mental health within 48 business hour

Once you receive the letter, you are free to use it whenever you travel or live with your animal.

Thats it.

Where Can I Take My Emotional Support Cat

There are a number of laws regarding where you can take a service animal. Unfortunately, that doesnt apply to emotional support cats. It is no longer a requirement for airlines to transport them in passenger cabins, though they must be carried free of charge. They are also not automatically permitted in restaurants, movie theaters, or shopping malls.

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What About Other Companies Claiming To Register My Pet Or Provide A Letter Too

Trying to understand the laws and wanting not wanting to be scammed by an online company is important to consider. Whether you choose TheraPetic as your provider of service/support animal documentation or decide on a different company, we encourage you to be skeptical and confirm the following:

The Company is Based in CANADA and is NOT FOR PROFIT

The Company is an Accredited Healthcare Provider qualified to register service animals and provide letters/forms

The Company has a Full Refund Policy when services are not rendered and not a partial refund policy, which should be very evident

The Company has Verified Reviews from , , TrustPilot or some other independent review company

TheraPetic is THE ONLY COMPANY that proudly exceeds these industry standards!

Legal Protection For Emotional Support Animals

How to Register Cat as Emotional Support Animal: Complete Guide

The United States Federal Laws protect the rights of owners/handlers of emotional support animals. The policies and rules governing ESAs are stricter as compared to service dogs. However, there are certain things you need to keep in mind when considering ESA registration:

  • Travelling with Your Emotional Support Animal: People with emotional support animals can fly with their pets without having to pay extra charges. You do not have to check in your pet so that he/she may travel in the cargo. However, these airlines do stress that they be informed beforehand so that specific arrangements can be made. Besides informing them, you will also have to provide them with a medical letter for verification of your mental condition.
  • Living with Your Emotional Support Animal: The Fair Housing Act ensures that a person who requires emotional support animals will be permitted to live with their pet. Additionally, it also prevents rental companies and landlords from charging deposits or pet fees.

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Relieve Stress And Depressive Symptoms

Other mental and emotional wellness issues that an emotional support cat helps with include depression and stress. Many people credit their emotional support animal as providing critical help that got them through periods of intense depression or stress.

Emotional support cats relieve depression by giving their owners a sense of purpose and meaning, which can go a long way towards combating depression symptoms. Simply having the responsibility of caring for an emotional support animal and ensuring they thrive can go a long way towards meaningfully reducing depression symptoms. Petting your ESA cat also releases feel-good hormones that are known to lift a person’s mood and improve their mental well-being.

Connect With A Licensed Mental Health Professional Online Or In Real Life

If you think you could qualify for an emotional support cat, you need to talk to a licensed health professional. If youre already in therapy, you can ask your therapist about making a cat an emotional support animal. To qualify, you need to have a mental health disability. If your doctor/therapist finds that the animal can be beneficial to you, they can write you an ESA letter. If you do not have access to a licensed mental health professional in real life, you can connect with one online and get your ESA letter online. To connect with an LMHP online, complete the ESA Questionnaire by clicking the image link above.

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Difference Between An Esa And A Service/therapy Animal

While considering to register an emotional support animal, it helps to understand what makes ESAs different from other types of specialty animals, most notably service and therapy animals, of which they are many unique subtypes.

In their most basic definition, ESAs are animals who provide their caregivers with therapeutic benefits. Unlike a psychiatric service dog, who may, for example, turn on the lights before their handler enters a room to help them deal with phobias or symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, an ESA supports their human through love and companionship.

As anyone who has ever shared their life with a pet knows, animals are uniquely suited to connecting with humans on a deep level. A beloved animal companion may be the first one an individual goes to when they need someone to cry to or someone who can listen without judgment. This comes without the training that a service animal or therapy must go through.

Though they provide incredibly important services, emotional support animals are considered to be somewhere in between the realms of service or therapy animals and standard pets. So while they may not get a wide range of legal rights, they do get some. And thats where registration comes in.

License And Contact Information For Your Clinician

How to Get Your Pet Protected as an Emotional SUPPORT Animal (ESA)

The laws allow a landlord or airline to contact the clinician to verify that you have consulted with a professional, so the letter must also include their medical license and contact information.

That allows a landlord to verify that the clinician’s license is in good standing and lets them contact the clinician directly to verify the information in the ESA letter.

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Do Cats Need Any Training To Become An Esa

No, cats and other animals dont need any special training or certification to become an ESA. As long as you have an ESA letter, any cat can become your ESA.

Therapy cats, however, do need to be certified. Therapy pet organizations, such as Pet Partners, have set requirements for therapy cats in order for them to volunteer to help people at various places, such as nursing homes and hospitals.

Some common requirements for therapy cats include not showing aggression towards humans and being able to wear a harness.

However, even therapy cats dont qualify as service animals. So, they wont be able to enter pet-free public spaces or travel with you without any additional cost.

Who Can Train Service Animals

Service animals can be trained by anyone, including yourself. The ADA recognizes that dealing with a disability can be extremely difficult and likely does not want to put up barriers to people getting the support they need. As a result, you can train a service animal at home yourself or, if you need help with training, you can contact one of the many organizations that provide service animal training services across the country.

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Esa Cat Certification For Air Travel

Air Carrier Access Act, ACAA, also protects your cat when it comes to flying with your companion animal.

According to ACCA, all commercial airlines will allow your ESA cat to travel with you in the cabin without any additional charges.

Under this act, the airlines can make some limitations such as requiring advance notice. Other than this, no airline can stop you from traveling with your beloved feline.

Emotional Support Cat Registration


If your cat is an emotional support animal , it can travel with you in the cabin of commercial airplanes and live with you in housing that has a no pets policy. If you want your cat to be officially recognized as an ESA, you need an ESA letter from a licensed healthcare professional.

Thats all you need, and a little bit further down this page well show you how simple and affordable it is to get one. First we need to tell you about emotional support cat registration and why you might want to avoid it.

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The Preparation Of Emotional Support Animals

In contrast to a service animal, an emotional support animal shouldnt carry out any specific task aimed at alleviating the life of individuals with ailments. The ESAswork is primarily about providing companionship and guaranteeing emotional prop for their handlers. Therefore, ESA does not require special breeding or education.

If you already have a pet that brings you peace and happiness, you can Register Your Cat As Emotional Support Animal on MyServiceAnimalRegistrar.. This can be done simply by obtaining special documents from a mental health professional.

You can order an ESA Cat ID card on the registration page

However, to enjoy the full benefits of ESA your pet must be disciplined to behave itself. The animal should not be aggressive. It should not pose a threat to any living creatures or bring material damage.

How To Register Your Emotional Support Cat

In Emotional Support Animal by Emotional Pet Support TeamMarch 26, 2017

Definitely! An Emotional Support Cat can provide the same love, compassion, and support as any other Emotional Support Animal or emotional support dogs. Some people who arent cat people may not understand, but a cats love can be just as unconditional as a dogs. More than that, many mental health professionals recognize and report that the positive effects of cat ownership are just as considerable as dog ownership.

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Check Out Our Top Pick

There are many reasons that a person may choose to speak to their doctor or mental health provider about owning an emotional support animal. Whatever the reason may be, the process to discuss your needs for an ESA doesnt have to be long and arduous. If you have considered speaking to your provider about an emotional support animal, here are some things to keep in mind.

Qualify For An Esa Letter From A Licensed Mental Health Professional

How Your Dog Can Become an ESA

In order to qualify for the ESA letter, you must demonstrate your need for an emotional support animal in your life. If you suffer from a mental disability and it limits your daily life, you may qualify for an ESA letter. The ESA letter must be written on the official letterhead of a licensed health professional and include the license number, the date it was issued, and the expiration date.

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Emotional Support Cat Laws Are Made For Your Protection And Benefits Learn Them To Exercise Them

There are some emotional support cat laws you need to learn about

  • With an emotional support cat registration, you can live with your cat without paying any extra charges.
  • Doesnt matter if it is a no-pet policy home, the landlord has to make accommodations for your emotional support cat.
  • With an emotional support cat letter, you can travel in the flight with your ESA cat in your lap.
  • No extra charges are required. Just make sure that your emotional support cat is at its best behavior.
  • Emotional support cat laws also protect you against any discrimination on the basis of your condition.

Where To Start The Search For Your Ideal Esa

If you are planning on getting an emotional support animal in Ontario, Canada, then there are a few places you can go to start your search.

Ontario is a large province that makes an immense effort to care for animals in shelters. For those looking for an emotional support animal in Ontario, we highly recommend visiting the following places:

  • Toronto Humane Society
  • The Doberman Rescue Group, Ontario
  • Mississauga Humane Society
  • Barkworks

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Connect With A Licensed Mental Health Professional In Your State

To begin the process of qualifying your pet as an emotional support animal for your condition, you need to connect with a mental health professional who is licensed to operate in the state where you live. If you spend a decent part of the year in two different states, you should be able to consult with mental health professionals in either state about your need for an ESA.

Benefits Of Registering An Animal As An Esa

Emotional Support Cat Registration Guide

There is no governmental run emotional support animal registry and registering your support animals with a company is not a requirement. However, the benefits of registering a dog are plentiful. ESA community member receive access to timely ESA information such as legal changes on both the state and national level. Additionally, registrants are sent deals on products and are their ESA number is searchable in our database. In the event of an emergency the emotional support animal handler can be contacted by a good Samaritan searching for the animals ID number in our database.


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Cats As Emotional Support Animals

Cats are ideal candidates for those in need of an emotional support animal

An emotional support animal is a pet that helps to mitigate the negative symptoms of a persons emotional or psychological disability by calming and reducing emotional distress. ESAs are not considered service animals, and as such do not necessarily require training. An ESA can be any cat and must be prescribed by a licensed mental health professional and have a letter showing they are part of the individuals treatment plan.

Cats are ideal candidates for those in need of an emotional support animal. They are calm, intelligent and affectionate animals that can provide their owners with a soothing, comforting presence.

For people who struggle with anxiety, depression and other conditions that severely affect mood and mental well-being, some days it might be difficult to even get out of bed. This is just one scenario in which cats can offer important emotional support to their guardians, showing how vital a cat can be to a persons well-being. Cats tend to have a naturally docile nature and can be the perfect pets for people in need of an emotional support animal, as they exude an aura of complete and utter calm, while at the same time having bright, unique personalities that can provide hours of entertainment and laughter.

Its no secret that our cats provide us with much-needed comfort and support. But for some people, the need goes a step further.

How To Get An Emotional Support Cat Certification

Cats are clever, they show affection and are the perfect emotional support animals. So, if you are looking to get an emotional support cat certification, you can get it from a shelter, rescue it from the streets, adopt it, or simply buy it from a pet store. All it takes for a cat to become an emotional support cat is anemotional support cat registration. Get it an emotional support cat letter to designate your very own four-legged therapist as an emotional support animal.

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How Often Do You Need To Renew Your Esa Letter

ESA letters are valid for one year from the date theyre issued. For some people, a year is enough to resolve the problem at hand. For example, if you suffered from postpartum depression and are feeling back to normal now that your body and your hormones have rebalanced, you may not feel the need to renew your ESA prescription.

Other people who suffer from issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder, people with disability or impulse-control disorder, those suffering from mental health or other mental disability, a stress disorder, or is utilizing a psychiatric service or other mental health professional may also be eligible for registering a emotional support animals.

Why Do Cats Make Great Emotional Support Animals

GET AN EMOTIONAL SUPPORT DOG! // Housing Protections, Training Requirements, and More!

There are a few reasons why cats make great emotional support animals. Cats are known for being low-maintenance, so theyre perfect for people who lead busy lives. Theyre also good at providing companionship, and studies have shown that owning a cat can reduce stress levels and promote better mental health. Additionally, cats are typically independent creatures, which can help people who need a little more space. Cats also provide physical affection by rubbing against people and purring, which can help reduce stress levels.

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What Are The Differences Between An Emotional Support Animal & A Service/therapy Animal

An emotional support animal is not trained to perform tasks like service animals, but they may provide significant therapeutic benefits to their owners. For example, people with depression might feel less isolated and alone if they have an emotional support animal.

A service animal is an animal trained to assist people with disabilities. People with physical disabilities, such as the blind or deaf, can benefit from them. Restaurants, hospitals, and stores allow service animals. A therapy animal is a pet that provides comfort and support to people experiencing emotional or psychological difficulties. Hospitals, nursing homes, and schools use these animals to reduce stress levels and encourage socialization. Therapy animals can be any kind of pet, but they tend to have a calm temperament and be good with people.

An emotional support animal is somewhere in between a service animal and a pet. They provide incredible benefits, so they do enjoy some legal rights if they have the right documentation.

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